Vikings strike five-year deal with Kyle Rudolph


The Vikings have signed one of their core offensive players to a contract extension.

The club confirmed Sunday night it had reached a new deal with 24-year-old tight end Kyle Rudolph, who was entering the final year of his contract.

According to FOX’s Jay Glazer — who first reported news of the extension — Rudolph received a five-year, $36.5 million contract from Minnesota.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reports the new deal makes Rudolph the game’s fifth highest-paid tight end.

Rudolph has hauled in 109 passes for 1,055 yards and 15 touchdowns in three NFL seasons, all with Minnesota. The Vikings selected Rudolph in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He played collegiately at Notre Dame.

“I’m extremely excited to get this extension completed and continue my career with the Minnesota Vikings,” Rudolph said in a statement issued by the club Sunday night. “I’ve said all along I wanted to stay in Minnesota. I love the fans, the community and, most importantly, I’m excited about where this team is going. I’m looking forward to the 2014 season and helping this organization reach our ultimate goal.”

62 responses to “Vikings strike five-year deal with Kyle Rudolph

  1. Sheesh – is that what an nfl average TE goes for these days? 7+ mil? This makes Jimmy Graham look underpaid.

  2. I kept hoping he would get a lot of short touchdown catches so I could call him “Rudolph the Red Zone Tight End”. I guess an average of 5 a year isn’t bad, but not enough to push it…..

  3. He averages 35 catches, 300 yards a year and he’s going to be the 5th highest paid tightend..

  4. If Favre was throwing him the ball, he would break every record in the books. Rudolph is that good.

  5. Calling Rudolph a Pro Bowl TE is only a joke that Vikings fans could actually try to float. He was a replacement after some TE’s dropped out and the only reason he was even a replacement player was because the other TE’s like Gonzales dropped out. Nevermind that other TE’s like Jermichael Finley had better seasons than he did that year.

  6. He’s got potential to be an awesome Tight End.
    He can block well – he looked good when Drew Brees fed him the ball (at the pro bowl, where no one on defense bothers to play).

    So … idk, makes more sense than Everson Griffen’s deal.

  7. If I’m hiring Norv Turner as a OC, I’m paying my TE early too…

    Draft him in fantasy – pass on Jordan Cameron. JMO

  8. I’m not a Vikings fan but in my years of watching football one observation I have is, Norv Turner uses TEs regularly(J novacheck, s Alexander, a gates, j Cameron, v Davis). He can also make a sub mediocre qb look better, or an avg qb look good. I see AP(norvs kind of work horse), c Patterson(playmaker), and Rudolph and that looks like a Norvable offense to me. So I say good signing by Minnesota.

  9. One of the best players on the team! Very glad they got this done now. He would have been highly sought after if he made it to free agency after the season.

  10. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reason you can enjoy football today. This is what we built. We are the NFL. We are football. We are God's team. says:

    Heath Miller is the best TE in the league and doesn’t go around begging for money.

  11. fantom21 says:
    Jul 27, 2014 10:55 PM
    He averages 35 catches, 300 yards a year and he’s going to be the 5th highest paid tightend..

    No wonder Julius Thomas is salivating.

  12. Great news! Look for Rudolph to have a great year in Turner’s offense this year. Looks like Pack fans are GMs as well because of who they cheer for……SHOCKING!

  13. At least they are paying for the future not the past. Its risky since Rudolph hasn’t had the best players around him, but this might end up a good deal if Teddy turns out good. Turner will get this kid 80 catches

  14. Well, it’s hard to be a future Hall of Famer like Colt Lyerla so I guess Rudy will just have to live with his pay day.

    I heard Colt is struggling in camp. Odd since I remember the post about his signing was plugged with Packers fans predicting they had plucked a diamond from the rough.

    That’s why everyone hates your fan base. Soon as they put on green and gold you figure they’re just a step away from Canton.

    I like Kyle Rudolph, I hope this works out. He certainly has the ability and an offensive scheme where he very well may completely blow up this year. But he’s also injury prone, so who knows.

    Did you see that? That’s called realistic expectations. Put down the paint can once and awhile and you may think like this.

  15. Seriously? A guy that averages 27 yards receiving a game just got a contract that averages 7 million a year?

    This guys agent deserves some sort of award.

  16. Nice numbers for three seasons, or one of Jimmy Graham’s. Anybody thinking this kid is even remotely close to top tier status is nuts.


    Hmmm lets a make little comparison here. Drew Brees and Sean Payton to…… Christian Ponder and Bill Musgrave.

    Not saying Graham’s not better, that’s obvious. But anyone who thinks Rudolph’s numbers so far in his career are indicative of his talent on the football field aren’t watching Vikings football games. Rudolph will be to Jimmy Graham what Jason Witten was to Antonio Gates.

  17. Good signing, time will tell if hes overpaid or not but they got themselves a nice player for the next 5 years. Either you pay him or someone else will.

  18. Thanks Vikes for setting the bar for the 2nd best TE in the league (JT) to get paid. Now Elway tag (DT) or get a long term deal done so we can get this Superbowl party started. Go Broncos!

  19. So many negative comments… He was paid a lot because he has a high potential. Don’t blame him for the Vikings brutal quarterbacks. He showed what he is capable at the pro bowl and was the MVP. Norv likes to work his magic on tightends, and the guy should have a good year.

  20. You’ve just valued 36 catches and 350 yard at $7.3 Mill per year.

    What happens if Cordarelle Patterson has the breakout season they expect and has like 1200 yards and 10 TD?

    They should have kept John Carlson who signed with the Cards for only $2.3 M per year. Carlson has nearly the same career stats as Rudolph.

  21. Fantastic signing! Another piece in the formula that will lead the Vikings to the promised land (third rather than last in the NFC Central).

  22. And to think the trolls said Jody Nelson was overpaid but the one distinct difference is Jody has actually put up the numbers every year. Talk about poor cap management, keep embracing the suck!

  23. Wow a lot of haters on here who clearly haven’t actually watched this kid play. He is basically uncoverable in the red zone. Get him a QB and and a smart OC and this contract will look like a steal two years from now.

  24. Graham over 1200 yards last season with a career average of 965 yards.

    Witten has been consistently good for a long time and has a career average of 891 yards a season.

    Rudolph had 313 yards receiving last season and has a career average of 351 yards a season.

    You can see how viking GM Rick Spielman has earned his reputation over the years.

    Keep up the good work Rick!! We love you as GM of the vikings.

  25. I bet the Browns wish they would have locked up Jordan Cameron last year before Norv Turner started working with him… smart move Vikings!

  26. The contract includes an escape clause for Rudolph, allowing him to ditch the Vikes and come to Seattle when he gets fed up with losing.

  27. He’ll need a QB who can pass accurately, not something the Vikes are known for, to make his incentives.
    We’ll see.

  28. What a bunch of trolls. Every team has their best TE and it happens to be him. He is getting paid the same price as any tight end a team counts on from this point forward. It’s the price of doing business in 2014…

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