Griffin says Titans are a “different team” now

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After a failed 2013 season, Titans tight end Delanie Walker claimed that six or seven of his teammates were cancers, sparking a stream of reactions as people like coach Ken Whisenhunt said the concerns should have been kept in house, cornerback Jason McCourty and receiver Nate Washington said Walker should have called a team meeting, and now-former Titans running back Chris Johnson (who may have been one of the tumors to whom Walker was referring) said Walker should have named names.

Now, Titans safety Michael Griffin has voiced concerns similar to Walker’s, with slightly less inflammatory language — and slightly less flair than teammate Bernard Pollard, who has declared that the Titans “sucked butt” last year.

It’s a different team now,” Griffin said, via Terry McCormick of  “It’s a different team in the fact that it’s different all the way around.  You see this team in a positive direction, aimed in the right direction. The guys we’ve brought in the last two years, the coaching staff — all of this you can see where this team can go. . . .  It’s a different mood when you come here.  You’re just excited and ready to play football.  [Before] you just had a lot of guys that had other things on their minds.  Other things were more important.  They were just happy to be here rather than more happy to win football games. That being said, the guys who are here [now] want to play football.”

Griffin didn’t say who those guys with “other things on their minds” were or what those “other things” were.  But his views mesh with Walker’s, and it’s good news for a franchise that by all appearances has struggled to find its way since blowing the No. 1 seed via a division-round home loss to the Ravens in January 2009.  If Griffin is right, the Titans may be finding their way again.

It would help to find an answer at quarterback.

13 responses to “Griffin says Titans are a “different team” now

  1. The vibe coming from training camp sure seems to be better than it has been since the start of the 2006 pre-season. Even the 10 and 0 start in 2008 didn’t hide the funk going on behind the scenes between Vince Young, Jeff Fisher and Kerry Collins.

  2. Not a knock on Griffin but we hear similar comments every yr.. This yr is different, the atmosphere has changed.. So I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m a huge Griffin fan along with a Titans fan and hope he’s right. It’s definitely going to b a different team this yr, mainly on offensive. Hopefully were getting away from the run, run, pass, punt offensive that us Titans fans r so used to.

  3. Not a huge Griffin fan (find him annoyingly inconsistent on the field and not much of a leader), and seem to recall him talking about personal distractions contributing to his own less-than-stellar play in the past. So I’m not sure he is one to be pointing fingers, unless he’s pointing at himself.

    But hey, if he’s going to be an expensive follower who relies on those around him to set the tone, I guess it’s a plus that he likes where he’s being led this year.

  4. Does that mean in intends to actually tackle this year? That would be a huge help! LOL The Titans lost Alterraun Verner, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kenny Britt, Damian Williams, Chris Johnson & Rusty Smith. Britt might have been cancerous, Williams might have lacked focus. Say what you want about Johnson. He suited up every week. I guess at least 3 of the cancers are still on the club. Cancers that are not gotten out completely tend to spread. Maybe the other 3 cancers will be extricated during the preseason. It really doesn’t matter much. Who on the Titans would you want for your starting team? We have two upper half wide receivers. A TE that doesn’t totally suck. A quality DT who may not fit the new defense. A serviceable CB and safety, Pollard not Griffin. Add an enigma at QB and the Paper Lion Colts can count two more wins. Colts in 2013, 6-0 vs AFC South, 6-6 vs everybody else.

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