Report: “Impassioned plea” from Rice’s wife influenced Goodell


No one knows what the wife of Ray Rice said to the Commissioner when she accompanied the Ravens running back to New York for his personal-conduct policy session.  Whatever it was, it apparently helped Rice get a lesser penalty than most believe he deserved.

According to Jonathan Lehman of the New York Post, Janay Palmer Rice made an “impassioned plea” to Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Her words, whatever they were, reportedly were “instrumental” in the decision to suspend Ray only two games.

What she said isn’t known, and possibly will never be known (unless they have another press conference with no questions from the press).  Peter King of has reported that Mrs. Rice “urged” Goodell to “not ruin Rice’s image and career” with the punishment.  She also presumably apologized for her role in the incident that culminated in Rice knocking her out, given that she expressed that same sentiment during that press-conference-without-questions-from-the-press.

It’s all meaningless without seeing the video of the incident.  While troubling footage of Rice dragging his fiancée-turned-wife out of an elevator quickly emerged after the February incident, the video of the punch has been zealously concealed.  Our marginally-educated speculation is that the video shows aggression by Janay that could make the likes of Stephen A. Smith sympathize with the ultimate knockout blow, but that the video nevertheless is far more disturbing than what we’ve already seen, given that it ultimately shows Rice delivering an uppercut to a female and rendering her unconscious.

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  1. It is plain and simple. Goodell and his office have never been consistent with their punishment.

    Not many lawyers can be trusted though.

    That is why I keep saying will someone anyone fire Goodell?

  2. so all Josh Gordon has to do is get the victim of HIS crime to send an “impassioned plea” to forgive him… wait! hold on a minute!

  3. Of course she’d make an impassioned plea. Her gravy train risked being pulled off the tracks. And Goodell bought it, apparently.

    What could this lady possibly say that matters? Maybe she said she’s at fault? Doesn’t matter. He hit her. She provoked it? Doesn’t matter. He hit her. Never happened before, ever? Doesn’t matter. It happened here. I was disadvantaged growing up? Doesn’t matter. I’m bi-polar and reacted? Doesn’t matter. I was possessed by Satan himself and he belted me to remove him from my body? Doesn’t matter.

    I get the impression more and more that Goodell uses a double standard, even within NFL circles.

  4. Typical battered woman syndrome. I hope she survives the next incident because it will happen again.

  5. I guess Godell wouldn’t make much of a Real Judge, they certainly listen to impassioned pleas from Spouses regularly and still put people in ‘the Slammer’…and Stephen A. Smith, how that guy has a job after this DEBACLE is beyond me – talk about taking FOOT AND INSERTING INTO MOUTH.

  6. Obviously, the commissioner needs to hear an impassioned plea from Josh Gordon’s bong.

  7. This whole situation reeks of double standards and inconsistency.

    Goodell’s botched handling of the Saints situation and now this one makes me wonder how much avoidable damage he did to the Pats by destroying those tapes.

    “Impassioned plea” – I wonder what waited for her back home had the plea failed.

    Just shameful.

  8. If Brandi, the wife of the Colts all-pro Robert Mathis, had made an impassioned plea that she just wanted a baby (they had a daughter July 19) would the commissioner have cut his suspension from 4 to 2 games?

  9. Janay if you were punched once you WILL be punch again by him. I guess Janay got what she wanted which is a ring and future financial security but not emotional and physical security!

  10. You can see the passionate way he drags her out then lovingly shakes her in a attempt to get her to regain consciousness till the evil security guy tells him to back away.

  11. Hold on everybody. The punishment for this episode has nothing to do with the episode itself. The leniency is a set up so that Roger can go very soft on Jim Irsay. Remember, that the punishment for him has never been determined and if long overdue. By going soft now on Ray Rice the union will have no beef when he goes soft on Irsay. Think about it!!!!

  12. Micheal Vick beat dogs and got two years in prison.
    Ray Rice beat his wife unconscious and gets a two game suspension.

    What’s wrong with this picture Roger?

  13. I do not believe in anyway a man of his physical stature needed to resort to an uppercut to subdue that situation and watching him drop her on the ground like an animal only proves even more he acted with intent to injure regardless of who started it.

