Ray Rice doesn’t appeal suspension, fine


There are plenty of people who felt that the league did not impose the proper discipline on Ravens running back Ray Rice last week when they suspended him for two games and fined him an additional game check from the 2013 season in response to Rice’s February arrest for assaulting his wife and subsequent entry into a pre-trial diversion program.

The reaction of those people, most of whom saw the footage of Rice dragging an unconscious Janay Palmer out of an elevator, has been that Rice was not punished severely enough by a league that they feel has imposed harsher discipline on others for less egregious offenses.

Rice is not among the displeased. He had three days to appeal the penalty, but Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that window closed without Rice making any attempt to plead his case for a lighter penalty. Given the overwhelmingly negative response to the league’s initial decision and their actions in comparable situations, Rice probably didn’t have much chance of getting the penalty reduced and reacted accordingly.

That means he’ll miss the first two games of the season, but will be able to participate in training camp and preseason games before the suspension kicks in.

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  1. Of course he didnt appeal, he got the softest landing spot he could have ever wished for. That docked pay in the 2013 season was the icing on the cake.

  2. I’m still in shock over this, I don’t understand how guys who mistakenly take a supplement on a banned list get 4 games, but almost beat a woman to death is only 2 games. Can someone explain the logic in this?

  3. Well…in all fairness, his guilty wife should be the one filing an impassioned appeal to the Commish. I can’t believe she let the deadline pass like this. I guess Ray Rice might have something to do/say about that.

    Rice, the Ravens, and the Commish – shame on you all.

  4. It doesn’t take a PR genius to figure out the right move here. It would look incredibly bad for him to appeal his puny suspension, all things considered.

  5. Goodell epic fail on this one and Rice is just a loser who hopefully gets punked on the field.

  6. If you’re Rice’s agent, do you ride the elevator with him up to Goodell’s office, or just tell him you’ll meet him up there?

  7. Speaking as a Ravens fan, this is like a sprinkle of decent news on an overall crap sundae. AT LEAST he’s self-aware enough not to challenge an already B.S. punishment.

  8. Does the general public have the right to appeal this sorry excuse for “discipline”? Godell is building a beach house down the street from me, I might go leave a big steaming pile of dog poop in his driveway.

  9. Good thing he didn’t bully a teammate, otherwise Goodell would of threw the book at him.

    There is no logic with these different suspension amounts, apparently Gordon and Blackmon would of been better off knocking someone else out.

  10. getadealdonealready says:
    Jul 28, 2014 10:05 AM
    I’m still in shock over this, I don’t understand how guys who mistakenly take a supplement on a banned list get 4 games, but almost beat a woman to death is only 2 games. Can someone explain the logic in this?

    4 games for a banned substance could be that he was juicing. I think the only people who said it was somethign else was the player because i dont think the NFL can say what it was. But i do agree that 2 games is not enuogh. Seems like they slapped him on the hand rather than slapped him across the face like he needed.

  11. I wish there was more outrage at the justice system. If you think the NFL was too lenient, then you must believe the legal outcome was a total joke. Isn’t that where we should be focusing our attention? The NFL suspension is just a PR move to protect the shield.

  12. No first time domestic abuse offender has ever been given more than 2 games so just because tmz gave us a clip to see doesn’t make this any different than any other first time domestic abuse case we’ve heard of before. Opinions not facts occupy these comment sections more than anything. Facts are your friends.

  13. As far as his wife goes…she married him literally the day after he got indicted by a grand jury for assaulting her. I really hope she wakes up and gets out of that one sooner rather than later.

  14. Goodall is the biggest hypocrite I”ve ever seen in sports.

    He mediates out unfair punishments on some, but when it’s players on his favorite team (Ravens), he looks the other way or gives them “slaps on the hand” punishments.

  15. getadealdonealready says:

    “I’m still in shock over this, I don’t understand how guys who mistakenly take a supplement on a banned list get 4 games, but almost beat a woman to death is only 2 games. Can someone explain the logic in this?”

    Because there’s a difference between the substance abuse policy and the personal conduct policy. The substance abuse policy is clearly detailed and laid out in the CBA, with all its consequences and punishments. The players agreed to this policy when the CBA was enacted in 2011.

    The personal conduct policy is entirely subject to Goodell. Yes, it’s a gray area to be sure, but his decision-making process is his alone. He takes into account any patterns of behavior the player in question has exhibited during his career, as well as whether he was a first-time offender.

    If you have a problem with Rice’s suspension/punishment, take it up with the personal conduct policy. There is no reason to compare it to the substance abuse policy.

  16. This ‘punishment’ is one more reason we roll our eyes and chuckle when Ravens fans claim that they aren’t one of the teams that the league favors.

  17. His lawyer did his job avoiding an even bigger PR nightmare by convincing Ray to take the slap on the wrist.

  18. I hope Rice gets his due. Just because he got off easy by NFL standards doesnt mean he can hold his head up and walk in a room without some people thinking hes trash, which he is. I believe he got caught doing something he has done before and likely will do again.

  19. Why would he appeal this?

    He got the equivalent punishment of someone taking a feather duster and hitting his wrist.

