Patriots snag Tyler Gaffney off waivers from Panthers


The Panthers didn’t really need sixth-round running back Tyler Gaffney this year anyway, so when he was injured recently, stashing him on IR made sense.

But the Patriots had other ideas.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Patriots claimed Gaffney off waivers, even though he needs season-ending knee surgery.

It’s similar to their 2012 claim of injured Giants tight end Jake Ballard, meaning one of these days those unwritten rules are going to have to be written down.

It also means the Panthers are out the draft pick and the $96,600 signing bonus they gave him, since the Patriots only pick up his base salaries.

And the fact that Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman was with the Giants during the Ballard claim makes it more egregious, that they lost a guy they drafted because they had to have Fozzy Whittaker the next three weeks.

73 responses to “Patriots snag Tyler Gaffney off waivers from Panthers

  1. Well…you’ve (Pats) got two RB in their final year of their rookie deal, but no need for this new guy right away. Hmm…seems like a good idea to me. Maybe Gaffney was on their radar as well this year too…bonus.

  2. i like this …..cue the haters…..if there is a flaw in the system expose it ….hehehe…might serve the panthers right for grabbing gronk in the end of that game last season…..

  3. When will Sherrif Goodell finally come down on this franchise for they way they constantly manipulate injury reports and continue to behave in a way that always seems to skirt the line between integrity and contempt for the rules?

  4. Unwritten rules are not in the rulebook, duh. BB don’t care about hurting feelings, only building a better football team by any means possible. Hey, think of it as payback for the Gronk end zone mugging last season.

  5. I wish the Redskins had pulled this. The way they got hosed with the “unwritten cap” bs gives them plenty of leeway. Or would that be another target on them.

  6. the gronk endzone hold was payback for the charles johnson block below the knees that was NOT called. that was a personal foul and would’ve put the game out of reach, but you pats fans fail to bring that one up. don’t hate the magician, hate the trick.

  7. I believe the Panthers could have just put Gaffney on the IR without waiving him, but they’d have to pay his $420K salary. So basically the Panthers are cheap.

  8. Y is everything the Pats do consider shady? I mean all teams can do this and it isn’t like u can’t goggle the word “cheat” with any team and not find every team/their players have cheated at some point in the past! So please! Stop the igronance and accept ur team has cheated in the past too! And move on.. Crying the word “cheaters” is for losers

  9. Didn’t think a guy had to go through waivers to go on IR…..In fact, I thought a guy could not be waived when injured unless he received an injury settlement on his contract.

    Can anyone enlighten me on this ? Or was there some benefit the Panthers would have gotten if they had passed him thru waivers and not put him on IR ?

  10. Patriots = smartest team in the league.

    Read the books to understand why!

    Patriot Reign
    War Room
    The Education of a Coach

  11. When will Sherrif Goodell finally come down on this franchise for they way they constantly manipulate injury reports and continue to behave in a way that always seems to skirt the line between integrity and contempt for the rules?
    Yeah, about time he stopped giving the Ravens a break, delaying HGH testing until Ray Lewis retired. No less than a miracle how he and Suggs healed so quickly from what are normally season-ending injuries.

    Ray Rice got a nice break too. Goodell really should crack down.

  12. Once again, Bill Belichick plays chess while the rest of the GM’s play checkers.

    Keep hating on the Patriots and Belichick because he is one step ahead of the rest of the league.

  13. Mr. Einstein, Socrates, Mr. Jobs, Mr. Buffet meet Bill Belichick. Always the smartest guy in the room.

  14. Prior to the start of the regular season a player cannot be placed on IR without going through waivers.

    If this happened during the regular season, Gaffney would have been placed directly on the IR. However, during the regular season teams have the ability to waive an injured player. If unclaimed, the team can either come to an injury settlement or placed on IR.

    The reason why teams place injured players on waivers with the purpose of going to IR is so that they can fill that roster spot for the remainder of training camp/pre-season.

