Kelvin Benjamin getting a “precautionary MRI”


The Panthers added a bunch of guys to their receiving corps this offseason, pinning much of the hope on first-rounder Kelvin Benjamin.

Now, they have to hope he’s well.

The Panthers announced this morning that Benjamin was “getting a precautionary MRI” after banging knees with a teammate in practice yesterday.

Benjamin wasn’t going to replace veteran Steve Smith immediately anyway, but if he’s out any amount of time, they could be in real trouble throwing the ball.

Though they’ll go two-tight end more (or maybe three), their next-best options at wide receiver are Jason Avant and Jerricho Cotchery.

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  1. I’m expecting Carolina to take a huge step back this year.. QB not 100% o – line not solidified.. backs older and injury prone. . Great d – line and Lbs but the secondary is suspect.. I didn’t see how they got much better at all this off season

  2. Hope springs eternal, especially if you’re a Panther homer in the off-season, but the realist in me agrees with the previous poster.

    (I was gonna name him, but Dallas? Ugh. Can’t do it. Sorry.)

  3. Went 12-4 last season with a passing attack ranked 29th. O-Line was also patchwork last season, and secondary was also suspect last season.

    Also: Dallas does not, in fact, dominate.

  4. I agree with you about Cam but the O line wasn’t that great last season and in my opinion the secondary is better now the backs have been injury prone the last couple of years I’m more concerned about our return game.

  5. Love the Panthers to death, but I don’t see where we got better at any position.

    The WR, OL and secondary issues are well chronicled, but other than another year’s experience for the remaining units, improvement isn’t there.

    A Benjamin injury is not devastating, but it does hurt. I wasn’t overly impressed with Kelvin anyway. My 6′ 4″ rookie WR would have been Martavis Bryant. Like his speed. On the Panthers, Philly Brown might turn out to be the best rookie WR.

  6. I’m not a Panthers fan by any means, but they’ll be alright. All this talk about no wrs, they had no wrs last year. Lafell sucks, can actually made Ted ginn look respectable, and Steve Smith is a legit wr, but wasn’t the same shmitty as before. Now he has possession wrs who can CATCH on regular basis. People are underestimating how good cam has gotten. They got one of the top lbs corps in the league, the best defenses have legit LBS, sf, sea, CAR. cams gna shock a lot of people this year.

  7. we aint making no excuses . we still got a top 5 defense . yeah i bet yall forgot about that huh . As far as k.b goes the word precautionary is IMPORTANT , i believe it is nothing serious . PANTHER NATION IS NOT MAKING ANY EXCUSES. We deal with adversity every year , thats the nfl . We are coming and we are going to shut up all you negative naysayers !!!

  8. dallas dominates .

    our offense line last year was without chris scott , amini silatolu , gary williams . we had nate chandler step up from defensive line and make a great impact on the oline , we still have byron bell which isnt as bad as people say he is and he is a great run blocker and we drafted a stud in trai turner from lsu. although we lost gross it doesnt matter we got depth on the offensive line .
    as far as secondary goes last year we had captin munnerlyn which was mediocre at best , quitan mikell (which is still not on a team ) and mike mitchell which was a nobody in oakland and was really just a good run stopper and hard hitter . this year we have established vets with decoud and harper both played in the nfc south . we got our best db in charles godfrey back . we added former first round pick in cason . we get norman and dockery back from injury , we draft bewikere and boston and we still have melvin white , robert lester and josh thomas . now lets move on to wr , last year we had ginn steve lafell and hixon which was ranked around 30 in the league . we added avant , cotchery which are good vets and possession wrs . we drafted kb and we have alot of players on the roster that can become a star like brenton bersin , marcus lucas 6 foot 5 wr from missouri and philly brown osu leading wide receiver from last season . Learn the roster before you make assumptions . panther nation knows our roster and we know that we upgraded

  9. I disagree about Captain, he had 74 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and 2 pick sixes, thats a good year for an average cb. And didn’t get better at any position? Added depth to DEs with kony who i think will be right there with charles and kraken in a year or two, safety i feel improved greatly with thomas and roman, older vets but good exp, along with tre boston being drafted, cb i feel improved although losing captain with antoine cason and godfrey moving to nickel. Depth at hb also although gaffney is out for the year, high hopes for barner too.

  10. As I read these comments I see we have fans and haters. One thing I love to see is when people try and hate on the panthers and their information is wrong. We where a 12-4 team. Had a first round bye and lost to the 49ers. Our team didn’t have many veterans, but the ones we did have don’t know how to play in the playoffs. They haven’t experienced that kind of mentality. This year we have a young team. Yes Cam isn’t 100 percent, yes our best receiver is a rookie, yes our secondary might suck but I can assure you the Carolina Panthers will most defiantly be a contender in the NFC south, and in the NFC. We may take a step back but hell for sure don’t count us out.

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