Jaworski would take Foles over Wilson and it’s “not even close”

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At a time when the jury seems to be out on whether Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will perform at the same level he did in 2013, a former Eagles quarterback is ready to entering a verdict, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Recently appearing on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, Jaworski was asked whether he’d want Foles or Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who like Foles entered the NFL via round three of the 2012 draft.

“I’m taking Foles,” Jaworski said.  “Not even close.  Russell Wilson is just . . . because of that system he is in.  Russell Wilson plays with that defense, the best in football.  He just managed the game very well.  I think Russell Wilson has played terrific, a great maturity, but I’m going to take Nick Foles.”

While Jaworski is entitled to his opinions (and ESPN is entitled to milk three days or programming out of each of them), this one seems a little kooky.

As to Foles, it’s possible his success can be attributed in part to working with Andy Reid ad a rookie and Chip Kelly in 2013.  Also, since Mike Vick was the starter entering the 2013 season, defenses didn’t have tape on Foles, giving him an advantage during his truncated first tour through an NFL schedule.

As to Wilson, he’s hardly a game manager.  By all accounts, he’s a dynamic and driven young leader who has done a lot more for the Seahawks than hand off the ball and throw safe, first-read passes.  Wilson threw for more yards in 2013 than Colin Kaepernick, who helped ESPN create several days of news churn last year when Jaws declared Kaepernick could become one of the best to ever play the position.  Also, Wilson’s passer rating exceeded 100.  (Kaepernick’s didn’t.)

More importantly, Wilson wins.  Yes, it’s a cliché and it’s not very insightful and it draws a fine from producer Matt Casey if it’s uttered on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk when we return from hiatus on Monday.  But the game is about winning, and Wilson has shown from the outset of his career that he can and does.

Wilson also has shown that he can continue to perform at a high level even after opposing defenses have had seven months to break down everything he did in his first season of action.  Foles will have to do the same thing in 2014 before there’s even a fair debate as to whether he’s in the same conversation as Russell Wilson.

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  1. Wilson and Luck are the most overrated QBs in the league.

  2. If you look at an old football card of Jaws and look at Foles, they look a lot alike.

    Maybe Foles reminds him a little bit of what he was like when he was younger.

  3. Yeah, OK. Let’s see if Foles can prove he wasn’t just a one year wonder. A lot of QBs play way over their true abilities at one time or another – case in point, Ron Jaworski actually was the league MVP once. I’m not a Seahawks fan, but Russell Wilson is a high class, exceptional young QB that could easily be the Seattle starter for the next 10 years.

    I think “Jaws” is starting to believe his own bluster. Sure glad he isn’t a game broadcast analyst anymore.

  4. Dammit Florio, don’t bust Philly’s Great White Hope just yet. They need this guy to succeed so bad it hurts. All the better if last year turns out to be a complete fraud.

  5. I really like how Wilson handles himself, and that’s got to be a factor in a franchise QB. Foles hasn’t gotten nearly the media attention Wilson has, so I don’t have as good a sense of him, but so far edge to Wilson.

  6. Has any player ever had a better year and gotten less credit for it from the national media than Foles?

    It’s almost like the media looks at his season and thinks, “the numbers are so great, it’s gotta be a fluke.”

  7. I agree, it’s not even close, but in the other direction. Expect Foles to plummet down to earth this year and Wilson to continue his meteoric rise.

    Only Dan Marino has more TD passes over their 1st two years and his 100 passer rating over 1st two, is tops. Foles looked great last year, but 20 games vs. 28 wins (37gms) and a Super Bowl win?

    OK. I see why you chose Foles … wait, no I don’t.

  8. Die hard Eagles fan here. Russell Wilson is definitely not a system guy. Great playmaker. Great leader. Great everything. That said, I actually wasn’t big on Foles coming in to last year. After watching him last year, I was thoroughly impressed. He is VERY good.

    Andy Reid had these 2 very closely rated in the draft a few years ago. Foles is much better than people think and it’s not completely ridiculous to think Foles would be better than Wilson at some point, but Jaws saying this seems like he’s saying it to get attention.

  9. I think this is the first time I’ve ever agreed with anything Florio wrote. What’s the world coming to? And he didn’t even include a jab at the Patriots at the end as he usually does.

  10. The whole “there’s no tape on this guy” and that’s why he’s performing is getting tired. Especially in this case. Foles started 6 or 7 games in 2012. And then by December there’s another 2 months worth of tape oh him. Tape has nothing to do with this.

  11. I think they’re both really good, them and several other of the other qbs taken in their craft class. Luck, RG3, maybe Tannehill too. Even Weeden might not be done in the NFL for a while if Romo can stay healthy for most of the season. I’m not going to forget Kirk Cousins of Washington quite yet either. You never know what the future brings. Last year’s back up could be next year’s new star, happens all the time.

    The 1983 draft had Marino, Elway, Kelly, Ken O’Brien, Tony Eason and bringing up the rear, Todd Blackledge. Of these quarterbacks, four played in the Super Bowl, four were selected to play in the Pro Bowl, and three have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Considered the best QB draft class ever with good reasons.

    Never thought I’d see a draft for QBs that could rival that one, but that 2012 class has got a chance. Wilson and Luck are already superstars, and RG3 and Foles are well on their ways. Foles being named MVP of last year’s Pro Bowl and Wilson winning the Super Bowl are signs in the right direction. It’s going to be great to watch them all compete against each other in the years to come.

    Pro football rules sports!

  12. Nick Foles has proven he’s got serious skills. He hasn’t proven that he’s half the leader Russell Wilson is. … I’ll take Wilson … ALL DAY.

    – Titans Fan

  13. In Philly, it’s not Foles that’s so good…it’s that offense and Chip Kelly. Put Russell Wilson in that offense and he breaks records. With Seattle, they do not ask him to do any of those things.

    It’s silly for a professional like Jaws not understand these things. QB for QB, talent for talent, Russell Wilson blows Foles away.

  14. This is like comparing apples to oranges. On one hand you have a scrambling QB that makes things happen with his legs and his arm. On the other hand you have a tall lanky pocket passer that can move around well within the pocket.

    Comparing them can’t be done unless you start to look at statistics only. And sorry Jaws but the statistics weigh heavily in Wilson’s favor. Everything from TD/INT ratio to YPA, to YPC, to traditional passer rating to ESPN QB rating. Every single stats…everyone…points towards Wilson.

    Case closed.

  15. It’s amazing what pigmentation will do for you in sports, Wilson is a glorified game manager, anyone who can’t see that all live in Seattle, any is Wilson a dynamic leader and Alex Smith is a game manager pft? Stats are very similar, Smith has close to or the most wins over the past few years, so based off your idea of a great qb Smith should be mentioned with Wilson them right?

