Matt Forte wants to disprove notions about aging running backs

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There aren’t many walks of life when someone who is 28 is considered aging, but that’s the case for running backs in the NFL.

The much-feared 30th birthday isn’t too far away and any potential sign of slippage becomes a reason to worry that a back has hit the wall that separates the productive phase of their career from the final grinding years before retirement. Bears running back Matt Forte turns 29 in December and hopes to change some of the notions that we have about running backs that age during the 2014 season.

“I want to break the stereotype of old running backs going downhill,” Forte said, via the Chicago Tribune. “This offseason I feel better than I have the past five or six offseasons. I got my rest and I know how to take care of my body now. Yeah, it is going to be harder and harder every year, but as long as you continue to have your set routine and stick to it, and a lot of prayer too, that helps a lot. Health is the main deal.”

Health helped Forte stay on the field most of the time last season on his way to career highs in rushing yards and receptions and a third-place finish in total yards from scrimmage. It’s a strong argument against the start of the decline phase of his career, but it was also the most touches in the league and the cumulative effect of those touches could impact Forte this season. They’ll look to rookie Ka’Deem Carey to take some of those touches this season in hopes of keeping Forte fresh, but more production like 2013 will make it hard to keep Forte from showing that 28 is the new 25.

17 responses to “Matt Forte wants to disprove notions about aging running backs

  1. Underrated because he doesn’t self promote like mc coy, Charles, or CJ2k. No nick name, just results. He does it playing with 2 of the best WR.

  2. Crazy to think that 28 is ‘old’.

    Either way, Forte is one of the most underrated players in the NFL, and I am excited to see him add to his already strong resume this year.

  3. I must admit he is the most complete back in the NFC North and doesn’t have the me,me,me I’m going to rush for 2500yds and could care less what me team does player.

  4. Its certainly possible for him, but he’ll hit the wall sooner than he wishes if he continues to be a 3-down back. The sooner the Bears establish a solid complimentary back, the longer he will remain in the top tier

  5. What will keep him healthy and productive is an improved O-line and two Pro-Bowl caliber WRs. None of that matters –what really stinks is seeing Jared Allen wearing a Bears headband. . . . . .

  6. ravenswhat says:
    Jul 28, 2014 12:24 PM
    Matt, you aren’t half as good as other notable RBs that hit the other side of 30 and lost a step. Good luck with that!


    Someone is bitter over the Bears beating his team last year. Forte is clearly better than Ray Rice. Your wife beater will average 2 and half yds this season and you team will be lucky to be 8-8.

  7. Forte is a beast who was financially screwed by the leagues take on the RB position. Marshawn should retire if the Hawks do not up his deal. No position is being used more than RB right now. Seattle is my team, but Marshawn is the backbone of the offense. If they push him away it will hurt the win column, 10 tops without him, 12-14 with him.

  8. Remember I typed this! Joique Bell will outperform this guy this season. Just watch ladies!!!

    Get ready for another easy sweep!!!

  9. Just seen Matt Forte today at bears training camp. He put a move on Lance Briggs that put him on his a** during 1on1 drills. He looked very fresh on his breaks and foot speed

  10. @calvin81:

    Get ready for another third place finish…Then you can keep harping on last year’s sweep of the Bears like it was your Super Bowl.

    This year will be different.

  11. IDK why they say he is aging… I mean many RB’s have their many productive years ages 27-31… I would defiantly say after 31 most really start wearing down… but to say Forte is having that issue now is dumb… and that’s coming from a Packers fan.

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