  15. NFL rules state to put a player on IR before the season he must be released to waivers first…..the pats have to keep him on the roster until the season starts. After the season begins a team does not need to release the player before putting them on IR. Every team knows the rules and belichick jumped on the chance…..only issue is he occupies a roster spot.

  16. Yeah he’s not that athletic. But he’s tough and shifty with good close-quarters vision, and he will get you the requested yardage one way or another. Nice pickup.

  17. See that smug look on BB’s face in the picture? That’s for all you trolls that constantly follow the Patriots and cover your envy with cries of cheating. Best form of flattery and Bill thanks you (under that evil smile)!

  18. This is Awesome, my fellow Patriot fans! Look at these comments. It just makes all the other fans skulls completely explode!!! I am literally laughing out loud! Here it is, ten after six, and I’m sippin’ on a coldie, about to fire up the grill, and these poor guys aren’t gonna get an ounce of sleep tonight and probably get in some sort of argument with their wives. Cheers to my Patriot friends!

  19. Despite a lot of the comments here, this isn’t breaking or bending some rule, and this certainly isn’t cheating. Goodell isn’t letting the Pats get away with some special treatment and unfortunately there isn’t anything unethical about it. Hate the Pats all you want but any team could have put in a claim for Gaffney, get over it.

    If Gaffney were that important then Panthers could have easily kept him on the roster until the regular season then placed him on the IR without having to waive him…

  20. It’s just a brilliant move by the smartest coach in the game. If it were illegal, it wouldn’t have been allowed. As a previous poster said, Bill’s playing chess and your guy is playing checkers.

  21. Have to love the chowds draping their “cheating” in sad, transparent cliches, they pretend it doesn’t bother them but they flock to these threads like flies on steaming dung, all pretending it doesn’t cut deep.

    You fool no one chowds and you’ll never win a SB without cheating. Heyyyyyyooooooooo!

    By the way is this the first time ampats fan has shown her mug since the Broncos shelled his patsies?

  22. How come every “move” the pats make gets looked at like such a genius move? I am sure if the Browns had snagged him up, this would be a non-story. Fact: the Patriots have not won anything since they got caught cheating.

  23. Complainers and Haters all wish their teams (theose who lack enough legit running backs) were smart enough to have done this too since 26 teams would have had priority over the Pats on waiver claims.

  24. If bill belickeck was darth vader he would have fired the death star prior to coming into full range. Because he would have known if you destroy just 10% of the surface you would have destroyed the entire planet.

    Exploit every rule

    Long live the evil empire

  25. Basically the Pats claim a guy that may help next year. They will have to cut someone in camp to clear a spot. So one of the guys who is getting cut in a few weeks is gone now. Gaffney has more value than a guy like that so the Pats claimed him. The Panthers didn’t want to have to that conversation today, so they tried to sneak Gaffney through waivers instead. It didn’t work. They should have cut someone who is camp fodder and not risked it. They gambled wrong.

  26. Pats are a joke

    I don’t give any credit for SB wins… and they have won nothing since being caught cheating… complete fraud org

    Kraft is dirty….. BB is not a great coach….. all Brady

  27. People can say what they want about the Patriots. They don’t like them because of one dumb reason or another about stuff they blow way out of proportion. Over the years small things become big things because they run out if excuses, like bringing up the injury thing. It was never proven and yet they still cry about it.

    The truth is the New England Patriots are the best run organization from ownership down. People bring up Hernandez, but that situation was handled brilliantly by the team. It could of happened to anyone, get over that.

    They are classy, keep things within the organization as it should be, they shouldn’t have to explain themselves to the haters and the media. They do things right and people can’t stand it, it’s sad actually.

  28. Bill just have this young man $400k that the panthers were trying to avoid. You won’t see him or the NFLPA complaining.

  29. they pretend it doesn’t bother them

    Doesn’t bother me one iota. Not in the slightest. Just amuses me that you waste 2 hours of your life doing this, every day, that you’ll never get back.

