Chargers throw water on idea of NFL-owned stadium in L.A.

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If the Chargers stay in San Diego, the last thing they want is one or two teams headquartered 90 miles up the road in L.A.  It’s no surprise, then, that the Chargers don’t believe the NFL would ever solve the generation-old L.A. stadium problem by building its own.

It’s pie in the sky,” Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani told Nick Canepa of U-T San Diego.

It’s also nothing new, according to team president Dean Spanos.

“It’s an idea that has been floated before,” Spanos said.  “There’s nothing new to it.  For the past 20 years we’ve been hearing about it.”

Regardless of who builds and owns the stadium, the Chargers clearly aren’t interested in encouraging the arrival of franchises that will compete for the same eyeballs and $100 bills.

“[T]he league has been successful without a team there and so has L.A.,” Spanos said.  “There are a lot of issues.  And you have to sell 24 of the 32 owners that it’s a good investment.  It’s a ways down the line, and I’m not sure it has the votes.”

In contrast, Patriots owner Robert Kraft recently said he wants to see a team return to Los Angeles within two or three years.  For now, we’ll take the over.  And if Spanos has his way, the over will be never.

Unless, of course, the Chargers are the team that moves to L.A.


69 responses to “Chargers throw water on idea of NFL-owned stadium in L.A.

  1. How many Chargers fans drive the 90 miles south to attend games, and how many of those would change their allegiances to a new team that moves to LA?

    There is a dollars and cents equation here and that seems to be what matters to Spanos.

  2. Jets= class of the NFL! We have the best defense in the league with a rising offense with two top notch QBs in Smith and Vick! I could not ask for a better team! Chargers will go back to the AFC basement with their choker QB!


  3. Most of the people in L.A. are from somewhere else, and already have a favorite team from back home. And, for the others, I remember how angry they were when the NFL allowed that evil woman to sneak the Rams away in the middle of the night. There’s now a “Fool me once…” attitude.

  4. As a devout Chargers fan in his 20’s, who supports the team (players/coaches) but hates the owner (Spanos family), please allow me to PROFUSELY advocate that the Raiders, Rams and/or Jags please move to L.A. by any means necessary (NFL-owned stadium or not), so that I can rest assured that my Chargers are securely locked in place, here in San Diego.

    I would include the Bills, except that I firmly believe Buffalo deserves to keep their storied franchise. Rams and Raiders, on the other hand, have proven themselves for sale to highest bidders in the past, and the Jags, well, they’re the Jags…

    IF my Chargers move to L.A., it’s over. I will not follow you to our arch-nemesis city. Nor will most of my fellow Charger-fan brethren in San Diego. You will lose us completely. You might keep a couple in the OC, but the fan base which is good for 7-8 sell outs a year in a 71k+ seat, dilapidated stadium a year is gone.

  5. They were in LA for like 8 month’s. They were barely able to have merchandise with LAs logo on it sold before they moved. LA didn’t build a stadium for them, San Diego did. SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS song? Take a wild guess what city? Anyone can look up Wikipedia and see the Chargers were in LA in 1960, but they weren’t wanted there and they found a home here in Mission Valley.

    The Chargers are San Diego’s team.

  6. Kraft wants a team in L.A.. Kraft wants a team in London. Who cares what Kraft wants? He is not the end all, and say all for the owners.

  7. Translation: we would lose our leverage, if a team does move to L.A.

    The spanos family had their chance for the last ten years to move to L.A and now just because of the possibility of the rams or raiders moving back they are screaming foul?!

  8. Stop with the jags move to LA. We have a very nice stadium and we also have fans. San Diego needs to start selling tickets and stop blacking out and you my friend needs to do your research because the jags are not going anywhere. LA get your own team.

  9. 4 NFL teams in one state is a lot but it’s a major market. Jacksonville should be moved. They can’t sell tickets and they passed on the chance of improving sales by passing on Johnny Manziel

  10. does anyone else get tired of the LA talk, every 2 weeks it comes up and will keep coming up. They don’t want to team there. Maybe some people do , but the fans.

  11. I’m a Charger fan from Orange County, now living in Gilbert, AZ, and I recognize the Chargers as San Diego’s team. I also recognize LA as either the Raiders or Rams, not the Chargers. Would I still support the team as the LA Chargers? Sure. I don’t think that would work well for them in the long run though. They need to just get a stadium deal done in San Diego and call it a day.

  12. I doubt that this would ever fly because it is too logical, but, unless there were a multi-billion dollar NFL expansion, an alternative to relocation could be having the three obvious candidates for relocation (Rams, Raiders, Chargers) each play one or two home games per season in LA. The Rose Bowl is ancient, but nonetheless has great capacity, ample club, loge, and suite seating available. Most important: it is immediately available.

