Jim Caldwell thinks a deal with Ndamukong Suh will get done


Lions coach Jim Caldwell doesn’t agree with the recent report that the Lions aren’t optimistic about a long-term contract with defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Asked if he thinks the Lions can keep Suh long term, Caldwell said he believes they can, noting that the team views Suh as a building block and saying that Suh showed up to training camp in phenomenal shape.

“Absolutely,” Caldwell said, via the Detroit News. “I’m always optimistic . . . and I think without question [Lions management and Suh’s agent] are working at it. And I think something will be done at the appropriate time.”

Suh’s enormous cap number of $22.4 million this year — and the fact that franchising him next year would cost a whopping $26.9 million — makes it easy to see why the Lions would love to work out a long-term deal that provides them with some immediate cap relief. But it also makes it easy to see why Suh is tempted to simply play out his deal. The Lions probably wouldn’t franchise him because they wouldn’t want to eat that cap hit, which means Suh would hit the open market after this season.

Caldwell may have reasons to be optimistic about getting a deal done with Suh, but Suh has even more reasons to be optimistic that he’s going to get paid a fortune over the coming years, from the Lions or some other team.

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  1. Forget the curse of Bobby Layne. A boy named Suh takes down the Lions. Nice work Lewand and Mayhew!

  2. Optimism is a great attribute for a newly hired head coach but everything Suh has said and done before and after Caldwell’s hiring suggests that he will leave via free agency without looking back. Realistically, one can be optimistic that Suh’s desire to have an outstanding last season in Detroit will result in an unexpectedly successful year for the Lions.

  3. If he is the team mate and leader he’s said to be by some he’ll not only sign but he’ll sign for an amount that will allow the team to sign the players needed to win. My guess is that he’s a total me guy and his contract if he signs one will be a debacle for the team.

  4. So people who are on the outside don’t think a deal will get done and people on the inside, who are privy to real information about the situation, think a deal will get done. Hmmmmm….I think I’ll go with what Caldwell says over people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

  5. Make no mistake – Suh is a stud. The Lion’s would love to keep him.

    But he isn’t worth that much money – no single player (outside of the QB) is worth that much.

    Let him leave – the only teams with enough cap space to satisfy his never-ending greed will be those teams with a losing record. That is exactly where this selfish player belongs…

  6. Caldwell thinks they’ll be in the NFC North bottom this year. What a losing mentality, cursed Lions will never be close to championship or super bowl, only in their dreams. They can get Bill Belichick and won’t go any where. Caldwell can’t coach that’s why he got fire from Colts and they had future hall of famed Manning. Lions suck. LOL!!!!

  7. Not many Lion’s fans excited about Caldwell. The good news you do not have Schwartz, the not so good news the Lion’s hired Caldwell.

  8. Ha ha, Detroit embraced this guy and reveled in his antics when they were all about him. How much will lion fans revel in these selfish antics. He’s playing off those over pad rookie contracts and now it is coming back back bite the Lions in the a**.

  9. For johnelwayishorsefaced: Bob Dylan once sang, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows…” Same deal here and the wind seems to be blowing Suh out of town. Do you really think a head coach would ever come out with a pre-season public statement that one the team’s best players has been jerking them around and we fully expect him to leave as soon as possible? The only way Suh re-signs is if the Lions have a remarkably good season lead by a dramatically re-programmed M. Stafford and a coaching staff that possesses many fine qualities beyond simple optimism.

  10. Hey if he walks think of the money saved HE’S A DT come on man they are there every year via free agency or draft this year Donald was there next year ?? someone good maybe not great but look around the league great DT don’t necessarily equate to success or a Super bowl
    It’s always been a team sport losing Suh sad to say in the long run really won’t matter. They are and always will be The Detroit Lions. gotta love em

  11. It’s a good bet that Suh wants to go to a team with a legit shot at the Super Bowl. You can’t blame him for that.

    Stafford has plenty of weapons this year, so the Lions should score plenty of points. If they don’t, I expect him to be a backup somewhere like Houston.

