Report: Raiders could move to San Antonio


Raiders owner Mark Davis doesn’t make threats.  He makes plans.

With the Raiders on a one-year lease at Coliseum and with the A’s possibly getting a 10-year lease that would complicate efforts to tear the Cow (Pie) Palace down and build a new venue on the same site, Davis is exploring options in a state that already has a pair of NFL teams.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Davis and a pair of “top lieutenants” recently met with San Antonio officials to talk about a move of the Raiders.

Per the report, the meeting began on July 18, with Davis and company touring the Alamodome and other locations during a two-to-three day visit.

If a move happens, the Alamodome likely would be the temporary home until a new stadium is built.

Davis reportedly wants “a small, intimate” stadium in front of which he can place a statue of his father, the late Al Davis.

“We don’t have any information about it, so there is no reason for us to comment,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Express-News on Tuesday. “We have received no applications from any of our teams to relocate at this point, so there is nothing for us to respond to.”

The window for filing an application to relocate opens after the season, and it’s possible that Davis will make an application to move somewhere/anywhere absent a tangible plan to build a new home for the Raiders in the Bay Area.

139 responses to “Report: Raiders could move to San Antonio

  1. no…! keep the raiders out of texas…we don’t want anymore mediocre teams….we have cowboys and texans..

  2. I hate this idea. Raider should stay on the west coast.

    being a Seattle resident I would love to have another team nearby in Portland. They could sustain an NFL team better than Oakland is able to do.

  3. 4thquartermagic says:
    Jul 29, 2014 6:04 PM
    Aren’t there enough mediocre football teams in Texas?
    Florida probably doesn’t think so…

  4. I think a move to San Antonio would be a good thing for the Raiders and the NFL. At least it wouldn’t be L.A. or London, which the NFL really doesn’t need.

  5. Source: Raiders fans don’t want the team to leave Oakland. If they do have to leave, they prefer a town in Texas closer to the boarder. They could make several “work” trips a year and also catch a game.

  6. You see the Raiders fans now with there patches and spiked shoulderpads, in San Antonio they would where chaps and fire pistols in the air. La Raidasssss

  7. Sup with Oakland. They have chances to make the city great.

    – 1st the Wayans Don’t get their movie studio.

    – Now they are gonna pass on Coliseum City?

    Like they don’t want to make it an attraction.

  8. If they moved to SAntonio, wouldn’t matter if the Raiders keep screwing up the draft. They could just sign all 60,ooo children pouring over the border to futures contracts. Even the Raiders could hit on 1 or 2(probably a kicker). Deport the rest, problem solved.

  9. Even Al would pick a more realistic city to scare Oakland with. This is about as hollow a threat as it gets.

  10. Mark Davis should trade franchises with the other loser “richie-Rich” son, Jim Buss and both vow to wear open silk shirts with medallions like their fathers.

  11. I actually think that makes alot of sense. San Antonio Raiders does sound like a good fit.

    Hopefully though they stay in Oakland. Would hate Oakland to lose them if they want to keep them.

  12. Actually not the worst sounding plan. Their colors are very similar to the Spurs, and with a little tweaking, the whole Raider motif could take on a whole new Texas flavor. Maybe call themselves the Texas Raiders.

  13. What the hell the president have to do with the raiders , quite being a hater and stick to sports, stop being stupid keep it about sports. Now my real comment for the raiders do like MJD wants move to London he said they need a team.

  14. well back in the early 90s…there was the San Antonio RIDERS of the World Football League…

  15. That market has two of the largest and fastest growing cities in the US along with plenty of large business money and rabid football fans. You could argue that San Antonio/Austin is a better market for a team than Los Angeles is.

  16. Oakland should tell Davis to not let the door hit him where the good lord split him. The lies the NFL tells about what teams do for cities are insane. They add no more jobs than a grocery store. Teams that demand taxpayer-funded stadiums are the worst leeching scum there is, and yes, I’m looking at you Cincinnati.

  17. There are already two teams in Texas. Why not to a state or region that doesn’t have a team? Portland, Utah, or even Oklahoma make some sense. Heck, even a Canadian-based team makes more sense.

    On a semi-related note, there shouldn’t be 3 teams in Florida, either.

  18. I would have have hoped for a team with more recent success but being that SA has no current franchise the Raiders would do just fine. As a lifelong NFL fan (Redskins, Oilers) living in San Antonio, I believe an NFL franchise would enjoy tremendous support and success here. Despite there being many Dallas and Houston fans in the area a local NFL team would build up a solid fan base in no time and enjoy great prosperity over time. Especially with a new Dome to be built.

