Browns owner says they “expect better” from Johnny Manziel

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Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel admitted he made some rookie mistakes this offseason (while defending his right to party, Beastie Boys style).

But the man who signs the checks that lead to all the money phones said he wants to see his first-round pick straighten up.

“I don’t want to wear this subject out,” Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Johnny said it himself. He made some mistakes. We expect better from him. I’m sure he’ll perform now. We’re anxious to see what he can do on the field, which is what really counts.”

Asked if Manziel had learned his lesson, Haslam replied: “We’ll see.”

Manziel’s close with Cleveland basketball superstar LeBron James, and Haslam said he hoped Manizel emulated players such as him, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

“I think the really great athletes make their news on the field, not off the field,” Haslam said. “Hopefully, Johnny can look at guys like LeBron and Brady and Peyton and Jeter and pattern himself after those guys who make their news on the field not off the field.”

Haslam didn’t specify if he spoke one-on-one with Manziel, but said: “I think we’re all on the same page with Johnny.

“We put tremendous emphasis on working with our players both on and off the field.”

Those words should serve as a stern warning to Manziel.

And if he doesn’t change his ways, Haslam may be forced to try to get a rebate on that first-round pick.

100 responses to “Browns owner says they “expect better” from Johnny Manziel

  1. I feel like they are giving this kid every opportunity to start, but he keeps regressing… Do you really think they want Brian Hoyer to be their starting quarterback? Honestly
    Funny thing is, Blake Bortles would be the clear-cut starter on this team from day one…
    That kind of shows you how they feel about Brian Hoyer

  2. If he’s not careful, he won’t even get his name added to the Browns QB jersey. It’ll jump straight from Weeden to Winston.

  3. Yeah because he never did this in college they knew what they were getting in him. At least I hope they knew. Should have taken teddy.

  4. I think this horse has been beaten to death. Lets just see how he performs, may not even be this season, though I am quite sure they will use any excuse to put him in as soon as possible.

  5. Really? Because he is behaving pretty much exactly like everyone else thought he would.

  6. I think Manziel has less character issues than his owner Jimmy Haslam, must be nice to buy your way thru that legal system!

  7. In other words straiten up Johnny, or else Jimmy’s gonna hang with you after hours.

  8. And Haslem we expect you as an owner to pull your head out of your backside and hire people that have a Flippin clue what they are doing. Farmer Pettine and you are the current version of the 3 Stooges.

    You knew what you were getting when the homeless guy told you to Draft him. Go swindle some more truckers out of their rebates clown

  9. So Haslam, Goodell, and the rest of the NFL is just gonna ignore that photo in the restroom?

  10. I guess RG3 wasn’t a good enough example to get ppl to shut up about “Off Field Distractions”. In that offseason HE not Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson was in the news constantly from being a Heisman winner, To a team trading it’s future for him, To being on every other commercial. What did he do? Only throw for 300+ yards in his first game, WIN the game, WIN Rookie Of The Year, & Take his team to the playoffs … on one leg by the way. Wish ppl including Haslam would pump the breaks and let the kid play first, RG3 is a good example that “Off Field Distractions” shouldn’t penalize a player who hasn’t taken a snap yet.

  11. “Haslam said he hoped Manizel emulated players such as him, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter”

    Yes of course ! Johnny Manziel is the first name that comes to mind as the logical successor to that collection of fairly classy individuals.

  12. What rookie mistake? Who cares if a kid parties a little during his time off? Did he get arrested? Did he knock out his girlfriend? Nope. This is asinine.

  13. This team is going to implode. Terrible ownership, terrible management and a rookie who is self destructing before he has even played a NFL game.

  14. I have zero sympathy for Haslam and the Browns organization. They knew exactly what to expect when drafting Johnny Football. There is no reason they should scolding him for being Johnny Football.

  15. Still haven’t got enough Manziel news.

    Even ESPN is not covering enough. Please keep bringing more…

    Also, I am starting to get annoyed about the lack of LeBron news.


  16. I bet Johnny Manziel gets most of his “product” from truck stops. Particularly Pilot Flying J truck stops.

  17. olcap says:
    Jul 26, 2014 7:37 PM

    So Haslam, Goodell, and the rest of the NFL is just gonna ignore that photo in the restroom?

    What can they do? It’s not against league rules to roll up dollar bills. It’s not against league rules to be in a bathroom.

    League: We’re fining Johnny Manzeil for rolling US currency in the bathroom.


  18. Like I say to my kids… you get what you get and you don’t get upset. You are the fool who drafted a fool

  19. Johnny never wanted to go to Cleveland. You could see it when he was drafted.

    Now he’s trying to be made available for Dallas or Houston for 2015 or 2016 – I’d even bet Jerry Jones whispered to him that he’d take him in down the road if he found his way out of Cleveland.

