Broncos DT Kevin Vickerson has strong words for Seattle

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Well, the Seahawks-Broncos preseason opener on August 7 in Denver just became a little more intriguing, to say the least.

In a column written Monday by Paul Klee of the Colorado Springs Gazette, Broncos defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson voiced his dislike for the Super Bowl-champion Seahawks in memorable terms.

“(Bleep) Seattle,” Vickerson said, according to the Gazette. “Write it down. Take a picture.”

Vickerson, it should be noted, was released by Seattle in September 2010 — Pete Carroll’s first season with the Seahawks. The Broncos picked him up the next day, and he’s been with Denver ever since. Also, Vickerson didn’t play in Super Bowl XLVIII after suffering a dislocated hip in the November loss at New England.

“It was a very personal game for me,” Vickerson said of Super Bowl XLVIII, according to the Gazette.

In the Gazette story, Vickerson also indicated he doesn’t like off-field trash talk. And some Seahawks personnel have taken the opportunity to needle the Broncos at various points after their Super Bowl win, as Mike Klis of the Denver Post noted in a feature published earlier Monday.

“Some guys, that’s what they do to get ramped up. But when you step in between the lines, pads talk. Let your pads talk,” Vickerson told the Gazette. “That’s my mindset, that’s my demeanor when I go out on the field. Some guys are media guys. Some guys are cut different. But when you go to really looking at football and playing football, it’s between the lines. Buckle your chinstrap and let your pads talk, man.”

The pads figure to be howling when these teams meet in Seattle in September. And the preseason matchup in August just got a dash of hot sauce, too.

246 responses to “Broncos DT Kevin Vickerson has strong words for Seattle

  1. It’s not that common to get jacked up about a pre-season game, but this one packs a little spice. Bring on the season, baby!!!

  2. Let your pads talk. After watching that Super Bowl embarrassment, the Donkey’s pads must be mute.

  3. Boo hoo Vickerson. You contributed NOTHING, and got let go because of lackluster, no hustle play and injuries. Be a man, and don’t trash the team that won it all because you now play for the guys that got DISMANTLED by the team your trash talking. Can’t wait for the game this season.

    WOOOO, YOUR GONNA GET blasted.

  4. Sour Grapes!

    Hawks let their pads talk, Kevin. Unfortunately for Denver, you wore kotex mini pads.

    Face it, Kevin, you weren’t good enough to play for the SB champs. Now follow your advice and let your pads do the talking. Bring football pads this time.

  5. The pads did do te talking big fella…. 43-8, LOL. Sounds like a butt hurt player who’s made Carroll’s regime devalued him, and traded him!!!

  6. “Buckle your chinstrap and let your pads talk, man”

    So what does he think he’s doing when he says “(bleep) Seattle”.

    I love the finger pointing among NFL teams. You’re all guilty of the same things, so stop it already.

  7. Going 13-3, having the NFL’s best defense, and stomping your team on football biggest stage 43-8 isn’t letting the pads talk? People hate Seattle because they can talk off the field AND on the field. I’m not a hawks fan and even I can see that.

  8. It’s gonna be about 6 months late if the Broncos “bring the heat” in the preseason game lol. What is this guy talking about “let your pads talk”. Seattle let their pads talk to the tune of a humiliation in the Super Bowl. I’m a 49ers fan with no love for that team but still have to admit they bring it in the only place that matters … on the field.

    Seattle players already said after the game the real Super Bowl was the NFC Championship game that went blow for blow ’til the last minute. That game that took place in N.J. two weeks later was a joke for them.

  9. He actually said, “Duck Seattle,” confusing the team’s moniker with a different type of water fowl.

  10. Can someone give this guy a concussion exam? Or is he normally this mentally retarded? 43-8. That happened between the lines. Did you already forget? Maybe what’s going on (or what isn’t) between those ears is the reason Carroll and Schneider shipped you out. Or maybe it was your contribution to the Seahawks’ 4 win season before Carroll got there that led to it. Either way, keep your sour grapes to yourself because you sound like a bitter ex girlfriend. Carroll and Schneider took your 4 win team, blew it up, and turned them into a super bowl team that just annihilated your current team in the biggest beatdown in recent memory. Embarrassing, i know.