  19. Although if he’s taking requests I would love to see and it would be more fair in terms of state distribution with:

    Grand Rapids Raiders (“GRR!!”)

    Yeah this quaint little cozy place is so intimate for visitors, feel free to plan your vacations here.

  20. The league has made the game bad enough with all the commercials and rule changes. If the Raiders go to San Antonio that would be it for me. Al’s gone, new regime and a new city (in freaking Texas), would not be a team that has any meaning to me.

  21. I’d just like to point out that if L.A. really wants a team they would move the Raiders to L.A. It wouldn’t be a good look for a team in Cali to move to Texas instead of L.A.

  22. Just move to DC, there is no football in the district. Washington Raiders is much better than that team that plays in Landover, MD with team offices in Ashburn,VA.

  23. As an NFL traditionalist, I would hate to see the Raiders leave Oakland again, but the difference in tax climate between Texas and California is like night and day, so from a financial viewpoint this is a no-brainer…

  24. The Raiders have only moved the franchise twice before.

    The Cleveland Rams are now in St Louis.
    The Chicago Cardinals left St Louis for Arizona.

    Movement is progress.
    Al Davis would commit any act for a dollar.
    His morality should live on in the Raiders wherever they move next.

  25. As a Bears fan living in Austin, I would like to see it happen. It would at least give me a local team to root for as the other 2 teams here in Texas don’t really turn me on.

  26. No WAY, No HOW….will jerry Jones allow a team in San Antonio. That’s Cowboys territory. No a chance of that EVER happening.

  27. San Antonio is perfect for the Raiders, sellouts every game and loyal South Texas fans, not to mention they would compliment the San Antonio Spurs.

  28. There is absolutely no loyalty from the nfl anymore if they keep pulling these stunts every time they need taxpayers money to fund a new stadium, fans will eventually get sick of it and stop following the game.

  29. Move?

    How about contract?

    The Raiders have the FEWEST wins in the NFL over the past 10 seasons (2004 – 2013).

    They managed to win fewer games during the past 10 yrs than the Detroit Lions.

    Think about that ya’ll.

    The Lions were 0 & 16 in 2008

    The Lions were 2 & 14 in 2009

    And yet, the Raiders could not win more games over the past 10 seasons even with the Lions going 2 and 30 over the course of two consecutive seasons.

    Oh, in 2006 the Lions were 3 & 13.

    The Lions did ALL the could to be the worst team the past 10 seasons Oakland, but you wouldn’t be outdone by the Lions.

    The Raiders are the worst pro football team over the last 10 seasons based on wins and losses.

  30. Portland would be such a better option. Besides it still being close and on the west coast, Portland is a lot bigger on the TV market size as well being ranking around 20 compared to mid 30s that SA is

  31. At this point, this is likely just the Raiders trying to make Oakland believe the team will leave in hopes of gaining some leverage. They’re a long way from seriously considering moving to Texas.

    Besides, putting a statue of Al Davis in San Antonio is like putting a statue of Lamar Hunt in Miami. It would have no meaning to any of those fans and IMO would be a slap in the face to the current Raider nation. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  32. echech88 says: Jul 29, 2014 6:15 PM

    Even Al would pick a more realistic city to scare Oakland with. This is about as hollow a threat as it gets.

    I’m not so sure about that. San Antonio is a fast growing city, and they have had that AlamoDome sitting there for the last several years, just waiting for an NFL team to take up residence…

  33. Just relocate Baby.San Antonio is from what I hear a cool city.And there will be lots of beaners with neck tats and low riders to fill the Alamodome

  34. I wonder if they’ll change the logo? Pirate Raiders as they’re currently depicted makes zero sense in San Antonio. But cattle Raiders makes sense.

    They could keep the same colors and name but change the logo from the eye patch guy to one of a skeleton (perhaps with an eye patch) on a horse.

  35. This is intriguing. So tired of the “move to LA” talk. That’s never going to happen unless the NFL builds a stadium or Davis sells an interest of the team to someone who will privately finance a stadium. If the taxpayers of San Antonio are willing to foot the bill, why not?

  36. With two bad teams in Texas now, thanks, but no thanks. Stay in California or at least on the west coast.

  37. Spurs & Raiders would go hand in hand though. Also, that would solve Austin Not having a pro team issue.

    I really do not think Oakland would lose much. To tell you the truth, NFL teams don’t create jobs. There are only 16 games/yr. How much jobs can you create in that span?