    If video exsisted of my daughter being knock unconcious and drug from an elevator I’ll tell you what wouldn’t have happen a couple weeks later…a wedding. These 2 and thier families deserve each other. He’s perfect for the image the NFL apparently wants to promote. “Hey we beat women but none of our players are stoned when they do it so…yay us!”

  14. As absurd as Goodell’s ruling appears on its face, this piece of information explains his actions. Society seems to want to judge the NFL in this case. Virtually everyone that calls for harsher treatment of Rice by Goodell holds themselves up to be morally superior but why shouldn’t the victim’s statement and views mean more than society as a whole’s perception? Rice’s wife wants to rebuild their lives and understands that ruining Rice’s image and career makes that much more difficult to achieve. Of course, there is no fairness in the NFL’s treatment of Rice vis-a-vis its treatment of other players who committed far less egregious acts; but, not submitting to Rice’s wife wishes would just be putting the marketing of the NFL shield above the victim’s request.

  15. What a great story to reinforce the idea that its the victim’s fault that domestic violence takes place… Great week for the NFL. Tony Dungy not bringing gay athletes onto his team, Ray Rice getting a lesser sentence since it wasn’t his fault for abusing his wife. I’ll just have to go with Coach Harbaugh and say we’re sending a great message for the kids.

  16. Unless she is coming at him forcefully with a knife and is trying to stab him, there is NO REASON for this caveman to club his woman unconscious! He is weak and a coward. She is a moron to stay with him. But hey, money makes you do strange things. And Godell is a walking, talking travesty! You gutless wonder, you.

  17. If the video we haven’t seen would make Rice look better instead of even worse, it would have been made public for PR purposes. I believe the video makes him look even worse, if that’s possible. He’s a woman abuser, straight up. His image is permanently damaged beyond repair.

  18. While we are busy debating if Mr. Goodell has been consistent with his penalties, the same could be said for our judicial system as a whole.

  19. Mike Preifer offends the very delicate sensibilities of Chris Kluwe and gets a 3-game suspension — I guess he should have beat him unconscious for only 2. (Though that’s probably a hate crime.)

  20. I don’t care in the slightest if the victim pleaded for leniency. Goodell is supposed to protect the NFL brand. Going soft on a wife-beater sends the wrong message, no matter how you look at it.

    In a criminal trial the DA prosecutes on behalf of the community, even if the victim recants. Goodell is clearly stating the “community standards” of the NFL will be decided by him in each case.

    I hope I can get past all the crap this off-season and enjoy the actual games…

  21. You don’t need to see the video. The people that needed to see it have seen it and they made their judgments. I’m so sick of everyone acting like they’re entitled to pass judgement on everyone else. It’s not your job to do so because you(and all the people acting indignant) aren’t qualified to do so. Ray rice was punished as the courts and the nfl saw fit. Get over it

  22. .
    Even the NFL, with all its image awareness agents, occasionally misreads a situation. If Rice received 4 games, the incident gets put in the “finished business” file. By giving him only two, the case will remain “open” forever.

  23. Me and my co-workers discussed this instead of getting work done all afternoon. Obviously it ended with some pretty high emotions from both sides of the argument. It left us with two unresolved questions…..1 When does a man have a right to defend himself against a woman? 2 Would Jay-Z had been wrong to hit Solange Knowles back after her multiple attempts to hurt him on that elevator? Just curious of your opinions.

  24. I was raised not to strike a women and I haven’t but that doesn’t mean I’ve not come close! There are crazy women out there just as there are crazy men, and some of them really ask for it.

    Rice made a mistake after his women flipped out and “reportedly” started punching him first He should have handled it much differently, but he didn’t and now he’s paying the price, particularly in the court of public opinion. Some of you equating him to some consistent wife beater are full of it!

  25. That’s a great question releasethekraken76. I think Jay Z would have been wrong, but legally justified. The law is gender neutral, and nobody has a duty to absorb an assault without response because they (presumably) can respond with greater force. Regardless of gender everybody should keep their hands to themselves.