    2 games is a colossal joke.

    Good job there Mr. Commissioner!

  20. sidepull says:

    “I hope Rice gets his due. Just because he got off easy by NFL standards doesnt mean he can hold his head up and walk in a room without some people thinking hes trash, which he is. I believe he got caught doing something he has done before and likely will do again.”

    Based on what? Gut instinct?

    Has Janay Palmer, to your knowledge at all, ever been admitted to the hospital for physical injury like this before at all? Have any of Ray Rice’s previous girlfriends had similar injuries?

    Does it not stand to reason that the police and prosecutors would have conducted a VERY thorough investigation into his background to find such a history or pattern while they were working the case? And does it not also stand to reason that if they had found such a history, they would have pressed the case to trial, versus letting Rice off on a plea bargain and enter counseling instead?

  21. Beat a woman unconscious?

    Just use your “Get out of Jail Free” card to avoid any jail time whatsoever.

    Also you can be secure in the knowledge that Goodell will only suspend you for two games

    If you do something even worse like smoke a joint, watch out, because NOW you’ve REALLY done it and could be suspended an entire season or more!!!!

  22. while I completely agree that What rice did is inexcusable, and if he had been suspended for the year I wouldn’t have complained, I still want to remind you all that no one knows what happened for certain in the elevator. it’s all speculation. but these are facts. the police let them leave together. both had charges filed against them. the township in New Jersey where this happened passed on the case. so while Ray clearly shouldn’t have struck her, those who have seen all the evidence have chosen to punish him based on what they saw. He had to enter a program to avoid prosecution. he received a 2 game suspension. on the surface of it, it hardly seems like enough. but we don’t know what actually happened because we didn’t see the video. again, I’m not defending rice. he deserves what ever punishment he got. but without knowing what happened for sure, how can I say what the punishment should be

  23. @ southpaw, you could be right.
    And if she struck him first, she is 10000000000% wrong. She may be a gold digger staying with him for his money so she knuckled under. But whose to say she isn’t someone who is genuinely afraid of him, yes even though she married him. There are a fair amount of women who are so scared, especially when they have kids with someone, that they would marry them and help repair the abuser’s public image to protect the kids or themselves from further abuse. I personally do not have enough information to say which is true, or if neither is true.

    That said, if an athlete can’t restrain a drunk woman who is smaller than he is without dragging her around or retaliating in kind, he did nothing to be proud of either.

    My biggest concern is their kid(s). Seeing this play out in public someday when they are old enough will be horrible for THEM. All parents make errors and bad decisions. But beating each other up after getting drunk are two easy ones NOT to make…ever and one thing is for sure, they both failed miserably at that.

  24. how many of the general public lose their checks or get suspended from work for doing this. i understand “the brand” “the shield” blah blah but realisticly the punishment is excessive. if it was anymore serious the law would have done more. she probably married him so spouse cannot testify law/rule that many courts utilize. imo

  25. @ CKL

    My point wasn’t really about whether Janay had thrown any punches at all, or did anything to provoke Ray prior to him allegedly punching her. My point was if Ray had any kind of history of domestic violence with Janay or any previous girlfriend, those facts would have come out during the police and/or prosecutor’s investigation. Any medical records of Janay sustaining any bodily injury during their relationship would have certainly been part of the prosecution’s case, which would only have encouraged them to throw the book at Rice. The same thing goes for all of Rice’s previous relationships going back to college, and perhaps even further. If there was dirt to find, the police and/or the prosecutor would have found it.

    Bigger picture though, your concern over their daughter is spot on. Hopefully they will both stay away from alcohol from here on out.

  26. Rice may have gotten a “get out of jail free” card from the NFL, but he’ll always be pond-scum in my book. Unfortunate too, because I used to really like him.

    Now? I’m going to cheer if he blows an ACL. I’m going to laugh and cheer. I honestly hope it happens. Only thing better would be if it somehow happened in a way that also blew out both Ben Roethlisberger’s ACLs as well (and we all know why). See I won’t root for a man to get injured but neither of them are men, they are slugs. It’s an insult to good taste and moral decency that either have a career in the NFL. SCUMBAGS.

  27. Rice should appeal the suspension.

    The following guys were all involved in an altercation with a woman with no penalty from the league:

    Greg Hardy, Panthers
    Pacman Jones, Bengals
    Daryl Washington, Redskins
    Quentin Groves, Browns
    Amari Spievey, Lions
    Leroy Hill, Seahawks

  28. Why in heavens name would he ever appeal? His punishment made a mockery of what should have been done. Lets all hope that at every game the fans let him and the “No Balls” commissioner hear just how they feel. And the same for Michael Vick in NY.

  29. It appears that some Raven fans think we should be cautious about jumping to conclusions about what happen with a Rice in the elevator. Funny, he has not problem calling Ben a rapist so easily with the same amount of information. Can you say hypocritical ?

  30. actually sir, i would apply the same principles to ben. you sir are the hypocrite because you routinely call out players on teams you dont like and convict them of crimes they havent been convicted of. to be more specific, ray lewis. the only reason i go after ben is to sort of give you a taste of the garbage you spew.

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