LeSean in middle of fight in Eagles camp


As players grow weary of hitting the same teammates in training camp, fights break out.  And everyone loves a blurb about a training-camp fight.

In Philadelphia, multiple reports via Twitter indicate that running back LeSean McCoy got into a scuffle with one or more defensive teammates in only the second practice of camp.  Defensive end Trent Cole reportedly was one of the combatants.

Per our buddy Ross Tucker, Cole “LIT UP” McCoy in the non-padded session, prompting the brouhaha.  Via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, McCoy was “pretty fired up,” and coach Chip Kelly held McCoy back.

McLane points out that the Eagles had only two fights last year in camp, and that Kelly doesn’t like them.

Some coaches love them.  Some instigate them to draw a little fire and toughness out of certain players, as Jets coach Rex Ryan demonstrated during Hard Knocks four years ago.

Ultimately, a fight introduces another level of injury risk to a process that already entails a fairly high risk of injury.  So it makes sense to avoid situations where guys are throwing fists at heads in helmets and/or doing other stuff that could get someone hurt.

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  1. This will be McCoy’s last year as an Eagle. He is part of the Vick, DeSean, Avant club. If Chip truly felt he had another option, he might have traded McCoy away this past offseason. But he will not be an Eagle in 2015.

  2. I thought hitting without pads was a forbidden practice in this new day and age. If there was an injury this story would have a completely different tilt.

  3. As an Eagles fan, I’ve been saying for years that if guys like LeSean McCoy and Desean Jackson(whose obviously gone now) played for any other team other than my Eagles…I would absolutely despise these guys. At times, they take the term ‘diva’ to a whole new level, and they aren’t the type of players that consistently contribute to strengthening the bonds between teammates. While I’m also grateful that my favorite team has arguably the best RB in the NFL, LeSean McCoy is as childish as they come…engaging in meaningless twitter battles and other various immature behavior. You get the feeling that guys like these consider themselves as “god’s gift to the team,” and that they genuinely believe they should be put up on a pedestal, when in reality…they are absolutely nothing without the other 10 guys lining up next to them.

  4. 2 things that would tend to say McCoy is NOT a member of the Vick, Djax, Avant (how is Avant in this group??) club-

    1) He is the best player on the team at his position.
    2) He is arguably the best player in the League at his position.

  5. Shady would be welcome on any other squad…not sure what the problem is! He should NOT stick up for himself when getting “lit up”? You are not SUPPOSED to get lit up in shorts, and btw…he is the best player on the team. (and, I am not an Iggles fan)

  6. Idiots lumping McCoy in the Desean, Vick club don’t know what the hell their talking about. McCoy has been an exemplar player since becoming an Eagle.

  7. Adrian Peterson > McCoy.
    Adrian would never get “lit up” by a teammate. He gets respect. Obviously McCoy doesn’t even get respect from teammates.

  8. Let them go at it see who wins. Who cares if they get broken arms, legs, or hospitalized. That’s what they get. Fighting is a little kid thing. Big men don’t fight put let their actions prove what they’re made of. Stupid!!!

  9. McCoy’s head has swelled in the off season, he better be careful his expiration date is rapidly approaching. Keep your mouth shut or you will end up on Washington with lil punk DeSean.

    The Redskins is where players with big heads go to die off into nothing, ie: RG 3 and Out, Pierre Garcon and lil baby punk attitude D Jax.

  10. Nothing like educated unbiased comments. Just be direct and say you don’t like him. Pretending that he’s immature because he took issue with getting hit in a non hitting session just reveals the geniuses you are.

  11. McCoy post practice PC live right now.

    1st Q obviously about the fight.

    Smiles “aw man that was nothing. just two friends going at it. trent been touching me a lllllittle too much all offseason. just trying to let him know ‘it’s ok if you can’t cover me'”

    Tcamp fights are very common haters. Carry on.

