DeMarcus Lawrence carted off from Cowboys practice


An historically bad Cowboys defense won’t get any better in 2014 if its players can’t stay healthy.  While no injury this year can be as bad for the effort as the one suffered in the offseason by middle linebacker Sean Lee, each and every additional injury makes it harder for the Cowboys to turn things around.

The latest injury happened at practice on Tuesday night, with rookie defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence exiting practice via cart ride, per multiple reports.  Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram says it could be an ankle injury.

Whatever the specific injury, it’s not a good development for a team that had an embarrassingly bad defense in 2013.

Lawrence, the 34th overall pick in the 2014 draft, is expected to help fill the void created by the release of DeMarcus Ware, a rare bright spot who was dumped due to concerns that his salary is too high — and who then got more money this year from the Broncos.

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  1. I predicted Allas would get second overall and go 1-15. If you were Jerry, who would you pick?

    Anyways, sorry to hear this, Lawrence was one of the best things they had going for them

  2. “and who then got more money this year from the Broncos.” And who is injured, as usual. And he wasn’t “dumped.” He chose to go2 Denver, because the Cowboys weren’t willing to pay him more than he’s worth, for a change.

  3. Lee gone and now Lawrence? Can’t be positive about anything with this team. Dallas doesn’t even want Romo playing because they are afraid he’ll get hurt. lol Mark my words…. Either Romo or Dez will get hurt this preseason. This team not only isn’t very good but they have ZERO luck every year with tons of injuries. In 2012 in the last gm they were down to their 3rd and 4th receiver with 5 minutes left vs the Skins with a division title at stake. Last year Romo missed the last game with a division championship at stake. ZERO LUCK!

  4. Dallas played most of last year without 5 starters on defense? Now without one preseason game played they already have three starters that are not going to be there opening day? Spencer, Lawrence and Lee. To win anything you need a little luck….. AND DALLAS HAS NONE OF THAT!!!!!

  5. this may be what the Cowboys need again. To hit rock bottom. I’m not a fan, but I do get what they mean to football even in name. Having a bad year and getting a high draft pick,maybe GM Jerry starts selling off parts for picks as well. Considering he didn’t do the Hollywood thing and draft Manziel and he let Ware go, Jones may be realizing that it’s time to stop banking on the name and actually draft and manage.

  6. And who is also injured, as is Jason Hatcher so, even if they kept them it wouldn’t have helped

  7. It’s kind of funny that a jets fan and a browns fan are talking smack on the cowboys lol

  8. Having already lost a key player on my favorite team (Alonso on the Bills) I sympathize with the Cowboys’ situation.

    It’s a shame to lose a player to injury, especially in training camp when they can miss the entire season.

  9. Another blow to the CircusBoys and Ringmaster Jerry.Step right up step right up folks to see the most disaster plagued sports team on earth.The rest of the teams in the NFC east calmly go about their business mostly and with a under breath snicker and smh reaction to it all.

  10. This is why its not good to pick at former player injuries (ie Dware lower leg injury). When the report came out that Demarcus had a lower leg injury a couple of days ago, Cowboy fans were going wild and laughing saying “we now have younger, healthier Demarcus”. Welp the rooster has come home to roast. Wishing the kid Godspeed recovery…

  11. This is too ironic coming from the Cowboys’ fans talking about DeMarcus Ware’s leg bruise.

  12. When injuries become the norm and not few and far between you have got to wonder is it the quality of our players the conditioning (coaching?) or all of the above. If we keep losing starters when they are not particularly talented and go from that to the next available player it starts a death spiral like we enjoyed last year. We better have one heck of a offense or it’s going to get real ugly real fast. Better load up on tums extra strength and start praying.

  13. As a Cowboys fan all I can say is wow it’s been the last three years nobody on defense can stay healthy

  14. Another bad draft. Lost some defensive talent in off season. Injury bug hitting hard.

    Number one overall pick would be really helpful next year

  15. LADIES and Gentlemen welcome to the 2015 NFL Draft, for the first time in the great city of Chicago.
    The first seclection belongs to the DALLAS COWBOYS, who select Jameis Winston QB Florida State.

  16. Just maybe Zack Martin and Fredrick play Defense line now. Sent the Cowboys waste there last 2 years #1 picks on offence line.

  17. It’s better than an ACL or an Achilles, think of it that way.

    Frankly, don’t rush him back and put him on IR after a time. I’m sure he’s disappointed but a bad foot often leads to knee and Achilles issues unless it heals well.

  18. The Cowboys are, and will continue to be awful.
    The cause is Jerry Jones, the Worst GM in pro football.

    Cowboys will be very lucky to win 8 games this season.

  19. Someone reported that the Cowboys felt it was a sprain? Because Charles was in the hay with Caroline, Half Pint had to run for miles to get Doc Baker carrying two chickens to pay him.. Once again Jerry’s doctors are lost in space evaluting injuries.

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