Redskins cut the cord on 2013 draft pick Brandon Jenkins

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Players with value get chances. Players without value get made into examples.

The Redskins released 2013 fifth-round pick Brandon Jenkins Sunday, less than a week into his second training camp.

According to Tarik El-Bashir of, Jenkins “had a particularly poor effort in Sunday morning’s one-on-one battle drills,” and was released hours later.

The former Florida State linebacker had one tackle in six games last season, and barely played in the second half of the season, since he didn’t contribute on special teams.

Draft picks usually get a longer leash, especially in their first two seasons. But he might be more useful to the Redskins as an object lesson than as a player.

30 responses to “Redskins cut the cord on 2013 draft pick Brandon Jenkins

  1. This is a guy who would have been a 1st or 2nd round draft pick if not for a torn ACLhis final season at FSU. Washington are idiots for making an “example” out of someone with his talents. Someone else will be more than happy to pick up his services.

  2. Don’t matter, drated, FA, OR UDFA, keep the best. I know higher picks has cap penalties if cut so teams tend to keep them. Usually they say best 53, but that’s just not true…best 53 plus those with high cap hits….

  3. They just cut their best defensive player! What a dumpster this clueless organization is! Worst owner in the league, an outdated and offensive slur name, and a diva QB! I’m so glad the New York Jets don’t have this trouble!


  4. If the guy was worth something then they would have kept him around. End of story. I like the way Gruden is taking charge. No way Zorn would have ever done that.

  5. I’ll go with the Redskins’ “idiots” who have actually been watching this guy for the last two years (in person and on video) than someone who probably hasn’t gotten any closer to Jenkins than watching him on TV in college or writing about him on some blog. Backup LBs have to play on special teams, and Jenkins was awful in that role. Kinda makes me think his problem was a lack of “want to,” which is what special teams boils down to.

  6. A backup LB who does not play special teams. Surprised he lasted this long! But Shanahan never would have cut him because Jenkins was one of “his” draft picks. Good work Gruden!

  7. Wow… a Jets troll ?? LMAO !!! It has to be that so called Vikings fan stirring up stuff….. Last time the Jets or the Vikings went to a SB, they were segregated !

  8. Ryan Kerriagan, Orakpo, Trent Murphy and Rob Jackson…they just don’t need any more OLB’s so they made an example out of him. Love it!


  10. Yeah, really. Jetbandwagon must be dreaming. He says Geno Smith is a top 5 QB!! Yeah — in throwing interceptions, that is.
    Look — the Jets will never win another Super Bowl with that delirious owner and blowhard head coach they have.
    To show how bad the Jets organization has been, the best QB they ever had (Joe Namath) threw more interceptions in his career than TD’s (220 ints and 173 td’s).
    To make things worse, they play at the same stadium the Giants play in and they are always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  11. jets fans trolling is just hilarious. you realize your team is an AFC Team. this is for an NFC team. how the heck do the jets have anything to do with this.

  12. Dallas has won three Super Bowls since the last time the Redskins were relevant. The Giants have won two. And the Eagles, well, you get what I’m saying.

  13. Jenkins never tore his ACL, he suffered a Lisfranc injury. You’re probably thinking of Tank Carradine, who tore his ACL towards the end of his final season at FSU.

  14. Dude ran a +5.0 40 time, that lisfranc injury definitely hampered him and I guess he hasn’t been the same. I was concerned that he would only be a pass rush specialist cause in college he seemed terrible in run defense. Oh well, hope he gets better and finds success with another team.

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