    The book is still out on foles, but give me a qb who can lead his team to wins despite not having the best run game and defense to make up for all the bad games, amazing how bad Wilson played against the saints in the playoffs but you never hear the media mention it, wierd huh. I’ll take luck, foles, tannehill, Griffin, Newton over Wilson any day.

  16. If Wilson doesn’t have Lynch or that defense, he’s simply Doug Flutie. A plucky little scrambler with a decent arm. Jaws hit this one right between the numbers

  17. Jaws said on Philly radio that foles struggles getting to his second and third reads. He also said desean opened things up for the offense. Straight from jaws mouth.

  18. From a 49ers fan, I feel like if Russell Wilson were maybe 6′ 4″ and white and put up the same numbers, he would be in the conversation as an elite QB. The lack of respect he gets doesn’t make sense to me.

  19. This is just jaws running his jaws nick foles is guarantee u he will through more ints this season plus he wasnt to dang good to let the saints come into his house and kick there butts hes not a top 5 qb maybe top 15

  20. As much as I always disagree with what Ron usually says,he’s right this time.Wilson would’ve been a .500 qb with 90% of the teams in this league last year.I’m a Vike fan,and if he was our qb last season,we still don’t win any more than the 5 we did win,in fact,in the year 2012 we had games where we won because of Ponder’s athletisism that Wilson would not have been able to duplicate.If any qb,even Ponder,would’ve been the hawks qb last year,they still get to and win the superbowl because 90% of their victories were because of the defense and Lynch running the ball.Let’s not forget,Bevell is a great OC,and us Vike fans were “blessed” LOL! with Musgrave dragging down our offense,mainly the passing attack with his horrid scheme.Wilson would’ve been a total disaster under our OC for sure.

  21. Wilson is held back by his offensive scheme and receiving corps in general. Foles isn’t a slouch, but his ability is exaggerated by his offense. It’s not really even that close.

  22. Well, Jaws isn’t that bright. I know I saw Foles choke up in a playoff game the Eagles should have won at home, while Wilson has continuously made plays in big spots when called upon by his team (pinpoint TD pass in the NFC championship game when the 49ers seemed to be in control).

  23. Wow, it’s pretty obvious a lot of people haven’t watched Russell Wilson play. You should try it sometime, might learn something.

  24. Let’s judge both after a few more years. After all, it took several years of starting for Aaron Rodgers to be crowned best in the NFL.

  25. Nick Foles will be a bust this year…Jaws is usually biased when it come to the Eagles…In fact, Jaws is usually wrong on his predictions…

  26. So you post all your reasoning for why Wilson is better, but the only defense of Foles is “Jaws said so”. Why didn’t you include any of Jaw’s reasoning for picking Foles or a link to the audio? All that was given was one anti-wilson statement.

  27. Nobody retreats 50 yards behind the line of scrimmage to throw a pass better than Russ Wilson.

  28. If someone asked me about taking Foles in the draft I would have said “Why waste the pick”!! He is the classic example of an athlete that continues to mature and grow..

  29. It really is way too early for this debate – people are still chewing over Brady vs Manning and they’ve been at it for over a decade.

    Its true that Wilson (Brady) has the No.1 D and a good running game – but he isn’t blessed with many offensive weapons.

    Now look at Foles (Manning), some great weapons but a leaky defense.

    It’ll be a lot of fun to watch both of these guys – neither one is done evolving into what they can be.

  30. cannabisisgreat says:Jul 26, 2014 10:12 AM

    Jaws said on Philly radio that foles struggles getting to his second and third reads. He also said desean opened things up for the offense. Straight from jaws

    Good point,another thing with Foles is he doesn’t throw into tight coverages,he doesn’t throw into small windows of opportunity either and that’s why he holds onto the ball too long sometimes thus increasing the odds of being sacked. Jaws spoke about this last year also.

  31. No QB in NFL history had more TD throws as a rookie- field position helps, but it’s still the hardest thing to do in sports. The defense can’t throw TDs for Wilson. If RW is as “average” as you haters say, they would be FGs.

    Btw: wait until Percy is in the mix with a healthy line…I can’t wait

  32. It’s amazing what pigmentation will do for you in sports, Wilson is a glorified game manager, anyone who can’t see that all live in Seattle, any is Wilson a dynamic leader and Alex Smith is a game manager pft? Stats are very similar, Smith has close to or the most wins over the past few years, so based off your idea of a great qb Smith should be mentioned with Wilson them right?

    The book is still out on foles, but give me a qb who can lead his team to wins despite not having the best run game and defense to make up for all the bad games, amazing how bad Wilson played against the saints in the playoffs but you never hear the media mention it, wierd huh. I’ll take luck, foles, tannehill, Griffin, Newton over Wilson any day
    What you should take is a writing class.

  33. So I guess that Montana, Elway, Bradshaw, Aikman were all just game managers?

    Wilson has been the best young QB in the league since being drafted. The defense argument is a joke. San Fran has a great defense yet Kaepernick makes mistakes over and over.

    Wilson is not near one of the all time greats but a few more good seasons and he should finally earn some respect from the “it’s all the D” crowd. Fowles is good but he has not even played a whole season. Wilson has played 2 full seasons and was one of the top QB’s, the defense does not complete his passes, throw the TD’s, and keeps the mistakes at a minimum.

    There is a short list of names I would take over Wilson at QB and because of Brady, Peyton, and Brees age it would probably be only Rogers. Luck is good but overhyped (7 INT’s in last years 2 playoff games) and nobody else is close. Jaws is wrong.

  34. I live in Philly,and everytime a QB wins a few games the fanbase is ready to anoint them as the next great thing,did it for Kevin Kolb and Bobby Hoying and we all saw what happened…….

  35. I will take gawdy, empty production over a sb winning qb. Makes perfect sense. Foles has a pea shooter for an arm and cannot run. Wilson has a cannon and can fly. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a homer eagle fan. Blind fandom running wild in philly. Chip kelly back to school in 2015.

  36. “From a 49ers fan, I feel like if Russell Wilson were maybe 6′ 4″ and white and put up the same numbers, he would be in the conversation as an elite QB. The lack of respect he gets doesn’t make sense to me.”

    As a niners can you should know that a 6’4 white guy with those numbers was on your team and they traded him to the Chiefs. Because of Wilson’s and kap’s skin they get more respect than they deserve Imo. look at tannehill, had shown mass improvement despite a terrible line and no run support and gets no respect, even though he has beaten Wilson and luck and many other “elite” qb’s. Put Wilson or kap on the Colts or dolphins and they are below average qb’s.

  37. Only thing Jaws said that isn’t right is “it’s not even close.” Because it is close.

    Impact of Seattle D can’t be understated in the team success component analysis of wilson.

    Both had great RB’s.

    Both are on a run-first O (omg thank GOD i get to say that about my eagles after 80 billion years!)

    Seattle was a perinial favorite that Wilson guided to expectations; Eagles were the laughing stock of the division with a new coach and system built for QB’s nothing like foles (people will say) and he dominated to the tune of one of the best QB seasons ever in that system. With Riley Cooper.

