Cassel, Bridgewater “pretty much splitting reps”


After being called out by Peyton Manning for his smedium shirt and all-access pass to Broncos training camp, FOX’s Jay Glazer took his bus-defacing training-camp tour to Mankato State University.  He liked what he saw and heard of Vikings rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Per Glazer, Bridgewater and veteran Matt Cassel are “pretty much splitting reps” at practice, and “[h]ugeee” (maybe the tight shirt made the button stick) optimism exists for Bridgewater’s future.

It doesn’t mean that Bridgewater will be the Week One starter.  It does mean that, the longer the rep-spitting lasts, the less prepared the Week One starter will be.

Though in different conferences, the Vikings and Browns will provide an intriguing apples-and-apples quarterback comparison in 2014 and beyond, given that both were interested in Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater.  Cleveland ultimately traded up to get Manziel before the Vikings could, and Minnesota moved back to round one to get Bridgewater.

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  1. Kansas City won the Super Bowl to end the 1969 season.

    Minnesota has never won the final game of any season and been declared Champion. Never.

  2. Although I can’t wait to see Bridgewater play, he shouldn’t start until he is absolutely ready. Cassel is a more than capable option to hold down the fort until that time. And when that time comes…LOOK OUT, NFL!!!

  3. Woodpackers better be prepared. Even my little 1 year old can hold that Trophy any time any day. Little hands Rodger+Nelson= 0 win = o super bowl home boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pack fans will be crying like Carl in the cold/dark 2:00 am in the morning like when Brett lose the championship and left the woodpackers in 07.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stop comparing Manziel to Bridgewater when talking about the Minnesota. The Vikings never wanted that coke-head Johnny 8-Ball in the first place and Cleveland is a dump, just like Green Bay, doesn’t deserve to be in the same sentence as Minnesota anything.

  5. I’m sure certain Packer fans will be going with the “Baby Hands” Bridgewater theme. So clever. So cutting edge. Well, I can’t wait to see those baby hands throw touchdown pass after touchdown pass!

  6. So the guy who won the competition last season is not even given a chance to keep his job.

    Why would they be so unfair to Ponder?
    It appears they plan to start the rookie this season and that it will likely be by the bye week when the season is out of hand if not sooner.

    This tells everyone that the vikings are in clear cut team building mode and that they are angling for another top choice in the draft to help build the team. The new coach is being given some time to build and does not have any “win now” pressure. It makes sense because they already have the stadium without a taxpayer vote so they don’t have to make anyone happy. They can take a couple of years to stockpile draft picks and prepare to compete.

    Starting the lowest paid QB on the roster makes sense.

  7. Manning called out Glazier for reporting at the football camps?? Why would he even notice that?

    Megahead should pay more attention to his game than who is reporting it….steamrolled 43 -8

  8. The Vikes getting Bridgwater is like the Vikes getting Moss all over again. From all accounts, Bortles looks very raw, and JFF has been a dumpster fire off the field and is getting routed by Hoyer at the Factory of Sadness on the field.

  9. What an awful situation to be in. Thank sweet baby Jesus my team isn’t the Vikings. Baby hands will be the worst QB from the 2014 draft and be out of the league in two years.

  10. “Why would they be so unfair to Ponder?”

    Unfair? They started Ponder because Leslie Fraizer wouldn’t give up on his draft choice to be the future franchise QB and Cassel was coming of a bad season in KC where he got benched for Brady Quinn (lol) for a few games.

    Ponder played poorly, Freeman even worse and the Vkings went 3-3 on games started by Cassel, not bad for a below-average NFL starter on a below-average team. In fact, Cassel played on every game Minnesota won in 2013.

    I believe that’s enough to move away from a QB bust, the Jagguars already kicked Gabbert and the Titans are one injury away of doing the same with Locker.

  11. Given the Vikings starting schedule of STL, NE, NO, ATL and GB, start Cassel out of the gate. If he flames out, put in Bridgewater.

    If Bridgewater starts week#1, he will get pounded.

    Just my thoughts.

