Looney becomes the wildcard in Alex Boone holdout


As the holdout of 49ers guard Alex Boone lingers, the team’s resolve or lack thereof will hinge on the performance of his replacement, Joe Looney.

So far, so good.  So the 49ers say.

Coach Jim Harbaugh told reporters on Sunday that Looney has had “some ‘wow’ moments” in practice.

“One in particular, I was like, ‘Wow.’  He pulled, he was on a track, he was square, he delivered a blow,” Harbaugh said.  “Good things.”

Boone’s ongoing no-show isn’t a good thing, but there’s no obvious middle ground for player and team.  The team wants Boone to show up before they’ll talk to him about a new contract.  He doesn’t want to show up until he gets the new contract.

A fourth-round pick in 2012, Looney is perhaps best known for a low hit in a preseason game last year on former Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams.  Looney claimed in the aftermath of the incident that he’s not a dirty player.

Now the 49ers need him to be a good player, clean or dirty or otherwise.

13 responses to “Looney becomes the wildcard in Alex Boone holdout

  1. Joe Looney is better suited to play OG than Boone is. That takes nothing away from Boone, just the way it is. Looney’s been an interior OL for years…he’s built for it (6-3, 315). He set records at Wake Forest with all his pancake blocks. This is Joe’s opportunity and he’s making the most of it. The longer Boone holds out, the more of a non-factor he’ll become.

  2. This front office has made Boone an expendable commodity.

    Quality depth will replace him..the team that trades for him will have to give up a 1st or a 2nd and will have the opportunity of re-writing his contract..it’s a great situation for the niners to be in..considering he went undrafted..

    No leverage for Boone..he’s just buying the niners time to figure out who’ll step in..

  3. The organization offered him a contract that would pay him as a top 15 Guard. He rejected that. If he wants more, someone else is going to have to over-pay him. Hopefully, the 49ers can get a draft pick out of it too.

  4. I’m over Alex Boone he’s a better T than G. He’s a decent run blocker and graded out poorly in pass blocking. He’s a good G not a great G. They aren’t going to break the bank for Iupati so they definitely aren’t for Boone. They are set at T with Davis and Staley for the next 2-3 years. If Looney can play Alex you won’t even have a starting job when you come back. You can blame your agent for that one. Then to get a raise you will have to be traded and who is going to give up a 1st or 2nd round pick for a 27 year old swing T that can play G a good solid player but not elite. Nobody. IMO he comes back right before or right after the season starts with no contract and maybe no starting job. No way he misses game checks.

  5. Dirty player? On the 49ers? What’s that you say? Can’t be. Say it ain’t so!

    It’s the reason I’ve HATED the Fartywhiners since 1985.

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