Bears sign WR Dale Moss

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The Bears have brought back a wide receiver who has experience in Marc Trestman’s offense.

The club announced the signing of Dale Moss, who spent part of the 2013 offseason with Chicago. He was also on the Bears’ practice squad for a portion of the 2012 regular season.

The 25-year-old Moss entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2012. The South Dakota State product has played with Green Bay (2012), Tampa Bay (2012) and Carolina (2013). Moss was last in the NFL with the Panthers, who waived him in August 2013.

Moss is one of 11 receivers on the Bears’ roster. The Bears have filled all 90 roster spots.

12 responses to “Bears sign WR Dale Moss

  1. As a WRI put up 46 for 739 and 7 TD’s in 12 games last season. Plus 11 pass breakups and 5 interceptions as a Free Safety. 17 y.o! Give me a chance Chicago! I can outdo this guy Dale Moss no probs!

  2. The Bears are so much better then the Lions, I don’t know how they lost my Lions last year, pretty sure it was because the Bears defense was like a 3rd string defense. We only beat the Bears by a combined whopping 10 points so I’m sure that won’t happen again. The Lions are the most pathetic NFC North team by far.

    This Moss dude is already better than any receiver on the Lions other than Calvin the Great, of course.

    If Calvin goes to the Bears I would be so happy, at least he would be on a team with deep history and tradition in the NFL, unlike my Lions!!!

  3. I hope he is just a camp body, and that this has nothing to do with Jeffery’s sore foot.

  4. Wide receiver is the position that the Bears are in need of the least, by a considerable margin. Why have 11 wideouts at camp when they could figure out the depth just fine with 7 or 8, and have room for a few extra safeties or linebackers hanging out at camp?

  5. This guy is a ridiculous athlete but really… if you haven’t made it in the NFL by 25 I don’t really see the point. What this tells me is that Emery and Trestman are fantastically unimpressed with their WRs from #4 on down.

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