  11. Legion of Boom Pads, “Does this hurt?”

    Denver WRs during Super Bowl, “Yes, please stop.”

    Legion of Boom Pads, “Should we talk louder?”

    Denver WRs during Super Bowl, “Nooooo! We surrender!”

    Hey Vickerson – I think the Seahawks’ pads did a lot of talking during the Super Bowl, as evidenced by the beatdown the Broncos received.


  12. Let your pads talk? Pretty much the opposite of what he’s doing lol. Didn’t play and is now running his mouth, and running it more than any Seahawk does. He’s lucky nobody cares about him or the media might blow this up like they did Sherman. Actually I take that back, that’s probably exactly what he wants.

  13. Can’t think the Hawks will give this too much attention unless it to remind him that they earned the right to talk after that @ss whipping they gave Denver “between the lines”.

  14. He’s right but is also saying he doesn’t like trash talking in the media while trash talking to the media. As a Broncos fan I agree with you Big Vick but there has to be a better way you could’ve said this.

  15. I would hate to be associated with the broncos after getting humiliated that bad. Pretty much, any nfc team w a tough defense would have smoked em!

  16. This guy should take notes and start acting like he’s from a class team like the Seahawks.

    Pretty sure Seattle owned Denver on the field and off earlier this year.

  17. People will bash him for talking smack after they got whooped… But if they want to get the better of them next time- they better have this mindset.

    May the best team win

  18. I think the pads spoke pretty loudly in February. I am sure Mr. Vickerson is sill bitter that he could not make the squad in Seattle even before the infusion of talent.

  19. So Vickerson is saying “if you’re going to talk the talk, walk the walk.”


    43-8. Time to shut up Kevin.

  20. Seattle was beating Denver 36-0 before they eased up a little and Denver was able to score a TD. “Let your pads do the talking for you” isn’t really happening when one team was demolished and playing scared on front of the world.

    Leading up the game Denver fans and players were very brash and talking trash. I watched in pre-season the exact same beating happened when Manning was on the field. Unless Denver develops a run game, Ware turns back the hands of time and their secondary steps up – Kevin Vickerson is not going to be happy with Game 3 this year.

  21. I hate the Seahawks. I hate their coach. I hate their cornerback. It seems like the majority of that team is extremely arrogant. I can’t wait for the Packers to shut them up in week one.

  22. Getting Clady, Miller, Wolfe, Vickerson, Harris, Moore and Carter back as well as getting Talib, Ware, Ward, Sanders, and Roby will definitely make a huge difference for the Broncos than what they looked like in the Super Bowl. I’d look out for that second year RB Montee Ball too….

  23. hmmm… 43-8…. But when you step in between the lines, pads talk. Let your pads talk.

    I think the Seahawks let a lot of things “talk” that day, Mr. Vickerson. Maybe you need an object lesson in history.


  24. SThis is why we love the NFL. Theres nothing like it , whens the last time you foamed at the mouth in anticipation of watching NASCAR ,or any of the other big 3 short of the post season. Preseason Broncos Hawks will be off the hook and theres no doubt there going to play to win. last year Hawks 40 Broncos 10 and Elway tore into the Broncos after.

  25. Wonder why this guy is so upset?? Must have misplaced his AFC championship ring.. He will have a chance to back up this trash talk soon enough… #dynastybeforeyoureyes #12thmanisheretostay

  26. If it wasn’t for Russell Wilson there would be absolutely nothing likable about the Seahawks.

  27. Let your pads and play do the talking. For now the Hawks earned the right to talk-they whipped the Broncos in every phase of the game.

  28. whaaaa
    you didn’t make our team….
    sour grapes

  29. Forget the preseason, donkeys play in Seattle September 21st . Bring your best

  30. The whole Seattle Seahawks franchise is bush league.

    To quote Mike Klis of the Denver Post:

    “Come on, Seahawks. Act like you’ve won it before. Oh, wait. They hadn’t.”

    Greatest quote ever!!

