Jay Gruden warns Brandon Meriweather not to hit high in practice


Washington safety Brandon Meriweather was suspended for a game last year for helmet-to-helmet hits. Washington coach Jay Gruden is warning Meriweather that the same offense will get him suspended from practice as well.

“Brandon, he plays a very physical style of football,” Gruden said. “That’s all he knows. But there is a rule now obviously and he’s had to pay the price for it. And he understands the next one is going to be a longer suspension. We talked about that today, actually. I told him he is going to get a two-practice suspension if he doesn’t lower his target.”

Gruden expects Meriweather to be a big part of Washington’s defense, but only if he can remember to avoid helmet-to-helmet hits.

“He’s a good football player,” Gruden said. “He’s tough, he’s physical, he wants to do the right thing but sometimes at that position though and the ball is in the air, he’s trying to knock the ball out and sometimes they unfortunately make contact head-to-head and it’s not intentional. I don’t think he has the intent to injure people. I think he has the intent to get the player down and get the ball out. Sometimes those instances look worse than they are but he does have to really watch his area of target and hopefully we will keep him on the field for 16 weeks because he is much needed in the secondary.”

The NFL doesn’t take kindly to repeat offenders, and if Meriweather hits another opponent high in a game, he’s likely looking at a multiple-game suspension. Gruden is hoping to break Meriweather of the habit permanently.

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  1. I guess Jon’s little brother never saw the launching highlights of Merriweather.. It’s not intentional… Yeah OK

  2. He didn’t listen to the fines, but he’ll listen to Chucky-lite…good luck with that.

  3. Good luck with that Jay.

    We saw how well it went for Jay Gruden when he tried calling out James Harrison for hitting without pads on Hard Knocks. He backed down with his tail between his legs.

  4. Jay Gruden to team: the object is to get the ball across the goal line. This might be better advice.

  5. Yea, suspend one player “multiple games” for playing defense but suspend another player two games for the criminal offense of assaulting his wife. Can hardly wait to see what the league does with a team owner. Roger Goodell’s priorities are severely misordered.

  6. It’s a shame there seems to be a new generation of head-hunters who are more interested in SportsCenter highlights than building a Hall Of Fame career. It’s all about the moment.

  7. yeah but does this make him a beast or not? no one knows who a beast is today and who isn’t because everyone is called a beast. i don’t think this guy is a beast

  8. What a goon. Zero coverage ability whatsoever, so tries to compensate with dirty play. Some OC needs to put a bounty out on this clown.

  9. feel sorry for the guy

    he is tackling the way we were all taught.. and is trying, IMO, but having great difficulty adapting

    he may be the symbol for the changing game… which is necessary

  10. If he launches and goes to the head / neck and permanently injures someone causing the end of a career, can he be prosecuted ? That’s what this has come to with this assassin.

    How many suspensions and fines does it take to finally figure out that he “wants to hurt” players on the other team. It’s his intention.

    I had to laugh though after he took out Eddie Lacy with a direct helmet crown to the chin hit and then he tried the same thing later against another Packer except this time he concussed himself.

  11. Dude aims high way too many times which overshadows whatever plays he may make, which I can’t remember him doing. I hope Thomas can replace him and we have a Clark/Thomas combination back there.

  12. Terrible football player…Skins won’t need to worry about BM (how appropriate) suspensions cuz he’s going to get cut.

  13. Tell him for every tackle he makes where he wraps up that he can launch himself.

    Problem solved.

  14. When are these former players going to wise up and just sue Disney. That is where the big money is. Disney owns ESPN. ESPN is a partner of the league. ESPN spends hours every day of the year promoting the shield. They will also adjust there programming schedule for the NFL. Anyone remember Playmakers?

    Anyone also remember that bit called “Jacked Up” which only highlighted big hits on players. Usually accompanied by very excited hosts screaming “JACKED UP!!” This incentivized marginal players to get attention by delivering cheap hits. When you have players suing the league over concussions and you have an arm of the league that promotes, profits and incourages scumbag tactics, why hasn’t anybody gone after the millions and millions that Disney has profited off the NFL. I’m not a lawyer, but making an argument that the cheap shot artists in this league were influenced by “Jacked Up” seems pretty damn easy. Thats low hanging fruit.

  15. It was one of the more memorable moments from last year when he knocked Eddie Lacy out with a cheap shot and then got knocked out himself trying to do the same thing to James Starks.

  16. Two faced NFL, every ad showing and bragging about the Crushing Blows (think Steve Sabol voice)
    Then selectively flagging and fining players who hit hard.
    Fire Goodell

  17. crazy how you can get suspended now for something that used to be normal for the same amount of games as knocking out your drunk girlfriend

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