  26. Rodger earning his $44mill. A monkey could have made that decision throwin at a dart board.

  27. Good thing Rice didn’t have marijuana in his system – his suspension would have went from 2 games to a full season. Goodell: “beat your girl, just don’t do it while high or on PEDs, OK”.#NFLFAIL

  28. This falls right in line with how battered women react to these situations. She actually apologized for getting knocked out. The big stupid ginger fell for it.

  29. Where is the video of him actually delivering the uppercut? That hasn’t been released has it?? I’ve only seen him dragging her out

  30. Goddell once again turning a blind eye to domestic violence. This will ultimately have the same outcome as countless others, whether in a trailer park in Topeka or a gated community in Florida. The woman will continue to deny the problem until she is shot, stabbed or beaten to death.

  31. Im a Browns fan who despises anything from Pittsburgh, but tell me how its right that Big Ben gets a longer suspension with no charges being filed than Rice does for pleading guilty to beating his wife? How does Joe Haden get the exact same suspension for taking Adderall? I usually support some of these suspensions, even Josh Gordons who knows what it says in his contract about touching the green. But how can Roger look him in the eye and tell him his “offense” is worse then beating a woman?

  32. Stephen A. Smith and his comment about the situation is a sign of the prevailing opinion that, “it’s not okay to hit a woman ‘unless’ she really provokes you if you’re in a bad way!” Every single comment about the woman being at fault for getting knocked out is okay because Ray Rice was provoked is imbecilic. What if Ray Rice would have killed her instead of just knocking her out? In his physical condition could’ve broken her neck with that uppercut or jarred her brain so bad she could’ve died from a brain bleed. What would all these apologists for Ray Rice be saying then? “Well she shouldn’t have said what she said or done what she had done so her being dead is not right but it’s her own fault”? That whole thought process is stupid, and S.A. Smith is a self-aggrandizing, self absorbed, egotistical, pretentious, bombastic loudmouth who has a useless opinion on every subject. He acts like he knows all and sees all, his so-called knowledge and life experience combined with his other useless qualities are worth less than a roll of single ply toilet paper. Unfortunately these idiots haven’t figured out that it takes a real man to walk away, a real man is not going to lay his physically superior mitts on an obviously weaker individual no matter what they’ve said or done.

  33. This is as sickening as anything I will read today. Ray Rice deserves to be in a damn wheelchair sipping dinner out of a tube.

  34. So lemme get this straight: The person who was “hit” gives an impassioned plea that obviously influences the comissioner, and the person who did the “hitting” (I put that in quotes cause no one who hasn’t seen the video really knows what happened) is remorseful and says he deserves his penalty. He also agrees to counseling.

    Still, I find it sickening that ANYONE who says ANYTHING that in one iota differs from the official PC party line and the witch hunt that PFT is conducting needs to be immediately silenced. How freakin’ hypocritical so many of you are.

    I have had the benefit of seeing this man conduct himself in an examplary fashion on AND OFF the field for eight years in my community, and I know the real Ray Rice. This man lost his temper and did something stupid. It is unfair and disgusting that many of you (including PFT) judge his entire life on a 30 minute time frame. How about we judge your entire life on your worst 30 minute of it.

    Some of you need to get off your soap box and stop being so damn hypocritical.

  35. Unless she knocked herself out, who cares? If the other video exonerates Rice, why not show it? Otherwise, there are syndromes named after this woman’s behavior.

  36. “This man lost his temper and did something stupid. It is unfair and disgusting that many of you (including PFT) judge his entire life on a 30 minute time frame. How about we judge your entire life on your worst 30 minute of it.”

    what did it take OJ? 10? 15? minutes?

    you lose control.. you pay for it..

  37. But please, keep giving guys extended suspensions for marijuana.
    Roger is a joke, as a commissioner and as a human being. The absolutely BEST thing for the NFL would be to distance themselves from him before he buries the league. He’s coming awfully freaking close to making the sport suck.

  38. In a few more days the stories about this will dwindle to almost nothing. It will resurrect occasionally to fill dead air between plays until week 3. It will be a big deal again at week 3 but by week 6 it’ll be over shadowed by something else. Ray will then spend years trying to rebuild his reputation in the community.

    The only way to evaluate this situation will be years from now. Has he returned to his previous form as a community leader, has he stayed out of trouble, are they still married.