    If there were enough support, one of the three potential suitors may opt to ultimately relocate and find a way to fund a glitzy modern NFL stadium. If not, no harm in trying – the two California teams are now suffering from too many empty seats, and the Rams claim unhappiness with their stadium. (surprised?)

  13. The NFL building a stadium with its own money would set a bad precedent for teams pressuring their cities to build new stadiums for them. I am surprised that the owners haven’t told Goodell to keep his mouth shut.

  14. #JetsDynasty

    Thumbs up 0

    Thumbs down 94

    Never before, in the history of PFT, has a single comment been so soundly thrashed.

  15. Spanos’ comments sound almost overly negative; as if he is intentionally trying to give the impression that we shouldn’t look their way.

    “Nothing to see here folks, the L.A. market sucks!”

  16. Got an idea!been Charger fan since 73,season ticket holder during Fouts /Coryell years,build a state of art Football stadium in San Diego,the fans will come and make it multi-use….as they say LA SUCKS

  17. The NFL cannot afford the security the parking lot would need in L.A., unless the Governor let them use the National Guard on Sundays

  18. Those of you who think the L.A. market sucks, just tell that to the Lakers, Dodgers, Angels, Clippers and Kings, oh, and I guess the Ducks. This is not 1994 when the rams and Raiders left. This is the time of the internet and stubhub, and many other ticket resale agencies. All games would sell out here. And if any one was smart they would buy the bills for a billion dollars, move them to L.A. and sell for over 2 billion dollars. The TV contract alone would be about 500 million a year. based on the dodgers 243 mil. for this season. purely speculation. but will pay for the team in a short time. L.a. is a gold mine waiting to happen. Also from what I see here. Raiders fans out number charger fans by at least 2-1.

  19. The Raiders and their faithful followers own L.A.

    If the Chargers dared to move to 90 miles up North, it would be a disaster for the franchise.

    The Raiders would get an extra home game.

    San Diego either stays where they are at or entertain the idea of what Gov. Rick Perry suggested and move the team to San Antonio.

    South Texas would embrace them and fill the stands and give the Chargers a much needed home field advantage(And sell outs), which they will never get in San Diego or L.A.

  20. Funny reading comments about “jags to LA” from Chargers fans. Why don’t you worry about your own teams? I just saw the biggest scoreboards in the NFL unveiled last night. Don’t bother checking any facts about ticket sales and what the reality is – what is the percentage of YOUR teams blackout rule? Jags took nothing – that’s right nothing. How many season tickets have your teams sold? It would be nice to compare apples to apples but the Jags have one of the biggest stadiums in the NFL.

    Day after day and year after year the ignorant post about what they don’t know.

  21. For everyones information it’s 130 miles from LA to San Diego, thus putting them outside of LA’s TV market, which the NFL tries to claim that it’s a part of.

  22. Spanos wants to have his cake and eat it too. Notice he implies that a vote would be in place that 24 of 32 owners would have to be in favor of the NFL building a stadium there.

    Why would the NFL ie 24 of 32 owners be interested in building a stadium in LA?

    Answer: Because Dean Spanos is too cheap to build one in San Diego.

    The only thing stopping this vote right now is the fact there are other cheapskate owners who don’t want to be forced to build new stadiums in their cities when they think they can put the city on the line to build it.

    There’s a reason the Chargers have been mired in mediocrity. Mediocre ownership.

  23. Stealing somebody else’s joke, but LA can be where the London team plays its home games.

  24. The problem building a football stadium in LA is that it has to live and die as an NFL stadium. There is no secondary use and it is going to be very expensive. To justify the cost, it will have to be large and many people aren’t certain that the LA market will support consistent crowds in the 100k+ range, which is what it would take to pay for the stadium. The TV money all goes to the league. They will only get 1/32 of that. LA has learned to live without football and no one is sure if they will come out that strong.

  25. The NFL will threaten LA that they’ll never get a team if the taxpayers don’t finance an NFL Super Bowl stadium. And then they’ll threaten LA again that they’ll never get a team or a Super Bowl at the Super Bowl stadium if they don’t finance the maintenance and eventual renovations of the NFL’s Super Bowl stadium.

  26. He’s just covering up his own self-interests.

    Spanos on sodium pentothal: I don’t want to lose the L.A. market while wanting a new stadium in San Diego. Even though my attorney Mark Fabiani have been rejected like the nerd that tries to ask out the cheerleader we’re confident that we’ll get a stadium in San Diego.

  27. FinFan68 says:
    Jul 27, 2014 5:34 PM
    If the NFL wants to fund a stadium, build it in Las Vegas and play the Superbowls there


    it sounds good,but it would never happen…the gambling element being that close to the nfls most important game could lead to point scandals etc..big bag of worms…it will never happen!