    Before Javid Best’s career ending injury, the Lions were 5-0. Schwartz had the pieces for a powerful team, but the injury bug was a serious problem. You can argue that all teams deal with injuries, but there was actually a short stretch where Schwartz gave Lions fans hope.

  12. What people seem to completely ignore is Suh’s cap number is what it is because the Lion’s asked him to restructure multiple times over the course of his first contract. Who wouldn’t take guaranteed money in a restructure? If they can sign Suh for 10-12 mil a year than they will. The easiest way to make this happen is a fully guaranteed contract. I’m sure he would take less money if it were guaranteed, than more money where the could just cut him in the final year of the contract. 6 years, 65 Million fully guaranteed gets the deal done.

  13. Another thing, Suh has never left the Lion’s any reason to doubt his commitment to the team or conditioning. (Unlike Fairley) So why not reward him with a fully guaranteed contract?

  14. If he does go to a super bowl bound team it won’t be for $$ it will be for a ring if he wants the $$ it will be Da Raiders no team bound for the ring will pay that $$ to a DT only mid and lower tier teams make that mistake and I would not blame him for either decision the ring would be sweet as the $$ would be sweet as well it’s a small window to make that $$

  15. No one is going to give Suh more money then the Lions and Suh knows that. A deal will get done before the season starts. In the end Suh knows contenders who have their own cap problems aren’t going to pay more then the Lions.

  16. Let him walk. A team leader does what is necessary to help the team (negotiating a contract before free agency or taking a deal that gives them more money to improve the roster), shows up for OTAs when an entirely new coaching staff and playbook is being installed, and is accountable for his actions on and off the field.

    Of course he is a great player and he makes the team better with him on it, but he’s going to cost too much and he has an attitude and a disciplinary problem. Calvin Johnson was worth every dollar, Stafford is if he improves and plays up to his potential, having the highest paid DT in history at this point isn’t.

  17. Lions mismanaged so much the fact they had three top 3 picks in four years under the old CBA that I won’t be surprised if Suh walks with Megatron and Stafford signed to huge contracts and a salary cap situation only better than the Saints and the Cowboys.

  18. No one is going to give Suh more money then the Lions and Suh knows that. A deal will get done before the season starts. In the end Suh knows contenders who have their own cap problems aren’t going to pay more then the Lions.


    This is true. Right or wrong Suh has a horrible reputation. If another team signs him they would have to sign him to a deal that is, ostensibly, team friendly. So he could say things like “I just wanted to go to a contender”. A contract full of clauses forcing him to go non-mandatory camps to get full bonuses. A new team would have to sell it to their fan base.

    Plus…..Suh isn’t exactly popular with other players. Does he really want to go into his FA without a saftey net? He’s a hit to the knee away from seeing that payday get substantially reduced.

  19. With the new cap increase coming I see a deal getting done. Suh will be the highest paid DT for a year, then next year someone else will be. In three years from now there will be 5 or 6 DT’s making more than Suh. That is how the NFL works. Just be happy as a Lions fan we have the guy

  20. If I were running the Lions, I’d be tempted to just let Suh play out his contract this year and let him walk.

    Yes, the guy is an absolute beast at DT. But the money he reportedly wants is too much for that position. In addition, he shows no signs of maturing.

    I think the Lions would be better off using a high draft pick on a good DT and using the money they saved on not paying Suh to get 2-3 quality FA’s to bolster the roster.

  21. @banky74

    He has matured every year, he has gotten smarter and less prone to making boneheaded mistakes.

    I think 10 -12 mil a year is more than reasonable.

  22. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Jul 28, 2014 9:45 AM
    Caldwell is an embarrassment of a coach.


    Then that makes him a perfect fit for the Lions.

  23. Avril left for less money, would have made more. Suh could be talking to Cliff too much

  24. Personally, It would be sweet to me if he hit free agency, let all the hypocrites that bash him come begging for him to play for them, then he resigns with Detroit. Dream scenario for me

  25. Suh has ALL the leverage here. No way he is signing extension. I bet he ends up staying right here when it’s all said in done next year. He’s just going to use other teams to drive up his price and sign a gigantor deal for about 12-13 mil for 5-6 years w a boat load of guaranteed cash…

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