Lions table Suh contract talks until end of season


Lions coach Jim Caldwell thinks that the team will be able to get a deal done that keeps defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh in Detroit, but it won’t happen before the start of the regular season.

It won’t come during the regular season, either. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that Lions president Tom Lewand said on Monday that the team was putting contract talks with Suh on hold until after the end of the regular season.

Lewand and General Manager Martin Mayhew both said they thought a deal could still get done, although the timing has obviously changed and the decision to call off talks for now suggests the two sides weren’t particularly close to reaching an agreement. The window to get an extension done at the end of the season will be short. One deadline they will face is the one governing the use of the franchise tag, something that neither man ruled out despite Suh’s price under the tag standing at a massive $26.9 million for the 2015 season.

That won’t be a factor if Suh doesn’t have a good season or if he gets hurt, but another strong year will make for some tough calls in Detroit come next winter. And those calls could lead Suh to another uniform for the 2015 season.

47 responses to “Lions table Suh contract talks until end of season

  1. This could be good in the sense that its not pushing more cap dollars back to clog up the future cap space. Also do not want to franchise him. Pay the dude. Only feared player in the NFL. Hurts crybaby Cutler very time they play the Bears. I take that back, Jared Allen is beast and we got Orvlosky back. Ohhh the good ol days, lmao. Orvlosky the starter and praying they would have just played Drew Stanton the whole damn year. Just think, what could have been.

  2. It’s a cap thing. He is a good talent, but can one really give him franchise player type money? I’d rather let him go and get a couple guys with that money.

  3. Here come the unoriginal and predictable haters who secretly wish Suh was on their team.

  4. I really hope the Lions can find a way to resign him next season. I’m pretty sure he’ll, unfortunately, be in a different uni next year.

    Too bad it wasn’t Stafford getting squeezed out rather than Suh. Suh is a premier, elite talent. Stafford is a below average QB with an absolutely stellar arm.

    The sad part, to me, is that Detroit fans don’t seem to understand just how good Suh is. Without Suh, Levy gets maybe 1 or 2 INT’s last year. Without Suh, we don’t have the best 3rd down defense in the NFL. Without Suh, we’re not an average defense. We’re a WAY below average defense.

    Detroit fans won’t realize it until he’s gone.

    Another fan base out there will soon realize that Suh is a stand up guy, a good teammate and a great player. He’ll get a clean slate and go on to be one of the best DL players in the NFL’s history. Big deal…he doesn’t go to voluntary OTA’s where he can stand in line and wait for his turn to run around the pylon. Instead, he’s in his own gym tearing up a crazy offseason workout plan.


  5. I’m a lions fan, but this guy is all about himself. He talks like he wants to be here, but his actions speak much differently. He will go to whatever major market pays him the most…. What goes around comes around mr.suh….

  6. He will re-sign. He is waiting on Gerald McCoy to sign his extension. So he can sign a higher $ contract. Pretty Smart if you ask me.

  7. If he really wanted to get a deal done this year, then the time to do that would have been early on before the Lions had to make other offseason decisions. So not much point in doing a deal now if he has relatively high demands, and the first window of decision time would be to trade him before the trade deadline in the event that playoff hopes are far out of reach at that point.

    Let’s see how things go and talk money later, time for football, and with less signing bonus money for Suh than it could have been so he’s gambling on performing well and helping the team win, great!

  8. This is exactly what Suh has been secretly working towards for the last few years.

    He’s SAID “all the right things” in public, but everything he has actually DONE has shown that he wants to hit the open market as a free agent next year and pick which team he goes to for an insane contract.

    Honestly, if the Lions are smart, they will trade the guy ASAP and get something for him instead of just watching him walk next year. The only way keeping Suh would make sense this year (in hindsight at the end of the year) is if the Lions make a run and win it all.

    As a Lions fan, I’m just tired of the guy as a person. Love the play on the field, I’m just sick of the “guy.” Tired of one guy thinking and acting like he’s bigger than the team.

  9. To the Lions fans that say “Suh is all about himself”

    If Job A in Detroit offered you $50,000 and Job B in say…Houston offered you $100,000 a year…would you not take the job in Houston?