  28. “Chargers throw water on idea of NFL-owned stadium in L.A.”

    With the drought in California, is it not irresponsible of the Chargers to be throwing water on anything?

  29. Raiderfourlife said:

    The TV contract alone would be about 500 million a year. based on the dodgers 243 mil. for this season. purely speculation. but will pay for the team in a short time.


    NFL teams are not permitted to negotiate their own television deals. They are each owned by the NFL and shared equally.

  30. Raiderforlife get off the Bills. The trust cannot even negotiate with any party that they would have knowledge of wanting to move the team before the expiration of the lease in 2022. So nobody can buy it and move it to LA at least for 8 years. There is and escape clause after the 2019 season but if someone buys the team that we Bills fans think will want to move the team we will boycott and cancel our season tickets and the games will be played before empty seats. The NFL certainly does not want thst embarrassment going on for 5 years. Get off the out of state teams moving to LA. It makes more sense to move the teams within California especially since they are both in need of new stadiums.

  31. Come on LA. Put up or shut up. Build a billion dollar stadium, rent it for free, pay Kroenke’s relocation fee (another billion or so) and you can have the Rams next season.

  32. You’re right the Bills have no business, aren’t wanted, and won’t be in L.A. As far as out of state teams go, the Rams gonna be escaping the State of Misery soon and restarting their 49 year history in L.A. It is possible that the Raiders or Chargers (if Spanos shuts up) can share the stadium ala Jets & Giants.

  33. Why is there a picture of Pesci from Lethal Weapon 2 with this article?

  34. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reason you can enjoy football today. This is what we built. We are the NFL. We are football. We are God's team. says:

    LA doesn’t care about football. Look at the polls.

  35. L.A. is a basketball city owned by the Lakers. Their only allegiance to football is USC.
    What’s that old saying about repeating the same mistakes to get different results. I think it’s the definition of stupidity. Or something like that.

  36. To all the chargers fans commenting on here wanting to move the Jags to LA…there’s a reason why Florio didn’t tag the Jaguars on this article..that tells you something…Jags ain’t going anywhere.

  37. FinFan68 says:
    Jul 27, 2014 5:34 PM
    If the NFL wants to fund a stadium, build it in Las Vegas and play the Superbowls there


    it sounds good,but it would never happen…the gambling element being that close to the nfls most important game could lead to point scandals etc..big bag of worms…it will never happen!

    I understand your point but I think it is a fallacy. Physical proximity means very little today because of technology. We can watch every game (so can those who would try to generate point schemes) way too many players can’t stay off of social media and seem potentially vulnerable to being set up. Keeping the game itself out of Las Vegas does not keep the players/coaches/referees, etc. away from the shady guys trying to hedge their gambling. All it does is offer a ridiculous facade that the NFL is completely against gambling. It isn’t the gambling they are afraid of. It is the fear of a gambling scandal that kills the integrity of the outcomes of the games…especially the Superbowl. Staying away from Las Vegas does nothing tangible to prevent that.

  38. Most owners won’t want this. The SB already doesn’t go to non-NFL cities. If it did the cities with existing stadiums would be grumbling about their chances to win bids and the cities that need stadiums would be angry the funds that could’ve helped their proposed stadiums further, went to a town that doesn’t even have a team. This would just open up a can of worms. I think their over thinking the “solution to the LA problem”…

  39. Oakland Raiders either need a new stadium in Oakland or they need to move back to LA. As far as the Jags, they will be the team to move to London especially with their owners ties to London [Shahid Khan owns a major sports team in London(The Fulham Football Club)] Trust me, I think I’m right on this one.

  40. The Chargers are so irrelevant, tell me, what have they done? Rivers? Most over hyped qb in the NFL. Tell me, what has he done?

    Chargers are and will always be a soft cupcake making money for the owners………..nothing more, nothing less.

  41. To ALL who hate the idea of the NFL Back and LA and stating that the NFL Wouldnt be supported by a fan base… BE QUIET AND DO YOUR HISTORY!!!