  30. All this fuss over a 6th round pick that hasn’t even played a snap in training camp yet and that will be coming off of surgery?

  31. San Diego 21/7 Nick McDonald (G) Waived, Non-Football Injury

    Cleveland 22/7 Nick McDonald (G) Assigned via Waivers (assigned via waivers).

  32. I love the redskin fan on here that keeps crying about Coach Belichick, not our fault your team absolutely stinks….try to control your jealousy haters, not good for you….Belicheck is about 10 steps ahead of every other coach out there. Weh weh jealous clowns, always the same jealous trolls. Get ready because we’re coming for you with a much upgraded team, and the best coach/qb tandem in history.

  33. Looks like a good RB. Last year he was 8th in the country in rushing yards, 5th in rushing TDs, 3rd in carries….Good baseball player, too.

  34. That my friends is what separates this organization from everyone else. While we constantly hear about how long it has been since they won a Super Bowl…..year in and year out the Pats are relevant, they are part of the conversation…..consistently challenging for the Super Bowl title…..isn’t that the mark of a true Championship team?

  35. And Mr Gantt (Or maybe Schefter), surgery for a lateral meniscus tear is almost never a season ender. The Panthers/Pats elected to put him on season ending IR. Just sayin’

  36. I have said it before and I will say it again. Dave Gettleman is not the sharpest tool in the NFL shed. He was suckered in the Jake Ballard deal and now he loses the Panthers 6th round draft pick and nearly one hundred thousand dollars for one practice play at training camp. Gettleman has a plan…to run the Panthers franchise back to the Stone Age. Go Figure??????

  37. How is Gettlemen working out for you Panther fans? No WRs, no Oline, now a simple stashing of a RB gets discombobulated. Going to be a rough year for Panther fan I think.

  38. Good ones dickshotdogs and joesixpack…

    Haters are going to hate no matter what…These are the same people who’ll be bringing up SPYGATE 20 years from now because they’re teams still haven’t won anything!

  39. It’s funny how Pat fans talk about ” a mugging in the end zone” when the “where’s the beef” touchdown on the Saints was not a mugging by the Pat’s O Line it was a WWF choke hold take down!! Never should had been a TD! Saints where robbed!! It wasn’t a miracle TD! It was HOLDING OFFENSE!!

  40. Belichick gets credit for smoke and mirrors from his Kool Aid drinking followers. All his trading up and down in the draft has not materialized in any recent gems more than any other middling team in the draft. He can’t draft a WR to save his life, but at the end if every draft people bow down to his genius.

    This move will probably end up like the last one he did with Jake Ballard. Sorry, how many catches did Ballard have for Dr Evil’s team again?

    Don’t look up Bill, that dumb-seeking anvil destined for Wile E Coyote might just hit you instead.

  41. This is disappointing. What was the point of being deep at the running back position to go and do this? We have two over paid backs I guess 400k breaks the bank. Now we wasted a draft pick because we wanted to have a camp body that also probably won’t be on the team. Yeah this is business. But that right there was bad business and a complete waste of a pick.

    We lost this kid because we tried to be too cheap and it bit us hard. I’m not buying generic at the store today because of this.

  42. I love the clowns that slam Bill the GM. If he is as bad a GM as they say he must be a god as a coach because he has had the best record in football over the last 13 years.

  43. Lol at the haters. All the Pats did was something entirely within the rules, and all you people can do is cry like 5 year old girls that they did something wrong.

  44. Thanks to those who explained the rules regarding IR during training camp as opposed to the regular season….seems as though Carolina could have found some UDFA on their 80-man training camp roster to waive instead of Gaffney if they really needed another RB; but I guess that’s their business. And it is really just a lottery ticket for the Pats; a 6th round pick is not exactly gold even if he’s not injured.

    But most of all, tough break for Gaffney; this guy was an absolute warrior on the Farm, and pretty much carried the team on his back all season, grinding out the tough yards; and he gets a serious injury his first week of camp.

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