49ers say they’ll try to extend both Michael Crabtree and Mike Iupati

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The 49ers appear willing to do business with those who will do business with them.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke said the team wanted to try to extend both guard Mike Iupati and wide receiver Michael Crabtree before they become unrestricted free agents next spring.

We’re going to try,” Baalke said. “We’re going to work at it, certainly. But at some point, you got to stop negotiating deals and let these guys concentrate on playing football. I don’t know what point that is. We’ll make that determination as a club.

“But we’re certainly going to work toward that goal. Those are two very good football players, and guys we’d love to have in this organization for the long term.”

They can tag one or the other next offseason if they choose, buying time. Then again, Maiocco points out they’re not particularly close to deals for either Crabtree or Iupati, so at this point it’s just talk.

But talking about extending good players is also a way of extending a finger, perhaps the one in the middle, toward holdout guard Alex Boone.


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  1. iupatis gone, Brandon Thomas will be his replacement next year, and crab might be gone too, they might franchise him tho.

    This is the best part of the article tho LMAO

    “But talking about extending good players is also a way of extending a finger, perhaps the one in the middle, toward holdout guard Alex Boone.”

  2. 49ers say they’ll try to extend both Michael Crabtree and Mike Iupati

    Translation: We’ll try and extend players who report to camp on time, try to be good teammates, and don’t try to reneg on previous contractual obligations.

  3. logical voice almost made me spit out my water with his witty zingers. I must know who writes your material.

    Stay gold logical voice, stay gold!!

  4. As a 9ers fan I think that they have to let both players walk. They wont have the cap room and they have depth on the O line. Crabtree is good but he is not a burner. Stevie Johnson is Crabtree 2.0 and still has 2 years remaining after this year. And they are about the same age.

  5. How are people this bad at reading between the lines?

    Of course the team wants to try to extend Illupati when he’s the best guard in the league? And of course the teams wants to try to extend Crabtree when he’s coming off an injury laden season going into his contract year when he *might be had on the cheap. Here’s the kicker though….Crab’s will blow up this year to the tune of 1500 yards and 11 TDs. Mark it. The team *might get Crabtree extended for a year or two. No chance with Illupati.

  6. .
    It benefits the 49ers to get some parameters on what it will take to resign these guys. They can then plan accordingly.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see who and how the 49er brass prioritizes players. The team has had a good 3-year run with little injury concern and no tough financial decisions to make. This is where the rubber hits the road. Seahawk fans shouldn’t throw stones. Schneider is in the same position next year after Wilson signs big.

  8. Iupati decision might come down to what happens with Boone since they were always going to keep one or the other. If things with Boone get to the point where he gets dealt, Iupati will get the money.

    As for Crabtree, I don’t see a deal happening. He’s going to want a long-term deal at superstar dollars. Most likely they’ll tag him next year and use their 1st rounder on a WR. If the kid shows he’s the real deal, they might let Crab walk the following year.

  9. Pay Mike Iupati and tag him if needed. Don’t let him go. He is one of the best guards in the league, if not the best. Trade Boone for a 3rd or 4th rounder if he doesn’t show up soon. Start Looney this year and let Brandon Thomas compete with him next year.

  10. I don’t think you can keep Crabtree, Iupati, and Boone. Offensive line is very important as you need quality players for run and pass blocking. I hope they can keep both without destroying the future salary cap and the team. I wonder if Stevie Johnson may have been brought in on the though that Crabtree may walk. Extending Boone makes sense if he reports, perhaps they get Iupati done instead of Boone if he continues to hold out. Crabtree will be hard because he held out for 5 games after he was drafted.

  11. Yeah, how is that quest for 6 working out for you SF?

    Seriously, hope everybody heals up before Thanksgiving.

    Looking forward to the game.

  12. Yeah, how is that quest for 6 working out for you SF?

    Seriously, hope everybody heals up before Thanksgiving.

    Looking forward to the game.


    Well, how is your quest for 6? Wait, don’t answer…You still need quest for 2, then 3, (damn finger cramps, hold on)…then 4, then 5.

    In all seriousness, let the jr. varsity teams and have the rest of the nation watch how football is played on Thanksgiving Day!

  13. This debate shouldn’t even be one. Crabtree is far an away the top priority. Guards can be replaced. Especially with the young hungry players we have on the bench. WRs with the complete skill set of an ascending Michael Crabtree aren’t. Him and Kap are tied at the hip and this combo is going to be a top 5 in the NFL no question. I hope Crabtree is a Niner for life.

  14. ninerandricefan says:
    Jul 28, 2014 5:30 PM
    Gotta sign the o-line. Wideouts are a dime a dozen.


    Problem with this is QBs and WRs spend a lot of time getting to know each other’s tendencies on the field, which is really important on timing routes. Kaep and Crabtree have obviously developed that chemistry and it would be back to square one if Kaep loses him. If Boldin was younger, sure it would make it easier to lose him to FA. But I believe they have a 3-4 year window left with their core players. I would keep Crabtree, but hey I’m glad I’m not making the FO decision.

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