Patrick Peterson’s days on offense and special teams are done


In training camp last year, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said cornerback Patrick Peterson could be one of the Top 5 receivers in the NFL. But at training camp this year, Arians has decided to put a stop to the experiment of giving Peterson snaps on offense.

Arians told Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ website that the addition of speedy receivers Ted Ginn in free agency and John Brown in the draft means that Peterson won’t be needed to make plays on offense. That’s no surprise: Peterson didn’t do much of anything on offense last season, catching six passes for 54 yards and carrying the ball four times for 21 yards. If that’s all the Cardinals are going to get out of Peterson on offense, it’s probably not worth the time and energy it takes for Peterson to work with the offense.

Peterson added that not only will he not be a wide receiver anymore, but he won’t return punts either. That decision is a little more surprising because Peterson is an outstanding punt returner who led the league with 699 yards and four touchdowns as a rookie. But Ginn and Brown can both return punts as well, and taking Peterson off punt returns will allow him to focus on his most important job, at cornerback.

As for talk that Peterson is due for a pay raise and a long-term contract extension soon, Peterson said he’s not worrying about that.

“I’m here to play football,” Peterson said. “I have two years left on my deal and I want to do the best I can to help this team win. I haven’t been to the playoffs since I’ve been here & that’s my first goal.”

Arians thinks Peterson can do more to help the Cardinals make the playoffs if he’s doing nothing other than playing defense.

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  1. It makes absolute sense to take him off of the Punt Return team.

    Special Teams players are more likely to get hurt because of the nature of the plays that involve kicking the ball.

    Patrick Petersen is one of the teams superstars.

    If he plays special teams and gets hurt…

    …ownership might actually get lynched.

  2. No surprise since Peterson has demonstrated that he no longer has that special burst of speed he had as a rookie that allowed him to run away and through punt coverages. The fact that he no longer can generate separation from punt coverages or defensive pass coverages makes it an obvious losing proposition to keep trying to have him return punts or generate big plays on offense.

    In fact last season, upper tier receivers such as Crabtree owned Peterson and offenses with good QBs and good receivers dominated him. Because the Cards had a loser’s schedule last season, there were enough weak teams with weak QBs that allowed Peterson to make the bulk of his stats. But in 2014 with a schedule appropriate for a 10-6 team, look for Peterson to get burned a lot more more since Cromartie will be on the other side and Offensive Coordinators and their QBs will focus on Peterson to exploit his weaknesses including his lost of his burst of speed, his gambling on coverages, and his steady deterioration of his footspeed.

  3. I think anybody can see that the decision to no longer use him at multiple positions is due to the fact that he has a contract coming up. This takes away his argument that he should be paid more because he does more.

  4. Imagine if he had all the help Richard Sherman has ! Arizona is getting there. I still think the 49ers win the division & Cardinals take wildcard.

  5. I completely understand why you would hope that Seattle fails to make the playoffs. Who else in the division ISN’T hoping that.

    It is just hope though. Beginning of the season is definitely the time for hope.

  6. Hard to believe the Cards won’t be utilizing this guy’s remarkable athleticism on returns, when teams these days are looking for any and every conceivable advantage in all three phases. Deion Sanders comes to mind, arguably the best cover corner ever to play, who continued with return duties throughout his career.

  7. The only real point people could make about him being better than Sherman, was that he played offense and special teams. Guess we can put all that to rest.

  8. Every single CB on the Lions is better than Patrick Peterson, even the 2nd and 3rd stringers. It’s not even close!!! The Lions CB’s know how to turn their hips better and press receivers ten fold better than Peterson. Lions owe the Cardinals.

    Detroit Lions Superbowl Champs 2015

  9. Now that its close to new deal time its time for franchise to decrease his value. All the nfl teams conduct shady business like this.

  10. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reason you can enjoy football today. This is what we built. We are the NFL. We are Football. We are God's team. says:

    We have six rings.

  11. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reason you can enjoy football today. This is what we built. We are the NFL. We are Football. We are God's team. says:

    Hey, AZ, remember 2009? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  12. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reason you can enjoy football today. This is what we built. We are the NFL. We are Football. We are God’s team. says:
    Jul 27, 2014 6:21 PM

    We have six rings.

    Actual true NFL Championship history:

    Packers 13
    Bears 9
    Giants 8
    Steelers 6
    Redskins,Cowboys,Niniers tied with 5

    This particular Steeler’s fans needs to learn respect and the truth.

  13. Makes a lot of sense taking him out of special teams after Honeybadger’s injury, he is a top player for his team. Here in Seattle when there was a rumor about Earl Thomas returning punts I was very worried about injuries, thanks they didn’t move forward.

    On offense there are still some trick plays he could be used since they happen only a few times in the season like reverses or option passes but the concern is understandeable.

  14. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reason you can enjoy football today. This is what we built. We are the NFL. We are Football. We are God’s team. says: Jul 27, 2014 6:21 PM

    We have six rings.

    The City of Cleveland = 9

  15. Umm pulling Peterson from punt returns may be a mistake. I’ve never seen Brown return, but as far as Ginn goes, as a Niner fan I can say there was times when we would absolutely loved Ginn. He can be super explosive and make big plays. So when he is good he’s good, but he also tends to make lots of costly mistakes. Very inconsistent

  16. But, but, but that’s why you said you were better than Richard Sherman. He didn’t do offense or return punts either and you declared this made you better. Are you worse now?

  17. After seeing how JG faired as a hybrid player there doesn’t seem to really be any point in taking the extra risks if it’s not going to pay. Arizona has plenty of talent at receiver as well as special teams and Coach Arians has been known to say a lot of things this time of the year…wouldn’t take any of these statements as the gospel. With the Cards it’s always about money!

  18. Cleveland has 4 titles.

    buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Jul 27, 2014 6:40 PM
    90% of Packers titles came when there was 4 teams in the league.


    You’re a Jets fan that can’t deal with reality, just like your whacked out coach.

    The Packers and Bears are the 2 most historical teams in the NFL with the most championships, deal with it g00fball New Yorker!

    Multiple true FACTS!

  19. There taking Patrick Peterson off of special teams because they signed ted ginn in free agency and they also got Larod Stephens Howling back for cheap. Plus tyrann Matthieu can play there as well

  20. Tell me about Superbowl titles.

    Championships before the SB era are hard to compare…just a few teams in the league, etc.

    Not to mention them happening before your grandpa was born and football was quite different then. Forward pass? What is that?

    I understand why you WANT to count them but they don’t count to most of us.

  21. drl98 says:
    Jul 27, 2014 9:44 PM
    …and they also got Larod Stephens Howling back for cheap.

    Not sure where you heard this, but LSH is still a free agent

  22. Chicago & GB were playing each other for championships when it was just those 2 teams! What does a Championship trophy look like before the SB? Anybody anybody?

  23. There were never only two teams in the league. And btw, the oldest team in the league is the one Patrick Peterson plays for. Chicago Cardinals/Morgan Athletic Club since 1898.

  24. You super sleuths caught Arians red handed. He is totally making all these changes to save face with a bunch of Internet posters. Good job!

  25. Joe Namath was the most overrated QB in the history of football. The Jets franchise is among the most useless and overrated in the league.Even my Bills had a nice run at one point and made a few SUper Bowls (even though they lost and I admit they have been crappy for a long time) But somebody please tell me: what the hell have the JEts really ever done? they won 1 SB like 40 years ago and then what? A few AFC championships?

    Sammy Watkins>Eric Decker……..

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