Richard Sherman: Seahawks have “tremendous leadership”


As with any Super Bowl winning team, it’s impossible to return every player the year after winning the championship. The Seattle Seahawks had to make a few salary cap related cuts and saw other players depart in free agency this offseason.

Defensive end Red Bryant, fullback Michael Robinson and receiver Sidney Rice were some of the most respected voices in the Seahawks locker room over the past few seasons. Now all three players are no longer on the roster.

Bryant was released and signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Rice retired last week and Robinson is a free agent currently pursuing a media career.

Robinson wondered whether there would be a strong enough presence in Seattle’s locker room to keep the team focused following some of the veteran departures. However, cornerback Richard Sherman believes the young core of the Seahawks will be over to take over the burden as team leaders.

“I think we lead by example. And that’s how our team plays. Guys follow guys who make plays, and who show up on game days and make big plays in big games. We have all those things so we have tremendous leadership,” Sherman said.

Sherman, safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, defensive end Michael Bennett and quarterback Russell Wilson will likely assume most of the leadership duties for Seattle this season. Sherman and Thomas are more vocal leaders while Chancellor and Wilson are more prone to lead by example.

Sherman says they are up for the job.

“We lead by example and the example will be what it has been. Earl Thomas is going to say a lot, Kam Chancellor is not going to say a lot, guys know who the leaders are guys know who to follow and when you are following those guys then we will be fine,” Sherman said.

“We have guys who show up in big games. They don’t have to talk they don’t have to say what they are going to do, they don’t have to give a rah-rah speech but when you need them they will be there for you. That’s the kind of guys we got and those are the kind of guys we need.”

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  1. Russell Wilson is actually a very vocal leader. He just has a Theodore Roosevelt approach to it, ya know?

    Sherman has more of a Yosemite Sam approach to it…

  2. Sometimes the stream-of-consciousness gab fest a/k/a Richard Sherman is refreshing, sometimes it is more like a persistently recurring hemorrhoid.

  3. I think the Seahawks have plenty of leaders.

    Wilson, TJack, Unger, Miller, and Baldwin have all been active leaders for awhile on offense.

    The defense is stacked with leaders like Earl, Chancellor, Sherman, Bennett, Mebane, Wright, Wagner, and I bet Kevin Williams walked in got plenty of respect.

    I think it says a lot about how good the team is when a former player like Mike Rob had to really reach for a weakness like “leadership”.

    Now, bring on the haters.

    Go Hawks!

  4. An even Weaker oline, no nickel cb, no reliable slot receiver, best receiver gone, weak d line depth, beast contemplating retirement, slew of contracts in 2015..

    No dynasty after 1 ring..door shut..maybe in the next 50 yrs

  5. If I was a rookie I’d love to learn from two guys on the Hawks team who remind so much of the two greatest CB-S in NFL history, Ronnie Lott and Nightrain Lane !

    Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor

  6. “We have guys who show up in big games. They don’t have to talk they don’t have to say what they are going to do, they don’t have to give a rah-rah speech but when you need them they will be there for you. That’s the kind of guys we got and those are the kind of guys we need.”

    Then why don’t you take a page from their book and shut your trap. Listening to you talk about yourself is like listening to Ron Jeremy talk about how many women he has been with. Just shut your mouth and play. If, HUGE IF, you win another Super Bowl this year, then you can run your mouth. One hit wonder from a fan base established in 2011. Oh so fitting Richard Jeremy, I mean Ron Sherman. Classless.

  7. The unquestioned leaded of the offense is Russell Wilson. Other teams, with poor QB leadership can only dream of what it would be like to have one of the all-time best 2nd year QB’s playing for them.

    For example… Minnesota fans like the PFT Poet must have wet dreams for what it would be like to have a QB like Russell. They get a trio of losers ‘splitting reps’… but hey, that’s how Russell started his first year, but by the second week of camp, Pete and the coaches already knew what they had, and it’s not a Teddy Bear.

    Defense is so over-the-top, the question is who isn’t a leader, not who will be.


  8. Doesn’t this guy ever shut up? And isn’t there something that he can say that PFT would decline to print? It is actually going to be fun watching the Seahawks fail to make the playoffs this year.

  9. Richard Loudmouth Sherman will show his true colors when he and his overrated defense can’t stop the Jets offense! It is very hard to stop Geno, CJ2K, and Decker, so get used to it! We will start a dynasty, minimum 3 Super Bowl victories in the next 5 years!


  10. Over-bloated ego boasting how HE’s the “best” does not translate into a leadership quality.
    Goodluck with the over abundance of chiefs & the lack of Indians. the seahawk sideline will be interesting to watch.

  11. “We have guys who show up in big games” this is exactly why the Seahawks will continue to dominate. Unlike other big name players who wilt under the pressure of the big lights, Seattle and the 12thman thrive. #dynastybeforeyoureyes #12thmanisheretostay

  12. That guy is such a loser. They will be much better off if anyone other than him is the leader. I would follow their water boy before EVER looking to Sherman for guidance.