    Baseball has 81… Forking out such enormous amount of money to rich owners, who are making billions, and leaving the community almost bankrupt, does not make sense.

    Almost as a bad idea, as that stadium in Manaus.

  38. I can see it working out. San Antonio is a decent-sized population base in a football-crazed state.

    Per the census statistics, San Antonio metro has 2.2M people, similar to the markets of Charlotte & Pittsburgh (2.3M) . Considering Austin and its 1.8M residents are just over an hour away, it makes for a decent-sized market to draw fans from.

    It is slightly larger than 9 current markets that have a team:

    Cincinnati (2.1M)
    Cleveland (2.0M)
    Kansas City (2.0M)
    New Orleans/Baton Rouge (2.0)
    Indianapolis (1.9M)
    Milwaukee/Green Bay (1.8M)
    Nashville (1.7M)
    Jacksonville (1.4M)
    Buffalo (1.1M)

  39. With Davis and his top Lieutenants visiting the Alamodome and touring the city of San Antonio, he has already done 2 things that 90% of Cowboys fans have never done.

    Found the state of Texas on a map, and actually stepped foot in the state.

  40. Um… Sounds like the Tax Payers of Oakland need to brace themselves for a new Bond. You all can make fun of Dolphins owner Steve Ross, but he is the only one in the past few years who never threatened to move the Team AND ponied up his own money to fix the Miami Stadium. We all know the NFL loves the SB’s there; as well as the Fans. Be honest with yourselves… February: Sunny South Florida or just off the Turnpike in NJ?

  41. never say never, but i say will say never….bottom line only 1.3 million people in San Antonio….20 million plus in so ca…..He wants to keep them in oakland… that is where they will stay.

  42. “filthymcfunny1 says: Jul 29, 2014 6:19 PM – Move to Milwaukee,then Wisconsin will have a team with real ownership and their own money!”

    Leave it to a Viking troll to make this comment on an article about the Oakland Raiders and San Antonio Texas. Nothing like the fans of the Purple Sisters of the Poor.

  43. This sucks. Why would you move a storied franchise, even one mired in mediocrity for the past decade plus. I guess money always wins. Don’t get me wrong, I HATE the Raiders, less so since they have become noncompetitive, but still…I feel bad for their fans.

  44. The thought of the Raiders not in California makes my stomach churn, but its something I’ll have to deal with.

  45. both LA and Oakland fans have shown that they will not support a team. look at the empty seats at the games. If not San Antonio perhaps Portland. Would be a perfect solution to all except those in <LA and Oakland who already have shown on more than 1 occasion they don't care enough to warrant a team.

  46. Potential changes to the NFL in the next 5-10 years:

    San Antonio Raiders
    Los Angeles Chargers
    Los Angeles Rams
    Toronto Bills
    London Jaguars
    Washington Warriors (name change from Redskins)

    I know, crazy to think about. Even though none of this is really that likely.

  47. dmarado says:
    Jul 29, 2014 6:21 PM
    Oakland should tell Davis to not let the door hit him where the good lord split him. The lies the NFL tells about what teams do for cities are insane. They add no more jobs than a grocery store. Teams that demand taxpayer-funded stadiums are the worst leeching scum there is, and yes, I’m looking at you Cincinnati.


    Amen, brother. Different sport, but what Jeffrey Loria did to the city of Miami is also a great example. If you can afford a team, you can afford to build your own stadium. If you can’t, sell the team to someone who can.

  48. 32nd ranked attendance and probably dead last in merchandise sales as well. Mark Davis probably wants to make some money like the rest of the NFL owners…outside of St. Louis that is.

  49. If the state of California would just not pay hordes of tax dollars to foreigners they could finance all the things actual Ca residents would like, like a team in L.A. keep one in San Deigo and Oakland, etc. Keep voting for liberals. No wonder teams want to go to Europe.

  50. 1nationraidernation says: Jul 29, 2014 6:53 PM

    never say never, but i say will say never….bottom line only 1.3 million people in San Antonio….20 million plus in so ca…..He wants to keep them in oakland… that is where they will stay.

    What? They have to tarp the seats AND sell only 85% of the remaining seats to lift blackouts in Oakland. All those “fans” and they won’t come to a game.

    Choo! Choo!

  51. while it makes sense to move the franchise to San Antonio/Austin–business climate/taxes better and very fast growing area–Jerry Jones will never let it happen. Most people in San Antonia are big Cowboys fans.