  31. I’m a Broncos fan and this is some nonsense. Seattle earned the right to talk all the crap they want this offseason. I’m glad Vickerson is back in and I hope he can stay healthy this year… I can’t help but wonder if a healthy team might have shown better in the Super Bowl. Regardless, these quotes make zero sense right now.

  32. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Released by Carroll in Seattle, thrashed in the superbowl, I’d be pissed too. Only thing is Kevin, the hawks backed up all that talk. Take Seattle down in the regular season & you can chirp too. Btw, aren’t you doing exactly what you said other players do by talking smack off the field?

  33. ROFL….Does anyone REALLY think either team cares much about the Aug 7th game? Maybe 6 weeks later when they meet in week 3, but certainly not preseason game 1.

  34. Isn’t it funny how players on the losing team are always against trash talking?

  35. I believe that’s exactly what the Seahawks did – let their pads talk for them. You know, between the lines of a 43-8 blowout. But hey, eff Seattle amiright?!

  36. This really shouldn’t be a surprise.

    Seattle completely humiliated the Broncos in front of the world last year in the Super Bowl.

    He probably also doesn’t like the fact that a healthy Patriots team came from 24 points down to beat them either (and they can thank their good fortune that Gronk was injured by the playoffs)

    Now the secret is out that good D can shut down that offense. They just better hope no AFC rival goes out and gets a guy like, say, Revis, on their team to put more defensive pressure on Manning like the Seahawks did.

  37. I think they let their pads talk to the tune of the worst dragging in the Super Bowl since, well the Broncos caught a couple of them at the end of the 80s, lol.

  38. Mr Vickerson pads talked the last time you played the hawks. Remember number 15, yeah I remember number 15. Pads did a lot of talking on that play.

  39. I’m not a Seattle Fan,

    But your team got an epic @ss whipping. And just because he were not on the field has nothing to do with how they neutralized and terrified his QB into ineptness and mistakes. That wouldn’t have changed if he were on the field.

    So take your medicine and do better against the Seahawks next time. Because like you said, it’s settled on the field. And on the field, your team took an all time @ss whipping.


    And it could have been 50 -8 if they hadn’t called the dogs off.

  40. Getting worked up over a preseason game?

    The Broncos have tough season match ups against the NFC West as well as games against five playoff teams, so “talk pads” all you want, Vickerson, the road to a Super Bowl birth is going to take a lot of padding.

  41. I like when guys who are in the trenches throw a little trash talk out there, because they can’t run and hide, they have no choice but to back it up or eat their words.

  42. “Some guys, that’s what they do to get ramped up. But when you step in between the lines, pads talk. Let your pads talk…”

    Vickerson later added:

    “…unless you’re getting embarrassed on national television by Samson Satele, then you cheap shot him and take him out.”

  43. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the reason you can enjoy football today. This is what we built. We are the NFL. We are football. We are God's team. says:

    Sometimes it’s best to leave the past there.

  44. So he doesn’t like off the field trash talk, but that’s exactly what he’s doing? What an idiot. I hope he doesn’t think he would have had any impact on the Super Bowl. He’s delusional if so.

  45. If the pads did the talking during the Superbowl I would have to say Denver’s were Stay Free Maxi Pads.

  46. Seattles pad talk> Denver pad talk

    I think that’s been proven. No, certainly has. Seattle is superior than denver.

    Honestly, why is this guy talking? His team played a soft schedule and got their butt whooped by 35 in the super bowl. Just stop.

  47. Yep, Seattle made the pads talk and whooped your behinds. Keep it moving fella, you have no argument. This guy didnt even play in the Superbowl jeez.

  48. “Buckle your chinstrap and let your pads talk, man.”

    I hate Seattle so I get it, but I thought they let their pads speak loud and clear in the superbowl…

  49. “Buckle your chinstrap and let your pads talk, man”

    This might be a little awkward, but….I think that’s exactly what happened. The Seahawks let their pads talk. Maybe someone should update Vickerson on the situation.

  50. Don’t like either teams, but why even say this if you really believe you should do your talking on the field?

  51. If you’re waiting for the Me-Hawks to win with class and act like they’ve been there before, you’re in for a long wait. Most classless, junk-talking collection of dirty players in the modern era.

