Teammate says Matt Schaub is “getting his mojo back”


Once upon a time, Matt Schaub was a perfectly functional quarterback, good even.

But after last year’s confidence-shattering pick-six-a-thon for the Texans, getting a fresh start in Oakland is apparently good for him.

Defensive tackle Antonio Smith, who came from Houston to Oakland alongside Schaub  this offseason, said he can tell his quarterback looks like a new man.

Schaubby’s getting his mojo back,” Smith said, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle. “He’s getting his confidence back. He’s starting to believe in himself again. He is starting to throw with confidence. You would be surprised just how much your mind-set is important in this league.”

Last year was such an abject disaster for Schaub that it’s easy to forget he made two Pro Bowls, and was better than average for an extended stretch of time.

At 33, he won’t get many more chances, but the Raiders are fully behind him, and if that mojo is indeed back, they might have a shot to improve this year.

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  1. So what this tells me is that he’s so mentally fragile, if he has a bad game, he’ll go into a complete mental funk and be a total mess again. Yup that’s what you need in your QB. And what are the odds that the Raiders will play so badly, they’ll put him in a position where he’s bound to have a bad game? Uh huh.

  2. Schaub has produced a number of 4,000+ yard seasons passing, earned Pro Bowl berths (his last as recently as 2012) and even earned a Pro Bowl MVP Award.

    Instead of being “good even,” I would say that Schaub has been very very good for pretty much ALL of his career, but for one abysmal stretch in 2013. He’s not Drew Brees or Peyton Manning, but who is?

    Keep in mind that, aside from J.J. Watt, the entire Texans organization completely melted down last year for one reason or another.

    Arian Foster injured. Owen Daniels playing very well before being put on I.R. early in the season. Cush injured and toast for the year. The receiving corps battled injuries all season long. Ben Tate — more injuries. Even their placekicker (Bullock) — had an awful season. I could keep going here.

    The fact is that WHOLE team imploded — and it’s tough to see it all pinned on Schaub for a handful of (consecutive) games where he too struggled when all the walls around him came tumbling down and the erosion of his confidence escalated. The picture is broader than that, and Schaub stayed classy through and through.

    I really hope Schaub excels and vindicates both his own play and the Raiders’ faith in him — and I’m not even a Raider fan.

  3. Didn’t Eli Manning have 28 INT’s last year and was even more dreadful? Schaub has had more 90+ QB ratings than Manning, but Schaub is getting piled on because he is a Raider(yes, he has two rings, great for him) but just saying.

    Hope Schaub turns it around and shoves it up Florio’s read end

  4. It’s all mental with him. He’s not old as far as QB’s go. I think it will hinge on how his first game or two goes.

    He is MUCH better than folks realize and I’m not a fan of his or his teams.

    Here is where Schaub rates ALL TIME with all other QB’s in the history of the league.

    Schaub currently (even with his bad year last yr) has the 13th HIGHEST QB rating of ALL TIME in the history of the league.

    Even with his pick 6’s last season, he has the 15th BEST (meaning lowest) INT % in the history of the league.

    His career INT % is tied with Mr. Joe Montana and Peyton Manning right now.

    Schaub currently has the 9th HIGHEST completion percentage of all time.

    NO QB may play for a decade in the NFL and stumble and bumble his way to these rankings. One may not have one good game or one good season and hit these heights after 10 seasons in the league.

    If he’s mentally OK, he’s has the talent to be in the top 10 all time for completion %, QB rating, INT %

    Scrubs can’t get up to those levels he’s at.

  5. Schaubs numbers were just a product of kubiaks system.. Schaub cracks under pressure and will hit the dirt as soon as he thinks he’s about to be touched!

  6. and let’s not forget who philly’s qb was when they collapsed in their first of two super bowl debacles. Thanks jaws for the three interceptions you threw to cement your fate. Raider Nation feeds off the hate thrown our way even though most is about as accurate as jaw’s attempts at passing when the biggest of games
    is on the line.

  7. “You would be surprised just how much your mind-set is important in this league.”

    If Schaub can get mentally dialed in and stay that way, he would be a VERY dangerous QB this year.

  8. I haven’t been a fan of all of McKenzie’s moves (especially the 2013 draft) but I think the trade for Schaub was excellent.

    If Schaub can return to even 70% of his pre-2013 form then he’ll be a great addition to the Silver & Black and hopefully the first quality QB we’ve had since Gannon retired.

    I also have to say that giving up a 6th rounder for Schaub was infinitely less costly than the price Hue Jackson had the Raiders give up for Carson Palmer 3 years ago.

  9. Matt Schaub had better get some mojo back as well as the rest of the Raiders. Sick and tired of watching these overpaid losers stink up the NFL for so long. This had better be a much better season or it’s time for reggie mckenzie to fly back to Green Bay and for the jerky boy to sell the team.

  10. He may have it back now but it will be gone before the 4th week of the season. Look for him to turtle up early and often.
    The NFL did do the Raiders a favor by scheduling the Jets and Texans to start the season. Schaub will at least get an opportunity to get his legs back before the meat of the schedule starts.

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