  12. Of course, going up against the awful Vikings defense (in non-contact drills, no less), any qb can look impressive. This time last year (and the year before), we read the exact same stories about that noodle-armed Ponder chick. How he was the next star! How he was ready for his break-out year! The coaches were all super-impressed back then as well.

    And then the season starts, and the Vikings fail. That’s just how it always works.

  13. TD Bridgewater was the steal of the draft early last year when the vikings started like crap the chant at the games were blow for bridgewater top 5 talent

  14. Bridgwaters hands are bigger then Vick, Kaepernick, Rodgers and Romo.

    Its not the hand size that matters. It’s the head attached to the arm. And the heart inside the competitor.

  15. Viking fans really don’t understand the QB position. Not even a little.

    Another last place finish will mark the 4th time in 5 years they’ve been the worst team in the division. But that’s ok because Viking fans deserve to lose.

  16. Watched practice in Mankato and this is what I saw:

    Keep in mind this is one practice but Bridgewater looked pretty ordinary and didn’t distinguish himself. He was shorter and smaller framed than Cassel and Ponder, which surprised me a bit. Hopefully he’ll shine a bit more once he gets comfortable.

    The guy to watch is Jerick McKinnon. He was noticeably faster and quicker than anyone on the field and appears to be a real steal in the third round. He could have a big impact this year, he runs a lot like Percy Harvin and could end up being a big weapon.

  17. I like that Bridgewater is going there to compete and learn. Might not be the most ideal way to win a QB competition, but the day is coming. It’ll also be nice to see Bridgewater do something better than the discount double-check in the endzone.

  18. All the Viking fan boasting and hope-filled predictions reminds me of someone famous, Henry Ford. He said it best: “Reputations are made on what you’ve done, not on what you say you’re going to do.” Therein lies the difference between Viking fans and Packer fans.

  19. If Cassel is the answer, you need to ask different questions. Listen to me now, believe me later.

  20. Glazer reports Rodger will be out of the league in couple years cuz he’ll be stump by Anthony Barr, the packs O line can’t even chase after my grandma, grandpa to protect Rodger.

  21. Vikings early schedule means nothing. They’ll beat old Tom up and wished he had never play against Vikes.” again”. Barr will crush Rodger and wished he had never play for beggar packers. Rodger will be begging for his life playing against Anthony Barr. AP will run over Rams pathetic defense. The cheater Saints is nothing special. We might beat them also, it’s any body’s game. While Atlanta is old and weak defense. Patterson and Jennings will fly by their slow defense backs. Finally, we don’t play 49ers. Packs are scared of 49ers. We beat niners and pathetic packs can’t even beat them. LOL!!!!!!!

  22. Its hard to take the observations of Viking fans regarding qB play on the team. A year ago, they were touting Ponder as the boy wonder who would lead the Vikings to back to back playoff years.

    Yet another last place is all we got so their pronouncements of Bustwater’s pending nomination to the Hall of Fame seem a bit premature.

  23. In other words, they cant figure out if they have A quarterback. The Vikings are as pathetic as the Browns and Dallas.

  24. This is great. You have the worst NFL veteran starting QB who needs all the reps he can get, splitting reps with a future rookie bust NFL QB that is T-Jack 2.0. The Vikings are always a train wreck when it comes to managing their quarterback situation.

    Glad to see it continue from Chilly to Frazier and Zimmer now carrying the torch.

  25. Any QB could look impressive during 7 on 7 drills against that pathetic defense.

    Use your heads Viking fans, and don’t get steamrolled by the early hype.
    Why do I even bother to make you look less stupid?

  26. I simply don’t believe the rumor, and that’s what it is, that the Vikings wanted Manziel. I think if they wanted to move up to take a quarterback before Cleveland, they would have taken bridgewater. I think they tried to move up and were fighting Cleveland for bridgewater, not Manziel. Before the draft, zimmer said he didn’t like the spectacle of Manziel.

  27. It’s a good thing Ponder has that MBA and a hot wife because it looks like he might be spending a lot more time away from football..

