Lions asked Nick Fairley to lose weight, but 295 is too skinny


Not many people who weigh 295 pounds are told that they need to gain weight, but Nick Fairley is not like most people.

Fairley, the Lions defensive tackle who was told by the team that he needed to lose weight this offseason, took his conditioning seriously — and even took the weight-loss thing too far. Fairley slimmed down from more than 320 pounds at the end of last season to 295 pounds during offseason work, and coach Jim Caldwell said the team actually expressed concern to him that he might be getting too small to do the job of an NFL defensive tackle properly. Fairley put on about 10 pounds between the end of Organized Team Activities and the start of training camp, and Caldwell says the Lions now think he’s just the right size.

“We’ve given him a range, his range wasn’t 295, he was far below it at that particular point in time,” he said. “So the concern is a little bit different in that regard.”

Fairley said he thinks 305 is the right weight for a man of his build, although he added that there is more to conditioning than just getting his weight right.

“I think my body is kind of a 305-type of guy,” Fairley said. “I feel great. Of course I have to get into a little more shape but that’s camp. . . . One thing I’m going to harp on this year is being consistent and showing up each and every day.”

The Lions declined to pick up the $5.5 million option on Fairley for the 2015 season, meaning he will be a free agent next year. The Lions thought a contract year would be just that thing to get Fairley motivated, and it appears that they were right. If an in-shape Fairley has a big season, either the Lions or someone else will pay him more than $5.5 million next year.

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  1. Looking Fairley well and sounding Fairley well!

    And the Lions won’t have to figure out how much to pay him on the next contract, he’ll just give them the range and tell them to fit into that.

  2. Who wants a player who is only motivated during a contract year? Even if he plays well this year he’s going to lay back down as soon as he’s paid.

  3. Hey, good for Fairley. If he really has got his act together, he’ll get that second contract.

  4. something doesn’t smell right here. If this is to be believed Fairly was able to swing 25-35 pounds of weight in what was actually a short amount of time.
    I am guessing he had some sort of chemical assistance or he has one heck of a dietician.

  5. I wonder if his gallbladder would be appreciate his fluctuating weight gain/loss. Sudden weight gain and loss are not good for his gallbladder.

    Players are not machine to control their body & weight so much. Good that he is able to regulate his weight to his needs. but not a good thing for him from health standpoint.

  6. Both our starting DTs are on contract years & both are saying the right things before the season start…

    That being said, anything less than 20 sacks and constant run stopping between both is bust to me… especially if they wanna get paid like they desire.

  7. Assuming he was right around 320 at the end of last season, that means he dropped 25 pounds over the last 7 months. That’s not even a pound a week on average and you can safely lose 1-2 pounds per week with nothing more than increased exercise and watching what you eat. So, no, he wouldn’t have needed any magical chemicals nor is his gall bladder going to fall out.

  8. “Kelly’s Chronicles says: Jul 29, 2014 11:00 AM

    something doesn’t smell right here. If this is to be believed Fairly was able to swing 25-35 pounds of weight in what was actually a short amount of time.
    I am guessing he had some sort of chemical assistance or he has one heck of a dietician.”

    That’s 10% of body weight… Depending on how unhealthy his eating habits were before, 10% is not a ridiculous amount of weight to lose in 5-6 months. The fact that he was able to put 10 pounds back on in a short amount of time shows that his body wants to be at the 305 range.

    Fairley wasn’t exactly the most motivated gym rat coming out of college. So I assume he wasn’t eating healthy before this season either. As much as these guys get paid, you could hire a cook to make you healthy meal alternatives 5 days a week for a reasonable amount of money, and that would easily have a 10% body weight effect.

    It will improve his stamina also, which is why he’s preaching consistency when he speaks lately. This would be an investment towards his next contract, and if being in a contract year shows him the value of taking care of his body, I don’t think he’ll “fall off the wagon”. This might be the beginning of Fairley’s maturation process.