    The good news is that their own newspaper, the Seattle Times has concluded their window has already closed

  52. Like he was gonna make a difference in the Super Bowl loss, do you know Chata, ? Kevin? , pray that Manning stays healthy this year or …..Pobrecito

  53. So Kevin Vickerson admonishes Seattle players for talking to the media… by talking to the media? I hope he understands the irony. Probably not, oh well. Anyways, this is much more entertaining than hearing the Broncos yell out 35 anytime they need encouragement.

    Can’t wait for Week 3.


  54. Between the lines? 43-8.

    That’s alot of talk from a guy who claims to be a ‘let your game do the talking’ type guy.

  55. Let your pads talk, some guys are media guys, dude, what do you think that you are doing here. Bill

  56. Well then, the Super Bowl must’ve been a pretty rough night for this dude. Yikes! But yeah…the Seahawks and their fans have had some trouble with winning with grace. It’s cause they’re so new at it.

  57. Yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!That’s is all I gotta say. But sure, I don’t like the cheat Hawks. They will lose without Lynch. Fly high but drop down hill.

  58. Yeah, I can really tell he doesn’t like off season trash talk. What, he meant everyone else’s? That’s easy talk for someone that watched his team get their butt whipped. He ought to have taken his own advice and let his play talk for him. Obviously, back in the day (2010) that wasn’t too impressive either though. I’m glad he found a way to make it. He ought to just feel blessed he can earn a substantial living playing a game and realize its still a business.

  59. For someone who doesn’t like “off-field trash talk,” it’s sounds like exactly what he’s doing himself. If he was a good player, Seattle wouldn’t have released him. Sounds like bitter, sour grapes.

    Pick up a qb while you’re at it, donkeys. One who doesn’t choke it away after he’s polished his personal trophies for reg season stats. Choke on 43 – 8.

  60. When you cry after losing a Super Bowl like that, it doesn’t look good. “bleep” Seattle?…well Seattle just shoved its “bleep” down your “bleep” and made you swallow (that loss).

  61. “In the Gazette story, Vickerson also indicated he doesn’t like off-field trash talk. ”

    Yeah, and “(Bleep) Seattle. Write it down. Take a picture.” doesn’t count as trash talk. Riiight.

    The pads spoke back in February, Vickerson.

  62. Yep, it’s played between the lines. When they played between the lines they got crushed. Right now all your doing is talking, not between the lines.

  63. I just hope that this is played like a preseason game then when the real games start then bring your best shot if you think you have something to prove.

  64. Vickerson says, “…when you step in between the lines, pads talk. Let your pads talk.” I’m pretty sure that the Seahawks’ pads talked to the tune of a 43-8 padding. The Broncos’ pads, sadly, didn’t talk much at all.

  65. That last time they met, Seattle’s pads did the requisite “talkin” he speaks of… big time. Denver’s? Not so much. I halfway like Vickerson, but he’s technically talkin’, when he says that’s not what he does. Hmmm…

  66. “(Bleep) Seattle,” Vickerson said, according to the Gazette‘s Paul Klee, a columnist for the paper. “Write it down. Take a picture.”

    I hope Pete blows these words up (frames) and posts them in the locker room wall at the start of the season.

    Game 3 regular season at the Clink get ready to have your A$$ kicked BIG TIME once again…….


  67. Let the pads talk? They did, it was called the Superbowl. It didn’t go well for you…

  68. Alright, I guess he didn’t even play in that game. My bad. He still would be better off keepinq quiet until he/they achieve their goal – another AFC championship and Superbowl loss.

  69. Very interesting comments indeed! Let your pads talk? Its between the lines? Where exactly has this gentleman been and did he not see the Super Bowl?

    I see why this guy was let go in 2010 . . .

  70. You sound really soft and brittle behind that beat down we gave you scrubs. Feeling some type of way and disrespecting our whole city might have an adverse effect on your team when it’s time to meet. One more thing I can’t believe you got the nerve to talk about speaking with your pads, Seattle must have read the whole bible to you suckas in the Super Bowl lollllll

  71. He is talking trash off the field while at the same time saying he doesn’t like off field trash talk. Oh well, it should be a good game. It couldn’t really be much worse.