    And Bob McNair would not let it happen either. While Texans are a very distant second, it would be a significant hit to the them as well.

    And the person talking about three teams in the state is too much doesn’t understand the distance b/n these cities. This isn’t Baltimore/Philly/DC/NYC distances. These cities are 3.5 to 4.5 hours apart.

  52. Half of California has already moved here to Texas for a better life. May as well bring one of their teams.

  53. Every state should only be allowed 2 teams.

    The third team is always lack luster in attendance and competition. Raiders and Jags should move. (Bills don’t count since they are the only team that plays in Ny)

  54. I’m very disappointed in my comments continually being screened out for no reason at all. I spend a lot of time on this site and recommend it to others, but when this happens I have a hard time understanding. I have simply pointed out inaccuracy in your article and it’s sad you won’t acknowledge it, fix it, or even post my comment. The Cow Palace is not in Oakland!

  55. I don’t know why people keep bringing up Portland. A huge percentage (nearly half, perhaps) of the Seahawks’ fan base is Portland Metro. No way Paul Allen and Roger Goodell sign off on that.

    And where exactly would they play? The closest possible temporary venues are in Corvallis (84 mi), and Eugene (110 mi).

  56. Born in Dallas, grew up in San Antonio, live in Houston. San Antonio is a million times more passionate about pro sports than any other city in Texas. SA is currently a Dallas Cowboy city, and with Jarrah running the show SA is left with a loopy taste in its mouth over the paste 15 years. Every game will sell out. Season tickets will have a long waiting list. Jersey sells will be near the top of the league. Pull the trigger Davis!

  57. The nfl needs to let a team move to San Antonio. It’s the 7th largest city in the United States. Even though texas already has 2 teams, it is the second largest state.

  58. Thanks a lot NFL! Do your brat like behavior you’re causing the Oakland Raiders to move to an area that cannot help them profit. Let the move to Los Angeles because that is the most the love team there by Jersey and merchandise sales and San Antonio has enough affection for the Cowboys.

  59. Spurs fans are the most passionate and loyal fans, if there was to be a nfl team in sa they would sell out every game, Davis could take some pointers from the best owner in Puerto shorts Peter Holt. This would be awesome, and silver and black would go good in sa.

  60. I live in San Antonio, been a long time Raiders fan, would love for NFL football to come here (permanently), but it’s not going to happen. San Antonio is large population wise but has little metro area, a large conservative population adverse to any tax increases (i.e., no new taxpayer-funded stadium) and a small corporate base. Once the novelty wears off … Or the team turns out not to be very good …the fans will stay away in droves. Throw in the fact the Cowboys have a very strong fan base here.

  61. Tradition does mean a lot, but tarps and blackouts don’t lie I guess. Hopefully someday San Antonio will get their team, but I do hope the Raiders stay put. Too bad more teams don’t look at how Kraft kept the Patriots in Foxboro without PSL’s and without major public funding – he simply doubled and tripled the prices of tickets, concessions and parking!

  62. Do it!! You bowl cut wearing pansy. Do something so crazy that even your father’s ghost would stop and say “Whoa! Thats nuts!”

    I live in L.A. Like most people I’m a transplant and already have a team. So I don’t really care if we get a team or not. I would never pay that kind of money to see a game/park the car/get ripped off for beers. So it makes no difference to me if we get a team or not. But when the NFL finally a finds a billionaire owner who will build a stadium here. The money in this town will print itself. But like most billionaires, they are too busy looking for the public to build them a stadium for it to happen. Nothing like subsidizing football for the 1% of the 1%.

  63. nyyjetsknicks says: Jul 29, 2014 6:12 PM

    Source: Raiders fans don’t want the team to leave Oakland. If they do have to leave, they prefer a town in Texas closer to the boarder. They could make several “work” trips a year and also catch a game.
    We call it a “border”, but humbly defer to your native tongue.

  64. carlsbadboltfan says: Jul 29, 2014 7:15 PM

    1nationraidernation says: Jul 29, 2014 6:53 PM

    never say never, but i say will say never….bottom line only 1.3 million people in San Antonio….20 million plus in so ca…..He wants to keep them in oakland… that is where they will stay.

    What? They have to tarp the seats AND sell only 85% of the remaining seats to lift blackouts in Oakland. All those “fans” and they won’t come to a game.

    Choo! Choo!
    Somebody has to wake up an old rich guy in San Diego every year and ask him to buy tickets to avoid a prime time blackout in that disinterested town.

