Larry Donnell bubbles to top of Giants tight end depth chart


Since the Giants will be playing the Bills on Sunday night (on NBC), the Giants are required to release a depth chart, too.  It doesn’t contain many surprises, but it begins to answer the fairly important question of who will start at the undermanned tight end position.

The official chart gives the gig to Larry Donnell (pictured).  He’s followed by Daniel Fells on the second team and Dickensian antagonist Xavier Grimble as the third-string option.  Falling in the ominous “other” category are Kellen Davis and Adrien Robinson.

Donnell appeared in 16 games with one start in 2013, catching three passes.

Elsewhere on the depth chart, injured rookie receiver Odell Beckham appears as a second-stringer behind Rueben Randle, and Ryan Nassib is listed as the No. 2 quarterback, ahead of Curtis Painter.  Rashad Jennings is the starting running back, followed by David Wilson and then Peyton Hillis.

Newcomer Trindon Holliday, who’ll play receiver only if the rest of the wideouts eat a bad batch of clams casino on Saturday night, is listed at the top punt returner and the No. 2 kickoff return specialist, behind Quintin Demps.

Again, none of this is binding.  But it’s more informative than a 90-man roster listed in alphabetical order.


18 responses to “Larry Donnell bubbles to top of Giants tight end depth chart

  1. Really??!! The only picture you have of him is him dropping the ball?! Hilarious, but really?!

  2. The guys who fail to emerge as the starter out of this very mediocre group need to seriously consider leaving the game and getting on with their lives in other professions.

  3. That’s it… from now on Larry Donnell will be affectionately known as ‘Bubbles’. Way to go Bubbles with getting the starting job gig. You, ahem, deserve it, Bubbles.

  4. I remember what Phenominal seasons the Giants TEs had the years they won the Superbowls… Kevin Boss and Jake Ballard. Those guys were SUPERSTARS those years.

    You guys know everything!

  5. I feel sorry for you fans with flavor of the day coaches like chipper Kelly. TC is proving his HOF worthiness taking a page directly out of parcells playbook of player motivation. Adrien Robinson will be the #1 TE come opening day and he’ll have a big year. It’s what we do. We pull TEs out of obscurity to produce. Watch and learn from the master motivator.

  6. The position’s wide open and the local papers have had good things to say about his training camp so far, so I can’t say I’m surprised. The bigger story is the fall of Adrien Robinson. When they drafted him, the hype was that he was a super athletic project who needed a few years to develop. This was supposed to be the year he broke out…. not landed in the “other” category.

  7. Funny that the only picture you could find is one of Donnell dropping the ball in practice.

  8. Kevin Boss,Jake Ballard,2 names that no one thought would be big contributors to 2 super bowl championships.Let’s see what Donnell can or can’t do.He could be a third.

  9. Larry Donnell, a QB on the downside, and hiring David Tyree = Long season in the swamps of Jersey for the Giants. Better order extra beer in you’re club box nohopeleft

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