Jim Irsay passes out cash at camp

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Perhaps feeling the need to bolster his explanation for always carrying a bunch of cash (which puts him at constant risk of someone trying to rob him), Colts owner Jim Irsay opted to hand out a bunch of greenbacks on Saturday at Colts camp.

Via Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network, Irsay was giving $100 bills to fans who had come to watch practice.

Last month, Irsay produced a briefcase of $100 bills while being interviewed by Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star.  Irsay hoped to prove that there was nothing unusual about having $29,000 in cash with him when police arrested him in March for operating a vehicle under the influence

“You’re talking about someone who is extremely generous, and I say that humbly,” Irsay explained. “That’s the way I try to live my life and it has nothing to do with the law.  What’s been reported out there, there’s been a sensationalizing about things that have nothing to do with the law.  It shouldn’t be an issue.”

It continues to be an issue when it comes to Irsay’s personal safety and security, and it’s likewise something that the league office may not regard as being appropriate behavior for an owner.  With Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly considering a suspension for Irsay due to his arrest, it makes a lot more sense to keep a very low profile.

62 responses to “Jim Irsay passes out cash at camp

  1. I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal. People know me. I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

  2. Yes – Jim Irsay frequently has his staff send out Press Releases proclaiming how humble he is

    This is true (It’s also true that when you are a billionaire, $30k IS indeed pocket change – making that “humble generosity” look a little less generous.

    Any guy making $50k a year who donates more than $2 is more generous than Jim Irsay donating $10k. Do the math.

  3. Give me a break. Irsay had that money to buy drugs. Nobody dries around with a briefcase full of money because they’re “generous”

    What a load of cr@p.

  4. Who cares how much cash a guy carries ? It isn’t up to roger goodell or anyone else.

  5. I’m going to send Jim my address to see if he won’t supplement my little social security check with a monthly donation of ten Ben Franklins until I croak.

  6. My identical twin brother with the mustache and I thank you for the $200, I’ll send my pregnant twin sister over later. And you’re never going to believe this, but she’s carrying triplets!

  7. Haslam would act like he was going to hand out a bill but somehow you wouldn’t up with the money.

  8. “You’re talking about someone who is extremely generous, and I say that humbly.”

    Irony noted.

  9. I don’t know what’s more entertaining: Irsay’s tweets or handing out benjamins to fans while painting himself a victim of the media?

  10. I got to start going to Colts training camp…where else can you get some drunk billionaire giving you money
    Very cool

  11. This is not the actions of a sane person. The NFL should act quickly to make sure he doesn’t do something that will completely embarrass the league.

  12. Just trying to make something up to cover his behavior. He should be fined. suspended, and drug tested every day. Then have Adam Silver take his team away from him.

  13. People who carry wads of cash use it for drugs, hookers, gambling or a combination of those. Any other explanation is a lie.

  14. Johnny Clipboard took that Hundy, rolled it up and then went to Irsay’s office to blow a few lines.

  15. Jim was bullied so much in school he packs around a suitcase full of money and hands it out before anyone stuffs him in a locker or hangs him from the coat rack by his shirt collar.

  16. Irsay, Jr. always struck me as a very nice guy with a big heart … and an addiction problem.

    Big-hearted nice guys who have addiction problems are much more sympathetic characters than cold-hearted d-bags with addiction problems.

    So many of this group in here commenting is slamming Jim Irsay way too hard here. He’s not knocking out women, packing brass knuckles or going all “Donald Sterling” on anyone.

    Jimmy Irsay is colorful, generous, unique, has personality — and he’s also struggling with some demons. The guy needs help and support, and let’s see that he gets it.

    I recall when Coach Pagano was battling cancer — Jimmy Irsay was the first guy to have his back in every form and fashion. Maybe some of you hyper-critical clowns should remember that before you type in your douchie little comments.

  17. His money and his team. As long as his bills are paid, he should be able to do whatever he wants with his money. Any criminal action should be between him and the law. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the NFL.

  18. Well. Uh.. .

    Well.. Uhhh..

    Wait.. he “completed” rehab already. So, he’s REALLY doing this on his on volition… right?

    Mr. Goodell. PLEASE put this guy out of his misery.

    Wow…. just… wow….

  19. I’m kind of torn on the briefcase full of cash and might actually believe him. He’s clearly not a genius but I don’t think any billionaire is dumb enough to do his own drug deal.

    Perhaps we’re dealing with the outlier?

  20. Is somebody going to drug test this guy? If he turns up dirty, suspend him for 4 games. If he so happens to knock out somebody, reduce it to 2 games.

  21. I think it would be a really good idea to hand out those 100s at the preseason games seeing that the nfl charged me way too much for those worthless tickets in the first place

  22. A player making millions of $ a year, goes to a nightclub decides to have a few drinks and thinks it it would be a good idea to take a wad of cash and “make it rain” to impress his friends. Happens all the time. Now we have a NFL owner who is worth billions decides to take a wad of cash and thinks it would be a good idea to “make it rain” for some fans of his team at training camp. The difference is in 10 years the player that was making millions is now broke, working at Tire Barn and is suing the NFL for something while the NFL owner that was worth billions is still worth billions. So there you go.

  23. The standard brief case can hold hold 500K to 600K in hundreds.

    The standard stack of one hundred bills will fill a pocket. In a suit, it is easy to carry 50K in cash and no one know it.

    Paying by cash keeps the government, banks, your competition, the press, and anyone else from knowing your spending patterns.

    Paying by cash is always the best policy.

  24. Say whatever you want about Irsay and his problems, but it’s pretty cool to start giving fans a little walkin’ around money just for showing up to watch practice.

  25. Just saw this story on one of the major network Sunday shows, and it looks like possibly rod and the rest of the gang will probably be telling Mr. Irsay to stop doing such things, as they call attention to the facts of this case.

    This makes it much harder to sweep this under the rug as they had intended.

  26. Well I am not surprised because one of my second thoughts after hearing the Ray Rice decision was…I wonder if Roger is getting ready to make a similar decision on Irsay? And Irsay is not an idiot or a clown. Pretty sure this was staged just for the purpose of saying he always carries this kind of cash around.

    A slap on the wrist won’t do for this. I know he didn’t but he very well could have killed or injured (Irsay’d) someone while under the influence.

  27. Were I a billionaire hooked on script drugs and I needed to score, I would have any number of my lackeys go out and do it for me.

    That’s just me though……and….only if I were a billionaire….hooked on drugs….which I am neither…

  28. Reminds me I got to put my briefcase full of benjamins in the car so I don’t forget to bring it to work. Thanks, irsay.

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