    Wilson is THE man when you watch him play. Always seems to make the right decision and make plays with his arm and legs. Even the plays that the refs have to make for him, he still made that play in the GB game 2 seasons ago.

    Foles is THE man when you watch him play. Finds the open man and delivers the ball to playmakers on time like the perfect point guard.

    Foles prototype NFL passer frame. Wilson smallish but a superb athlete all around.

    Record/win % as starter similar, edge to Wilson.

    Also, did I see that someone said that the stats say Wilson is better than Foles, and then specifically mention td/int ratio? Might wanna check that, since foles just posted the best NFL td/int ratio of all time, it’d be safe to say that wilson wasn’t better at that stat. Cuz that’s what “best of all time” means.

  38. scmems07 says:
    Jul 26, 2014 10:08 AM

    It’s amazing what pigmentation will do for you in sports, Wilson is a glorified game manager, anyone who can’t see that all live in Seattle,

    NFC Championship loss still stinging, is it?

    Good. 🙂

  39. You can tell who has done their homework and knows about Foles and the Eagles and who hasn’t. Foles is far from a one-year wonder. He was brilliant in training camp in 2012 playing against the ones because Vick got injured on one of the first pre-season plays. After Vick got injured and he got his first start out of the way (where he looked pretty shaky), he put together a nice stretch of QB play the rest of the way that many overlook because the Eagles were buried and losing. They were also without McCoy, Jackson, Celek, Peters and others.

    I don’t know that Foles is far ahead of Wilson, but I know Foles does everything and he does it well. There are really no weaknesses in his game, whether you just look at last season, or extend it back to 2012 and even into the 2012 pre-season and if you look at all of that closely, it is evident that he is still on the upward trajectory.

  40. Also, Jaws play analysis/breakdown on the teleprompter is better than anyone out there now. He explains things so that my fiance understands, without talking down. That’s the definition of “good analyst” for a TV network explaining things to people on the other side of the tv screen.

  41. This is why I don’t respect jaworski..last year in the same show, he said that nick Foles should be traded & won’t be effective in Kelly’s system..now he’s taking him hands down over Wilson?!? He also said that Wilson is a product of the system..if I’m not mistaken..didn’t Foles stink it up in Andy Reid’s offense in his first year? It took Chip to come with his system for Foles to look like an actual NFL QB. So apparently, jaworski has no idea what he is talking about. Then again, I never thought he did. When he and Sal Pal get in 97.5, they have this superb man crush on chip Kelly smh

  42. I’d be careful with the “QBs who have won superbowls are better then QBs who haven’t” logic – its still a team sport. Seattle’s roster was never managed by Andy Reid.

  43. Another person said they’d take foles because he won even though he didn’t have the best run game or defense.

    Defense? No. Run game? Best. McCoy led NFL in Rushing, Eagles led NFL in Rushing.

    Why do people post arguments with stats they don’t know? The google bar is on the top right of your window…

  44. Wilson is very good but I think Foles has the potential for greatness. He is not a game manager and not a running QB, he beats you with his arm and his brain. Throws a great pass and is sharp as a razor. He could be a HOF candidate in the future if last season is any indication and he had a lot less to work with than Wilson. Just having Zach Miller at TE makes Wilson’s job a lot easier.

  45. You fools who say Wilson has a ring and Foles Don’t? I suppose that means Dilfer is better than Marino? Wilson is average at best…Running game and D carried them…if you have any clue you know that.

  46. Wins are the product of the entire team. Standing in the pocket and making throws Foles is the more impressive talent.

  47. I’ll take a “game manager” Super Bowl winner anytime. I don’t even like the hawks, but this is just another way for “jaws” to get his name in the media.

    Do they have a really good defense? yes. The texans also had a really good defense, how did that work out?

  48. Wait, you get fined for saying “he wins games” as a qualifying, legitimate argument to describing how good or bad a player is (most notable uses of this are in the cases of Tim Tebow and Eli manning)… I can’t believe that

  49. I remember when Mike Hartenstine nearly broke jaws in half with a legendary hit.. Jaws was a tough SOB as a player, and I’ll always respect that, he will always be an Eagle, but he just yaps to make himself relevant, jury is still out on Foles, and I hope he succeeds, let his play do the talking, not jaws I know everything yapping…

  50. Foles is good.

    No doubt.

    There’s a lot of talk about defense, etc, but not much about o-line.

    Seattle’s three best and most important linemen – both tackles and the center – missed 18 games last season.

    Philly’s o-line >>> Seattle’s o-line and that’s more important to the offense than a good defense.

  51. So Jaws can’t be respected because he once said something based on conjecture that turned out to be wrong on it’s face, and now admits that he was wrong and has a new opinion based on new factual analysis?

    You’re gonna get everyone in the biz fired with that standard.

  52. Wilson is so overrated. Think of it this way- if Wilson had been drafted by the Jags (instead of a kicker), would the jags have won the Super Bowl? Of course not, but people shower praise on him for being on one of the best running teams, as well as with a defense that is in contention for GOAT. Absurd. Foles over Wilson all day.

  53. remember .. Jaws was not a good QB

    but, he is probably right here

    but, let’s hold off on Foles for a few years… particularly until after year 2 when most QBs appear to take a step back with teams adjusting

  54. Does anyone doubt the Eagles’ O and Seattle’s D would never lose to anyone? Both guys are quality people with top level skills. Time will prove which, if either, has staying power.

  55. I like Wilson, but to say “he just wins” is just stupid. I think most QBs could “just win” with a D that creates turnovers, points & short fields & a RB that gets hard yards. “Wins” is a team stat, not a player stat and I’m sick of “wins” being touted as some kind of thing a QB can do by himself.

  56. Foles is only good because of the system he plays in and the running game. Jaws uses that logic for Wilson but it fits Foles even more so.

    Give me the guy who’s actually shown he can play at a high level for more than one year, who’s made clutch plays in the playoffs, and who’s won a Super Bowl.

    People want to say: “Oh, it’s the defense, it’s the running game that helps him.” Last I checked, the defense isn’t making those 3rd and long clutch throws, those passing touchdowns, and the scrambles that Wilson makes to help his team win.

    The running game helps but you have to be talented to put up the stats that Wilson did. Ponder has Adrian Peterson? Shouldn’t he be putting up similar numbers then if Wilson’s success is based on his running game?

  57. I think to rank these two appropriately, you have to look at them in each other’s shoes. Could wilson do well in a chip Kelly offense? I think he’d be a prolific and dynamic dual threat. Could Foles win with that Seattle defense? Yeah, but in not sure he could win a Super Bowl leading the Seahawks.

    I’ll take wilson.

  58. I love how you argue that Wilson > Foles, but then when you have to put the numbers out, you ignore Foles and use Caepernick.

    You want to compare? 27 & 2

    that’s all you need.

