Victims’ lawyer fires back against Pounceys


On Friday, three people filed a lawsuit against Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, alleging that they committed an assault during their birthday party at the Cameo nightclub.  On Saturday, the lawyer representing the Pounceys called the case a “complete sham.”

On Monday, the lawyer representing the three alleged victims fired back.

Appearing on WINZ with Andy Slater, attorney Marwan Porter predicted that criminal charges will be filed.

“We’ve been in contact with the Miami Beach Police Department and the investigators on this particular case,” Porter said.  “My clients have been very cooperative with them.  And more importantly that have independent witnesses who are corroborating the allegations made by my clients.  So when you have independent witnesses who are swearing under oath to certain allegations, I think it’s gonna be tough for them not to make a charge in this particular case.”

Porter added that surveillance video exists, but that he has not yet seen it.  He added that letters have been sent to Cameo nightclub instructing them to preserve the evidence harvested via the cameras in the facility.

Porter also said the comments from the Pounceys’ lawyers displayed a lack of professionalism.

“These people were beat up, bad,” Porter said.  “So I really think that shows a lack of taste. . . .  These people had physical injuries.  The injuries were visible, and obviously something happened to these people.  And you have witnesses that said it was the Pouncey brothers who were responsible for inflicting these injuries. . . .

“The fact will come out.  The facts will come out, and the truth will come out.  And justice will be served, and they will have to be accountable for their actions.”

Ultimately, the surveillance video will help tell a lot of the story.  But if independent, neutral witnesses have submitted sworn statements claiming that a Pouncey pounded one or more of the plaintiffs, the only viable defense for each Pouncey could be to blame it all on his identical twin.

62 responses to “Victims’ lawyer fires back against Pounceys

  1. OK this is a little rediculous. Leave the Pounceys alone. They are successful and doing something in life. The victims are leeches looking for a quick cash grab. Enough is Enough.

  2. looking more like “he said he said…” Could it be someone who looks like a Pouncey did it?

  3. What about the witnesses that clearly said they were not involved as well? I don’t see how they have not gotten the video tape after all this time. I mean they never even filed a police report, I think because their story changed so much (like on twitter) they didn’t wanna screw up and pt it in paper that early. everyone around that area says those people are known for being druggies and drama queens.

  4. Bad things seem to happen around the Pouncy twins. I don’t know what happened but in have a feeling we’ll be reading about another incident involving them sooner rather than later.

  5. Because of the Pouncey brothers relationship with Aaron Hernandez, I will choose to believe the victims in this case. Sorry bro’s, but you lost all credibility when you decided to wear those “Free Hernandez’ lids.

  6. These two are stand up guys for sure. I mean they have to be, they are buddy buddy with psychopath serial killer Aaron Hernandez. Maybe the serial killer can be a character witness for them. “Free Aaron Hernandez” too funny.

  7. This sucks, wonder if they’ll get a one game suspension seeing as how they weren’t beating a woman but a man.

  8. Bring forth the evidence and let the chips fall where the may. Filing a civil suit prior to having all the evidence still seems a bit hasty. The validity of the supposed witness will be challenged in court no doubt. It seems that Mike, having recently had surgery would want to avoid a scuffle, but it remains to be seen. It just doesn’t seem like they would be reacting this way if they were involved, more like, “I have no comment”. It also seems like the PD would have have at least questioned them, if not already brought up charges.

  9. At least the Pounceys won’t get poundeys in prison being football players and having a homey, Aaron Hernandez, already in there.

  10. Urban Meyer has gotta be ecstatic about his former players. Makes yah wonder what else could’ve happened at UofF. Talent can’t be saved by bad character and these guys are proof of that. It was said in a previous comment and I agree that I wonder will surface next with these 2.

  11. I don’t trust eyewitness accounts. People think they see all sorts of things that aren’t an accurate account of what’s really going on. Show me the video or the Pounceys have little to worry about.

  12. This lawyer clearly doesn’t watch First Take. If he had, he’d know that Stephen A told his clients they shouldn’t have “provoked” the attack.

  13. Maurkice just signed a $44 million contract with the Steelers. They’re already regretting it.

  14. I agree with a few others..

    I really loathe reading articles about pitting two attorneys against each other, always defending and taking the word of their clients like it’s the undeniable truth. The defense lawyer hasn’t even seen the only reliable evidence in the video footage.

    What are we to get out of this other than he said, she said?

  15. To everyone who is ready to convict the Pounceys because they were friends with Hernandez, would you like to be judged by others based upon who your worst friend is? Look, maybe they did it, maybe they didn’t (and it’s too early to even make an educated guess), but it’s not fair to judge them based solely upon who they befriend.