  65. Nooooooooo. I’m moving to Texas…. Please deny the traitors a move to texas……they will be crappy wherever they play… Lol send them to Canada

  66. Typical Oakland failed politics. They sign a lease with a the A’s that is just buying them time to move elsewhere. The Raiders, who want to stay, and are the only reason anyone would ever make trip to visit Oakland. Mark, don’t do it. Oakland is your only shot at greatness

  67. Weird as a huge Raider fan I can all I think of is how did Pee Wee Hermans bike get there ? I remember the fat kid/man took it but how did it get to the Alamo ? Anyhow it makes a lot sense .MD would get his stadium and an expending market . I would like them to stay in Oakland but I think they know a much needed stadium isn’t gonna happen . SA I’m sure will gladly build him his small stadium with no sewage issues and a lawn statue of Al in shades . I would go to a game .

  68. well, Dennis Allen would essentially be going back home. He gets no love in Oakland. Either way, smart move by M.Davis, needs to provide leverage vs. Oakland City Council and those real estate billionaires in LA. I been saying SA or Austin for a couple of years now. San Antonio Raiders, no changr to the unis and they develop a Texas rivalry while saying in the AFC West. Win-Win imo!

  69. Sigh……………..folks, one they will never get the required approval from the owners to move. Second, M.Davis and those yahoos are friends from way back. Davis was in town so the friends arranged a visit that coincided with his trip.
    I won’t address the snarky comments and failed attempts at jokes.

  70. I don’t like franchises moving—–that being said, I have been to San Antonio several times, and found it to be a great area and one that is ready for an NFL franchise.

    The move would set a great triangle of rivalry in Texas.

    I wonder what the Cowboys would think of such a move—–west Texas has always been Cowboys country and there would be a lot less fans there running around in Cowboys attire if this move is made.

    It would be a good move—–the NFL would still have the 49ers in the Bay Area tv market.

    Lets saddle up and have nfl football in SA.

  71. He wants a “small intimate stadium” because they won’t sell many tickets. Any of the High Schools in San Antonio will outdraw the Raiders.

  72. Raiders belong in Oakland and Bills belong in Buffalo. I am a life long Saints fan with a loathesome hatred for the Dallas Cowboys. That said, I would be just as ticked if the Cowturds were to leave Dallas, because they belong in Dallas, as does every team to their city. It is the principle of the matter…

  73. Raiders could move a lot of places…does not mean they will………No way the go to San Antonio…..All for 1 pre-season game in Reno/Tahoe (UNR) another preseason game in Las Vegas (UNLV), and then 5 games a year in Oakland, and another 5 games a year in LA.(TBD)….you can buy a mini regional package, or the full season.

  74. Get rid of the “Oak” put in a “Port.” Go red and black spiked shoulder pads & face paint. Problem solved

  75. probably worth pointing out to Al’s kid that San Antonio has the 37th largest TV market in the nation. Might sound impressive…until you realize that Spartanburg, SC ranks 36th, and Kalamazoo, MI ranks 39th. And we all know what drives a lot of the decision-making in this sport.

    The largest market without an NFL team? Al’s former haunt, Los Angeles.

  76. San Antonio? If that’s all ya got for leverage then my home town of Indian Trail, North Carolina wants to put in a bid…….

  77. They should move to Portland and call themselves the “Portland Bums”. That would be great. The Raiders logo kind of looks like the a bum.

    Don’t mean to dis any homeless people. But it would be a pretty funny name for an NFL team. I bet they would sell a ton of jerseys.

    Or Portland “Weed”. Put a pot leaf on their helmet for a logo.

  78. I think the Raiders take a 2-year lease deal at Levi’s Stadium and try to make it work in Oakland, otherwise Mark Davis will have options in Los Angeles and San Antonio.

    The Chargers are waiting for 2016 to do a vote for a stadium in Downtown San Diego. I personally think the Rams will stay in St. Louis, I just don’t see them leaving once they agree to a renovation deal.

    You can’t blame Mark Davis for taking a look at San Antonio, more favorable when it comes to taxes, a football crazed state in a market that shares one with Austin, Texas. The Capital.

    Toyota just left Torrance, CA for Plano, TX of all places because of the business practices in California when it comes to just taxes. Texas government officials have been active in trying to lure business to the state. They would welcome a 3rd NFL team.

  79. So what does the Cow Palace that has been accross the bay in Daly City since 1941 have to do with the A’s, the Raiders, and/or Oakland?

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