Joe Thomas says Brian Hoyer is “a lot like Tom Brady”


The Browns are pretty clearly trying to send a message to Johnny Manziel to settle down and get to work.

But sometimes in sending that message, they might be going overboard the other direction.

Browns left tackle Joe Thomas was praising Manziel’s competition for the starting job, saying Brian Hoyer was “a lot like Tom Brady.”

Well, they both play football, they both wear silly hats, and they both have three Super Bowl rings. OK, so they both play football.

We’ll let Thomas explain himself.

“When you look at the way he competes and the way he demands the most out of everybody around him, it’s no coincidence that those guys played together,” Thomas said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “[Hoyer] has a lot of those same mental attributes and that’s a great thing for a quarterback to have.

“He’s the ultimate competitor, and no matter if we drafted a quarterback No. 1 overall, I knew that in his mind he expects to win the job because that’s the type of competitor he is and the type of quarterback.”

OK then, so just like Tom Brady.

Hoyer’s in a tough spot, because it’s practically assumed that Manziel will take over sooner rather than later. But at the moment, he’s going to have to be the guy.

Which, if he plays like Tom Brady, I suppose, is fine.

36 responses to “Joe Thomas says Brian Hoyer is “a lot like Tom Brady”

  1. My money is on Manziel taking over more towards later rather than sooner.

  2. Dont know enough about that but I wish Hoyer stayed in New England as his back up . Hoyers a solid guy and great teammate. I am glad hes getting a chance to play .

  3. First it was Kalil Mack is like CMIII, now this?
    I’ll try: Bridgewater’s hands are like Andre the Giants.

  4. So Terrell Suggs wants Joe Flacco to be more like Brian Hoyer, as well.
    You don’t hear alot of quotes from the mouth of Joe Thomas…must be true.

    Another strike against Johnny Bieber Football

  5. Hoyer was impressive before he was injured. If he comes back with the same moxie and skill set as he demonstrated prior to being hurt, Manziel is going to be on the bench the whole season. The Browns have something going for them with Hoyer, and they need to keep him at the top of the depth chart. Now, they need to get Josh Gordon squared away. That guy is a flat out player, and his personal issues need to be resolved. If I were the Browns, I’d fully commit to helping Gordon. If it doesn’t work out, then, well, he can be released, but I’d give him every chance to fail.

  6. Why is it “practically assumed” Manziel will take over so soon?

    Smart money says that, barring an injury, he sits the whole season. Hoyer is much better than you think he is.

  7. Old schtick… wasn’t Josh McCown being compared to Drew Brees a couple of weeks ago?

    That being said… there are not many players in the league — and certainly not on the Browns — with the level of both talent and league-wide respect that Joe Thomas carries. He is the best player on that team not named Josh Gordon, and has been for quite awhile. If you are rookie on the Browns and a guy like Joe calls you out in public, you had best consider yourself officially on notice.

  8. I would give the job to Tom then.

    Boy, this training camp talk gets really out of control sometimes? Everybody is Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning in training camp.

    And when the season starts, they just end up being Brian again and waiting until next training camp to be Tom again.

    If I was Tom, I would be afraid to become Brian.

  9. Hoyer has a better NFL skill set, and experience in the league. He should be the starter. Manziel is a project who will flash one play and be a disaster the next.

  10. Joe must be referring to the early season knee injury that ended his season…her certainly can’t be referring to the leadership, skill set or success.

  11. As a bills fan I love rooting for the browns.

    What’s really irritating is seeing them spend first round picks that maybe shouldn’t be first round picks. Oh wait I like the bills.. Ej Manuel… Anyways I wish hoyer the best but once he makes one mistake fans will be clamoring for good ol’ Johnny boy.

    And once espn takes notice… It’s over for hoyer. Which won’t be fair.

    Hope they get something for Johnny if they don’t like him. What a shame if they waste the pick.

  12. If Cleveland wants to get the most out of Manziel, he will be benched for at least the first half of the season. Dude has a ton of talent, but needs a big wake up call if he is ever going to reach his potential. If they hand him the starting job, it will be a big mistake. Hoyer seems like a pretty solid dude, too.

