Vick won’t race his new roommate, Chris Johnson


Jets quarterback Mike Vick will share a room with running back Chris Johnson.  Vick won’t share a footrace with him.

Johnson recently boasted he could beat Vick in a head-to-head sprint, and Vick is willing to concede the point.

Chris Johnson?” Vick said, via Dom Cosentino of  “Like, honestly.  Who do you think would win in a race between me and Chris Johnson?  Like, honestly.  For real.  All jokes aside, who do you think will win?  It ain’t going to hurt my feelings if you say Chris.”

One of the reporters said Johnson would win.

“All right, then,” Vick said.  “So, yeah, I mean, Chris Johnson — I ain’t racing Chris.  Wasn’t he on TV racing a cheetah or something a couple months ago?  Yeah, no, I ain’t doing that.”

Last year, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy goaded Vick into a race by calling him “old man.”  And Vick won.

“LeSean McCoy, I’ll race him again,” Vick said.  “Not Chris Johnson.”

The good news for the Jets is that Vick apparently has seen enough from Johnson to know that Johnson would easily win.  Of course, that also could be a sign that the “old man” is finally slowing down.