Cardinals OLB John Abraham charged with DUI in June


Cardinals outside linebacker John Abraham, a key part of a strong Arizona defense, was arrested in late June in DeKalb County, Georgia on a DUI charge, the Arizona Republic reported Monday night.

The 36-year-old Abraham has been excused from the club to attend to personal business since the beginning of training camp.

According to the Republic, the Cardinals know of Abraham’s arrest but declined comment on the matter.

On Monday, Cardinals G.M. Steve Keim told the club’s website that he was “not concerned at all” about Abraham’s time away from camp, noting that coach Bruce Arians had excused the linebacker.

DeKalb County public records show that a John Antonio Abraham was cited for DUI and parking, stopping or standing in a prohibited place on June 29. A booking photo of Abraham was included in the online records.

Abraham recorded 11.5 sacks for the Cardinals last season. He joined Arizona last July.

Abraham was also reportedly arrested on a DWI charge as a member of the Jets in 2003. According to published reports, Abraham pleaded guilty to driving while impaired and was benched for one game as punishment by Jets coach Herm Edwards.

24 responses to “Cardinals OLB John Abraham charged with DUI in June

  1. Any punishment by the NFL will take place after this is adjudicated. Any halfway competent lawyer can keep this going until after the Superbowl when Abraham’s contract with Arizona will expire. And considering his age this may be his last contract anyway. Hopefully he is in Rehab at the moment

  2. Let’s hope this suspension adds up to physically knocking your significant other unconscious. But hey, like good guy Stephen A. Smith says sometimes they got it comin’.

  3. Great…..between Abraham and Tucker now we rival Minnesota for idiots that DUI…got to be the heat…..but it’s a dry heat!!

  4. PFT also reported in 2012 John Abraham was cited for being schnookered going to his apartment building in Atlanta, which was the subject of a crime scene at the time in which Abe was not involved. Dude needs to switch to unsweetened iced tea as bev of choice.

  5. Unless teams start locking these guys up during the off season they are going to do what they do – behave like there are no consequences for their actions, as they have learned since Pop Warner.

  6. Damn it! So frustrating to read this! Every time I get excited about the season something like this happens. Wonder how many games he will miss for this? If he would’ve only knocked a lady out and cave man dragged her out of an elevator he would only miss 2… He may get 6 games for this…

  7. Former New England QB Drew Bledsoe is still has flashbacks whenever he hears Abraham’s name. Get that Brady kid in there in there and see what he can do!And the rest is history.

  8. Oh oh, trouble. You Cardinal fans could have hoped he assaulted his girlfriend but he had to get DUI. When will they learn that bullying girls is OK but DUI is not.

  9. Can someone just steal every NFL player’s phone and download the Uber app for them? These guys blow my mind with these DUI’s…and everything to lose. Not to mention the innocent people they endanger.

  10. I’ve been at the pink panther for happy hour, it rocks. His bad for having double bubbles and driving. Dumbbell. If he’d if hit my grandaughter, well….stay away from driving drunk. Wow there’s a news flash.

  11. I read another article that indicated he was “asleep” and the officers had to bang on his windows repeatedly to wake him. With his alcohol content as it was, he was not asleep, he was passed out. Big difference.

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