Cowboys not generating much interest at training camp


The Cowboys may still be America’s Team, but they’re currently not Oxnard’s.

Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has been mentioning the attendance at training camp.  As pointed out in Saturday’s one-liners, only 3,503 total fans showed up in the first two days.

When reporting that number on Twitter, Charean predicted that the Cowboys “should have a big crowd at the kickoff Saturday.”

And only 4,279 showed up.

That’s a total (abacus engaged) of 7,782 fans in three days.  Washington, in contrast, drew more than 11,000 on Saturday alone at training camp in Richmond.

While the Cowboys technically shouldn’t care about how many Californians show up to watch an NFL team based in Texas practice, at a certain level, Jerry Jones and company need to be concerned that the camp attendance may be a barometer of overall, sea-to-shining-sea interest in the NFL’s official even-Steven franchise, 8-8 for each of the last three years and .500 on the nose dating back to 1997.

While Charean’s tweets don’t mention attendance in past years, she clearly regards the numbers as alarming — and she notes that, if camp were held in San Antonio, 10,000 would have been there.  The trend bears watching in other national metrics, from TV ratings in prime-time games to jersey and merchandise sales, to attendance when the Cowboys take the show on the road to cities where the home team can’t fill up a stadium without having a truly national team paying a visit.

It could be that America’s Team no longer is.  If it ever really was.

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  1. Enough already about Cowboys being America’s team. This has been disproved 6 days to Sunday. Whether it be attendance, sales of merchandise, etc. Let’s stick to facts and the fact remains that Steelers Nation travels everwhere! Let’s remember how many Steeler fans were at Detroit, Dallas, and Tampa for the SuperBowl games. That shows you who is number 1. It’s not even close anymore.

  2. Cowboys were in 5 of the top 10 most watched regular season games last year = that was more than any other team = still americas team.

  3. When I was a kid I was a Cowboys fan. Today’s Cowboys are Americas most boring team now. This isn’t a shot at the fans or anything. The owner should step aside and hire someone that is qualified to run and team and make them winners again, for the fans anyway. If there was a vote today on on Americas team I would vote for Seattle . They’re just fun to watch. Coaches and players show fire and passion for the game.
    Yours truly.
    Panthers fan.

  4. Then the season will start, TV ratings will come in, and the Cowboys will still be at or near the top. Imagine how it’s going to be when they start making the playoffs again.

  5. Let me explain to you why the cowboys are still “America’s team”. The most recent poll showed the cowboys are still the most liked team. I was even shocked considering their average performance over the years. To go along with they they are also the most hated team. So when they’re on tv everyone watched to see them lose or to cheer for them. Look at the ratings and you’ll see the cowboys have the most watched games year after year. We still are up there with the most prime time games despite being a mediocre team. Why?? Because everyone has a rooting interest in those games. We get stupid irrelevant articles like this because everyone is going to click on it to read it because it’s the cowboys.

  6. when you know what the team is…. perpetual mediocrity…. I can’t see how they could maintain interest…………. though, historically, the non football types do follow the team

    Cowboys are popular in one sense but they are irrelevant in a football sense

  7. Perhaps, if you follow the TV money, you will find out who the favorite team could be?
    NY GIANTS are 1st on MNF, two thursdays, and two Sunday night games to boot.
    With a 7-9 2013 season, can one wonder why?

  8. And that’s how it should be, not America’s Team.

    After that they should replace the stars on their helmets with Cowboys faced down in bull manure and change the the nickname from the Dallas Cowboys to the Dallas Rodeo Clowns.

  9. Bad news for the nfl. Cuban’s prediction is coming true. Has nothing to do that the cowboys practice in CA. The Milwaukee brewers practice in Arizona and they draw more fans than Dallas just did. The nfl has ignored real fans long enough and they’ve turned them away. Fantasy geeks don’t go to training camps. As soon as the fantasy fad starts to peter off, the nfl will have a real problem on its hands.

    Good. Hopefully this greed league will die and a real football league will rise from the ashes.

  10. TV ratings are misleading. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that most people are tuning in to watch Dallas lose. Its always a great time to see Jerruh’s face crumble at the end of a game. Comedy GOLD!

  11. Boy, Jones must be rolling over in his grave….oh, right, he just looks and acts dead.

  12. Does anyone besides Dallas fans still think the Cowboys are “America’s Team”? I may be a ‘Skins fan, but I’d say that moniker really belongs to the Steelers, Packers, or Patriots. Those teams seem to have the most fans throughout the nation.

  13. Now we need that to translate into blackouts at Jerryworld and maybe then Jerry will get the message. He cares much more about money and his ego more than he professes to love “his” Cowboys.