  59. This is like comparing apples to oranges. On one hand you have a scrambling QB that makes things happen with his legs and his arm. On the other hand you have a tall lanky pocket passer that can move around well within the pocket.

    Comparing them can’t be done unless you start to look at statistics only. And sorry Jaws but the statistics weigh heavily in Wilson’s favor. Everything from TD/INT ratio to YPA, to YPC, to traditional passer rating to ESPN QB rating. Every single stats…everyone…points towards Wilson.
    TD/INT? Wilson was better then 27/2? As an Eagles fan I would give the edge to Wilson at the moment, but following Foles as closely as I have, he Hassan amazing upside. He is a bright kid who is looking to improve every aspect of his game. Unlike our last qb’s he is not too stubborn to think he knows everything

  60. Exactly what tape do you refer to? I don’t think Foles was a rookie last year. I’m pretty sure he played in 7 games, and starred in the pre-season his rookie year. That would seem to be some tape. Last year he showed nothing but good decision making, poise, and moxie. Little do some know, he was down two scores in the Saints game, and rallied in the second half to take a one point lead with under 5 minutes to play.
    As far as who is better? I think its a pretty close call, but I’ll give the nudge to Wilson. I was a huge fan of his in college, and he has a knack for big plays when needed. I think if you gave Foles that D, he’s just as successful. Close call.

  61. What I like about both those guys is their work ethic. They both still have a lot of potential but Wilson has something nobody can ever take away: the Super Bowl championship.

    I’d take either guy but honestly, of the youmg QBs in the league right now, I’m taking Andrew Luck.

  62. Yea, this is pretty silly comparison. Every offensive weapon that Foles has is superior to what Wilson plays with from the offensive line to Jackson (let’s see how cutting him works on that offense), to McCoy. With Harvin in the mix with him, as I predicted when he got traded but he ended up missing the entire season, there will be alot of interesting things that Bevell will be able to do with such dynamic players together. Wilson reminds me a lot of young Tom Brady and how people kept saying it was this, that, and the other for why he was successful before finally coming around to the fact that the guy was just flat out good. Wilson makes explosive, gutsy championship plays with games on the line, and that has nothing to do with his defense or any of this other peripheral stuff people are bringing up. On the other hand, I saw Foles shrink in the moment of a game that his team should have won.

  63. Truth is, both these QB’s are class acts. Both are GREAT for their respective franchises on and off the field. Both are heady and very young. Eagles or seahawks could both win with either.

    I’ll check back when foles (20gms+1playoff) has had as many games as wilson(32+5playoff) stat wise, but I’d be ok and then some with either so far. Statistically both are incredible. Compare to any HOFers Stats at this point in career. Marino is the only statistical peer… Peyton, Elway, all of them are blown away by a mile… Just sayin… Can only judge on what’s happened.

  64. And as a seminole fan too, I’ve got plenty more years “of tape” to have seen Wilson, even at 18 and 19yrs old, being a total stud football player playmaker. The guy rules. I don’t have a choice for who I get, I got Foles. So I’ll take Foles and be fine with it.

    Wilson in chip kellys O though… man.

  65. Wilson is good, but he IS a game manager like Jaws said… He threw the ball the least amount of times than ANY starting QB in the league. It worked, so no complaints, but riding on the backs of the D and best mode is what made Seattle successful… Wilson’s role was not as significant.

  66. Foles needs to wins some playoff games, then we can talk, until that time, Wilson’s experience leading a team through the playoffs makes him a better choice.


    Sullying your points when you don’t mention that, or worse, say the opposite. But giving me an opportunity to tout it! Woot!

  68. When did Foles shrink? Was he on the KO coverage team? Did he kick the ball to Sproles 7 yards from the end zone? He put his team ahead in the playoffs with 3 minutes to go and never got another chance. Whatadope!

  69. One thing that isn’t debatable- eaglesnoles05 is leading this post in thumbs up with a flurry of salient unbiased points, despite the propensity for bias certainly being there. The fact that I’m a big admirer of Wilson’s game keeps it balanced for me, so it’s just a truth factory spilling from my fingers!


  70. Bringing Ponder/Peterson into this discussion isn’t gonna help make people think you know what you’re talking about. He doesnt belong in this discussion. Also, he doesn’t play, so that’s something else.

  71. Why is jaws not allowed to have an opinion? Wilson is good and he’s already won a Super Bowl but what foles did last year statistically was far greater then Wilson. The potential is there and if he stays focused there is no doubt in my mind he surpasses Wilson especially with the eagles having a far superior offense.

  72. I couldn’t agree more. People forget that it’s the Seahawks defense that has gotten them to where they are. As a Viking 4life since 1968 if the Seahawks had the Minnesota Vikings defense from 2013 do you think they would’ve won more than 4 or 5 games-heck no. Plus Russell Wilson would’ve gotten injured from constantly passing every down as he would’ve been coming from behind constantly. Russell Wilson is a “good” quarterback, but by no stretch of the imagination does he need to put the team on his shoulders whatsoever…….

  73. He has good arguments, but Florio take it easy when it comes to your man crush Russell Wilson.

    Btw, it’s not as if Wilson played great in December.

    Why is Jaws’ opinion flimsy??

  74. Foles actually has to play qb..Wilson just hands the ball to Lynch and is safe with the football…
    Wilson is a good player but extremely overhyped…
    #@Seahawk fans will dissappear as quick as they appeared. .

  75. How can you make the argument that Wilson is better than Foles cause he went farther in the Playoffs. Wilson sucked in the Playoffs and was carried by the best defense in the league while Foles had one of the worst defenses.

  76. Theres really no use trying to debate with Seahawk fans..Theyve only been watching football for 2 years.

  77. They each played the Saints in playoffs last year.
    Wilson- 9/18 103 yds 0tds 67.6 rating, and seahawks won 23-15.
    Foles- 22/33 195 yds 2tds 105.0 rating and Eagles lost 26-24.
    Foles- led team to 1 more point, 2 more passing tds, 92 more passing yards and a 37.4 points higher rating, yet lost on last second field goal.
    These facts arent conclusive evidence of who’s better, but does help prove that Seahawks defense definitely contributes greatly to Wilsons success, and that Foles didn’t “choke” in playoffs as some suggested. If Foles choked, then what did Wilson do?!

  78. Wilson might take a month to throw 7 td’s but, he threw some nices ones in the Super Bowl. Plus didn’t Jaws say once that Jamarcus Russell was the best QB he’d ever seen?

  79. 1/4 of Foles total TDs came against the Raiders. THE RAIDERS! And must be nice getting to play 3 teams in the worst division twice a season. Let’s see how great he’ll do against acutal defenses this year when he’s playing the NFC West.