  72. I think between the lines with pads on they did do the talking, to the tune of 43-8…
    They earned the right to chirp, the broncos and you especially, did not.

  73. Actually the game film clearly shows the Seahawks (bleep)ing Denver. You can check the tape.

  74. Hahahaha talk about being bitter in defeat. I believe Seattle did all their talking on the field. Enough said. Broncos played like garbage in the biggest game on the biggest stage. Sounds like Vickerson is the one that needs to stop all the “talking” and buckle his chin strap and come ready to play next time

  75. I think pot roast is just echoing the sentiment of football fans everywhere. I personally never want players to get injured but I surely wouldn’t be sad if Richard Sherman caught a Wes Welker-style helmet to the side of the knee.

  76. He says he doesn’t like off-field trash talk as he talks trash off the field.

  77. “In the Gazette story, Vickerson also indicated he doesn’t like off-field trash talk” and “(Bleep) Seattle” are two very contrarian view points. Oh, and Seattle did let their pads do a hell of a lot of talking between the lines. Their pads verbally abused the Broncos offensive line in particular.

  78. I like the guy’s passion. I suspect a lot of others will too, having read this.

    The pads did do the talking though, Mr Vickerson. And when they were finished, there was a 35 point difference.

    It was a shame he didn’t play – along with others – but pads can talk again soon. Hopefully we get to see a closer game, with two fully healthy rosters.

  79. This guy can’t be serious? Let the pass talk? Did he not see Kam’s pads talkin’ to the Broncos in the SB? Denver’s receivers were afraid to catch the ball in the second half sue to all the “pad talk”!

    This guy couldn’t make the hawks roster and NOW she wants to talk smack. Just play and shut your pie hole.

  80. So let me get this right. Kevin Vickerson is upset about the Seahawks talking during the offseason, so he is… talking during the offseason?

  81. Gotta say Big Vick is right, the Seahawks have been acting like sore winners, and I know Seahawks fans who agree that the team should be taking the high road instead of mouthing off about Denver. Yes we know you guys humiliated Denver in the super-bowl, and as a Denver fan I was disappointed with everybody’s performance except Demaryius who you can make a case got the better of Sherman. All that being said, you respect your opponent whether they win or lose, and I feel the Seahawks haven’t shown that showing respect to the losing team attitude the more they talk. Looking forward to when these teams square off in Seattle as it will be a better match-up then the super-bowl.

  82. Sniff, sniff, do I smell a rivalry being reborn end? Let’s not forget that the Seahawks was in the AFC west little over a decade ago and the rivalry between them and denver is much bigger than the niners. Preseason will be a small sample between these two before they meet week 3. I say week 3 is our revenge because there’s no gurantee they’ll meet in the SB again

  83. Well said Mr. Vickerson. The same can be applied to some of their fans as well.

    BLEEP SEATTLE !!!!!!!
    GET THE MAN THE RING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. What a bunch of hot air. Denver had every chance in the world to let their pads do the talking and they said 8 when the Hawks replied 43. (Bleep) Denver. Go Hawks!

  85. Sour grapes. Bitter about us cutting him then kicking his team’s behind in the SB

  86. So they’re using pouting by a journeyman DT to hype a week one preseason game where the starters won’t play more than a series or two? Yeah, I’m sure winning the Osweiler vs Jackson Bowl would erase the humiliation of their Super Bowl beatdown.

  87. 9 of 11 starters on the Denver defense will be different from the starting group that played the superbowl. They will be a top 5 defense this year.

  88. Congrats to the hapless Seahawks making it to the big dance and winning after such a painful history! It’s back to being crappy again…
    They wont make it back to the SB this year!

    PS Try playing the SB without 6 of your starters!

  89. Thanks Vickerson, We needed that reminder that EVERYBODY is comin’ for us this season…We will be ready! Sincerely, The HAWKS! P.S….see ya soon!