  14. Probably because it looks like Jerry is yelling at all those dang kids to get off his lawn.

  15. Nothing against Dallas or the Cowboys, but I always wondered as a lifelong fan of NFL football how they got to be an “it” team. They aren’t in a huge media market like a New York or a Chicago, and Dallas never tops the annual national surveys as a favorite tourism destination.
    The Cowboys became America’s Team in a decade (1970s) where the Steelers won four SBs and the Raiders won more games overall. The ‘Boys were the Team of the 90s (after becoming really bad in the late 80s) but somehow became huge 20 years before that.
    Maybe it was Tom Landry’s “strong, silent type” persona that the “silent majority” in America gravitated to. He seemed to be the model for what a coach was supposed to look like and act.
    I asked a Cowboys fan in California why they were his team and he said it was because of the color of the helmets and the star emblem. For him, it all came down to a logo.
    Team executive Tex Schramm was very good at public relations in the 70s, so that had something to do with it too, no doubt.
    QB Roger Staubach was another iconic figure and influential role model, as a recall, as the team finally got over the hump in the 70s and won the big one.
    Still, it is interesting how they got to be so big without being an East or West Coast team in a league with 30 other clubs now competing for attention from the public and media.

  16. America’s team was always just a self-given nickname. The Cowboys, Packers and Steelers have devoted fans nationwide that pack visiting stadiums from coast to coast. The difference is the Packers and Steelers have been consistently competitive for most of the last 40 years while the Cowboys haven’t.

  17. Everyone knows the pack is America’s team. We get go pack go chants in half the stadiums in the league.

  18. Never was Americas team. And never will be. It was always self proclaimed. Just like the Braves in baseball

  19. I still can’t believe he passed on Manziel. They were a match made in heaven. He would have had 11,000 show up in one day. Everyone would be watching the circus I mean cowboys every Sunday. That’s what Jerry strives for, not wins or losses, but attention.

  20. Many football fans think the term “America’s Team” was self-proclaimed vanity from the Cowboys organization, which is incorrect.

    The truth is, that the “America’s Team” label actually originated from NFL Films.

    But what sickens me is, Cowboys fans still believe this. The sad part or funny part depending on how you look at it, is that they have become a laughing stock. The best thing that ever happened to anyone who hates the Cowboys is Jerry Jones!

  21. The Cowboys were America’s Team only when baseball was America’s Game. It has been decades since they were America’s Team.

  22. Not surprisingly, the most popular teams are the one’s that are winning.

    Forty Niners
    New England

    Fans love winners.

  23. Still the biggest draw in all of football/sports. I thought someone said that TV ratings were misleading. They are what they are. Love or hate… You gotta watch.

  24. That’s just because they want be having training camp there anymore. I never understood why a Texas team had training camp in California anyway. You’re from Texas practice in Texas.

  25. It’s more like America’s Most Wanted team due to all the trouble their players have been involved in.As far as low attendance goes fans want to watch football and not a circus.They need to look at a team like Seattle,New Orleans,SF or Pittsburgh to see how things are organized from ownership down to coaches and players.

  26. The only reason they get the good TV numbers their fans use to justify them still being America’s Team is because the NFL gives their games prime TV time slots and show them nationwide. If they were broadcast the same as other NFL teams, their numbers would be average or below as a usual 8-8 team would be.

  27. The Eastern Seaboard Propaganda Network besides being infatuated with the Patriots, the Giants, and the Jets love to give us more information than necessary on the Cowboys. I’m really kind of tired of listening to cowboy propaganda on that particular network. It would be nice if they spread their propaganda evenly amongst all 32 teams, although I do realize the Eastern Seaboard is the center of the sports world with Dallas hitching a ride.

  28. The real sad thing for Cowboys fans is that
    there are no signs this downtrend is going
    to turn around any time soon.
    They haven’t drafted well, and are lacking
    a strong core of good young players.

  29. The fact that all of you people continue to read these articles about the Dallas Cowboys and continue to leave these laughable negative comments is diamond solid proof that the Cowboys are America’s team and will always be! This happens with no other sports franchise! So continue with the hate, it only proves my point. Dallas Cowboys Forever #1 Amen!!!

  30. Cowboys are one of the youngest teams in football and have not only drafted well, they have picked up some good undrafted free agents.

  31. Had Jerry pulled the trigger on Johnny Football I bet attendance would be higher.

    Naturally with the Redskins camp in near by Richmond, fan attendance is more convenient and therefore higher. To be fair, it’s a long way from Dallas to Oxnard.

    The Cowboys are approaching this season with the same old, same old with Garrett as head coach and Romo the QB. Fans have seen this movie before and we know how it ends…..