  80. I am tired of the all he does is win argument. Everybody used that for Tebow when we all know it was the defense and running game that is why the Broncos were winning. I am not saying Wilson isn’t a good QB but he does play with the best defense in the league and one of the best RBs in the league in Lynch so its not like he has to be great for them to win. It would be interesting to see what he could do on a different team with a not so good defense. I think Wilson is a good QB but I wouldn’t say great. I think Foles has the potential to be great but I would like to see a full season of him before putting him over Wilson.

  81. One other thought.

    Switch them with Foles in Seattle and Wilson in Philly.

    Would Wilson have done better than Foles? Hard to argue that since Foles was exceptional.

    Would Seattle have won the Superbowl with Foles? Maybe, but TJack would have been the Superbowl QB. Foles would have been injured with Seattle’s line problems. Wilson was running for his life.

  82. Foles is a classic drop back quarterback. Wilson is a scrambler who can create opportunities for his offense when all the receivers are covered. Foles appeared to be the better passer. We will find out soon, because Wilson may not have Marshawn Lynch in the backfield and may need to throw the ball more. If he has to throw for 300 yards per game for his team to win, he may not be up to the task, since his offensive line allowed about 45 sacks last year. Foles would probably be able to handle the same task.

  83. Hilarious that the Foles fan club uses “running game” and “defense” as their arguments. Last I checked the Eagles had a fantastic running back. And the defense? I didn’t know Russell played defense. 2012 and especially 2013 Russell Wilson had at least 6 games where he brought the team back from a losing score. If anything the defense is the reason Seahawks lost 3 games last year. Each loss in 2013 Russell Wilson brought the Seahawks back to take the lead.. Just to see them lose in the end because the defense couldn’t make 4 stops.

    And people say Foles can throw in the pocket while Wilson can only throw on the run? Ludicrous! Wilson is a fantastic pocket passer, he just can also throw on the run too. Something Foles can’t do. And take into consideration when 3-4 starters on the oline for the Seahawks missed huge chunk of 2013 and some of 2012. The guy for sometime couldn’t even stand in the pocket because of the bad oline play (even though they won most games with backups on oline. It’s because of Wilson).

    As Troy Aikman has said before. Anyone who calls Russell Wilson a game manager has no idea what they’re talking about. These people never watch the Seahawks play. Foles has a hard time going through his reads still. Wilson does not, this is one of his strengths amongst many others.

    Put it this way. If you put Foles on the Seahawks and Wilson on the Eagles, who’d have more success? Wilson. He can do things Foles will never be able to do. Is Foles bad? NO! But this is Russell Wilson! Even if the Hawks didn’t win the Super Bowl doesn’t change this opinion. That said, Russell Wilson is a winner in every way. In college his stats were insane! Who else could come to a new team (Wisconsin), learn the system in 3 weeks and is named team captain? Only after 3 weeks! What QB could then lead this team to a Rose Bowl while breaking college records doing it? Wilson is incapable of losing. Will he have a “bad” game occasionally? Sure! Who doesn’t. Great players have. In Wilson’s 2 years he doesn’t have many bad games. Games that he doesn’t help the team more than he hurts them. Wilson has made even myself look silly. I thought wtf are the Seahawks doing drafting a 5’11 QB after just getting a vet? I also thought wtf are they thinking starting him. Then he kept winning, winning more and winning more. Than the Redskins playoff game in 2012 season. Seahawks getting their butts kicked. Who brings team back to win? Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson won that game, not the D. Second playoff fans in Atlanta. Seahawks defense was getting killed by the Falcons! 20+ points down late in the 3rd quarter Russell Wilson puts the team on his shoulders and brings them back to take the lead with under 2 minutes left. What happens next? The defense completely collapsed, allowing Atlanta to kick the game winning field goal. He threw for almost 400 yards, had 3-4 TD passes but it wasn’t good enough. So that great “D” people are talking about, Wilson has bailed them out time and time again. Ill never bet against Russell Wilson. The guy simply makes me look silly after. He’s an anomaly QB. Don’t think we’ve seen a QB with the combination of leadership, smarts and athletic skill as Wilson. If he was 1-3 inches taller he could’ve been the #1 overall pick in 2012. QB like Wilson you might not see again. I hate the word intangibles because it comes off as lazy reasoning but this kid has all the intangibles. In spite of a good D and running back.

  84. How didn’t Foles shrink in his one playoff game? He actually drove the Eagles down the field for the go ahead TD with under two minutes left. The Saints got a long kickoff return and Bree’s got them into field goal range with no time left. Some people know less then zero.

  85. Ummm..I keep seeing ppl talking about how Foles led his team to the lead with 3 minutes in the playoffs and they lost the game because he didn’t have the opportunity to get the ball back…maybe he didn’t have the chance to win or get the ball back because he stunk it up the whole first half. I find it hilarious that you people defend jaws on his opinion, and some loser said that he has the right to go back and change his opinion after he looks at the factual evidence..hey genius, he was supposed to look at the factual evidence before he even made his first opinion..that’s what he gets paid for.

  86. The thing is, we don’t have to watch one guy for a few more years because he’s already won a freaking SuperBowl. He’s been to the pinnacle already. That’s what this whole thing is about. The other guy hasn’t.

    The fact is that Wilson did have a good running game and a great defense. He did what was necessary to win it all. The other guy didn’t. Advantage Wilson.

  87. Wilson has a ring and multiple playoff victories Foles has none. The goal is to win the Super Bowl and Wilson has done it and steps up in the playoffs. Of course in Jaws defense he knows nothing of How to win the Super Bowl and the Eagles fans defending him don’t know either. Maybe both Eagles fans and Jaws think a Lombardi trophy is a myth or some sort of fairy tale but I’m here to tell you it isn’t. Don’t believe me ask Russell Wilson he will tell you all about it.

  88. So Nick Foles doesn’t benefit from his offensive system either, when Chip Kelly ran a system the league hadn’t seen before? What a homer.

    Last time I checked, Russell Wilson did not “play with that defense” either. I’m pretty sure he plays offense.

    Let me tell you what he’s done on offense: tied Peyton Manning’s rookie TD pass record, QB rating over 100 each of his first 2 seasons. When Manning set his record, he threw 26 TD and 28 INT, while Wilson on threw 10 INT. And Wilson has never had a future HOF receiver resembling Marvin Harrison, either.

    He led the Seahawks to a lead with 30 seconds to go after being down 20-0 on the road in Atlanta in the divisional round with 385 yards passing. In the NFC Championship, he had another comeback, in which he threw the GW TD pass on a hard count that drew the 49ers offsides, and then chucked it 50 yards downfield to Kearse on 4th and 7.

    I’d like to see more from Foles after opponents ca gather some tape. I think he’s legitimately good, but to say that he’s far better than Wilson and “it’s not even close” is hyperbole. I think Wilson with his strong arm, mobility, and good decision making could have also had at least 27 TD in the Kelly system with fast position players and athletic linemen. Heck, he threw 26 TDs to guys like Tate, Baldwin, and Zach Miller. Pretty sure he’d do alright with fast targets (D-Jax) and big, high-jumping ones (Cooper).