  90. As a Seattle fan from the old days, who can remember Elway and the Broncos steamrolling us on a pretty regular basis…..


    That is all.

  91. This reminds me of the Knight in Monty Python Movie who gets his arms chopped off and yells, ” come on, just a flesh wound!”
    Common Vickerson, get real! Go Hawks!

  92. Kevin should ask Demarius Thomas’s shoulder if Kam Chancellor’s pads did some talking in the super bowl….just saying. Hey Kevin, 35!!

  93. Enjoy your last weeks Seahawks, the hangover is coming. It was one great year but there are no dynasties in today’s NFL. There will be a new champ in 2015!

  94. Getting to the Super Bowl takes skill a bit of luck and being healthy at the end of the season. Playing the actual Super Bowl you want your best players on the field. Denver was missing 5 starters on Defense maybe 6. They didn’t have Clady the Pro Bowl left tackle. They didn’t have their starting center and they were missing a offensive guard.
    There is no way any team is going to win the Super Bowl with this many starters not playing. Call it whatever you want but it’s simply the truth. You might get lucky and win a game during the season but when it comes to plating against the best another conference has the chances are you will get blown out of the game.

  95. The SeaChickens had 5 regular season wins that were by 7 pts or less, one more by just 12 pts and two playoff wins by 8 pts and the other by just 6 pts. Even the lowly Jags and Vikes scored 17 and 20 pts on them respectively. Clearly all eight of those wins could have gone either way – the paper parrots could have easily been 9-7 (as usual). They will put in their mediocre marks this year and everyone will wonder “What happened?”. Truth is, the SeaChickens are canaries that squawk like annoying parrots. The ball won’t always bounce their way – wait and see, oh and watch how the big mouths will blame everyone and everything else.

  96. HAHA, man Bronco fans are butt hurt, jeeeez! Accept defeat like a man instead of making excuses about your team. The best offense in history, just like the media spoon fed to America, got WHOOPED by the better team. It’s ok to lose, accept it.

  97. bronco1st says:
    Jul 29, 2014 10:55 AM
    The SeaChickens had 5 regular season wins that were by 7 pts or less, one more by just 12 pts and two playoff wins by 8 pts and the other by just 6 pts. Even the lowly Jags and Vikes scored 17 and 20 pts on them respectively. Clearly all eight of those wins could have gone either way – the paper parrots could have easily been 9-7 (as usual). They will put in their mediocre marks this year and everyone will wonder “What happened?”. Truth is, the SeaChickens are canaries that squawk like annoying parrots. The ball won’t always bounce their way – wait and see, oh and watch how the big mouths will blame everyone and everything else.


    Yet that “mediocre” team beat yours 43-8. What does that say about your Broncos? And maybe you also didn’t look at the strength of schedule of the Seahawks compared to your Broncos. Your cupcake schedule and a weak AFC led you to utter humiliation against just a “mediocre” team. Seriously, do you even think before you write that stuff?

  98. What a joke Vickerson! Everyone knows that the Seattle Seahawks are America’s Team. They do their talking on the field and back it off the field.

    You just talk crap and then say nobody else should be able to say anything.

    We will see you on the field – August doesn’t matter, but when it counts – you and the donkeys don’t stand a chance.

    Love to see all the great comments from around the globe that are pro-Seattle. #GoHawks

  99. Well I do not recall any type of trash talking amongst the hawks and the broncs before, during, or after the superbowl! I felt it was one of the more classiest of teams in the #NFL just off of the facts that they did not bad mouth each other! I mean Peyton Manning showed so much class with his comments afterwards that how could you not respect that guy and his team? i do recall one thing though MR. Kevin Vickerson The Seahawks cut your A** & The Seahawks Whipped Ya’lls A**’s In The Super Bowl! So rock on with your bad self! #GoHawks -one

  100. “I’m going to trash talk a team that cut me and that I think talks trash because the great Mike Klis thinks so. It doesn’t matter that I became irrelevant in November because I’m now relevant for five minutes in…….July.”