  13. It’s assumed by the media that Manziel will take over immediately, but not necessarily by the coaches that matter.

  14. If the Browns start winning games with Hoyer, there is no reason to rush in Manziel.

    If the Browns are losing games with Hoyer, then you start Manziel as soon as he’s ready.

    Sitting didn’t hurt Aaron Rodgers. Sitting didn’t hurt Colin Kaepernick. Sitting won’t hurt Johnny.

  15. BBWAAHHHAAHHAAHHHAAA. “Hoyer is alot like Tom Brady”. I almost pissed myself when I read this! Someone should drug test Thomas ASAP, because this guys is seriously smoking his lunch and dinner. The only comparison that could possibly be made between Hoyer and Brady is if Hoyer secretly dresses up in his wifes lingerie and steps up regularly for a good spanking! LMAO!

  16. What he meant to say was Hoyer is a lot more like Tom Brady than Manziel is. However, so are most of us, and nobody pays us a darn thing.

  17. More Manziel love fest in a PFT article. Why is it that every time someone praises the #1 guy on Clevelands depth chart (the one not named Manziel) as actually knowing what he’s doing PFT has to make it sound like they’re only saying it as motivation for Manziel. Every training camp report I’ve read the reporters have said the same thing that all of the Browns coaches and players are saying and that’s that Hoyer looks like the real deal. Are the reporters trying to motivate Johnny too? Most importantly if Johnny needs this much motivation do you really think he should be starting for an NFL team anyway? Maybe NBC is a secret sponsor for Johnny and him not starting would mess up their future reality show planned for him.

    Joe Thomas would definitely be one to make the QB comparison seeing as he’s been the only starting left tack the Pro Bowl has had since his rookie year. He’s been in the huddle with every great AFC QB there is as well as many bad ones.

  18. How has not even been on a Super Bowl winning team.. How the heck does the article state he has three rings?? Was that to get me to read it three times?

  19. As a Cowboy’s fan, all I can say is….. Cleveland, welcome to the world of Dallas the last 15 years. Good luck.

  20. Hoyer is going to own Manziel in training camp, this competition will not be close. This isn’t a smoke screen. Manziel is going to riding the pine for an extended period of time if Hoyer has a good 2014

  21. IT IS ALIVE! And it’s spreading from the Jets camp. Those two teams should probably be quarantined so that this infection doesn’t spread any further.

  22. Funny I said the same thing at draft time. When Hoyer was healthy he reminded me of Brady. Ill back-up my last statement about Manziel I like him, but he was drafted by the wrong team. Cleveland should have drafted someone at a skill position then brought in a back-up for Hoyer. The piece just doesn’t fit the puzzle especially with a team with a bad track record for QB’s. you guys should’ve went with a receiver to help the offense seeing that you’re doing a good job on defense. Just my opinion, and I’m a Steeler fan, but I’m a fan first and personally like all teams. I just wish for you guys to have built the team up more rather than take a guy who may be good someday. However he is not the right for to be good for you. I hope I’m wrong, and I wish the Browns good luck..

  23. Browns should trade Johnny to the Cowboys. It will be good for both. Browns don’t know how to handle him and Jerry Jones wants him. Browns don’t like how he behaves. I’m sure he wants to tell the 3 Stooges to go pound salt. Get Cowboys 1st round pick next year.

    Browns would then have 3 of the first 15 picks. We all know they will screw it up but maybe they will get it right one year.

  24. Joe Thomas you’re an idiot. The only thing Tom Brady and Brian Hoyer have in common is they both played for the Patriots at one time and they both played college football in the state of Michigan.

  25. Hoyer has 18 games in 5 years. In those 18 he has 7 tds and a rating of 77.4 with a completion pct of 59%.

    The most games he’s played in the last three years is3. He couldn’t win the starting job anywhere.

    People who sat like Rodgers and Kaepernick had a qb ahead that was experienced and doing well.

    The fans are not going to like sitting through Hoyers meteoric rise to mediocrity.

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