Greg Hardy hates that he’s been a “distraction”


Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy spoke for the first time since being convicted of assaulting his former girlfriend, but didn’t have much to say.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Hardy’s brief talk was arranged by the team’s PR staff, which told reporters he couldn’t talk about his legal situation, since he’s appealing his conviction.

Thus, Hardy offered several “I can’t answer that question” responses.

Asked if he had apologized to the team, he said: “I hate that I’ve been a distraction.”

There was then some attempt to market himself, which is as ridiculous as minimizing an arrest for hitting a woman and throwing her onto a bed full of guns to the catch-all category of “distractions.” Of course, Hardy also followed up his court appearance with a clumsy attempt at rapping in a Charlotte nightclub before camp, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. (The full transcript of the interview is here).

If there’s any remorse, there was no apparent sign of it. Frankly, the Panthers won’t have to worry about anything other than his ability to play, since they’re leaving any potential suspension to the league, and the league’s unlikely to act until he goes to a jury trial which will drag out beyond this season.

Thus, they get to pay him $13.1 million for the season, and then he’ll hit free agency again.

8 responses to “Greg Hardy hates that he’s been a “distraction”

  1. Does he know that there are measures he can take that will prevent this sort of thing? Such as NOT beating up women. There … problem solved.

  2. First of all I like Hardy and feel like he has the support of the fans here in Panther Nation.

    I’m also pointing out that Judge Tin is running for re-election this year with a staff of 20. I have to question Tins motives in her ruling. If Hardy is guilty then let the do process with the jury trail decide. I can’t say one way or the other because I don’t have the facts or was at the trial.

    What if the judge ruled for her re-election knowing Hardy’s attorney would appeal and the trail would be after the re-election.

    All I’m saying is what if? I mean a pro ball player, domestic violence and guns.

  3. Hitting his woman and throwing her on his bed full of guns…. At least there is no video evidence maybe it was consensual? The media needs to focus more on the bigger NFL issues like Tony Dungy’s opinion of Michael Sams and Johnny Football rolling dollar bills in Vegas toilets.

  4. This guy will no longer be a Carolina Panther after the end of the 2014 season. Jerry Richardson does not like this type of conduct and he will not be resigned regardless of his immense talent. Goodbye Kraken….we hardly knew ye.

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