    Only time will tell.

  9. Maybe someone should pay attention to why an Alabama judge has not responded to two requests from the DA to schedule Fairley’s trial.

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    Detroit has no redeeming qualities. Don’t ever bring your filth to Pittsburgh. You’re unwanted. Join Canada.

  11. roadbiscuit says:
    Jul 29, 2014 11:33 AM
    Maybe someone should pay attention to why an Alabama judge has not responded to two requests from the DA to schedule Fairley’s trial.


    Lousy no good Bammer judges will never let a fine auburn man have any justice.

  12. I lost 25 lbs leading up to my wedding three years ago simply by following a weight watchers point system. It took three months, and I didn’t exercise. He’s a professional athlete with fitness, strength, and diet instructors at his call 24/7.

    “Chemical assistance” and gallbladder wear-and-tear comments are pure ignorance.

  13. Instead of eating only 9 cheeseburgers, he had to up it to 11 to gain the weight back. Better than the 16 cheeseburgers he was driving down on a daily basis. Had the chance to meet him once, and he smelt like burgers and onion rings.

  14. I think everything sets up for the Lions to convert to a 3-4 next year. Not that a 3-4 is the end all be all or that teams aren’t running some version of it. The Seahawks are proving a solid DL rotation with reasonably priced players is the model right now, the Pats have done it for years. There is no way Suh will be a Lion next year. We can replace him with 3 very good players to fill out the D in FA.

    I like his nastiness and his style, but it’s too expensive. He is “me first” all the way and it doesn’t play here. He would be a perfect Cowboy or Jet. I wish him the best and hope he is defensive player of the year this year.

  15. if I’m Detroit i try to get a bead on this guy real quick. He was lights out for portions of his first and second season. Maybe Caldwell is just the guy to motivate him. He can be just as good as Suh for roughly half (maybe more) the cost. Ideally they save the money, let Suh walk and lock Fairley up long term and use the 10 mil per year to add 5 or 6 corners lol.

  16. Kudos to Nick Fairley for taking his long-term health into consideration. While 295 may be “too” skinny for a defensive tackle, I think weight and strength are two different things.

    Taking up space is great, especially for the sake of the linebackers, but, if Fairley is just as strong but quicker at 295, it’s better for him and the Detroit Lions.

  17. Wow, he looks good in that pic. If he’s actually showing enough self-discipline to do something like that, and can stay healthy, look out.

  18. I couldn’t imagine the conversation between the head trainer and the coach about this one when he showed up at 295. Sooooooooo……you just said lose weight, then never followed up with him about where he needs to be and what his strength needs are?
    but, but, but….uhhhhh.

  19. Who cares how much he weights. The whole unit can’t stop my grandma. Lions are cursed and will never be any where near championship or Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!! What a losing city, the Lions will never be restore. Only way is by the ocean shore.

  20. He’s been smoking weed and not drinking that’s how he lose his weight. But who cares, they’re a losing team regardless. No body ain’t scared of them lousy people down there. My grandma can do better than those clowns.

  21. that entire draft, all we heard about was how amazing the lions DL would be, oh my gosh what a steal in getting nick fairley. uh huh. meanwhile very little was said about JJ Watt in comparison.

    I wish they would give every pick equal due the ENTIRE draft. only mayock does it. and they make it hard on 2nd half day 2/all of day 3 for him to do his analysis. I just don’t get why on the third day, a day where the only people watching are diehards, you show a bunch of clips of the previous day. why? I want to watch the third day. it usually has more trades, interesting picks, all sorts of reaching and tells. Let Mayock break down every darn pick. end of rant

    and fairley has done nothing. meanwhile the following year Poe goes around the same pick and is called a workout warrior reach. wonder who folks would take of the 2 now.

  22. Good to see that he’s getting his crap together.

    Let Suh walk, resign Fairley for 6-8 mil a year if he shows better consistency, and draft another DT next year.

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