    Kevin Vickerson

  101. I’m still wondering what trash talking the Seahawks players have said this offseason?.. Only trash talking I heard was Sherman calling 49ers Crabtree mediocre. Wagner? He was asked a question and answered it. Did the Broncos not look like they played scared? Scared is a vague word and Wagner meant “scared” like apprehensive. Bobby Wagner is pure class, he’s not one to trash talk. The Seahawks beat “the best offense in history” in a historic fashion. Seattles first Super Bowl. Are players and fans not allowed to be excited?! Why play the game or be a fan than? That’s why we watch our teams.

    And let’s be honest. The game could’ve easily been 60+ to zero but the Seahawks called off the dogs midway through the 3rd quarter. I’m tired of hearing Broncos players, coaches and even their media whining about their OWN garbage performance. Don’t blame the Seahawks, look in the mirror!

  102. He like the rest of the Broncos and their fans felt they had already won the Super Bowl before they played it. He must have been really partying it up on the sidelines, since he obviously didn’t watch the game. And he wonders why we cut him.

  103. I’m confused…how does having 5 to 6 defensive players out for the Broncos have any effect on the Hawks defense completely shutting down the supposed best offense in NFL history?? That injury excuse is lame. You Denver Manning fans weren’t complaining about that when you were winning the AFCCG. Give cred where it’s due. Seattle WAS and IS the better team.

  104. If you watch the game it is apparent that the Broncos became demoralized by a series of gaffes. They ket the Hawks get under their skin. Seattle was moving fast and hitting hard.

    If Seattle had played hard right through I think they’d have scored at least one more TD, or even just kicked field goals. It gould have been 50-8.

    Carroll did not run th score up for a number of reasons.
    The first was the fact that it was uneccessary. They had made the point.
    The second was common sense. No need to see a player injured going all out for points that did nothing but deflate the other team.
    The third was sportsmanship. They had beaten the Broncos and the Broncos knew it.

    As the 4th quarter began Seattle had a 28 point lead. They scored one more time and I think they did that because in the back of Carroll’s mind was the thought that he was playing the best offensive team that had ever played and he wanted to be safe. With a 5 TD lead and the time that remained there was no use in running up anymore scores.

    But the pads talked that day and the Broncos got beat bad. One of the worst defeats in SB history.

    Another day may be a different outcome. But that day was Seattle’s and as a fan I still feel as great about it as I did at the end of the game.

    We have one of the youngest teams to ever win a SB. So they may get a bit boisterous and vocal at times. But they earned it.

    I used to tell people I was a Hawks fan and they would ask Why? or roll their eyes and joke about them. Not last year.

    Now I am a bandwagon fan and my team is a bunch of cheaters. Such is the price of following the current champions I guess.

    Go Hawks!

  105. Dude is a walking contradiction, I guess your a media guy too there Mr. Vickerson. You got cut from Seattle because of your character and temper on the field. You continuously cost your team penalty yards because you couldn’t control your temper on the field. Now your butthurt about it because when the pads were crackin on the field it was your guys getting blown up (See Chancellor – Thomas 1st Quarter) Face it dude, your team was destroyed to the enth degree in the SB. Winners talk and losers walk, so get to walking Vickerson.

  106. Jeez, can we just stop the fan arguement please? Enough with “our fans are the best and your teams fans are the worst”. Seahawks fans are the worst because their team won the SB. They are all a bunch of bandwagon fans and act classless. Games are not played in the stands, they are played by the players on the field. If the only response you have to getting beat by the Seahawks is “their fans are the worst” then you sir/madam have no argument. Give credit where credit is due and move along.

    Face it the Seahawks are the SB Champions and some people are going to run their mouths, every NFL city has fans that act like…well FANATICS. See the origin of fan is FANATICS. So again when a fan is acting like a fan and you complain about it you just look dumb.

  107. I hate everything about Seattle’s football team (except for their fan’s passion come game day – for any sport really and Russell Westbrook), but my god that is one hell of a goddamn football team.

    That defense reminds me of the old TB and Baltimore defenses, which means they have a GREAT defense.

    I’m honestly terrified to see what that offense can do with a healthy Harvin.