  16. Don’t know if they did or didn’t , but with all the other douchie stuff they do it sure adds to them being looking like giant D bags

  17. @kilo
    Try again: one of the accusers in this case IS a woman and claims Maurkice punched her in the face when she was trying to dissolve the situation. Niya Pickett is her name. So assaulting a woman (2 games) PLUS I’m sure gay slurs being used in this day and age will warrant another game or else Kluwe will sue.

  18. This is probably a half game suspension. What do you guys think? Each of them has to sit out half the snaps in week one. I suspect the Steelers and Dolphins will elect to sit them on the defensive snaps.

  19. trytobnimble says:
    Jul 28, 2014 8:56 PM
    I don’t trust eyewitness accounts. People think they see all sorts of things that aren’t an accurate account of what’s really going on. Show me the video or the Pounceys have little to worry about.


    Wouldn’t you simply then have an eye account that could possibly not be what’s really going on? What if someone witnessed you watching the video and that wasn’t really going on? And what happens if someone happens to witness that guy watching you watch the video.

    Next thing you know, everyone in the world is caught in an endless cycle of viewing/not viewing and believing/not believing what they saw all due to the Pounceys.

    I say jail them now before they destroy humanity.

  20. Give a dog a bad name… I think this is a cash grab and the Pouncey brothers are the target. Just wait for the alleged victims to try to negotiate a settlement. The reality is that the brothers would have inflicted serious physical damage if they were in a fight. They also had their security men present. My hunch is that there was shoving and name calling, but the alleged victims would have been in intensive care if there was a real fight.

  21. When this story broke everyone said the guy was out of line and bouncers ejected them. I guess there is more money going after nfl players, that and they figure rather than have this following them around during the season the players/team might throw a bunch of money at it to make it go away. If they are innocent I hope they also sue and put liens on anything they may own even if its a trailer.

  22. Hey let’s get around to taking a look at the video two weeks later. Sounds like a pretty sound investigation to me. I picture the lawyer for these guys to be like Kramer’s lawyer on Seinfeld. Jackie says you have a case here.

  23. How can people who never spent a minute on either Pouncey’s company proclaim them to be criminals or bad people? Maurkice Pouncey is widely considered to be one of the most humble and well liked players on the Steelers roster.

  24. New idea for a scary movie… trapped in the club after midnight with random NFL players who had too much to drink. Wooooo….woooooo…..

  25. Except for supporting a friend (albeit a probable murdering friend) the Pounceys have never done anything wrong. I don’t believe this crap for a second, what the gold diggers’ lawyer is saying is exactly what a gold digging lawyer is supposed to say. I don’t care what a bunch of trolls say either, thumb down all you want. I hope the counter suit buries these gold digging weasels and sets an example with them for every other lazy loser who wants to copy them. Next time it’ll be one of YOUR players unless someone says enough is enough.

  26. handsofsteelhartofstone says:
    Jul 28, 2014 8:33 PM
    These 3 people and their lawyer are out for a payday. It won’t work.

    Not much of a homer, huh?

  27. scmems07 says:
    Jul 28, 2014 8:49 PM
    Yea,I’m sure nobody has ever lied while under oath.

    Would that include the Pounceys?

  28. The thing I find most disturbing about this whole situation is that these two grown men were having a dual birthday party.

  29. “So when you have independent witnesses who are swearing under oath to certain allegations, I think it’s gonna be tough for them not to make a charge in this particular case.”

    Yes, because swearing under oath means that you are telling the absolute truth. And the moon is made of cheese and the Earth is flat.

  30. The Pouncey’s need to grow up,the throwing parties for themselves is played out,they are grown men. If their girlfriends or friends for that matter can’t have a little get-together for their birthdays then maybe its time to celebrate them amongst themselves and leave it at that.

  31. Just two more of Urban Meyer’s choir boys. Those Florida teams sure were a bastion of morality.

  32. “Porter added that surveillance video exists, but that he has not yet seen it.”
    There’s everything I need to know right there. This video is being handled like the Area 51 documents for some reason. Why has nobody seen it, not even the defense attorney?

  33. “The thing I find most disturbing about this whole situation is that these two grown men were having a dual birthday party.”

    It’s called celebrating with friends and enjoying your life. You should try it sometime then it won’t seem so “disturbing” to you.

  34. they can’t handle sucess,blowing all there so many other players.just stay under control for 10yrs and invest.then you can do anything foolish you want.pros have been given a I hate when they blow it!!!!

  35. This smacks of a scam. The “victims” lawyer hasn’t seen the video yet? And he keeps referring to his clients as “these people”. There are witnesses who said the Pouncey’s did nothing wrong. This is the reason that pro athletes/celebs should travel with body guards. They have a lot to lose and there are plenty of people willing to take it.

  36. Maybe it’s just me:

    1) If I was assaulted in any venue, maybe, just maybe, I’d go directly to the police — not to social media, and eventually an attorney.

    2) The fact that TMZ hasn’t released this surveillance footage yet makes me go “hmmm.”

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