Packers extend Jordy Nelson


Packers receiver Jordy Nelson wanted $10 million per year.  He nearly got it, depending on how his new contract is analyzed.

The Packers have announced that Nelson has signed a contract extension.  Per multiple reports, it’s a four-year deal that will pay him $39 million.  Coupled with his $3.50 million compensation for 2014, he’s now under contract for five years, $42.5 million.  That’s an average of $8.5 million per year.

Nelson, a second-round pick in 2008, signed a team-friendly second contact in 2011, getting $13.35 million over three years.  This time around, the Packers came much closer to breaking the bank.

The deal reportedly includes an $11.5 million signing bonus.  The rest of the details, including key factors like fully guaranteed money, injury-only guarantees, and the annual triggers (if any) for flipping injury guarantees to skill/injury/cap guarantees, aren’t currently known.

The signing of Nelson at the front end of a contract year allows the Packers to focus on whether they can work out a contract for receiver Randall Cobb, who’s entering the final season of his rookie deal.  In March, veteran James Jones left for Oakland via free agency, a year after Greg Jennings jumped to the Vikings.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear all of the vikings fans’ honest, informed opinions on this one.

  2. Here come the Viking trolls…
    Commenting on something they know nothing about..
    The Packers are doing something right, when you win the division, make the playoffs and win a super bowl over the last 5 years.
    Not to mention, still have money to sign there own players.
    Next up Cobb.

  3. I wasn’t worried… considering we had a lot of cap room compared to how the saints had like 5 bucks in cap space and somehow signed Jarius Byrd and Jimmy Graham to mega contracts.

  4. I love all the haters that kept saying the Packers have too much money tied up in Rodgers and Matthews and they’d never be able to re-sign any of their other talent. It’s called “cap management” people, and the Packers are one of the best teams in the league at this.

  5. Best receiver in the world. Already should be in the hall of fame. My daughter Erin wants to name our next daughter after him.

  6. Vikings fan here, actually a bigger fan of the Great State of Minnesota. I must say that Nelson is severely underrated in the NFL.. Decent signing by “wisconsins” one profitable company..

  7. Packers fan all my life, still think he’s best as a slot guy, but when Rodgers is the QB slot guys can be leads. Green Bay produces Wideouts like Denver used to produce running backs

  8. I’m a Vikings fan, but I have huge respect for Jordy Nelson. Anybody who thinks he’s “just a product of Rodgers” needs to watch some of the insane sideline catches that he makes.

  9. Finally!!! TT does the right thing by this man. Jordy has been the most consistent wideout we’ve had and he was being low balled and never said a word. I’m happy for him and for the packers!!

  10. I don’t comment on these much, but the viking troll bits gotta stop. Packer fans are way worse on the Vikings threads….With that said it’s a great signing for the pack, dude can ball! Skol Vikes!!

  11. Good for Nelson. He’s one of the best in the game right now…..catches everything and still flies under the radar. 10:1 he has his best year yet, laying down after a pay day isn’t his style.

    vikesbest, we haven’t played a game yet, how do you know we don’t have an oline or defense? Dumb statement considering our oline wasn’t bad last year…..we rushed for a ton of yards and fought through some bad injuries. Our good guys are back and the line is absolutely improved. Defense is a ? but it was ranked better than yours last year so it’s odd that you bring it up.

  12. You know it’s all about money for Jones and Jennings. No one who played for championships or the love of the game would defect to the vikings and oakland. These guys obviously care more about the $$ so I say good riddance to both.

  13. Avikesfan, I agree it’s bad on both sides, but you gotta admit that with PFTPoet and ariani85 that you guys definitely have the worst trolls.

  14. Again, he deserves the new contract for no other reason than his unique ability to hide MM’s misguided challenge flags.

  15. That’s a lot of cash to dish out for a guy that has reached his ceiling and no doubt past his prime. Jordie “over the hill” Nelson wouldn’t make the practice squad on my team.

  16. Seems about right. He might have been able to squeeze a few more bucks out of some other team but then he wouldn’t have Rodgers throwing to him. Smart work on both sides and this comes from a Bears fan.

  17. While I think he’s a good receiver, I don’t think he’s almost 10 million a year good. As a vikings fan it sucks to see Rodgers get his favorite target locked up, but good for the Packers that they kept him around. I have a feeling this division is going to be really fun to watch this year.

  18. purpleppleeaters says: Jul 26, 2014 12:35 PM

    What kind of a name is “Jordy?”

    It’s Swedish. It roughly translates to “Viking slayer”.

  19. I’m a big fan of this guy. Great hands, faster than most think and he runs crisp routes. He deserves the contract he got but this dude is jot an elite wr. I’ve read this on multiple articles that people believe this. Unless you yule the word elite like John Clayton does. Packers offense will be great as always while the defense will be horrid as always.

