Panthers optimistic about Kelvin Benjamin’s MRI


Losing Kelvin Benjamin would be a potential disaster for the Panthers.

So the fact they’re not freaking out about his “precautionary MRI” is probably a good sign.

Benjamin was sent back to Charlotte for tests after banging knees with a teammate Sunday afternoon. He finished practice and signed autographs afterward, so there was no early sign of panic.

“It could just be one of those things where if he had iced it right away and not finished [Sunday’s] practice, maybe it would have been better,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said, via Black and Blue Review. “If it’s negative we’ll just keep on rolling. I’m optimistic that is what it’s going to be.”

There’s also some video of Benjamin riding around campus on a comically small minibike (or maybe he’s just so big it looks like something a clown would ride in the circus).

“We want to be smart with it,” Rivera said. “He came in this morning and [head trainer Ryan Vermillion] just wanted to be careful with him.”

They need to be, since he’s got the most potential to become a big-play threat of any of the Panthers’ odd lot of receivers.

9 responses to “Panthers optimistic about Kelvin Benjamin’s MRI

  1. Riverboat Ron makes the Panthers players use those minibikes so he can fit more of them into the spherical Cage of Death at his offseason amusement park.

  2. Rubber knees do not a strong receiver make….the latest negative news regarding the 2014 Panther draft class….two out already…maybe three. O games played. Gettleman has a plan….just like Capt. Smith of the Titanic. Gettleman has a plan to sit back and do nothing.

  3. The Lions have a Megatron and the Panthers now have The Kelvinator.

    I can say he looked fine catching passes on Saturday evening. His size is going to be a problem for secondarys to deal with. Panthers can’t lose this guy. Not a lot of options at WR.

  4. I sense opposing fans are worried about the Panthers.

    Seems like I remember before the draft how many fans wanted Kelvin Benjamin.

    Even if we didn’t have Benjamin we will still be a good team.

    2 TE sets and still have the same veteran RB’s.

    Surprises are coming though.

  5. There will be no one to play if the whole team ends up on IR before they play one meaningful game. Injuries are a part of playing football but this is getting ridiculous. The Panthers seem to be bitten hard my the injury bug every year and the next thing you know you are having to play scrubs and stiffs and people that are coming off their couch…see Vinny Testaverde.

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