  20. Other than that dumb photo in the vegas bathroom what exactly has Manziel done. The Browns knew he was a free spirit when they drafted him. As long as he’s ready when his number is called, who cares for the 1,000th time what he does off field.

    He hasn’t found his way onto a police blotter so he’s ahead of the game and Josh Gordon.

  21. I’d let the kid be until he plays a couple games and picks himself up off the turf a couple times BUT he needs to stay away from cell phone cameras starting like yesterday. No dollar bills, no more.

  22. @ numberoneinthehoodg

    Best comment ever by you:

    “Manziel doesn’t give a Flying J.”

  23. Just another entitled wealthy kid having fun, but that will change the first time he gets hit hard by a 350 pound Pro

  24. The media made him the phony football player that he is. Now the media will take him apart.

  25. Except he has been on the police blotter twice at A&M, so much for that argument. Under age drinking, false ID and in a fight…this is not going any direction but south before it gets better.

  26. Conduct detrimental to the team requires appropriate punishment. Bench him for 1st offense. Suspend him for 2nd. Etc. Oh, I forgot, cut him after one season.

  27. Don’t you think the Browns should have known the kid was a tool before drafting him? Most of us did.

  28. Why would they ‘expect’ it? Didn’t they do any research on him before drafting him?

  29. johnelwayishorsefaced says:
    Jul 26, 2014 7:30 PM
    I expect better business practices from Jimmy Haslam

    58 4
    Report comment

    If Haslem has to try and get a rebate back on Johnny by dumping him to some other team…

    It’s going to be like the rebates his customers get from his company… much less than he was expecting.

  30. Sounds like Johnny got a butt chewing.

    If the Browns give up on him then he’s looking at a minimum wage contract at best…that is if anyone else would want to take a chance on him. So it’s probably the Cleveland Browns or McDonalds for Johnny.

  31. If Johnny can make the magic happen on the field all this goes away. Otherwise he’s setting himself up for tons of criticism if he’s a bust. Either way im rootin for him.

  32. He’s gonna stink anyway, so who cares how he spends the money Cleveland wasted on him.

  33. Manziel better hope he doesn’t find out what the rest of us working Joes and Janes know. When someone is paying you to work, whether it’s minimum wage or millions of dollars, you represent your employer. If you embarrass them with your behavior, out you go. Remember a few years back when the FedEx courier was recorded with a home security camera chucking a monitor over the customer’s fence? A FedEx executive vice president had to make a video apology and post it for the world to see. That level of embarrassment does not fly in the business world… so if Manziel keeps it up and Haslam is forced to publicly apologize for him, you can be sure Johnny Football could find himself asking if you want fries with that.

  34. They can “hope” for more from him but for the Browns to “expect” more is foolish.

  35. I bit…again. My last Manziel article until he throws a pass in a regular season game. Rookie QB,young American male,worst crime in college was having a fake ID,worst pro crime was being around cell phones. I’m more interested in what the league has to say about Rice, Aldon Smith, the Pounceys, Deion Sanders and the other guys around the league staining “the shield”. So as tempting as it may be to see what new personal offense someone has taken with a guy who isn’t a Manning,Brees,Brady or the FOTM Wilson, I’ll browse the filler blogs about kicker signings. Peace Manziel.

  36. The only way we would know for sure that Manziel was going to be a first round bust is if the Raiders drafted him. But since the Raiders didn’t draft him, we’ll all have to wait and see.

    I would have never guessed that Khalil Mack is going to bust. But the Raiders drafted the poor kid. Do the math…but I digress.

    Manziel should better straighten up, although he probably needs all the cocaine in the world to cope with being stuck in Cleveland.

    And really folks, what rational regular guy would spend a cool Billion to have to be in Cleveland at least 8 times a year. There isn’t one. Only a sleazy scumbag would submit to that, so lets not act surprised that Haslam is in Cleveland.

    That’s all the word I gots for you today folks. Peace. Go Seahawks!!! Dynasty baby!

  37. If he is successful then the off-field partying will be built up by the media. If he is a flop then that will be the reason for his failings.

  38. Uh, doesn’t Haslem remember earlier in his playing career ‘the Captain” liked to go stepping out on the town with a lady in tow?

    He & George Steinbrenner had words regarding the issue; in the press, face to face. . .

    Think he turned out all right. . .

  39. I will be the first one to say I wanted Murray, McCarron or Mettenberger.

    That said for all the nonsense Johnny is taking from the media and the 3 Stooges (Haslem, Pettine, and Farmer) I’m pulling for him to shove it up all 3 of theirs.

    The comments these 3 clowns have made are absurd. To the he’s our 3rd string QB, to the he’s a backup by a substantial margin, to the you are not representing the Browns in a positive light to nonsense above I hope he lights it up then ditches these 3 morons when it comes time to re-sign.

