Aaron Dobson had screw inserted in foot during March surgery


The Patriots continue to wait for wide receiver Aaron Dobson to make his training camp debut and a new detail about his March foot surgery sheds some light on why things are progressing slowly.

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reports that Dobson had a permanent screw inserted into his left foot to aid in his recovery from a stress fracture. The timetable for that recovery was supposed to be 2-3 months, but Dobson didn’t start running until July and hasn’t advanced to the aggressive planting and cutting that he’ll need to do on the field this season.

There’s no firm timetable for Dobson to make his return as the medical staff waits for signs that he’s not at an increased risk of suffering another injury to the foot. That leaves the offense without a receiver that they’d like to see make a step forward in his second NFL season and it increases the need for Josh Boyce or Kenbrell Thompkins to make that step in their sophomore campaigns.

Dobson is one of four Patriots players on the PUP list right now and he could remain on the list into the regular season if the team doesn’t feel that his foot is sound enough for him to resume playing.

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  1. Regardless of who plays, this bunch of young receivers needs to learn HAND POSITIONING in order to catch a football. Specifically, while running a route, one shoulder is almost always closer to the incoming ball than the other. The hand attached to the arm attached to THAT shoulder, needs to be placed in the top position, while forming a cone to receive the incoming ball. Too often, these receivers do the reverse, and the result is the ball bounces around or bounces off the palm of the hand that is forming the lower portion of the cone (when it should be the top). That hand, when in that position, cannot turn radially beyond 90 degrees without stressing the tendons and muscles in the wrist. The lack of understanding of this basic fundamental rule is causing an abnormally large number of drops, and when they do catch it, after bobbling it, it seems like luck. They need to learn a more repeatable method of catching the ball to increase consistency. A second benefit of placing the hand closest to the incoming ball on top is that once the ball is in your hands, you are in a position to naturally tuck the ball under the arm and run. When you position your hands in the reverse, if you catch the ball, it is more of a basket catch that takes longer to secure, and then needs to be re-positioned before being tucked under the arm, which requires the receiver to decide which arm to tuck it under, and then perform the steps to do it. It wastes valuable time and steps, that could be the difference between a big play or a big hit that jars the ball loose before it is secured. I’ve posted this before in hopes someone with influence would read it and would get the message to them, or more specifically Chad O’Shea, so something could be done about it. I saw no progress in this area last season.

  2. Aaron Dobson will be given every chance to return to full health and fix that foot..the only problem is by the time he’s ready KT and Bryce will be key components of a top 5 offence. Gronk needs his touches and Edelman will be moving the chains. Dobson does offer a height/speed/weight ratio that no one other than gronk does. I guess we can bank on easing Dobson back in to the lineup when amendola gets his first injury. We know a Brady offence will be just dandy, this behemoth of a Defence we’ll be fielding is what will truly turn the corner for the Pats.

  3. Lanman are you serious? Are you that arrogant to think the Pats WRs don’t know this, or that the coaches aren’t teaching it. Yes, the Pats had drops but they also had 3 rookie receivers and Julian Edelman for most of the season and still got to the AFC championship game. Stick to watching, the Pats WRs will be just fine.

  4. Jeez. They should PUP Dobson if this is the case.

    3 yrs ago Edelman had a similar issue with his foot/surgery that kept him out most of the season. A few weeks into the following season he broke the screw/pin in that foot and again missed the rest of that season. It wasn’t until last year when he was fully recovered that he played a full season and well, the production followed. I’d hope they would take stock in knowing the consequences of pushing this injury. And obviously im sure they do.

    Side note: Those details about Edelmans foot injury and breaking of inserted screw were never reported by the media within that time frame. It was during like a pre season game last year, randomly Zolak or one of the commentators dropped that on. Maybe it was in season. Meanwhile all the local fans just thought Edelman was injury prone, soft, and always getting nicked up over the last 4 yrs. not knowing he was re breaking foot bones, and the screw holding them together.. Hopefully Dobson doesnt follow in those footsteps.

  5. @Lanman. You need to talk to my town’s Pop Warner Jr. Pee Wee team. Last year the receivers only had 13 catches total as a unit. Their hand positioning was TERRIBLE.

  6. I said when he got hurt he was gonna have hard time….when he didnt have surgery till March I knew it was serious and different then what they were saying…to put it bluntly……his season is in doubt….40 years of following this team …he cant be counted on this year

  7. ” Does it match the screw in Belichick’s neck” No, but it matches the loose one in Ray Rice’s head.

  8. Lanman11 you need to get over yourself. I have never seen such a useless wall of text in my life. I’m sure the New England Patriots coaching staff knows how to teach the basics of catching a football……

  9. pjflynn84 says:
    Jul 29, 2014 1:11 PM
    @Lanman. You need to talk to my town’s Pop Warner Jr. Pee Wee team. Last year the receivers only had 13 catches total as a unit. Their hand positioning was TERRIBLE.

    Thank you for recognizing that this is the natural tendency for receivers that starts at an early age, but can and should be addressed WELL BEFORE you make a pro roster. Positioning your hands correctly while on the run, and reversing it when changing directions is not a natural act. Your brain wants those arms to keep swinging while you run. Maybe that is why it wasn’t addressed last year, i.e. maybe the Pats assumed the rookies knew how to catch, and they just needed to learn how to get open at the pro level. I hope they saw this issue in their off season work and we don’t see a repeat in 2014.

  10. Is it too soon to label Dobson a bust? He looked lost on many routes last season, and now he missed a six month stretch where he could have been working with Brady. Chad Jackson 2.0.

  11. Just wait. By the end of preseason, Bill Belichek will be handing Aaron a wrinkled note saying:

    “AD is no longer a WR for the NEP”

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