    Especially if you weren’t born and raised in Detroit and had no substantial roots there?

    I don’t get it. Help me out.

  10. @shbates2009

    McCoy & Suh have the same agent. Not agency. Agent. If McCoy had a different agent, he could hold out for Suh and not the other way around. Based on stats and character, McCoy should be first priority.

  11. No wonder Caldwell doesn’t seem interested, this will be an issue for the next coach.

  12. Is there anyone who has paid attention that didn’t see this coming? This is football’s version of the film, He’s Just Not That Into You. The signs that Suh has intended to leave have been acutely on display since the end of the 2013 season. He doesn’t want to cut a deal in Detroit and maybe the new coaching staff isn’t so sure Suh is worth the cap busting money anyway.Claiming to “table discussion” helps all sides save face for the duration of the season, after which both sides can declare that they negotiated but couldn’t reach accord. Meanwhile, Lions must hope Suh has a ridiculously dominant season and Suh must hope that one of his enemies in the league doesn’t target his knees. From now until season’s end it is all about spin.

  13. Smart on Suh. At least we get to see him get after that scrub Aaron “Alcoholic Anonymous” Rodgers and keep Eddie “Too Fat Cause of Big Macs” Lacy for another year. I’m not even a Lions fan but I love to watch it.

    Green Bay, don’t even comment. Only a disaster would be foolish enough to think Lacy is the next AP (and even worse, somebody recently said Green was better too…LOL) and AJ Hawk is the best LB in the NFC North….LOL…check out NFL ratings of players by position to see where they put Hawk (Hint, it’s in players in decline and that’s still better than I’d have given him)

    Packers are a joke and opening Thursday it will be shown just how much of a joke they are.

    Book It

  14. RadioFriendly420says:

    Another fan base out there will soon realize that Suh is a stand up guy, a good teammate and a great player. He’ll get a clean slate and go on to be one of the best DL players in the NFL’s history. Big deal…he doesn’t go to voluntary OTA’s where he can stand in line and wait for his turn to run around the pylon. Instead, he’s in his own gym tearing up a crazy offseason workout plan.


    Just like they did with Albert Haynesworth, that went over real well !

  15. This is why, teams have to pay attention to how they frame this contracts. Suh has Detroit over a barrel, either they over pay him, let him walk for nothing, or franchise him for probably more than double what he’ll get on the market.

  16. Last season in Detroit. Great player, bad karma, not a game changer. They can get 10 dudes for the price Suh will want. And, they need 10 dudes.

  17. I’m not a Suh hater, but I really don’t think he’s worth that kind of money. You can find a lot of quality players who can play his spot. Maybe not as well, but close enough. The only team I think will overpay for him will be the Raiders.

  18. There has been plenty of whisper’s from sources close to Suh that he wants to get the hell out of Detroit. That’s probably why he will demand a kings ransom to stay or choose happiness and career success and leave.

  19. hyzers says:
    Jul 28, 2014 4:13 PM

    Here come the unoriginal and predictable haters who secretly wish Suh was on their team.

    File under “Things people say to try to make themselves feel justified for about liking an unpopular, dirty player with a crappy reputation.”

    And btw, one good defensive player does not make a defense alone- so sorry, man, but 99.9% of the people I know would rather have a good DT who is an intelligent team player with a respectable skill level than a stud DT with maturity issues and poor impulse control who tries to twist QBs heads off and stomp on people.

  20. Is there anyone really, in their heart of hearts, who believes he’ll be back in Detroit next season?

    What a waste of talent.


  21. For the people yelling to trade him, I hope you understand, you will get no value for him. At least nothing approaching fair value.

    Any team that trade for him is going to be in the same position, resign him or pay him 26 mil next year. Plus have 20 million in cap space to fit him now.

    If they put him up for trade right now and got a 3rd back, I’d be shocked. If they were going to trade him to avoid him walking for nothing, that move should of been made last year

  22. Yes Suh and McCoy are represented by the same agent. But you tell me would you rather sign first to set the market or sign second to take advantage of the market? McCoy is awesome. But Suh has great stats and garners more attention from the offensive line. Per pro football focus nobody comes close to being double or even triple teamed as much as Suh.