    These 3 idiots have done more to put a negative light on the Browns organization than anything Johnny is doing. From crook Haslem, to a dumb GM that doesn’t take the best player in the entire draft in Sammy Watkins, to the head coach that is clueless. There’s a reason the Browns are the laughing stock of the NFL. Their record speaks for itself 2 winning seasons since 1999 and losing 10+ games in 10 out of the last 11 years.

  40. Never admit you made a mistake your idiot owner and employer will throw it back in your face.

    “He even admitted he made a mistake” what a tool Haslem is.

    The thing with a player like Manziel the more you try to get him to conform the more he will rebel. He isn’t Johnny Football because he conforms. He runs around and makes plays out of his backside. That’s what makes him special. That’s what makes him Johnny Football and makes him entertaining.

    That play against Duke was crazy. That play where he just threw the ball up and I think Mike Evans came down with it was amazing. Sure he’s going to make mistakes on the field. He’ll Peyton Manning, John Elway and Troy Aikman all threw more picks than TDS in their rookie season. Not saying he will be as good as them but I don’t think he will be a Tim Couch, Charlie Frye or Brady Quinn either.

    He hasn’t been arrested. All he’s done is partied and had his friends videotape him being silly. What a crime that is.

  41. Is snorting cocaine in a Vegas toilet considered a rookie mistake? I’m sure that Haslem, Farmer and Pettine are very understanding and will give Johnny Football the benefit of the doubt. He should supply a urine sample for testing every week.

  42. Manziel hasn’t learned a thing. He doesn’t think he needs too, after all he is ‘Johnny Football’. When he fails this season, you can be sure that it will be someone else’s fault. Hopefully for Browns fans, Hoyer will save the day.

  43. Browns fans are some of the best fans in the NFL. I used to travel to Cleveland somewhat regularly for work and the people there were incredibly nice to a fault and they’re ALL incredibly passionate about the Browns.

    But I’m sad to say I think Manziel is going to disappoint them. Forget the partying and the childishness. The more film I watch of him in college, the more I see a player whose flaws will be greatly magnified under the NFL lights. Yes, he has a lot of raw talent, but his inconsistent accuracy and his hyper sensitivity to pressure (especially up the middle) are serious problems to correct, not to mention the tendency for his mechanics to break down when he’s rattled.

    I genuinely hope I’m wrong though. Browns fans deserve a winner.

  44. Johnny Football won’t change much,
    YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE, no one changes much by the time they are an adult.
    The Browns have had some terrible drafts so they have to change their outlook somehow.

  45. What I don’t understand is why this little twerp gets so much tv time. He has done nothing in the NFL and according to his own coach, is a back up QB. Maybe it’s because he looks like Alfred E. Neuman and people recognize his face from Mad Magazine covers.
    Manziel is a little rich kid who’s been handed everything all his life and he’s going to learn that in the NFL the real hungry guys are the guys who weren’t so privileged growing up.
    Those people who compare him to Drew Brees and other established NFL QB’s are dreaming.
    I can’t wait until some 300 lb defense lineman crushes him, then we’ll see that arrogant smirk come off his face. But I’ll have to wait, unless they do it over on the Browns’ bench.

  46. U wake up late for practice and you don’t wanna go, your coach says please and you still say no, you missed two reads and no play book. The coach coaches games like he’s some kinda jerk. You gotta fight for ur right to partay!

  47. If the wanted a choir boy, they should have signed Tim Tebow. The way they publicly criticize him is going to make it difficult for them to keep him after his rookie contract expires.

  48. So…considering his apparent love for bathrooms and white powder…can we drop “Johnny Football” and start calling him “Flying J”?

  49. As long as he’s selling tickets and tee shirts for the Browns they’ll be happy with him.

  50. Geno Smith= Top 5 QB in 2014! The Cleveland Clowns are stuck with Johnny Bust! 2-14 for this train wreck of a “franchise”!


  51. I am rooting for Cleveland to turn it around….I have hope for Manziel but he is a pampered athlete who is now moving into the professional workplace and needs to adjust.

    If he does not he will have plenty of time to party once he is out of football in 3 years.

  52. The browns should sign Terrel Owens and chad ocho cinco Johnson because those three in that locker would be sports talk gold

  53. People are determined to get offended by this kid. He’s on day 2 of training camp and already he’s a bust. What a load of garbage.

    As for his off-field “issues”, i’d think as long as he stays away from the range of Aaron Hernandez, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Vikings party boats, Brett Favre’s junk and many, many, many more NFL players who have been real off-field problems. He’ll be fine.

    Let’s look back at the guy in January and see who the Browns really drafted.

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