  12. You guys who keep thinking Adrian Peterson is a better back than McCoy need to open your eyes. Peterson is good at one thing. Running the football and Im not even sure how much longer he has at being elite in that. Father time catches up with everyone. McCoy is also elite at that but is also elite at catching the football. Something Peterson is one of the worst in the league at.

    McCoy > Peterson and its not even close…

  13. Trent Cole just letting Shady know his ego be rubbing some (all) teammates the wrong way. Message delivered.
    P.S Didn’t read where any teammates jumped to McCoys aid.

  14. Here’ s a solution or at least an improvement to the ‘injury risk’, have the players wear pads all the time. Pop warner kids do it but these grown men need a deal in place limiting their padded practices? W

  15. lesean hasn’t shown me anything to indicate he doesn’t give everything on every play; desean did this with great frequency. and the post session comments about the pushing match reflect the pro that he is.

    while the vikes fans can say otherwise if they like, i wouldn’t trade mccoy for any other back in the league. no other back is as versatile. mccoy plays all three downs and is as dangerous out of the backfield as he is carrying the ball. i look for him to have another year leading the league in yards from scrimmage.

  16. AP is future hall of famed, while McCoy is back to future hall of fame. Can’t be compared to All Day. AP is one of a kind. McCoy is 1000 of a kind, even my grandma can do better LOL.

  17. Every player in the league has a twitter and they all say stupid things. So it’s ridiculous to even make that argument. Some things never change in the NFL and that’s why we like it. Running backs are going to have flare and edginess to their personality because the position , like many others requires it. Lesean plays all phases of the games and I can not recall one single time that he has EVER had an adverse effects on this team. Only a true hater would come after Shady for acting the exact same way everyone else would act too. And just because the vague term “lit up” was used people can draw all types scenarios that aren’t accurate. It wasn’t a hitting drill. They will get over it. They always do. Period.

  18. ‘McLane points out that the Eagles had only two fights last year in camp, and that Kelly doesn’t like them.’

    I think the Eagles got themselves a heck of a HC. He did an unbelievable job last season running a new offense & developing a young QB.

    BTW–How great did he handle the Riley Cooper situation that appeared to be headed toward absolute disaster?

  19. Philly hasnt had a back as productive and durable as Shady since Wilbur Montgomery. Shady gets injured you can cancel those season tickets and turn out the lights at the Linc

  20. I love McCoy. So glad to have him.

    Also, Adrian Peterson may have 4,000 yds rushing behinf the eagles O-line and scheme.

  21. Reggie Bush is better than McCoy and it’s not even Close! My Lions will destroy the Eagles this year in the Playoffs, if the Eagles even make it. Eagles will be lucky to be at .500 this season. Eagles fans wish they had Calvin Johnson on their team and they know it!

  22. LeBust? Interesting take… Can’t say I’ve heard the “McCoy is a bust” argument yet in this cauldron of ideas that is the PFT comment board.

  23. When you act like a complete jerkoff the whole offseason, people will want to light you up every chance they can. Chip kelly back to school in 2015.

  24. Not sure what all the fuss is about. It was a simple little blowup. Nothing to get excited about. McCoy might have gotten jacked, big deal. just remember, it’s only the beginning of TC, don’t need players getting hurt.

  25. Just one more reason why Cole will be cut before the start of the season, along with he’s not a linebacker.

  26. Eagles will be the team that trends downward from last year.
    It will be a disappointing season in Philly.

  27. Wow a training camp fight. Are you guys two years old with these comments? Fights break out in training camp and in the old days there would be at least 4 a day.

  28. This really isn’t a big deal, it happens in all camps on all teams, some of the comments on here our just trolls being trolls. A respectable, intelligent football fan knows that my comment is the truth.

    I’m not an Eagles fan, but they will most likely win that division. The look scary as hell after watching them destroy my Bears last season. Good luck Philly.

  29. That’s the type of fire you want to see in camp.

    All you clowns trying to make this negative better still draft LeSean #1 overall in fantasy.

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