Mark Davis acknowledges San Antonio visit


Yes, Raiders owner Mark Davis recently took a trip to San Antonio.

We know this because the Raiders posted a three-part message on the matter at the team’s Twitter page, in response to the report from the San Antonio Express-News that the team could move to Texas.

“I was in San Antonio to honor Cliff Branch on his induction into the [Prairie View Interscholastic League Coaches Association Hall of Fame],” Davis said.  “Former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros is a friend, and Henry suggested I take the opportunity to meet with some of the city officials while we were in town.”

Meet about what?

“I have nothing further to discuss on the topic,” Davis said.

Despite Davis slamming the door, San Antonio has more to say, via a memo sent by City Manager Sheryl Sculley to City Council after the news of the visit broke on Tuesday.

“I was asked to meet two weeks ago with the owner of the Oakland Raiders, Mark Davis, and members of his staff,” Sculley wrote.  “Mr. Davis has expressed interest in a possible relocation of his NFL team to San Antonio and we are engaged in preliminary due diligence.  The agenda for this visit included a tour of the Alamodome and meetings with local business leaders.”

Davis has been careful not to talk too much about possibly moving the team, because he doesn’t want to be perceived as making threats.  By meeting with officials from other cities about a possible relocation, he’s nevertheless exploring options and/or exerting leverage and/or laying the foundation to leave.

With a one-year lease at the Coliseum, Davis could in theory leave Oakland after the 2014 season.  But at least 23 other owners would have to support the move.  The two already in Texas may not be thrilled with the potential dilution of the overall marketplace.

The NBA team in San Antonio also may not be thrilled with the dilution of its own fan base.  Per the Express-News, the Spurs are concerned that the Raiders (who wear the same colors as the Spurs) could impact the financial success of the defending NBA champions.

While it’s easy to assume nothing will happen with the Raiders and San Antonio, something has to happen for the team in Oakland or something will happen for it in some other city.

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  1. If the city of Oakland and the NFL are not going to help build a stadium. I would rather the Raiders move to San Antonio or Portland before LA.

  2. New marketing slogan to sell Raiders PSL’s when they move to San Antonio:

    “SARS – catch the fever here!”

    San Antonio RaiderS

  3. Lease is up after this season, so they could just re-up in for a few more years and demand the A’s play on a grass infield. Rediculous? Perhaps, but no more so than an actual NFL team playing on dirt in 2015. Is it really too much for the Raiders to ask for an actual football field they can call their own?

  4. where there is smoke there is fire….but this will be put out quickly.

    Go OAKLAND Raiders…Go Reggie.!

  5. Lots of smoke, no fire.
    San Antonio is probably a non starter in the league’s eyes.
    But…. The elder Davis sued the league over moving once upon a time and won, so you can’t say never.

  6. Sounds like a leverage move to try and get Oakland to step up. Unfortunately, the entire state of California is bankrupt so a new stadium with any public funds is a long shot. Realistically, a move is probably on the horizon.

  7. It would suck for Raiders to leave the Bay but the Oakland City Council is the epitome of incompetent with ring leader Mayor Quan running the circus. But you get what you vote for so Oaklanders only have themselves to blame.

    Also, it would be much better (at least financially) that if they did move it would be to L.A. The market is second only to NY and people down there are clamoring for a return to the NFL . Those who say otherwise are either ignorant of the sentiment or just hate L.A/CA.

    Which leads me to my last point, that the problem with moving to Texas is that you’d have to live in Texas.

  8. It would make sense for Davis to be silent about a possible move of his team to Texas. Making a major announcement like a relocation of the Raiders would almost certainly guarantee the team playing in front of a bunch of empty seats for the upcoming 2014 season. Better to keep it quiet then drop the bomb of a relocation of the franchise following the season. I like the sound of the Texas Raiders. It has a good ring to it as does the San Antonio Raiders.