  20. 8.5 million/year average for Jordy is a bargain. Look at scrubs like Roddy White and Vincent Jackson who are both making millions more per year and aren’t have the receiver he is. White was decent but he’s also 5 years older than Nelson.

  21. The question should be will the Viking’s 31 ranked defense be able to tackle him? Nelson will have 15 catches for 250 yards and 3tds vs the Viking defense this year! Those numbers are probably low!

  22. Since 2011, Jordy Nelson is 1 of 2 in NFL w/ 200+ rec, 30+ rec TDs & 15.0+ rec avg. Calvin Johnson is other.

    Yep, he’s not worth the money. LOL

  23. I still remember that great play from last year where Nelson ran a seam route and took it to the house for a TD against the Vikings. Anyone who says he’s not fast can just look at that play as evidence to the contrary.

  24. Yesterday, most Packer fans were saying Nelson wasn’t worth $10 million a year. Now his new contract is practically that and all you hear is what a great deal it was and how much they love Nelson. If Peppers is worth $10 million, then Nelson is worth $40 million.

  25. For the illiterate Vikings fans here…

    “Coupled with his $3.50 million compensation for 2014, he’s now under contract for five years, $42.5 million. That’s an average of $8.5 million per year.”

  26. Doesn’t matter cuz Nelson ain’t nobody special. Greg Jenning is a lot better and they let him walk. Oh wait! Jordy is a back to future hall of famed player. Who wants to chop on the wood, only the packers. They aren’t going any where near super bowl. Defense can’t stop my great great grand mother. LOL

  27. There is a special and unique bond with the team when a player wins a ring there.

    Superbowl 45:

    9 receptions
    140 yards
    1 TD

    And he got his ticket punched to Packer immortality.

  28. This is 2 deals in a row that Nelson’s signed for below his market price to stick around in Green Bay. The first one was way below what he could’ve gotten elsewhere. Jordy’s smart enough to know a good situation when he’s got it. The Packers are smart enough to not overthink signing a really talented player and team leader at a discount.

    Win/win deal.

  29. Greg Jennings signs a deal as a FREE AGENT and is under contract for 5 years/45 million.

    Jordy Nelson ADDED to his deal and is under contract for 5 years at an average of $8.5 million. That is all that matters from a cap his is the average/year. They could have torn up the last year of his contract and replaced it but instead they kept it and used it to come up with a team friendly average of $8.5 million.

    It’s amazing how truly incapable Vikings fans are at math.

  30. Anyone who is interested in a good laugh this afternoon, go over to youtube and search “Vikings fan meltdown after loss to Green Bay Packers”. It’s hilarious

  31. Now he’s stuck with small hands Rodger. They won’t go any where near super bowl. Defense can’t stop my grand mother. Packers dreaming of super bowl is more likely. LOL!

  32. Yeah…..what a shame to be stuck with one of if not the best QB in the NFL who is an MVP, SB MVP and SB Champion.

    The defense cant’s stop your “grand mother” just like you can’t spell grandmother. least it was the better than all of the other defenses in their own division. Which was pretty easy to do given that the Vikings and Bears were 31st and 32nd.

  33. “There are only 4 players with 3,000+ Rec Yds & 30+ Rec TD over the last 3 seasons: Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Jimmy Graham & Jordy Nelson”

    Yeah..what an overrated bum. LMAO There are at least 5 WR’s who make more than Nelson that are not on that list.

  34. He will be remembered as one of our all time greats! Thankfully he didn’t sign with a team from a “Red State”. Those states are much more tax friendly.

  35. Decent extension. Only thing is Jordy needs to stay healthy in order to justify it. Perhaps Rodgers could include Nelson in some State Farm commercials and spread the love around.

  36. He is a good receiver and in that point worth the money. However, the last couple of years he has been injury prone. So we’ll see how this goes.

  37. “Pittsburgh is the TRUE Titletown!”

    Last I checked Green Bay has 13 championships compared to Pittsburgh’s 6. The NFL existed before they gave the championship a marketing name and called it the Super Bowl.

  38. The Packers have let Jennings and Jones go knowing that they need that money to sign Cobb to an extension. I wouldn’t expect a Vikings fan to know this…..but it has been discussed publicly by the media and the team for 6 months now.

    In short, Cobb is next on the list to be re-signed. They have the money because they manage their cap very well.

  39. Aaron Rodgers has Tiny Hands says: Jul 26, 2014 2:33 PM

    His new contract is $9.75 million a year. Don’t try to make it seem like it’s lower by including this year’s salary.

    It’s an extension, dude, so he gets his signing bonus this year and it can be prorated over the next five years. It’s perfectly logical to take all five years to determine the average.

