Jeromey Clary takes pay cut of nearly $3 million

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Chargers guard Jeromey Clary is coming off a rocky 2013 season and started camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list while he recovers from hip surgery.

Waiting for him to get healthy wasn’t a sure thing for the Chargers because Clary was set to make $4.55 million and the team drafted guard Chris Watt in the third round in May, but Clary went a long way toward guaranteeing himself a job for the entire year on Monday.

Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego reports that Clary has agreed to take a big pay cut in exchange for the Chargers guaranteeing his entire salary for the season. Clary will now make $1.6 million with Gehlken reporting that the savings are earmarked for any needs that may arise over the course of the regular season.

If Clary recovers in time to play in the preseason, he could still wind up in the starting lineup come September. If not, his new salary makes Clary, who can also play tackle, a more viable reserve option.

22 responses to “Jeromey Clary takes pay cut of nearly $3 million

  1. TT has taken care of the three things that needed attention rosterwise this summer: 1. cutting Larry English 2. cutting Jonas Mouton 3. restructuring Clary or releasing him if he didn’t take a pay cut. In item No. 3, it worked out for the best because the Bolts get to keep Clary, who is a serviceable right guard, at a salary commensurate to his talent level.

  2. Telesco probably did well here. The jury is out on his other decisions for this season. We’ll see how his draft picks work out. We’ll see if Manti T’eo takes a step forward from the mediocrity he displayed in year one. We’ll see how Donald Brown, a 3.5 million expenditure, works out. I’m not in the blind obedience club where I proclaim the genius of someone’s thinking until the games have actually been played.

  3. This is the news Chargers fans have been waiting for… Clary is a good guy, and can play a couple of positions, but he was just making TOO much money. This may free up enough money so SD could sign another quality free agent WR.

  4. I don’t get the hatred towards Clary, for a 6th round draft choice whose lasted and has still been able to contribute almost a decade later, that’s not a bad pick.

  5. It’s less about blind obedience and more to do with addition by subtraction.

    English and Mouton were a first and second round draft pick. With that comes a higher grade in initial pay. That being said neither was worth their value and neither could remain healthy for any length of time.

    Clary is a journeyman and has been a journeyman his whole career. Both he himself and Tom Telesco recognized the gap in reality between what he’s worth and what he’s being paid.

    We got the same player for a lesser price and removed 2 players who more than likely would not even be healthy enough to earn a paycheck.

    Keenan Allen should have been rookie of the year. Complain about Teo all you want… Tom Telesco got better talent in later rounds in his only draft.

    There is no reason to lack optimism at this point in time.

  6. Rank and file guys getting bent over the barrel like this is why (seems to be a lot of salary reductions going on these past couple of years) I no longer mind when players who out-perform hold out. And why I find it humorous that some people think Suh is being greedy/selfish for taking the money he is guaranteed.

  7. Clary lost most of his career earnings investing in humb0lt’s Super Bowl Express, and is taking the guaranteed money this year to fund his retirement account.

  8. Finally! Clary is a decent player, but he wasn’t worth the 4th highest contract on the chargers this season and the chargers have more than compensated clary for his time as a charger so far. I’m glad the chargers and Clary could work a deal to keep him around without needing to cut him.

  9. Sometimes the fans are right, AJ.

    We knew English was a bust. We knew Buster was a bust. We knew Mouton was a reach. We knew you should have kept VJ. We knew Clary was vastly overpaid.

    Clary is a serviceable guard. He did, after all, stone the overrated JJ Watt in game one last year.

  10. I suspected Clary was going to be cut. He just doesn’t play well enough for what the Chargers were paying him. Glad Telesco was able to work out a deal to keep him for depth as everyone has positive things to say about him and he already knows the offense. TT has been doing an outstanding job cleaning up AJ’s train wreck. Great GM and happy to have him. Go Bolts!

  11. joetoronto says:
    Jul 29, 2014 4:41 AM
    The team with no fan base.

    Choo, choo!


    The Raiders are the team with no wins…

    Wah-wah (sad trombone).


  12. Hate to say this, but the Chargers are a very average, irrelevant team. League wide, they are considered soft! Rivers? What the hell has he ever done? He is not a top 10 qb in the NFL. The rest of your team………coaching, management, ownership…….the proof is in the pudding and you dont have much!

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