  28. Let’s be realistic here. The odds of a first-year QB doing well in the NFL is slim to none, with few exceptions. Cassel remains the best option for the Vikings this year. If the Vikings are 0-5 after playing the Packers on the road in week five, he could likely start at home against the Lions the following week. But be careful what you wish for. Bridgewater primarily and regularly throws finesse passes. Finesse won’t cut it in the NFL. He may be good someday in the NFL, but putting him in charge too soon will turn him into nothing more then a slightly smaller version of Tarvaris Jackson…..which is what he is until he proves otherwise.

  29. Fact- the Vikings roster is quickly becoming young & stacked with talent! They are 2 years away from being competitive deep in the playoffs! If Teddy B is who I think he will be, they will easily be the best team in division! Rodgers is full of Pride, so he will always be on top, and the packers will be competitive. But, the Vikes are surpassing them quickly! Bears have arguably the best 1-2 punch at WR. Lions are the lions but with solid leadership , they could be nasty

  30. “Finesse won’t cut it in the NFL”

    Green Bay Packer fans know this all too well from the past few years. As Aaron Rodgers n0w admits, it has felt like he is on a JV team physically.

  31. whatjusthapped says: Jul 27, 2014 5:27 PM

    Its hard to take the observations of Viking fans regarding QB play on the team. A year ago, they were touting Ponder as the boy wonder who would lead the Vikings to back to back playoff years.

    Don’t forget how happy they were to trade multiple draft picks for McNabb, happy to sign Josh Freeman to a multimillion dollar deal, trade multiple picks to move up and draft the Tjacker, the drafting of Joe Webb, trading up in the draft for John David Booty, trading a draft pick for Brooks Bollinger, trading draft picks for Sage Rosenfels, trading draft picks for Kelly Holcomb, all in the last 7 years were promised to be great.

    I’m a weary and skeptical of hearing that the next vikings’ QB is going to be great; and then how it couldn’t be worse than their last QB, because he sucked.

  32. If Bilgewater needed gloves at Louisville and did so poorly without ’em at the Combine, it should be quite a show in the frozen tundra of the NFC-N.

  33. Did Glazer report that he was at Mankato State University? It has been Minnesota State University Mankato since 1999.

  34. Where is PFTPoet? This was a fat pitch right down the middle of the plate and I was looking forward to reading his post!

  35. “Bridgwaters hands are bigger then Vick, Kaepernick, Rodgers and Romo.”

    False. I know for a fact Rodgers hands are better. And I’m sure none of those other guys you listed had disasters at their Pro Day. That’s a huge warning sign when you fail at such a scripted event that’s setup to make you look good. T-Jack 2.0

  36. The only people who were praising Ponder were the coaches. Very few Vikings fans had faith in Ponder. That was because he did make some good plays but wasnt consistent enough. I’m not a MN fan but the people who are calling out Teddy over his hand size is a fool.

  37. “Baby hands” Bridgewater can’t beat out Cassell? The Vikings are setting them selves up for another 4th place finish in the NFC North!

  38. A Packer fan here. I live in Minnesota though, and I think this guy will be great! I’m starting to become more of a fan of the Vikings and hope Bridgewater does well here. He has the talent and hopefully the will to be successful with arguably some of the best talent in the league around him! The Vikings need to take their time with him though. They could play Cassell this year (who is not all that bad!), and give more time for Bridgewater to prepare to be the future starter. The Vikings have screwed so much talent players in the past by rushing them into the starting job too quick; hopefully they don’t screw this one up to!

  39. Zimmer and Turner are pretty good coaches – and Spielman isn’t bad, either. If all of them agreed on Bridgewater after seeing all the film and all the practices, I have to believe Teddy is going to be pretty good, too. These guys spent a lot of time looking at all the angles for all the QBs and came up wit Bridgewater. Not the same as one guy thinking Ponder would be great.

  40. Whether or not anyone thinks Cassel isn’t established with the organization, he is! There is continuity this year with the offensive line and receiving corps. Cassel will start this year. Our defence has filled some spots and my optimistic guess is the Vikes will pump 9-10 wins. I’m a fan of continuity and coaching and I think we have both at this point! SKOL VIKES!

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