Jairus Byrd up and moving for the Saints

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The Saints appear close to realizing some of their investment in Jairus Byrd.

The free agent safety, who was sidelined by offseason back surgery, is on the field this morning in pads, according to Mike Triplett of ESPN.com.

Byrd also tweeted out he was “thankful for this day,” which seems like a more grateful version of #riseandgrind.

After giving him a six-year, $54 million contract this offseason, the Saints need him healthy. If he is, he should join with Kenny Vaccaro to give them a dynamic pair of safeties, which they’ll need to continue to make strides as a defense.

17 responses to “Jairus Byrd up and moving for the Saints

  1. The Saints appear close to realizing some of their investment in Jairus Byrd.
    No you won’t. He won’t play more than 4 games. Plantar fascitis doesn’t really ever fully heal or go away while playing. Truly glad the Bills did not waste their money on Byrd.

  2. NEW FLASH: We were #4 overall in defense last year.

    That D will be sick this year. Victor Butler wasn’t even on the field last year due to ACL, and Malcom Jenkins, Phew, we didn’t even offer that fool a contact.

    Philly, get ready for a hard hitting guy, but a total liability in the passing game.

  3. Where’s all the haters that said Byrd wouldn’t be ready for camp? (Crickets, Crickets)

  4. What is this “grateful” word? Is he a block of cheese, or a pro ballplayer?

  5. I would think Buffalo fans would be more used to seeing their players leave in free agency. They’ve been serving as a minor league for the real teams for years.

  6. I can only imagine what Byrd will do with the Saints. Look at what he did in Buffalo and he was generally playing from behind. Most opponents will be playing from behind, so Byrd should have multiple opportunities to show his ball-hawking skills with a lead; especially in the The Dome.

  7. Funny that some reporters don’t realize the Saints had a Top 4 defense last year… I guess we’ll keep ‘making strides” and go from #4 to #1

  8. Jairus Byrd will heal one thing about the New Orleans Saints organization is they don’t play they guys in the ground. Saints do a lot of rotation of they player’s. Mickey Loomis, Sean Payton make sure they player’s stay up and running, a lot of players coming from other NFL teams love the Saints organization because they don’t break a player down. Jairus Byrd will be just find he is a WHODAT now.

  9. billswillnevermove-He played more than four games w/Buffalo & went to the Pro Bowl. 1 team’s trash will be the Saints’ treasure. Not that Buffalo went anywhere w/him anyway.

  10. I am optimistic about this player yet I am also cautious due to the injury history.
    If he stays healthy and the players from last year don’t regress the Saints defense should be up to the job.

  11. Jarius should be fantastic in our defense which is a lot better then the bills defense but I would rest him for at least half of the preseason so we know he’s healthy and if he isn’t Raphael and Kenny will do just fine and don’t forget stud Pierre warren and Vinnie sunseri we have plenty of safety depth if he is slow to return but I hope he’s ready and picks off 10 passes

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