  39. There’s a movement in family law to minimize punishment in domestic violence cases, especially if the spouse would be financially harmed by punishing the husband. His income is her income.

    What this really demonstrates is the NFL should get out of the punishment business for non-football infractions.

  40. Let’s set the record straight:

    1) Vick didn’t just beat dogs, he killed them in very brutal ways. But this still isn’t why he went to prison. He set up illegal gambling across state lines which makes it a federal offense and then he lied in court about it and got caught on that too.

    2) Priefer’s suspension came from his team, not from the NFL.

    Florio, if you have seen the evidence of Ray Rice actually delivering an uppercut his now wife, then produce it. If you haven’t seen that and are only relying on speculation, you really need to cut it out. You weren’t there, so aside from the video tape which NOBODY has seen, you don’t really know what happened.

    I am not saying abuse of a woman is okay, but it is one thing if he went all superman punch on her and another if she was slapping him and he pushes her away in defense, she stumbles back, and then hits her head while falling down.

    I see you are very subjective in whom you give the benefit of the doubt to.

  41. Yeah bandell…..”she stumbled back and then hit her head when she was falling back.”

    My gawd…are the easter bunny and peter rabbit in your head as well? You raven fans never stop.

  42. It’s common knowledge that she spit in his face prior to getting knocked out. Now, there are few things that can be done to you that are more rage inducing that having another person spit in your face.


    that still, never justifies punching your future wife, with such severity that she loses consciousness. And then, to add insult to injury, instead of delicately carrying her out of the elevator, you choose to drag her like some animal.

  43. HA! HA! HA! All these previous posts mean NOTHING.

    Ray got suspended for TWO games which amounted to about $500,000 in lost wages and Roethlisberger got suspended for FOUR games.

    End of story.


  44. “Our marginally-educated speculation is that the video shows ….”

    Are you hedging your bets or using innocuous language to avoid a lawsuit if/when the video shows the exact opposite of what you are speculating it does?

  45. Run a dog fighting ring. Go to prison.
    Be an idiot and shoot yourself in the leg. Go to prison.
    Smoke some wackey weed get a years suspension.
    Punch your girlfriend in the head. Uuuummmm you all do the math.

    Oh and for all of you saying what a great guy rice is when out in public doing all of these great things. Remember one thing. Oj Simpson was a nice guy when a camera was on him.

  46. nfl has an ISSue

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Former NFL star Steve
    McNair was shot dead in his sleep last week by a 20-year-old girlfriend distraught about mounting financial problems and her belief that he was seeing someone else, police said Wednesday.

    and this
    KANSAS CITY, Missouri – It began like any other Saturday for the Kansas City Chiefs during the NFL season, their general manager and coach at work early to put final touches on this weekend’s gameplan. Then they got a call to hurry to the parking lot.

    The two men rushed through the glass doors of Chiefs headquarters and came face-to-face with linebacker Jovan Belcher, holding a handgun to his head.

    Belcher had already killed his girlfriend and sped the short distance to Arrowhead Stadium, right past a security checkpoint guarding the entrance. Upon finding his bosses, Belcher thanked general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel for giving him a chance in the NFL. Then he turned away and pulled the trigger.
    That’s a pretty striking factoid, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything statistically. I estimated that about 2 percent of rostered NFL players in 2012 have been charged with an intimate violence crime. (This estimate assumes the standard 53-man roster.) How do NFL players stack up to the public at large?

    …… inconclusive. The most recent year for which the Bureau of Justice Statistics has comprehensive arrest data is 2010. That year, according to the Union-Tribune database, 8 NFL players were charged with intimate violence crimes, which equates to 4.7 players out of 1000. (The numbers are similar for 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.) According to the BJS Arrest Data Analysis Tool, in 2010, approximately 600 out of every 100,000 men—6 out of 1,000—were arrested for “other assaults,” a category that includes but is not limited to non-rape intimate violence crimes. This includes all men, not just those in the NFL age bracket; it also includes all assaults, not just intimate violence assaults.

  47. Its funny how we all forget about the facts. How the police let them leave together that night. How the Prosecutor basically dropped the case, and he was entered a counceling program. How Goodell has seen the alleged knockout video, and who is not exactly lenient on suspensions, still only decided on two games.

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