    1 the Rams were CALIFORNIAS FIRST PRO TEAM (1940s)
    3. it took atleast another 15 years for the Chargers and Raiders TO BE CREATED AND BORN IN THE AFL
    4. to think the Raiders are capable of just moving back to Los Angeles on a Whim THINK AGAIN… These are NOT THE DAYS OF AL DAVIS (who passed away and fought the NFL) No the Ownership shares of Al Davis WERE DIVIDED BETWEEN The Wife and son Mark Davis…
    5. with #4 being said.. Mark davis to my understanding cant even MOVE The Team WITHOUT FELLOW OWNERSHIP APPROVAL!!! and then the NFL

    the Spanos family and all other teams should Desire the Rams BACK IN LOS ANGELES.. your teams will be TELEVISDED and Acknowledged a lot in the #2 TV Msarket

    #6 do think the Bills would move is IS A SLAP IN THE FACE TO RALPH WILSON (ONLY OWNER OF THE TEAM and Choose Buffalo to start the team… and BTW.. HE LEND THE RAIDERS MONEY TO STAY AFLOAT )

    7. to think the Raiders back to LA is even realistic on the business side… THINK ABOUT THE OAKLAND FANBASE AGAIN… Most of those fans are FAMILY GENERATIONAL FANS From the Birth of the team… would ANY OF YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR FAVORITE TEAM You rooted for ALL YOUR LIFE AGAIN????? yes that is 2nd time.. AND TO THE SAME CITY????

    I AM A RAMS FAN 35 Years.. stayed with the team even through the years at STL…. and they CAN BREAK THEIR LEASE FREE AND CLEAR AFTER THIS SEASON


    now to think that the stadium should be build first BEFORE A TEAM Comes is Very very STUPID!!! Business 101… YOU HAVE A CONTRACT IN PLACE FIRST WITH A TEAM THAT SAYS THEY ARE RELOCATING…

    and we have 2 temporary stadiums that can work.. 1 the LA Coliseum, and (ORIGINAL HOME TO THE RAMS 34 Years) and the Pasadena Rose Bowl these stadiums would work til the new stadium is completed

    its no different than a player signing with a team BEFORE HE PLAYS there is a Contract AND AGREEMENT!!!!

    i am sick and tired of those of you who say there is no way nor fan base that would support a team… THERE IS 1 Ready to GO RIGHT NOW… they are the LA RAMS FANS going back to at least the 1950s and generational family’s who still watch the team…

    and there are those waiting to see what happens BEFORE THEY RECOMMIT AFTER 1994 when the evil witch took the team to STL…!!

    We as Rams fans IN LOS ANGELES HAVE THE SUPPORT Of a lot of Former Rams players and Multiple Fan bases, INCLUDING THE NINERS, Dallas Fans, Steeler Fans, and many many others…

    we lost a few fans to the Chargers after what happened but still our rival team fans WANT THE RAMS BACK IN LA that says a lot!!

    spanos can go take a hike his team hasn’t done much….

    oh and we have set attendance records in the Coliseum Before set rules in place for rams games… hitting the 100,000 Attendance mark in the coliseum when the niners came to town a few times….

    To say that LA Wouldn’t support the NFL Team and SPECIFICALLY THE RAMS.. is a very very IGNORANT COMMENT…. DO YOUR HISTORY Before 1990 and compare it to the rest of the League

    when 1 team was in LA (rams) there were so many loyal fans and we don’t want another team just the rams and ONLY THE RAMS

  42. Dean Spanos makes Mike Brown look like Jerry Jones in comparison, when it comes to spending money.

    The fact is that the NFL has little regard for the Chargers, because they don’t have a fan base and never have.

  43. Who cares what Kraft wants. If he likes LA and London so much, he can move his team there. I think a team in London would be real bad idea. No free agents will sign there and I’m sure most drafted players will leave asap when they can.

  44. Yes, Joe from Toronto knows everything about the Chargers (roll eyes) what a stupid comment. Spanos spends up to the cap all the time. Maybe his old man didn’t but Dean does and certainly Gene Klien didn’t want to pay the good players.

  45. I’d love to see the Rams in LA again. I still have LA Rams gear in my man cave. I’m a chargers fan who’s already willing to jump ship and root for the steelers until rivers is gone. So bring in the rams so I can have a real team that cares about football to call “my team” again.

  46. LA can’t support a team. Too much traffic, too many gang bangers, too many other things to do, too many out of state transplant residents, and TWO failed attempts in 1994 to keep the Rams and Raiders. Chargers stay in SD, Raiders stay in Oakland, Rams move back to LA, Bottom line is most SoCal residents have better things to do than deal with all the hassle of going to an NFL game. Nobody cares, it’s not worth the league risk blacking out the second largest market, and losing the TV doubleheader.

  47. natelan says: Jul 27, 2014 2:56 PM

    “Rams and Raiders, on the other hand, have proven themselves for sale to highest bidders in the past, and the Jags, well, they’re the Jags…”

    Being a I die hard Raider Fan and remembering the time of Our move to LA well. I dont remember anything being sold to move there! Bad analogy or Joke? son!

    It was more like we saw some turf that we wanted we took it and the NFL Billion dollar boys club could not do dam thang to stop us. Sell to the highest bidders? I dont think so…

  48. When the Raiders moved to LA, that was a total disaster.They couldnt turn their tail quick enough to get back to their dog hole in Oakland. Am I lying?

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