  9. But… But… Robert Kraft hasn’t mentioned that he wants a team in San Antonio in X number of years.

  10. Portland would LOVE the Raiders… if nothing else, but for a chance every 3 years to play ‘that’ team around 100 miles north of them. You know, the one that Paul Allen owns.

    Not sure about San Antonio, but the Saints played there for, I think, 2 years, and they didn’t have any issues filling the stadium.

    Portland would be a better choice.


  11. Why exactly are people skeptical about Texas supporting three teams? If California, New York and Florida can, I’m sure the second-most populated (and most football crazy) state can pull it off.

  12. Good luck with that. I have family in San Antonio. They don’t want this loser of a franchise. But I hope the Raiders make the move. They are an embarrassment to California.

  13. With the first pick in the 2015 Draft, the San Antonio Raiders select… (insert bust here).

  14. As a vikings fan who had to stomach all that possible relocation crap, I truly feel for Raiders fans… It just plain sucks and no true fan should ever have to lose their team whatever the reasons. Hope you guys can figure it out and keep your team where it belongs.

  15. San Antonio would have a lot to offer the Raiders, including a rabid fanbase that’ll sellout the Alamodome.

    Oh, and the Alamodome would be more than a suitable temporary home for the Raiders, especially since it’s about 35 years newer than the Coliseum and has been relatively unused in its time.

    Not to mention the proximity to Austin and most of the transplanted Californians, or the tax advantages of Texas over California.

  16. I don’t think the Cowboys would care. Their radius extends nationally so much that a local impact would be negligible.

    Think this would be good and, frankly, I think MLB should locate to SA as well.

  17. this is not right because california is optimal for all NFL teams. take my home city for example. i live the plush lifestyle and know that only in any city in CA could we pack luxury boxes and sell tickets. all other cities pale in comparison to us. Los Angeles is the most forward upscale city in the US and that’s why all teams are lined up to come here. Especially the Buffalo Bills I told you all years ago that they were on the top of the list to come to LA and now they will be here soon. I told you all.

  18. Usually I don’t have sympathy for owners but the Raiders need a new stadium . San Antonio is a growing market and they love their football . It’s not like MD isn’t giving Oakland every opportunity .

  19. L.A. is the best scenerio outside of something, anything, getting done in East Bay! Don’t make the seats all that cheap in L.A. and that’ll keep some of the riff raff that already bolted the the Chargers out of L.A…..Just my 2 cents.

  20. really? IVE BEEN REPORTING THIS FOR MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mark Davis is also set to meet with people in Connecticut… Connecticut wanted a stadium for Patriots before Gillette..
    This is not being talked about but I hear that CONNECTICUT actually stands a VERY VERY good chance

  21. Looks like an owner is ready to leave their city. Looks like a great opportunity for an expansion in Toronto or Mexico city. Europe needs to wait. But honestly, I’d hate to see the Raiders leave Oakland. I’m not a fan, but the raiders moving once again just doesn’t seem right, not with Jacksonville and Buffalo barely scraping by.

  22. Good luck Oakland they are ruthless in San Antonio. They were trying to take the Saints from New Orleans while were still pumping water out and pulling people off of rooftops.

    I hate any team moving it stinks for the fans no matter what.

  23. I live in SA & as big as a Cowboys fan as the come but would welcome the Raiders with open arms!!!
    Move on down “baby”

  24. Laughable…..San Antonio is the only city left in the US to use as leverage against the city fathers of Oakland?……..whatever

  25. Never gonna happen…SA is Cowboy Country. Go to back to LA, that was the last time the Raiders had any success.

  26. Amazing that all the ‘talented’ pundits pontificating on TV and in print about all things NFL, not one of these so-called experts ever mentioned the city of San Antonio.

    Take a bow one and all; P*t*r K*ng, Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen, Ed Werder, Sal the Pal, Mike Silver…

  27. The Raiders are leaving. They are one of the few teams that can move due to their national fan base, and their stadium situation stinks with no solution in site.

