Randall Cobb doesn’t believe he’s done enough for a big deal


Jordy Nelson got paid over the weekend, leaving Randall Cobb as the next Packers wide receiver likely to sign a contract extension with the team.

Cobb says his heart is in Green Bay and that he’d like to stay with the team, but that he isn’t aware of any contract talks between the team and his agent at the moment. That suits Cobb, who is in the final year of his rookie contract, just fine as he says he’s content to focus on doing enough on the field this season to earn an extended deal.

“I don’t believe I’ve done enough and I think that’s on me,” Cobb said, via ESPN.com.

Cobb broke his leg last season, missing 10 games and it would be harder to say that there was still more to do in order to be worthy of an extension. Cobb caught 80 passes for 954 yards and eight touchdowns in 2012 and was on pace for even bigger numbers when he got hurt. Should Cobb and Aaron Rodgers both remain healthy this season, the wideout’s numbers probably won’t leave much doubt about his value to the offense or whether he’s earned an extension.

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  1. From a Vikings fan living in Green Bay, there are a lot of stand up guys here on and off the field. Cobb is one of them. He’ll get what he deserves just like Jordy.

  2. Refreshing to hear a guy give an honest, humble assessment of himself. Pack seem like they have a bunch of good dudes on their team. Happy for Jordy Nelson and his new money. Seems like a great guy.

    I think Pack will have a great year this year. I see 12-4 or 13-3 this year for them

  3. According to this article he caught 80 passes in six games? What would his numbers have been had he faced the Vikings…160 catches? 200 catches?

  4. I’ve no doubt this guy’s going to make a killing on his next contract, whether it’s in Green Bay, Carolina, or elsewhere.

    – Titans Fan

  5. I’d say it’s refreshing to hear this coming from a player, but Packer players usually sound like this***
    ***Minus Jennings

  6. He has earned himself a new solid contract at this point of his career, but why not play out his current = contract and shoot for a big season and a big pay day. Makes sense just stay healthy!

  7. “Randall Cobb doesn’t believe he’s done enough for a big deal”

    Most of America agrees.

    Therefore, here comes 5 yrs – $50M from Ted Thompson.

  8. They will get a deal done, whether it is this year or next offseason. We take care of our own that are good guys and don’t have complaining sisters.

  9. No that’s a player that gets it and realizes he needs to perform more before getting that big payday. You just don’t give 7 million after coming off a season disrupted by injury and only having 1 good season, right Minnesota? Oops! This is how a cap is managed.

  10. You’re not alone Cobb. Unless one & done’s count as something, your whole team has failed too.

  11. Cobb needs to read the handwriting on the wall. The Packers chose Nelson over him. We’ll see how much his heart is in Green Bay in March when he’s getting big offers from other teams and the Packers are low-balling him.

  12. Good news. I would like to see him get extended, but with a deal that doesn’t break the bank and gives the Packers an out (roster bonus options) if he doesn’t realize his potential.

  13. After the draft every year, the Packers hold a press conference with Thompson and the various position coaches and scouts…it’s available on their website.

    During those interviews, you will almost invariably hear the following words used: Intelligent, articulate, high-character. And then during the players interviews, that is revealed.

    Rarely do you hear about how fast they are or how high they can jump. TT, MM and Co. worry about how able they are to understand complex route concepts. How they conduct themselves in the community. Leadership in the locker room. Are they natural football players or just athletes that happen to play football. Are they coachable or not?

    There is a reason that as a Packer fan, I have seen 2 Super Bowl wins and only two losing seasons in the last 20 years. And there is a reason the Vikings are the Vikings.

  14. It’s humorous to see how many people talk about Cobb’s health being a concern. The guy missed one stretch of time last season with a BROKEN leg for crying out loud. And it was the result of a brutal if not dirty hit. SMH

  15. The Packers made moves and let EDS go knowing that they had to re-sign both WR’s. That’s why they let a washed up Greg Jennings go as well. Anyone who doesn’t know that the Packers were fully planning on re-signing both doesn’t follow football very closely.

  16. If Cobb had not been hurt last season he likely would have gotten a Jordy-esque pay bump. He is a smart kid and he understands not everyone can get huge paydays right away. He will get his pay soon enough though.

  17. Cobb has to show he is back to form, and he knows that. Time will tell. If he isn’t, next man up.

  18. My guess is they do a deal in-season before the deadline to have the signing bonus dollars hit the 2014 cap. He’s worth more than the extension Nelson signed before this last deal (somewhere around 3 years, $13 mil), so I could see them doing a 3 year extension for around $18 to $20 mil to put him under contract for the next 4 seasons. He’d still only be 28 at the end of that contract and could really cash in at that point.

  19. Small and fragile is no way to go through the NFL son.

    Perhaps you should watch the dirty hit that took place to knock him out for half the season, son.

  20. Jennings and Jones were let go in favor of Cobb and Nelson. Jordy’s deal was some serious money but not break-the-bank kind of money where they can’t afford Cobb. Not only that, it all depends on how the deal is structured.

  21. yeah ariani985 said that but does anyone get jacked about his posts??? And one post doesn’t translate to “why are so many concerned about Cobb’s health….

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