Sanchez, DeSean have different opinions on Philly fans


One is a new arrival in Philly after spending five seasons in New York.  The other landed in Washington after being cut by the Eagles.  And they both have different views about the fans in the City of Brotherly Love.

Said former Jets and current Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post:  “The fans are a lot nicer here.”

Former Philly receiver DeSean Jackson’s perspective varies from Sanchez’s.

“In Philly sometimes things got a little negative,” Jackson told Chick Hernandez of  “And they booed their own players.”

Of course, it’s possible that Philadelphia are both nicer than New York fans while also booing their own.  Regardless, it’s safe to say Jackson will be booed by Eagles fans; that’s expected.  If/when Sanchez is ever booed by Philly fans, that’s a problem.

50 responses to “Sanchez, DeSean have different opinions on Philly fans

  1. Sanchez sucks. Any team he plays for will boo that bum. And clearly this will never happen, but MeSean needs to shut his mouth and focus on football. Its a shame that so many NFLers are blessed with talent but have a pea-size brain and either piss away their oppurtunity or let their egos get bigger than the team/game itself. Change ur ways DeSean, while u still have time

  2. Sanchez is just saying that because he doesn’t want to get booed in Philly by the fans…Once they boo him, he’ll say New York fans are a lot nicer.

  3. The only reason Jackson will be booed by Eagle’s fans will be because he intentionally signed with a division rival to spite the Eagles.

  4. If/when Sanchez is playing in a regular season game… now THAT is a problem!

    I will cheer a team playing their heart out and I will boo a team that keels, it’s that simple. If a player internalizes that then they need perspective.

    E-A-G-L-E-S: EAGLES!!!

  5. You really can’t take either serious, since Sanchez is probably mad at leaving New York and Desean is mad about being cut. I’m sure Sanchez will really find out about the fans if he buttfumbles again. Fans are a lot nicer before you don’t preform to their standard. Especially if you are paid alot.

  6. Lifelong Eagles fan here. I already booed Sanchez…when the Eagles signed him. He is awful. I pray for the health of Nick Foles

  7. You get booed when you tell the fans you didn’t give it your all. Remember that DJax. So I’m suppose to be like, hey it cool he’s not giving it his all but, I’ll cheer for him. #NoHart

  8. Must be a very slow day to discuss this…breaking news…just in.. Lebron james played madden earlier today and was the browns … Could this mean he is looking to play wideout for Cleveland?

  9. Mark, if you thought Jets fans were mean, just wait until you start flubbing games in November in Philly…

  10. Obviously when you come in as a round one draft pick on a team that needs a starting quarterback you will be under tougher scrutiny than as a free agent brought in to be a backup.

  11. What else is Sanchez supposed to say? “The fans here aren’t nearly as good as my fans in New York”? Philly fans world eat him alive for that statement.

  12. Lord knows there is no other NFL city where the fans have booed their own players. That never happens….except in Philly. New York? Washington? Never!!!

  13. Hey Buttfumble, You should realize that the fans are only nice to you cuz you haven’t taken a snap yet….just wait till you throw a few pics and see how friendly they are.

  14. I’m sure the Eagles fans will give him a heart felt ovation the first time he rams his head up a offensive linemans rear end.

  15. Well if the “Sanchize” would have spent less time stinking up the joint fans in NY would have been a hell of a lot nicer. Don’t hurt your headband holding that clipboard.

  16. Philly fans are “nicer” to Sanchez cuz they know he’s not their starting QB. Put him in a game and he’ll hear the boos

  17. When you are taken high in the draft, the people will pay very close attention to your career. This means being booed for sucking. Doesn’t matter what franchise.

  18. Philly fans will boo players who don’t give their best effort. Also ciaches, ala Andy Reid. He was very good until he lost his steam a few years ago. Those who give 100% don’t get booed, except for a few negtive idiots, which every city has some of those, and ruin it for the rest of the fans who appreciate good efforts.

  19. We are the Phans of Philly and we rallied behind DJax and were baffled at his departure. The only time we got onto DJax is when he took plays off ( didnt run his route because the ball wasnt coming his way, and wanted more money every other year). Dude, dont alienate the people that loved and supported you.


  20. They’re nicer in Philly until you butt fumble again. Watch what happens afterward.

  21. Wow, so fans in Philly actually expect over-paid divas to perform up to their contracts, and actually have the “gall” to boo their team when that team is not performing well. I mean, we actually expect a guy who was given the ball on punt returns to always go forwards, and not escape out of bounds 99% of the time, or, go backwards and fumble. DJax should remember that he played on Andy Reid teams, and towards the end, folks booed because Andy had burned out, did not coach well, and retained a lot of “me first,” stats-driven types on his teams. I am also, SO certain the folks in NY or DC NEVER boo THEIR players or teams, right? Nobody else in the ENTIRE NFL boos ANYBODY, right? And, players are ALWAYS accommodating, and never blow off young autograph seekers, right, Me-JAX? Oh, that’s right, that was you who refused to sign autographs, at times, for youngsters. OOps.

  22. Neither of them can hold a candle to Browns fans.

    You mess with us and we’ll whip a bottle at you, and, when we run out of bottles, we’ll take the batteries out of our phones if we have to.

  23. Yeah, because Philly are the only team that boos their players. I recall a certain game for the Redskins when they played the chiefs , where the stadium was empty at half time

  24. Some good Sanchez digs but really, what backup
    QB has a playoff win against Tom Brady in New England knocking them out of the playoffs?
    Crickets…..I thought so.
    In the world of reality, Philly has one of the best QB tandems in the NFL with the addition of Sanchez.
    Also DJax was loved in Philly, good, bad or otherwise.
    Now??…..not so much.

  25. DeSean will have a couple of good games and then he will disappear. By October and November the Washington fans will ask, “Where’s DeSean?” But NEVER look for him in the red zone.

  26. Mr. Sanchez is a good kid who always said the right thing no matter how bad it got it with his play in New York. He’ll hear the boo birds in Philly if he gets in the game and throws another pick six.

  27. Sanchez: don’t expect much from the Philly fans. They are the ones who asked Joe Jurevicius how his son was doing, after the infant had died.

  28. “My comments today about Philly fans being ‘nicer’ was in reference to their reaction to me now vs the last time I played here as a Jet in 2011. It had absolutely nothing to do with NY fans. I have nothing but good things to say about my time in NY and I’ve always said the fans are tremendous. It’s unfortunate that 1 reporter out of 10 I spoke with today chose to take these comments out of context. Everyone else knew what I was talking about.” – Mark Sanchez

  29. Oh, oh, let’s talk about the Santa thing! I mean, that was only like 50 years ago. It’s still relevant, right?

  30. As soon as Sanchez But Fumbles in Philly, those Eagles fans will start to sound like those Jets fans!!!

  31. On Dec 20, the fans will BOO DJax at FED-EX, but they will be Eagle fans who bought their tickets from the ghost Skin “fans.” Skin “fans” don’t care enough to boo or watch a lousy team.

  32. Booing Santa, booing physically challenged kids, breaking the Redskins mascot’s leg, turning over out of town buses and cheering when Michael Irvin was hurt is what makes the Philly fan different. I like different. So keep doing your thing Philly!

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