Chris Rainey cut for disciplinary reasons, not football reasons


For the second time in his brief NFL career, running back Chris Rainey has been cut for off-field reasons.

Rainey was cut by the Colts today for violating team rules, Adam Schefter ‏of ESPN reports. Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star adds that the release is conduct related and that head coach Chuck Pagano plans to provide more details.

What’s clear is that the decision was not about Rainey’s performance on the football field at training camp, which is consistent with what Pagano has been saying about Rainey: Pagano raved over the weekend about how much he likes Rainey, and when running back Vick Ballard was lost for the season with a knee injury, it appeared that Rainey would play an important role on the team as a backup running back as well as a kick returner.

Instead, Rainey has been released for something he did off the field. We don’t know exactly what that “something” was, but we do know that this has happened to Rainey before: The Steelers cut him shortly after his rookie year ended following an arrest on a charge of battery against his girlfriend. Now that Rainey has blown his second chance with the Colts, he’ll have to hope some team is willing to give him a third chance.

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  1. Feel bad about this situation. Fantastic talent, poor decisions. He was great with Pittsburgh in the limited time he was there. Hoped he could turn it around after he was cut.

  2. “The Steelers cut him shortly after his rookie year ended following an arrest on a charge of battery against his girlfriend.”

    Now this is the way it should be handled when RB’s beat their significant others.

  3. Maybe Urban Meyer should have had him for more Bible studies and prayer meetings with all the other criminials from his UF teams.

  4. If you are a marginal football player at best, boy you need to keep your nose clean. However, some of these guys are too slow to recognize that.

  5. When he was drafted by Pittsburgh, Markice Pouncey raived about how great this guy was as he grew up with the Pouncey family. Between Rainey, the Pouncey twins and Hernadez all being close friends I see nothing but a big steaming pile of trash since trouble always seems to find all of them.

  6. I hope a clown like Rainey would NEVER get a third chance. Sadly when you can play it happens. This is what happens when character does NOT matter and individuals like Rainey get scholarships and eventually are talented enough to play in the NFL. Let’s hope we see the last of guys like him in the NFL period.

  7. Too bad that Rainey didn’t have $29,000 in cash on him when he got into trouble, it might have been an entirely different story then !

  8. Sad guys like this can’t keep it together enough for a job a lot of other guys dream of.

  9. Fozzie Newsome: “Sign here kid,you are the kind of player that fits right in here in!!”

    Rainey: “I’m gonna knock you out with my skill!!!”

  10. Strike three and you’re out, champ.

    In a way, the guy’s lucky to get cut now… there’s bound to be a team in camp now that could use competition at his level, but getting cut by two different teams for non-football reasons certainly gives teams a reason to be cautious.

    Twice, after all, is a pattern.

  11. IMOP it’s damn tough to get arrested in this country.

    Now i know Dr. Rainey wasn’t pulled by the cops this time, but still, it’s not like the Colts are trying to find off field incidents to cut players for.

    Please Dr. Rainey save your life. You are the only one who can

  12. The Steelers cut him for battery against his girlfriend….and the NFL gives Ray Rice a 2 game suspension for knocking his girlfriend out cold….go figure…..

  13. Won’t be surprised at all if he ends up on the Hawks. Carroll likes to give guys a 2nd chance, Lynch holding out, and the guy is young and talented. Sounds like a Carroll guy to me.

  14. Has there ever been a player more equipped to be on the Ravens?

    Ravens fans may be tired of the jokes, but that’s what happens when your team embraces low character players.

  15. This type of character will be out of football at the college level once the unions get student athletes paid. That is the upside of paying college players. It will be easy to see who can handle having a few bucks in their pocket and who cannot.

  16. I recall that Rainey was suspended at Florida for beating up his girlfriend. At some point, you have to wonder about what kind of woman would be with him.

  17. Some of these pro ball players are bone headed that it amazes me sometimes but doesn’t surprise me. They get a second chance in which most people in society do not get and they blow it away…again! Way to go guy!

  18. If the Steelers cut a guy for off field problems, that should be good enough reason that he’s beyond repair. Their management is prob better or equal to yours. Don’t think you will turn him around when they couldn’t.

  19. What’s wrong with these guys? Mental health issues, drugs? Grown so-called men that can’t behave…embarassing.

  20. Why do people keep bringing up Irsay here? Irsay owns the team. Rainey was a borderline guy trying to make the team. In life, there are double standards. Generally, you get to bounce back if you…you know..own the team not if you are a fringe talent incapable of walking a straight line in your 2nd chance.

  21. I find it funny all the Steeler trolls who claim they are a higher order because the Steelers cut him and Ravens didn’t cut Rice. Yet they happily employed Ben and continue to happily employ Adams. The different is clear: marginal player vs. a playmaker. You are not better than everyone else.

  22. Another gator with issues. That university is not having any luck with glowing representations of themselves. Good luck to Rainey in the future. But dang kid, keep your head on straight will ya.

  23. Alot of Gator haters on here…

    These guys didn’t get in trouble at Florida because of how Urban ran his program…is it the parent’s fault when a 22-26 year old screws up?

  24. politicallyincorrect says: Jul 28, 2014 9:53 AM

    so Steelers kept BigBen after the rape… and continue to keep Pouncey… but Rainey is below standards………. this says a lot

    Get you facts straight hater.

  25. No, he in-fact was cut for ‘football reasons’, in that he’s not good enough a player to be a able to act like a knuckle-head. If he had more football talent, then either the Colts or Steelers before would have managed his off-field issues.

    Sure those ‘disciplinary reasons’ led to him not being on a 90-man roster … but his being cut also comes because of his not having much more than run-of-the-mill NFL caliber talent.

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