Cam Newton: I can’t stress enough that I’m not 100 percent yet


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is healthy enough to practice at training camp. But he’s not healthy enough to do all of the things we’re accustomed to seeing from him on the football field.

“I can’t stress enough that I’m not 100 percent yet,” said Newton, who had ankle surgery in March. “It’s just going to take treatment and time.”

Panthers coach Ron Rivera echoed those comments, saying he’s glad Newton is practicing but realizes Newton’s ankle isn’t allowing him to do everything.

”It was good to see Cam out there,” Rivera said. ”He’s a little rusty in terms of his quarterback to running back exchange. But he’s working himself back in and he has to work those techniques. But it was nice to see him make some nice throws. . . . A big thing is developing that footwork and getting that flexibility back in that ankle. As he practices and goes through day by day we have to be smart with it. I think he will work back into shape pretty soon.”

Newton’s ankle had been bothering him for years, and the goal of the surgery is to make the ankle better in the long run. He’s not there yet, but he should be in good shape when the season starts in six weeks.

40 responses to “Cam Newton: I can’t stress enough that I’m not 100 percent yet

  1. lol the Haters keep hating but we all know your just jealous because the Panthers have the Best QB in the NFL and yea will be back in the playoffs

  2. If the ankle has been bothering him for years why not have the surgery right after the season instead of waiting until March ?

  3. I’ll never understand why people cant show up for camp fully healthy. Unless you blew a knee last winter, you should be ready to go by August.

  4. The whiney little brat is already making excuses, eh? He’s tge most overrated QB, since Michael “Never won ANYTHING & Never Will” Vick.

  5. “I can’t stress enough that I’m not 100%.. sure that we’ll ever make the playoffs again”

  6. He can stress 100% that he’s 100% stressed that he’s not 100% yet.

    Sounds 100% right to me.

  7. 100 %?

    Dude 20 times a year some of the meanest strongest men on the globe are trying to hurt you.
    You may feel 100 % 5 or 6 more times in your life!

  8. What is excuse making for one person is simply managing expectations for another. All depends which side of the situation you’re on. That being said I agree with others here are irked when players with known injuries delay the remedy so long that they’re not ready come camp time. It hurts the whole team’s prep when a key player is not ready to go and even moreso the starting QB.

  9. If he’s really not 100%, you gotta give the guy credit for practicing. It’s hot out there.

  10. A pile of throw aways at WR, one of the worst O-Lines you’ll ever see and a running QB coming off no off season work, a limited TC camp and a bum ankle….but HEY you have a bunch of RB’s…oh yeah, they’re never healthy….

    I don’t see how this team can be ranked any where near the top 20 in the league? I think this team will be very lucky to be .500 at the end of the year. Very very lucky.

  11. Let me see if I have it right. Cam Newton, Ron Rivera and the ENTIRE Panther organization KNEW Newton had a issue with his ankle they KNEW needed surgery that would take 4 months to heal, yet he was medically cleared by the team doctor no less to fly to Hawaii and he actually PLAYED in the Pro-Bowl, and then he took some additional time off after that doing whatever (probably doing things that wasn’t good for somebody that needed surgery) until finally getting around to surgery? Did I miss anything?

    You Panther fans should be a little upset about this. Where Newton goes the Panthers go.

  12. You can’t back peddle after you’ve had ‘your bravado moments and interviews’…..DOH!!!!

  13. None issue. Would you rather hear the old, “I’m 110%”, which is mathematically impossible?

    I hope he’s ready, but I’ll take him at 85% over most at 100.

  14. So they know he had ankle surgery and what do they do? Put together a team minus a Left Tackle.

  15. LOL at Kitty trying to lower expectations

    I am well on record saying that I do not think Cam has much talent or potential and is not at level of top 3-5 young QBs…. all he really has is size and good bail out skills….. he was successful when converted to game manager, when this changes he will fail once again

  16. No limp during practice; linp over to autographs and Presser, harping hard on not being 100%… sounds like some early just-in-case scapegoating to me…

  17. It sounds as though Newton is getting out there with a little ‘plausible deniability’…already making an excuse that he’s not really framing as an excuse.
    Cam Newton is extremely talented, but really has yet to show that he can carry or really lift a team by himself when need be, as the very best QB’s usually can.

  18. Kelvin looked great , bersin looked great, mcnutt looked great and so did dickson . Yall can hate all you want just like you did last season . Yall are gunna be mad when the panthers smack your team . And to the raiders fan up there what gives you the right to talk about our team your a raiders fan . You have no proven wrs , you have old mjd and darren mc cant even play 5 games with out getting injured fadden and not to mention you dont even have a qb and you have a mediocre at best defense .

  19. Cam most overrated qb? Yea hes so over rated he was only the rookie of the year his rookie year and a 2 time probowler within his first 3 years and hes improving each season . Your just mad cam ran and threw all over your team. Keep sleeping on the panthers . We got the 2nd best defense in the nfl behind seattle and the best front 7 in the game . Yall forget about our defense.
    I love how yall say we regressed so much by loosing lafell ginn mike mitchell and munnerlyn but answer this what are they doing now? Cap and mike mitchell are both on pup and brandon lafell dropped alot of passes from brady

  20. i never understood how percentages and injuries can be calculated. Let alone, numerically rounded by “5’s.”
    If a player or doctor can effectively evaluate by percentages, shouldn’t it be more specific. Say, “84.333333?” (repeating of course).

  21. Dang…I wonder how Cam Newton would have done in the Super Bowl with the weapons that Manning somehow was unable to take advantage of,after all Cam had Seattle on the ropes twice and let them off the hook.I also wonder how Manning(or insert your favorite QB) would have looked in a Panther uniform the last 3 years.

  22. With a weak offensive line and not much talent at wide receiver Cam is the healthiest he is going to be all season right now.

    Stick a fork in the Carolina Kittens. 5 – 11 at best.

  23. Everyone cracks me up.

    If someone like RGIII says he’s ready to go, then he’s not being realistic, overhyping his return, etc.

    Then if Cam says he’s not 100%, he is lazy, a quitter, etc.

    Some folks just want to be negative about everything.

  24. This comment section is absolutely egregious. The stuff that people post on here is laughable. For the people saying “why didn’t he get the surgery sooner”, you never want to go under the knife unless it is absolutely necessary. The Panthers wanted to see if Cam’s ankle would heal on its own, but it didn’t so he got surgery. For the people saying he is overrated, how can someone be overrated when they aren’t even rated? He is rated with the tier 3 QB’s… if anything he is underrated by far. Mostof the people posting on here are either
    A) Alabama fans
    B) Division rival fans
    C) or Complete idiots

    Just give it up people. Cam isn’t a bust like y’all predicted he would be and it tears y’all apart because you were wrong.

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