  32. Until the creator of NFL films is resurrected from the grave, takes back the title HE AND NFL FILMS gave the Cowboys and gives it to someone else this is the way it is. To be honest if we had more recent championships we wouldnt have competition for that title since most of these Greenbay and Steelers fans are banwagon and new fans exposed to the the NFLs rise in media…Patriot fans…..yeah thats all Brady so wont even talk about that. Seriously, win or loss you care, like a car wreck or a rainbow depending on the final score and which side of the field you are pulling for. Look at soccer……America’s team was no way in contention but WE watched right? Highest rated games….. Cowboys games.Forbes top NFL team, Cowboys. They are America all the way, America doesnt win everything, lie to yourself into thinking we are best in everything if you want. All Dallas teams have the pressure of winning big every year. In last 21 years we got what? 2 Superbowls, Stanley Cup, NBA championship, back to back AL Championships? Let’s just go year by year then people. Win Superbowl and you get the title too. Will that make others feel better? I hope so because its not gonna change the way you want. So training camp attendance is 3k huh? Hmm. Image if we actually worked out in our own time zone or state. How many teams on the West Coast again? Heck in California even. To get 1k people to come to a training camp in Summer for a team the might see that season 2 times unless the buy a cable package WHEN they have 3 teams in state is a push given those facts. New York has 3 teams right? Take the Packers, move them out of state and time zone and plant their camp in say central New York and tell me if they would even happen? A steeler fan mentioned they and Packers travel. Smh those were super bowls man, who doesnt travel for that? But are you gonna travel to steelers camp if it was in lets say Florida? Doubt it. You all can tell me how much we suck ehen the season starts and you watch the DALLAS TEXAS COWBOYS PLAY IN THE BEST AMERICAN STADIUM in 75 degree weather in October from your living room with the heat turned up in Ogden NY, Akron Ohio, Providence RI or smalltown America on a Sunday night game or MNF midseason. I would do the same for you and your team but unlike the Cowboys only the fans care about them. Now aint that America

  33. Eastern Seaboard Propaganda Network
    Nice! Beautifully put!

    As far as Johnny Football goes, I’m more convinced than ever that JJ didn’t draft him because he didn’t want to share the spotlight. Kind of like when Al Davis got rid of Jon Gruden because Gruden was too successful.

  34. @Mrwhomp; sadly it’s called pearls before swine. They are and choose to remain ignorant. They REFUSE to learn anything…and you can’t MAKE ‘EM! LOL But, isn’t it interesting how MANY crybabies have run to this (and any and every OTHER article like it!) to WHINE because THEIR team ISN’T called AMERICA’S TEAM?! ROFLMAO!!!

  35. 3 Sunday night games, 1 Monday night game, plus the thanksgiving game and the inevitable worst division in football deciding week 17 game. Of course they had 5 of the most watched games of the year. Hard not to when you’re the only game on to watch.

  36. Dallas holds it’s training camp on the west coast 1000 miles away. What do you expect Jerry? Get over yourself and put your teams camp in your teams market. Americas Team or not doesn’t matter. The fact is Texas has more Dallas cowboys fans than any other part of the country, because it’s their market.

    Every other team gets it. Jones is the epitome of Cubans comments and likely the example he had in mind when making them.

  37. @wwnd

    Yeah, and there were 15 other Sunday nighters and 10 other Monday nighters which still didn’t get those ratings, despite the fact they too were the only game to watch. So there goes your point, right out the window.

  38. Sparky grump! Yes and finally! A cowboys fan that actually knows what he’s talking about! It’s so disgusting how 95% o the fellow cowboys fans I come across know nothing about the team itself. Those are the fans Jerry makes his money off. I decided years ago to no longer buy his merchandise. To me.. Giving Jerry my money would feel like I support him. I clearly do not. If more and more fans would follow suit maybe it’d resonate with him. It’s sad actually. The cardinals raiders an browns all have brighter futures than the cowboys

  39. Funny thing is, the NFL seem to cover them 24×7 like they won something lately. All this week on the NFL Network its been Browns, Cowboys, Packers and Patriots. I can understand the Browns for the Johnny Football reasons, and the Patriots and the Packers because they have won a playoff game and a SB in the past few years. But the Cowboys?

    Stop Kissing Jerry’s butt and make him realize his franchise has been on a down slide since Jimmy J left. And this is from an Eagles Fan.

  40. Why would there be any interest when any fan with an ounce of common sense knows this team is never going to win anything with Romo as quarterback? One wasted season after another after another….

  41. They are AMERICAS team.Most loved,most hated.They are one of the highly reconized sport franchises in the world.thet will be back on top! ……….They ARE the Dallas Cowboys.

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