Pounceys will file counterclaim in response to “complete sham” lawsuit

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Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and Dolphins center Mike Pouncey will be fighting fire with fire.  In response to the lawsuit filed against them on Friday, they’ll be exercising their right to sue the persons who have sued them.

“The allegations in the complaint about my clients are completely false,” attorney Jeffrey M. Ostrow tells PFT via email.  “As I previously stated, Mike and Maurkice Pouncey had absolutely no involvement whatsoever in the alleged incident that evening and did nothing wrong.  This claim is a complete sham.  The plaintiffs and their lawyer are perpetuating these lies in a bid for notoriety and financial gain.  We intend to defend this case through trial if necessary and will be filing a counterclaim for malicious prosecution and defamation.”

It’s a strong position to take, especially with the list of accusers tripling from one man who claims he was assaulted to the original alleged victim, a woman who allegedly was punched in the face and knocked out by Maurkice Pouncey when she tried to intervene, and another woman who suffered among other things a leg laceration as a bystander to the melee.

Any available surveillance video will shed light on the truth about what occurred during the Pounceys’ most recent birthday party at Cameo nightclub in Miami.  Ultimately, it’ll all be hashed out in a court of law.

42 responses to “Pounceys will file counterclaim in response to “complete sham” lawsuit

  1. If the claims are indeed false, then people like these three need to pay a hefty price. Ultimately, it is us, the taxpayers who end up paying for this lawsuit.

  2. The Pounceys have done nothing to earn the benefit of the doubt.

    But it sure does appear that this is a money grab based on nothing. Why else was the Miami Beach PD not contacted over these alleged assaults/ hate crimes?

  3. Good for him. We need to doing this more often to stop these ridiculous lawsuits. The trail lawyers certainly cannot control themselves.

  4. They seem to continue to find themselves in these situations.

    Either they have the worst luck in the world, or maybe there’s some validity to the claims.

  5. As a Steelers fan it pains me to say it, but the Pouncey’s seem to be little more than common criminals, perhaps cut from the same fabric as Aaron Hernandez. I keep waiting for the indictments to come down for one or both of them, being involved in Hernandez’s crimes since they were such good friends.

  6. Good Move! Maurkice Pouncey is a man of character whose teammates see him as a leader. He has worked hard to earn the respect he now has and shows leadership again by not caving in to the threats of ‘what’s my name today’.

  7. mackcarrington says: Jul 26, 2014 1:11 PM

    I wonder where they’ll be having their birthday party next year?



  8. An easy solution to reducing the large number of lawsuits is to suspend the filing attorney’s license for six months on cases deemed frivolous (such as this one).

  9. With Maurkice Pouncey, it seemed the Steelers had finally returned to dominating at the center position as we had with Ranger Ray, Mike Webster, Dermontti Dawson, and Jeff Hartings. Sure, Pouncey was broken for Super Bowl XLV, but that can happen to anyone. But he’s continued to be broken more than he’s healthy and seems to keep getting involved in this kind of … stuff.

    It’s becoming annoying. I hope that new contract was a wise investment.

  10. Pouncey brothers have taken alot of heat for I’m not sure what really. Having a bad attitde? Or was it wearing that baseball hat? Some idiot wrote they should be kicked out of the league? What was the crime they convicted of? Was it having a few beers and acting obnoxious at age 25?

  11. I feel bad for the Pounceys as much as I feel bad for a politician saying one thing and doing the other. However, I hope the judge fines the plaintiffs for wasting the court’s time with this.

  12. If the Steelers provided a clean-up crew like they did for Big Ben, the tapes are erased, the area swabbed with bleach, and witnesses are being leaned on. But then again maybe the Rooney’s only provide that service for their QB!

  13. Where were the police if these people were so injured??? If it was as bad as the lawsuit yesterday they must have been in hospital. The women complained of injuries one after another. Please, trying to make a quick buck or something??? It started with 1 man, and it’s grown to 4 people.

  14. Maurkice dumb for wearing hat, but he’s been clean in the locker room and no issues off the field. Just wish he stays healthy going forward.

  15. It’s always nice when you can get 2-for-1 on dust-ups like this.

    I only wish these were starters on NFC teams and not AFC. My team doesn’t really benefit from this.

  16. Mike Pouncey is disappointing the heck out of me but on this score I believe them. I hope there is a tape out there that vindicates the duo. They should also go after the one accuser who suddenly turned into a gravy train of three for malicious lawsuit as well as legal fees.

  17. I’m still not completely sold that they’re guilty because I don’t see why the victims wouldn’t call the police. But I kinda hope the Pouncey’s lose this one anyway.

  18. Centers should be there with kickers and punters in the just shut up line…

    league needs to rid itself of bad guys like the Pounceys… they make us all feel dirty just watching them play.. can’t imagine having them on my team

  19. These kind of claims make me mad. One side is quite obviously lying. Find the video and figure out who is lying. Then take everybody involved on the side that is lying (including the lawyers) and toss their butts in jail. There should be consequences to stuff like this and at least one lawyer involved is knowingly putting forth a lie that besmirches the reputation of those on the other side of the dispute. Why should they get a pass just because they are lawyers? Enforce the ethical standards and make it hard for the ambulance chasers and and fame seekers to do what they do.

  20. Pounceys’ critics are jealous and envious of them because of their good looks and ability to play.

    Ask yourself what crime have Pounceys committed?

    Have Pounceys been arrested for battery, assault, drunk driving, drug or weapons possession, spousal abuse, trafficking, driving without a license during his Dolphins tenure?

    Exactly what are Pounceys guilty of?

  21. You don’t change mikie. The addition of claimants should be a definite red flag to an attorney like you. Oh no, you see it as negative to the Pounceys. You know, like “where did these two come from” all of a sudden.

  22. Attempted rape – 4 games…Knocking out a female – 2 games – smoking weed – 16 games. NFL discipline…priceless.

  23. @shakespeare22 – where has there ever been a charge for attempted rape. you need to let that go.

    However, Maurkice Pouncey needs to act commeasurate with the contract provided. Even if they haven’t done the deed, for God’s sake, quit putting yourself in a position where these bottom feeders can accuse you of something.

  24. would most teams sign either of the Pouncey’s? if yes.. and it probably is a yes… we have a real problem with the type of guys the league will employ

    most, overwhelming majority, of league players are good guys, or at least normal guys, it is these “things” like the Pounceys, Hernandezs….. that hurt the image of all

    again, Urban Meyer players need be screened

  25. The Pouncy brothers have been bums ever since their days at FL. Innocent or guilty their total lack of regard for their image or that of their respective teams is abysmal. The Steeler’s off-season rush to give Maurkice that big fat contract was just another management blunder. Hell, this turkey has never finished a season or played in a playoff game due to continual injuries. He’ll be on IR before mid season.

  26. The Pounceys are accused of assault and at first I thought this was a money grab. Now I’m seeing and hearing additional details which are leading me to believe something DID happen and the Pounceys had a hand in it. If it’s true I hope they both get jail time.

  27. Everyone hates these guys for wearing a hat that supported one of their best friends. They didn’t beat their wives, they didn’t get drunk and kill someone while driving, they didn’t do any of these real “crimes” but yet people hate them so much, for wearing a hat. If it comes out that they beat these people up then they deserve the hate but if they’re vindicated then all of this hat wearing hate needs to stop and people need to move on. Just my two cents tho!

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