  89. People dont give Foles enough credit. I don’t think I would put him over Wilson, but he was great last year, and deserves some recognition. He is probably the best qb in the NFC East right now.

  90. Here’s my take, Wilson is a very good QB and his second year in the league was consistent with the first. I haven’t seen enough from foles to anoint him anything other than a one hit wonder for now. Yes the hawks rode the hills from their defense but you still need offensive play to win it all. In 2006 the bears number 1 defense couldn’t help their weak offense win a Super Bowl. I’m all for a game management QB as long as you continue to build a successful team around him. I prefer guys like manning , call me old fashion but good ol pocket passing is still good to watch. Can’t believe how jaws says it’s not even closes to foles and Wilson, when needed Wilson has taken over the game and he can beat you through the air. I may be a broncos fan but I’m happy for Wilson getting a ring and I want to see him, luck and RG3 have long successful careers because they will be the new face of the elite QBs after manning, Brady and brees

  91. Why are people saying Russell Wilson doesn’t play defense? No kidding doesn’t play defense, his defense plays defense. His defense also gives them a short field, tons of turnovers, and consistently puts them in a position to win. They could’ve literally ran the ball every play in that Super Bowl and still won the game, that’s how dominant their defense is.

  92. Chip will be the first to tell anyone that his offense isn’t a gimmick and he’s not trying to do anything fancy. He’ll line his guys up and run one of 5 or 6 plays off of each formation, which one is it this time? Choose correctly and make a stop, wrong and it’s a touchdown or long play. Jaws is a bit of a homer, but is also quick to criticize the Eagles as well. I think Foles has a high football IQ and ice water in his veins. Doesn’t get rattled and has already slowed the game down in his mind. Someone said he threw to his first read, kidding right? Try 3rd or 4th. He ran read option many times and ran it to perfection so progression gets thrown out the door. He read what the queue he needed from the defense and based the play on that decision. During normal play he scanned the entire field quickly (his height made it easy). Wilson is a good quarterback, but take away his stellar defense, Super Bowl? I think not! Put Kelly’s revamped offense out there with a better defense and they easily win 12 or 13 games. Defense will be much better this year and offense should click on all cylinders.

  93. skinsfaninphilly

    Thought I was the only one who noticed, lol. Bottom line is that in 4 playoff games, I’ve watched at times when Pete Carroll and his staff have turned to this so called manager also known as Russell Wilson and told him to bring them back, and he’s done it every time (besides the Super Bowl because that was over by the 2nd quarter, lol). Your game manager theory falls apart with that because if he was simply that, he wouldn’t be asked to do that, and he wouldn’t deliver nearly every time. Not to mention that he’s doing this with a pedestrian receiving corp to be kind because Harvin did miss all of last year, and he wasn’t on their team in his rookie year. I watched him in the ACC at NC State; the guy is special.

  94. rdubluv12 says: Jul 26, 2014 2:21 PM

    1/4 of Foles total TDs came against the Raiders. THE RAIDERS! And must be nice getting to play 3 teams in the worst division twice a season. Let’s see how great he’ll do against acutal defenses this year when he’s playing the NFC West.

    So when he makes plays against better teams, then what? He got lucky? Sorry, but putting up 7 td’s on any team isn’t easy or it would be done all the time. Peyton broke the long standing record and Foles tied it. Why didn’t any other team drop 7 td’s on the Raiders this past season, or any other crap team? Foles could have easily shattered the record if Kelly kept him in the game. 119 QB rating, more good luck, right? He led the NFL in TD/INT ratio, passer rating, and the team was 2nd in the NFL in total yards and 1st or 2nd in yards per game. That was accomplished even though they had a defense giving up more mileage through the air than American Airlines. He will still have some growing pains, but I predict another winning season (even though they face the NFC West).

  95. Jaworski is an idiot! I’m over these has been analysts and ESPNs are the worst….especially Jaworski and Hodge.

  96. “Well, Jaws isn’t that bright. I know I saw Foles choke up in a playoff game the Eagles should have won at home, while Wilson has continuously made plays in big spots when called upon by his team (pinpoint TD pass in the NFC championship game when the 49ers seemed to be in control).”

    The same game Foles had a 105 qb rating, led his team to a go ahead TD with 4:54 left, only to watch his defense allow the Saints to run the ball down their throats and kick a winning field goal?

  97. Trent Dilfer Joe Flacco and Brad Johnson won a super bowl and Marino didn’t so they are better right? They also won as many as Peyton so they are just as good as him I guess. Also Terry Bradshaw won 4 so he’s the best qb in history right?

  98. Anyone who acts like it isnt close is kidding themselves. Every QB that wins the superbowl gets overrated the next year, but if you look at the bare stats, and their overall performance, it has to be close.

    Foles doesnt have the defensive support that Wilson has, but Wilson doesnt have the weapons that Foles does. They are both pretty even. Dont just say Wilson is better because his team performed better. You have to look deeper than that. And dont just throw away Foles season and say it was a fluke, because there is no evidence to support that.

  99. Take a look at the New Orleans tape in the playoffs and you see how Foles does against a good defense…compare the Divisional game with Seattle and New Orleans…Russel does a better job…Foles and Jaws will be put to the test…Philly is playing all the NFC West this year….for that matter Foles also had problems (they did win) against Arizona last year…Wilson plays in the West against those defenses 6 times a year…Wilson makes the big throws when the game is on the line…NFC playoffs, NO divisional, Atlanta in 2012, WA Redskins Wildcard 2012, Carolina 2013, Rams 2013…Wilson has been a big reason Seattle is where they are…he played half the season last year without his two starting offensive tackles…and 3 without his starting center (same period)….all in a Super Bowl year…I’m impressed

  100. Russell Wilson is literally this decades Trent Dilfer. He is the epitome of game manager. a great d and a great running game. Lynch is the real qb of that offense..its too bad they pay percy harvin 67 mil for a 1 catch season

  101. Has anyone even tried to imagine Wilson running Chip Kelly’s offense?


    I wonder how’d Jaworski would answer that question if Wilson played for Philadelphia?


  102. All I’ll say on this is both the Eagles and Seahawks were incredibly lucky to strike gold in the third round. Especially in a draft where people were trying to sell their future for a top two pick. Jaws ain’t going to bait me into beefing with another team enjoying a third round steal.

  103. Wilson and Foles are both really good QB’s with pretty impressive stats, but it’s far too early in their careers to call them great, although they both have the potential to be great. As far as comparisons go, when it comes to winning games, Wilson has an unfair advantage because of his defense. But that is about the only factor I’d say Wilson has an advantage in over Foles.

