PFT Live: Redskins admit to rushing RGIII, asking him to do the impossible

Though many have already come to this conclusion, Redskins president and GM Bruce Allen has admitted quarterback Robert Griffin III was asked to do too much the year following major knee surgery and should have been granted adequate time to properly recover.

Allen called the act “disrespectful to the game” and Mike Florio says there are plenty of people to blame in this scenario – including the Shanhans and even RGIII himself – for the way things were handled a year ago.

6 responses to “PFT Live: Redskins admit to rushing RGIII, asking him to do the impossible

  1. The blame falls squarely on the coach. Shanahan has been in the league for 30 years does he not know that a second-year player with no off-season at all shouldnt be starting week one? RGIII’s mechanics went to crap last year which affected his accuracy and even the speed of his reads because it took him longer to get the ball out of his hands. With a full off-season under his belt and time to develop chemistry with his receivers you will see you drastically improved RGIII this season, bet on it.

  2. Yeah RGIII just is not that good, is that a fact or just wishful thinking? The fact is RGIII made some fantastic throws last year even with his mechanics off. We’ll see what happens this year, we’ll also see all you trolls go into hiding once he starts ripping the league up again.

  3. Still using that offensive name, I see? See, the New York Jets don’t exclude an entire group of people! We will have 10 more wins than the R******s anyways!


  4. jetsbandwagon, we don’t exclude either. We include them, and they support us for it. Look at the info out there and you will see that we side with Native Americans who, in a large majority, support the name.

  5. RG3 is a prima donna who couldn’t wrap his head around the difference between a college QB and a franchise NFL QB…

    and so far, he’s shown no signs of realizing what his real job is now…. if he did… he wouldn’t have taken all that contact and he would be trying to get his game in order…

    guaranteed he’ll keep doing the same stuff this year

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