  40. NO ONE has a better sense of where the sideline is at all times and manages to keep his toes just inside to complete the catch before leaving the field and saving himself a hard hit.

    Smart, smart player.

  41. New contract means a bad season for Nelson. He got his cash, now he can relax.

    Don’t draft Nelson too early in your fantasy league.


    You’re foolish. The only reason he received this contract is because he’s the definition of consistency.

  42. Praise the Lord for such a great deal!!

    That is a real genius way to structure a contract.

    It is a great deal for the Packers and a great deal for Nelson.

    Nelson’s agent and the Packers GM should be congratulated on working out such a great contract.

  43. Aaron Rodgers has Tiny Hands says:
    Jul 26, 2014 5:54 PM

    It’s easy to manage the salary cap when you have so few good players.

    And yet, they’ve still managed to OWN the NFCN, and especially the Vikings, for a number of years with more to come.

  44. What a tremendous win for Thompson, who once again has put together another in his annual string of World Championship contenders.

  45. Hes a good player…..has become Rodgers’ favorite target over the past couple years. Good for the Pack to lock him up, bad for the rest of the division. Hes a no nonsense WR…….does his job, not a big mouth. This Viking fan thinks it was almost a must do deal by the Pack.

  46. For all those panning this contract announcement. Get this:

    “Over the past three seasons, Nelson is one of four players with 3,000-plus receiving yards and 30-plus touchdowns. The other three are tight end Jimmy Graham and wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant.”

    So much for not being a top WR. Earned his dough and got paid. And he’s young enough to keep doing it for a few more years.

  47. I find it funny how much the Packers fans feel hurt by the trolling. It’s just a game. Nobody really means what they say. We’re all Americans and on the same team. Laugh it off and don’t take it so personally

  48. purpleppleeaters says: Jul 26, 2014 12:35 PM

    What kind of a name is “Jordy?”

    The kind that routinely clowns on Viking defensive backs…

  49. The Pack has been fortunate over their great history to have players that you can look at and say——this guy is a Packer for life.

    Jordy Nelson is such a player and person. He is great on the field, in the clubhouse, and in the community.

    Congrats Jordy—–well deserved—Pack for life.

  50. Overpaid. What, his numbers are good? So are another 5 WR’s with Rodgers. It’s amazing that anybody thinks there is any good players in GB besides Rodgers. With Rodgers, all you have to do is get any 3 WR’s and you’ll be fine. If Rodgers goes down you think this guy will post $10 mil a year numbers? Bad move on this signing.

  51. Small hands will be out of league in couple years. Jordy+Rodge=0 win=0 super bowl from now on. Bet on it. Awful signing and small hands took all the money to his bank account. LOL

  52. Considering where he is living, the phrase “locked up for the next 4 years” sounds appropriate…

  53. heh….

    codythao35.. are you ariani85’s kid brother? You make as much sense as he does.. none.

    and yes, its a contract extension. ok? ok.

  54. Vikings fans seem to act like they’ve seen their team win a Super Bowl in the last 5 years or 2 in the last 18 rather than the 0 that they have. Rodgers has another 8-10 years and to hear something about his small hands is absolutely ridiculous. Especially since he has a rocket arm and doesn’t have a fumbling problem. Bridgewater’s small hands are 1/8 of an inch smaller which is a ton when you are talking about a difference of an inch in hand size between QB’s.

    I do love to see the pure uncut jealousy of Vikes fans though.

  55. Great quarterback/receiver relationships are symbiotic – the high level of play feeds off each other. Nelson was also Matt Flynn’s favorite target in 2013 and Nelson proved he didn’t need Rogers to make plays.

  56. Bridgewater has a poster-sized photograph of Jordy’s hands on the ceiling over his bed at training camp. He knows.

  57. anyone who understands cap numbers knows that cobb will not get an extension you might be franchise tag but you won’t get a 4 or 5 year deal

  58. Jordy put a premium on playing for a contender every single year. Good for him. Good for the Packers. And awesome news for the most deserving fan base in sports.

  59. Good signing, good for fantasy footballers when rodgers is throwing to him.

  60. you got two luv them Viking fans they rip on 1 of the best teams in the NFL because their team the Vikings are so pathetic.they have one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL J the choke Cutler but hey at least he’s consistent.A.P is getting older and Brandon Marshall has no quarterback so as usual they will be dead last in the NFC is so funny how you root for the Vikings just to win a game and criticize one of the best teams in the NFL.Rogers and Jordy best QB/ WR in the NFL.and Jordy is worth every penny the Packers payed if you need to criticize a team start with the Vikings because u know that they r one awful team P.S and that’s giving them credit

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