    Conversely, Shady’s contribution to making Foles look better is probably bigger than Lynch’s contribution to Wilson, but not by a wide margin.
    But where Foles clearly gets a huge support advantage is from his receivers. Wilson has never worked with a receiver of Jackson’s caliber; nor Celek’s or Cooper’s for that matter. Everyone knows that Seattle’s receiver corps was pedestrian the last couple of years. Foles also gets a big advantage from his O-Line. It might not be one of the top 10 in the NFL, but it is nowhere near as bad as Seattle’s…the Seahawks O-Line was consistently ranked in the bottom 3 in pass protection in the NFL last year.

    So like I said, the Seahawk D is a huge reason for Wilson’s win-loss record. But when it comes to O-Line, receivers and RB’s, the advantage obviously swings in Foles favor. The thing is, Wilson’s defensive advantage doesn’t really affect Wilson’s stats; Foles’ advantages in O-Line, receivers and RB support DIRECTLY affect Foles’ stats.

    There’s one other area where Foles gets another huge advantage, and that’s the quality of opposing defenses faced. Of the Seahawks’ 19 games in 2013, Wilson played 11 games against the Top 8 defenses. Foles only had 3 games out of 17 against the Top 8 defenses. Clearly a cream puff defensive schedule was a huge boon for Foles’ 2013 season.

    And another huge factor in favor of Wilson being a better QB to this point, is their respective 2012 rookie seasons. Unlike Wilson, Foles was not able to beat out the starting QB for the job, and when Vick went out with concussion issues, Foles was finally able to take over as starting QB. Foles was totaly unimpressive his rookie year. Wilson on the other hand had one of the best rookie seasons of any QB in the history of the NFL. Which brings up another advantage to Wilson: Wilson led the league with 5 game winning drives (tied with Tom Brady) in 2013 and also led the NFL with 8- 4th quarter comebacks (tied with Andrew Luck) over the past 2 seasons. Foles’ ability to bring his team back from a deficit is virtually unproven to this point.

    So in summation, the difference in win-loss records is more or less negated because of the Hawk’s D. I don’t believe there are any other mitigating factors that favor Foles as being a better QB; all the other mitigating factors definitely show that Wilson is working with FAR LESS advantages than is Foles. Considering all of the adverse factors Wilson faced, and the direct comparsion of stats over their first two seasons, Wilson has had BY FAR the better career thus far.

    For Jaworski to act as if Foles is the best thing since sliced bread and say that a comparison between the two is not even close is moronic. And to say that Wilson is just a game manager is totally ridiculous. There is no way that a QB who has arguably had the best first two seasons in the history of the NFL should be called a game manager. It’s obvious that Jaworski is just an Eagles fanboy who’s sporting an extremely thick pair of homer glasses.

  104. Philly one of only 3 teams to start the same o-line every game the entire season.

    Philly o-line and receivers >> Seattle.

    What’s funny is Jaws released his QB rankings and has Wilson #8 in the NFL. Foles is NOT in the top 7.

  105. Russell Wilson was 9-18 for 103 yds vs. the Saints, 0 INT’s, and a 67 QB rating. Foles threw for 195 yards and 2 TD’s vs. the Saints. Neither ran for much….Wilson does play with a great running game, defense, and special teams. Really, in 2 of his 3 playoff games he was asked to do so little….it’s hard to say who is better at this point.

  106. As a 12 we watched Foles in AZ cause he was in the PAC 10 (12 now) and was very underrated coming out in 2012. I knew very little about Russ at the time so many of us were thinking Foles in the 3rd round. I am not surprised at his success and wish him well. To me there is no doubt he will have a long carrier as a top QB in this league. As for who I want its a no brainier, RW!! GO HAWKS!!

  107. Well, Jaws isn’t that bright. I know I saw Foles choke up in a playoff game the Eagles should have won at home, while Wilson has continuously made plays in big spots when called upon by his team (pinpoint TD pass in the NFC championship game when the 49ers seemed to be in control).


    Worst point ever. Yeah Wilson really pulled through with those whopping 9 completions against the saints. He sucked that game but that just proves what his d does for him. You think foles or luck could beat the high powered saints with 9 completions ? Seriously ? Not a chance. Wilson has no pressure on him. His wrs bail him out a lot on his deep passes. Is he bad? Not at all I think he’s great but he hasn’t really proven anything yet. Whereas foles just had an amazing season. And I like how everyone will bring up one pass he makes .. Luck has more incredible throws in one game than Wilson has all season

  108. Even the most average quarterback can win with the seahawks as the quarterback position on that team is the most replaceable. The recipe to a championship team is a top ranked defense and a strong running game. History proves it. Even the best quarterbacks today have zero to only one ring because winning the championship is more than about passing the ball. Even Tom Brady won his rings based on what I said. He didn’t win three rings because of the way he played, but because his team had the best defense and a solid running game. Since then, when the patriots have become more pass happy and less defense based, how many championships has new England won? As great as peyton manning, Tom Brady, drew brees, and Aaron Rodgers are, they can’t get the job done themselves, and not by going with the pass. It is about that formula, a combination of running the ball and playing lights-out defense, that makes any team a super bowl bound team. Russell wilson is good and is very mature on the field, but he can easily be replaced given Seattle’s system and the amount of talent on that team.

  109. not sure either Foles or Wilson is a good long-term play.. same w/ Newton…. all have far too many limitations

    think the “real” QBs of the young guns are Luck, RG3 and maybe Tannehill and Kaep

  110. No pressure on Russell Wilson? According to Pro Football Focus, Wilson was blitzed on 39% of his dropbacks (197 of 502). This was 2nd in the NFL behind Geno Smith. Wilson took 44 sacks on 502 dropbacks, a sack percentage of 9%.

    When you factor in the relatively low number of pass attempts, that’s a lot of pressure. For a master escape artist like Wilson to take a sack every 11 dropbacks means he had terrible pass protection last year. It’s true that there were a lot of missed games by Seattle OL starters, but it’s probably an average line at best; Lynch probably makes them look better than they are.

  111. If we’re making Super Bowl victories a stat then we might as well say Trent Dilfer was better than Dan Marino.

  112. Wilson was the 2nd most pressured QB in the NFL last season, only behind Matt Ryan, his OL was terrible (especially his guards) and Seattle’s best linemen had either down years (Unger) or missed lots of games (Okung)

    “Even the most average quarterback can win with the seahawks as the quarterback position on that team is the most replaceable”


    Next nonsense argument: every QB could win with the seahawks defense because they were able to beat the Super Bowl champions Giants in NY back in 2011 where nobody talked about them with Clipboard Jesus as the starter.

  113. ROFLMAO!! Hey Jaws, so what you’re telling Philly fans is that Kelly is a TOTAL dunce? I mean think about it; which QB was their starter …LAST YEAR? ROFLMAO!! Why don’t I think Kelly is going to like you very much?

  114. Jaws is wrong again as usual. Nick Foles had a good year against teams under .500 Jaws. He lost to every team over .500, so Jaws what film are u looking at. Oh I forgot they both play QB for the Eagles. Jaw u be wrong so much when u analyze, just retire. For real.