    However, I don’t think it will be LA. The Raiders will probably want to move after next season and given how little progress has been made on getting an LA Stadium, that would mean Davis would be most likely be facing at least 3 seasons at the Rose Bowl- a stadium that has proven it is not an NFL venue.

    And the thing about the Spurs worrying about their fan base eroding is preposterous. They are seriously concerned about having a second pro franchise in town when so many cities have four?

  28. This is a great idea. San Antonio would be great. Not sure why LA doesn’t want them.

    If not San Antonio they should move to Salt Lake, Portland, Oklahoma, or Omaha. All of those cities would love to have an NFL team. The Salt Lake Morman Raiders, the Portlandia Raiders, The Oklahoma Sooner Raiders, The Omaha Meat Raiders, or the San Antonio Roping Raiders. All of those names sound great.

    Pack up the moving van. Let the bidding begin!

  29. It’s leverage over LA. No way is he moving to San Antonio with Dallas and Houston there. They won’t allow it.

  30. Ridiculous-just move the Raiders to LA and be done with it.No one wants to go to Oakland or San Antonio to see a game.Better yet-move the Raiders to Buffalo and the Bills to Toronto.

  31. If Raiders move to San Antonio it would be very difficult to continue being a fan because my roots are in Cali.

  32. Good leverage move. Let Oakland city council know that if they keep dragging their heels there are other options. Not like the Chokers. The city of San Diego is sick of being portrayed as a bunch of losers because of them.

  33. The Raiders move to San Antonio and the Bills move to Los Angeles. The projected increased revenue, for the NFL, would make the vote a “slam dunk.”

    The Bills move to the AFC West, while the Raiders move to the AFC East.

  34. Well they should move if Oakland is going to do nothing.

    Will admit that it will be hard to see them off the west coast.
    But California probably has too many teams. And Texas doesn’t need 3.

    Hope they explore new areas. Even though San Antonio is new. Hope Portland gets a shot.

    I don’t think the nfl wants to move an unstable franchise to LA or London. Well am unstable owner, especially a team that has a nomadic history.

  35. As I understand it, Mark Davis’s preference is to stay in the Bay Area. One thing that could be looked at is the Raiders stay where they are for 1-3 seasons while a new, football-only version of Candlestick Park is built on the site of the stadium the 49ers played at through last year before moving to their new facility in Santa Clara for this season.

    The problem with going back to LA is the same problem to me that prompted the Rams and Raiders to leave LA after the 1994 season: Los Angeles has, is and will continue to be a LAKERS town first. Even with the disaster that was this past season with the Lakers, LA is the one city where the NBA trumps the NFL where they live and die with the Lakers. Then you have the Dodgers, who continue to clearly be #2 and have always been more relevant than the NFL in LA than any NFL team. Same for USC and UCLA Football. Then you have the Clippers (who are fast-rising in their own right in LA, especially now with Donald Sterling apparently out of the picture) followed by the Kings (two Stanley Cups in three years), Angels, Ducks, Galaxy and Chivas USA with the NFL near the bottom.

    The only people to me who want the NFL in LA are the networks, and that is mainly in my view so they can have the stars of their shows “be seen at the game.” Unless the Lakers continue to have bad seasons for quite a while, the NFL will at best have an uphill climb in LA because of how entrenched the NBA is there, and even being the 800-pound gorilla of sports everywhere else won’t change that.

  36. Oakland emerged as a ship building city during and after WWII . The economy has since slip gravely since. Davis needs to do whats best, SA can accomodate, Just Saddle Up and Move Baby!

  37. To be clear they(the spurs) wear the same colors as us. Not the other way around

    Maybe 20+ years ago but as for now, the Raiders wear the Spurs’ colors.

  38. Albino Moe Howard is using San Antonio to leverage a better deal for an Oakland solution. He’s just like his father. Unfortunately for Raiders fans, he’s like the latter-years Al Davis moreso than the early vintage Al Davis. San Antonio is being used as a pawn, as their city manager clearly understand from her tepid announcement.

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