  23. Its only a negotiation if both sides bring something to the table. Suh has been all about suh. First he fires his agent, then he has to find an agent now he cant be bothered. let him walk, what a selfish player

  24. For those of you saying Suh isn’t worth that money, but he was never supposed to make it all in one year. He is just getting the money he already earned in previous years.

    Detroit asked him to renegotiate, pushing money out (and guaranteeing it) two or three times over the life of his contract. His rookie contract, which he is still on, was for 5yrs/$68M. That didn’t change, but the Lion’s shenanigans made the final year a monster balloon payment.

  25. As a Lions fan I have no problem with this.

    If some other team wants to pay an obscene over market price on his next contract, I say let them.

    DT’s generally regress after 5 seasons anyway.

  26. Detroit mismanaged their cap situation after having 3 top 5 picks under the old CBA, they will probably be obliged to let him go because of the ridiculous amount they’re paying for a DT, even one of the best in the game.

  27. With no extension, they should get some pretty good behavior this season. Even if he’s thinking he’s already gone, his value could take a dive if he picks up a suspension or does something else stupid.

  28. Tell him they will factor penalties into their offer and just see if he can or will even try to play cleanly.

    Could save themselves a ton of dough and headaches.

  29. Such has been overpaid but then again so has Stafford. Detroits only player worth his contract is Johnson. Detroit has a bunch of guys under the old deal and they were bad year after year so hence overpaid better than avg players. Stafford is worth nowhere near his money and neither is Suh – just look at the teams record with them. Unless Suh has a great year I would let him walk – and no it’s not jealousy on my part I just don’t think a DL guy that is not a game changer is worth that kind of money. Just look at Seattle’s rotational DL to see how it is done. But by all means pay a avg to above avg DL in Suh all kinds of money and the same to a avg to above avg QB and lock up $45 mil a year on 2 players for those 4 wins per year. Do something smart and trade Suh to where he wants to play and get something for him while you can.

  30. I’ve enjoyed Suh’s time in Detroit and would be in favor of the team giving him the biggest DT contract in football. But it’s his life, if he wants to leave I won’t cry over not paying a DT $15M a year on a long-term deal.

    If him and Fairley both have very good years, we could probably re-sign Fairley at 60% what Suh makes at 2/3 the length of contract. Of course this is because Fairley is riskier and not quite Suh, but he’s a damn good DT, and it would free money we’ll need to spend on a DE sooner or later (Ansah), or perhaps a DB.

  31. well there is no doubt that Suh is in the drivers seat, and will drive it all thee way to the bank to a high dollar long as he stays out of trouble, if so have to think it will be a 6 yr deal @ 100 million +

  32. Suh will be a Lion, and the cap wont be a big issue with the raise in cap space coming up. In three years this will look like a great choice to sign him for the higest paid DT in the game even though in three years he will be about the 6th highest paid because of all the DT’s signed after Suh.

  33. If Suh ends up walking after the season we will likely get 2 third round picks from the league. He is about a 5 time probowl player ya know.

    Hopefully by the end of the year we will have a better understanding of how Suh and Fairley will be used in this new system. Maybe they are worth the cash and maybe not. This season will tell a lot

  34. Suh has ALL the leverage here. No way he is signing extension. I bet he ends up staying right here when it’s all said in done next year. He’s just going to use other teams to drive up his price and sign a gigantor deal for about 12-13 mil for 5-6 years w a boat load of guaranteed cash…

    It will all be worth it when we win that SB!!!

    Time to make them bets in Vegas. Book it!!!

  35. I can see Detroit’s thinking..

    1.) They may hope he has a down season (or gets hurt) in which case, they jump in with a low-ball offer.

    2.) They could be prepared to let him go, he gets signed somebody else and they’ll get a huge compensatory pick.

    3.) They’ll let the market establish his price. They’ll set a price, and offer it too him based on that value. and if somebody else wants to ruin their cap by signing him to an outlandish offer, well too bad for them.

    I’m leaning towards #3 myself.

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