  108. Most of this is childish BS, on both sides. There are a few exceptions but far too few.
    My only thoughts about all this is BS is as follows:
    1. The Hawks won convincingly and deserve the championship.
    2. The labels of the Hawks as “cheaters” and the “PED/Adderal arguments are old hat and unwarranted.
    3. While there are certainly some bandwagon fans, there are also thousands of Seahawk fans like myself that supported the team since it’s inception, through the good and the bad.
    4.Being a Seahawk fan, I dislike the radical big mouth fans as much as our haters do, and I’m certain most of the real, long term fans agree. We should win with class as well as lose with class.
    5. The disrespect and cutting comments about other teams from our fans is distasteful to me. The Niners are a real threat, as is the rest of the NFC West, which is where our defense of the title has to start.
    6. I believe Denver is a better team than they showed in the Superbowl. On any given Sunday is a truism. Look back at a few of our regular season games (the Bucs, Texans, Colts, Cards, etc.) We didnt look so hot in those games, so the dominate label doesnt apply across the board for us either.
    Enough said.

  109. Being serious, one more thing that people say about the legitimacy of the SB win: holding on most plays in the secondary.

    With Denver’s off-season acquisitions (also NE’s), they should be tougher to beat.

  110. For all the Denver fans still in denial about what happened in the Superbowl, not to mention pre-season last year. Lemme straighten you out about any misconceptions about the Broncos getting cheated. Your very own Shannon Sharpe who won 2 superbowls with Denver said on NFL radio following the Superbowl that if the seahawks and broncos played 10 games back to back the Broncos would be 0-10.

  111. “For all the Denver fans still in denial about what happened in the Superbowl, not to mention pre-season last year. Lemme straighten you out about any misconceptions about the Broncos getting cheated. Your very own Shannon Sharpe who won 2 superbowls with Denver said on NFL radio following the Superbowl that if the seahawks and broncos played 10 games back to back the Broncos would be 0-10.”


    Reminds me of a statement the owner of another Colorado-based franchise said following his team’s loss to the Red Sox in 2007. Despite being swept, he said if the teams had played 10 games instead of 4, Colorado would be World Champions.

  112. The Hawks should sit everyone out for the opening preseason game against Denver. Do not give Denver the satisfaction of losing by less than 30.

  113. Love NFL and lookin forward to a Seahawk repeat. Predictions: Broncos lose first game in the playoffs. Peyton retires. New England wins 9 games. Seattle wins SB by 17 over AFC champs Packers. Pay me now or later, makes no difference.

  114. Seattle is a bad matchup for Denver regardless of when and where they play. Vickerson’s unfortunate choice of words is funny to most fans, but I bet the Seahawks themselves will appreciate the added bulletin board material.

  115. “Pay me now or later, makes no difference.”

    You lost everyone at New England wins 9 games. Unless you meant they win at least 9 games.

  116. Love NFL and lookin forward to a Seahawk repeat. Predictions: Broncos lose first game in the playoffs. Peyton retires. New England wins 9 games. Seattle wins SB by 17 over AFC champs Packers. Pay me now or later, makes no difference.

    Seattle wins SB by 17 over AFC champs Packers?????

    New England wins at LEAST 9 games…nobody in AFC East can last with them…yet…maybe in a few years…..

  117. The whole Seattle Seahawks franchise is bush league.

    To quote Mike Klis of the Denver Post:

    “Come on, Seahawks. Act like you’ve won it before. Oh, wait. They hadn’t.”

    Greatest quote ever!!
    ————————————————–“Come on Broncos, act like you’ve lost it before. Oh wait. They have…5 times…..”

  118. Seahawks fans are the absolute classless fans I’ve ever come across in all my years as a fan. A franchise that was in the AFC for decades and hasn’t been relevant until two years ago, all of a sudden has these POSERS for fans.

    Dynasty?! Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  119. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only 2 SBs in recent memory — in the Golden Age of SBs — decided by more than 7 points featured the same losing QB. Peyton Manning.

  120. You ARE wrong, Jim, because there have been more than two, and one of them featured WINNING QB Peyton Manning.

    Go look it up next time before embarrassing yourself like that.

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