  115. Both QBs are great, but only Nick Foles is already in the NFL Hall of Fame, in his second year no less. Not many quarterbacks can say that.

    After the Raiders game, when Foles threw 7 TDs in only three quarters (and was pulled so he didn’t get needlessly hurt), they placed his jersey and shoes in Canton. He could have easily got one or more TDs and had 1st place in that record.

    And he could have went longer into the season without throwing an interception, but his 1st one was in a BLIZZARD.

  116. Tony Dungy would pick Nick too. He wouldn’t want to deal with another minority distraction.

  117. Foles lost Jackson, Wilson will get Harvin. That alone could turn the statistics around since QBs for some reason get credit for YAC. Throwing a pass 5 yards or less on a timing or bubble route isn’t any more impressive than executing a read option play but the QB gets his stats inflated by the run in one case but not the other. Wilson had one of the highest percentages for passes of 20+ yards in flight, those are the cases where a QB should get credit for actually passing.

    Seahwaks D has kept them in games, while Wilson and Lynch have both done amazing jobs of wringing enough offense out an otherwise unimpressive group of guys to actually win game. Other than picking on the poor Manning brothers last year the D didn’t put up enough points to actually win games and there were plenty of cases where Wilson and Lynch had equal roles in pulling the rest of the offense along to actually get the W.

  118. “Wilson had one of the highest percentages for passes of 20+ yards in flight, those are the cases where a QB should get credit for actually passing.”

    Nick Foles was second only to Drew Breez with passes over 2o yards. He had a higher completion percentage (64.0 to Wilson’s 63.1), more Yards per Game (222.4 to Wilson’s 209.8), more Yards per Attempt (9.1 to Wilson’s 8.2) and of coarse Quarterback Rating (119.2 to Wilson’s 101.2) which was the best in the league last season and the 3rd best of ALL time.

    Just because somebody spouts off about 2 young up and coming quarterbacks, and your quarterback comes in 2nd place, you get all butt-hurt and start to criticize and down-play the accomplishments of Nick Foles.

    Everybody knows that Wilson is a great QB, but why not acknowledge Foles and give credit where credit is due instead of trying to bash him?

    Hopefully we’ll see many great NFC Championship games between the two in the future.

  119. Nick Foles was second only to Drew Breez with touchdown passes over 2o yards.

    Plus his 1st interception he threw was in a Blizzard…

  120. 6ball says:
    Jul 26, 2014 10:18 AM
    Proven : Super Bowl winning QB Russell Wilson

    Unproven : Eagles QB Nick Foles


    So by your logic:

    Proven: Jeff Hostetler and Trent Dilfer

    Unproven: Dan Marino


  121. Everyone that watched college football on the West coast was very aware of Nick Foles, I though he’d do really well as a pro.

    He has.

    So has Wilson.

    Jaworski has applied the “my dog’s better than your dog” argument to football, comparing dissimilar quarterbacks, running dissimilar systems and proclaiming his “better”….based on …well, urr, umm…..nothing.

    Anyone that thinks Russell Wilson is a game manager isn’t paying attention…. to call Jaworski an idiot is an insult to the idiot, face it, if Wilson play for the Eagles, are you telling me Jaworski wouldn’t choose his home town boy?

    Both guys seem to be very successful in the systems they’re playing in….both played last season as top 10 quarterbacks.

  122. not sure either Foles or Wilson is a good long-term play.. same w/ Newton…. all have far too many limitations

    think the “real” QBs of the young guns are Luck, RG3 and maybe Tannehill and Kaep

    and if the draft was tomorrow.. the order would be..
    Luck, RG3, Kaepernick, Tannehill, Foles, Wilson and Newton

  123. Foles is a good QB. Time will make him great if he continues to play as effectively as he did last year.
    Wilson is a good QB. Will he ever be great? Not sure. But I will take Superbowls with an average QB over 7-TD games in the regular season with a great QB any day.

    If it takes Wilson a month to score 7 TD’s that means he’s got a shot at averaging 28 TD’s a season and with the Hawks current defense that will mean many playoff appearances and chances at Superbowls.

    If the defense falls apart Wilson will be challenged. So would any QB.

    If Wilson can continue to play as he has and his team continues to support him as it has he could be the Terry Bradshaw of the Seahawks, only smarter and kinder.

  124. You also have to take Wilson. He gets credit for touchdowns even when it’s really an interception.

    9/24/12 What a joke

  125. quoting cayonera:
    I really like how Wilson handles himself, and that’s got to be a factor in a franchise QB. Foles hasn’t gotten nearly the media attention Wilson has, so I don’t have as good a sense of him, but so far edge to Wilson.
    I’m a diehard Seahawks fan since the team’s inception, but I read an article about Foles shortly after Philly drafted him. Apparently, he grew up in a very wealthy family like Manziel did, but his parents made him and his sister work their tails off for everything they got.
    He highly praised his father for being a self-made multimillionaire, and credits both parents for instilling strong values including a work ethic.

    As to the intangibles he and Wilson sound pretty even. Best wishes to both for long, successful, relatively injury-free careers, but of course Wilson has my loyalty every time they meet or their game’s outcome is relevant to playoff seeding.

  126. If my boy Wilson played in Dallas, Green Bay, Philly, or Pittsburgh with the same defense we have he’d be viewed as the best QB in the league, just saying playing for the Seahawks comes with it’s price. It’s cool we love the KID! And he’s only gonna get better mark my words 🙂

  127. If Foles had played 6 games in the nfc west he would have had a bit different numbers lol.

    But that analysis is a bit complex and deep for Jaws to understand.

    Big suprise, Jaws chose the eagle….

  128. Of course Jaws likes QB’s who are never going to win a Super Bowl. He’s probably a big Romo fan too.

  129. I wonder why Pro Football Focus is not more often cited by people here. They have recently done an EXTREMELY in-depth analysis of Nick Foles and Russell Wilson. I won’t even say anything you guys can look and see for yourselves.

  130. The issue it that Jaws would take Foles over Wilson. Winning is a function of many things and Wilson’s W/L has quite a bit to do with a great D and Marshawn Lynch. I love both QBs but to dismiss Jaws assertion with pure numbers is not fair. This is coming from a guy who would rather try to change a team name as opposed to a guy that was one of the better players ever at the position and looks at tape all day.

  131. Lets reverse the teams for both quarterback and put nick fouls on the seahawks for the 2013 season, would he habe been able to win those games where theseahawks oline wasdown up to 3-4 starters for several weeks….. and given that wilson is a “game manager”. Would he have lost the games nick fouls won given he had mccoy and desean at his disposal plus a better oline with how much of deep thrower wilson is in a chip kelly offense….. now with a nick fouls in as the seahawk qb for the 2013-14 season, fouls wouldnt have the the 2 Deep threats eagles have, do you actually see a 13 win season…

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