  13. ” They don’t have to talk they don’t have to say what they are going to do, they don’t have to give a rah-rah speech “………he’s obviously not talking about himself. I use to like the way Sherman played but then when you look at the stats, he’s nothing special. He only plays on one side of the field, which is usually the opposing teams 2nd or 3rd wr or if he is matched up with their best wr, he always gets safety help, he’s not a shut-down corner like many others are. Even the SB play that he gets so much credit for, he had the safety helping him on Crabtree. The casual fan (or the 12th man fan) don’t have the ability to really understand coverages etc.

  14. Richard Sherman cannot tell the difference between ego and leadership. That is sad, because a Stanford University student like him should be able to tell the difference.

  15. “Guys follow guys who make plays, and who show up on game days and make big plays in big games.”

    With this logic, players should follow Josh Gordon, Aldon Smith and Ray Rice. They also make big plays. This is really the way Sherman thinks. Integrity means nothing as long as you play well.

    Also, where did all these Jets fans come from? Anyone else hear about this Jets “dynasty”? It’s news to me.

  16. I don’t get why people ask “does he ever shut up?” The media surrounds Sherman the same they do Johnny Manziel right now. Not to mention you’re the one who clicked on an article with a title starting with “Richard Sherman” Face it he’s got you hooked. Go HAWKS

  17. After practice the Seahawks set it up press conferences for several players and coaches to talk to the media. All the players participate once in a while but the most common are Wilson, Sherman, and Thomas. And of course Pete Carroll just about every day. They have been doing it that way for years. It has always been done for the local media and the fans and we like it. The national media has never paid much attention before. Now you are all here listening in but keep in mind it is not meant for you, they are talking to us Seahawks fans. We like to hear it.

  18. I just Love how all the people who say they can’t stand to hear what Richard Sherman has to say, keep coming in and reading what he has to say. Why not just ignore that article? Richard Sherman is a Leader on the team, and the only ones who disagree with that, are the ones who are fans of the teams with the Me-Di-O-Cre receivers that Sherman OWNS. OK, come on Haters, tell me all about that ONE, maybe two plays where your teams receiver beat him, while forgetting to mention how he put up NFL leading numbers in interceptions, 13th in passes defensed, 2nd in INT Return yards, Tied 2nd in INT returned for TD’s, all while covering only “half the field, and #’s 2,3 and 4 receivers”.

  19. When you have a large collection of leaders like the hawks, u don’t need that one guy to look up to. They draft players whom exhibit traits associated with leadership.

  20. This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth. Great player but I wish he would shut up. Good players don’t have to act like an idiot, screaming and yelling into the camera. Grow up already and get off your high horse.

  21. If every receiver Sherman beats is mediocre, then how does that makes him the best? Take one second to think. Reeeeeally think about it. He’s only the best because he can beat the best. Have some respect for other players.

  22. I love it when the HATERS are frustrated. Who cares if they call the SEAHAWKS “PED’s, Classless & funny names like “Shehawks, Seachickents, ect…. It just shows that they are jealous, sad, and frustrated that the SEAHAWKS is better than their team! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Funny, funny, funny!! And one more thing HATERS, are you ready for it!! GO HAWKS!! The 12thMan will ALWAYS be above you! LMAO!!

  23. Yeah – were did all the Jets fans come from? I went to the game in Seattle in 2012 when the Jets came to town. It was extremely entertaining watching the Jets players and coaches fight and bicker with each other. Yeah – They lost (Jets) 28-7. Great game from a Seahawk Fan point of view. And I was all set to tangle with some whiner fans! GO SEAHAWKS!!

  24. ” One hit wonder from a fan base established in 2011.”

    Here is a short history lesson for you…

    The Seahawks retired the number 12 jersey on December 15, 1984. Since then, #12 Jerseys have been sold by the team and worn by Seahawk fans, usually with the name “Fan” on the back. Back then, teams started complaining to the league office of the noise levels in the Kingdome. The NFL’s response was to try and control noise levels by threatening a 15 yard penalty to the home team in such an instance.

  25. LOL…Sherman can say what ever he wants, anyway he wants to! He can also back it up! So all you mambi pambi, oh ,I don’t like what he says, oh, why doesn’t he just shut up, oh, I don’t like his ego!,,Please just go away!.This is FOOTBALL, not chess! Sherman is the best CB in football, period, get use to it!! I am so sick of all you little whiners!..Just shut up and take your ball and go home!!!!

  26. @thejuddstir: Really? That’s your knowledge of being a corner? You obviously know nothing about team systems!!! Sherman can play any part of the field! Hes done it all his life, but I guess you did not know that. And as far as you know, because you didn’t even know he has played both sides, he may be , dare I say it, better on the other side!!! You know so much, that you just puke up what others before you have regurgitated from haters before them! LOL….you are a joke! Now take your ball and go home!!

  27. Since it took nearly 40 years to earn 1 championship, it’ll take 80 more to get a 3 peat..but then it wouldn’t be a three peat would it LOL

  28. Hafta wonder about some of the stupid “they can’t blah blah blah”. It seems the clowns show up regarding articles about every other team, too – “they can’t…” Fact of the matter is, if the Broncos can beat Pittsburgh behind Tebow, of course other teams could, possibly will surprise people. Supporting your team in a logical fashion is one thing. Being a blathering idiot just to hear your pipes sound off at both ends is a little much.

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