Steelers seize on Ben saying, “I want to be here”


The not-so-subtle media tug-of-war continues between the Steelers and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger regarding his future with the team, which will depend in large part on the size of the dollars the Steelers plan to pay him on his next contract.  If Ben leaves, his legacy in Pittsburgh will be adversely affected — especially if he leaves after repeatedly saying he never wants to leave.

And so it’s no surprise that Roethlisberger saying he doesn’t want to leave Pittsburgh became a headline on the team’s official website.

I want to be here,” Roethlisberger said Monday, after G.M. Kevin Colbert declared that he doesn’t envision a set of circumstances in which Roethlisberger plays for another team.  And pounced.

“That’s always been what I’ve said, too,” Roethlisberger said. “I said it last year when the erroneous NFL Network reports came out.”

The “erroneous” reports from NFL Network, partially owned by the Steelers, were attributed to unnamed Steelers sources.  And those leaks may have been calculated to provoke Ben to declare that he doesn’t want to leave Pittsburgh, making it easier for the Steelers to low ball Big Ben and persuade him to accept whatever their best offer is — even if it doesn’t come close to reflecting his market value or making up for the hometown discount he believes he’s already giving the team.

If it all falls apart, the team will blame the player and the player will be the team and more leaks undoubtedly will flow to NFLN and others aimed at ensuring the fans agree with the organization’s position that Ben abandoned Pittsburgh.

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  1. Eventually the new money will flow and the true story and legacy will unfold. Numbers have pride in their values and it ain’t in their innate nature to misrepresent.

  2. Yeah, all that and all those moving parts … or maybe none of that and the Steelers were simply happy Ben wanted to stay in Steeltown, as one would expect of the Steelers.

    Someone ought to be mindful of Occam’s razor that reasons, that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but—in the absence of certainty—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.

    Stated more directly, the simplest answer is usually correct.

  3. .
    The Steelers are giving Ben a “show me” year. If he performs well, he’ll get paid. It’s that simple.

  4. There’s an old saying, about upward progression in any profession…that each individual “rises to the level of their own incompetence.”

    Welcome home, Ben. You have arrived.

  5. He probably doesn’t want to move all his kitchenware and bar equipment again. But he’s been training hard in his hamster ball. Few dozen more lbs to go…

  6. I think he has probably waited a bit too long for that payday. While guys like Joe Flacco, Tony Romo and Matt Ryan are knocking down $20m, Ben, with his 2 Lombardis, has to make do on a measly $12m. My God, how will he feed his family? In any case, no one, including the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to pony up $20m now for Roethlisberger. Those Lombardis have a lot of dust on them and he is over the hill. He is probably worth $20m this season but they don’t have to give it to them and they won’t.

  7. bengalguy says: Jul 29, 2014 4:47 PM

    Please ay QB for the Sqeelerz for 10 more years.
    Rest of the AFC NORTH

    Been to 3 Superbowls, won 2, and still puts up very respectable numbers. Yea I’d take Ben over any other QB in the AFC North for sure. Especially amusing from a Bengal fan who has a QB that can’t get past the first round of the playoffs.

    But hey, brag about that AFC North championship, your team played exactly 1 more game than the Steelers, Ravens, and Browns.

  8. Roethlisberger’s contract woes have swept Pouncey’s troubles clear off the local media’s radar. The local media love them some Big Ben and there’s no way they would ever allow him to look bad in any scenario or under any circumstance.

  9. Isn’t this almost the same article we’ve all read 10 times this year? Big Bens going nowhere except to another superbowl while the bungles are one and done again. Of course, just getting to the playoffs is a milestone accomplishment for the bungles.

  10. doctorrustbelt says: Jul 29, 2014 4:56 PM

    2013 AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals

    Enjoy your T-shirt for while the Ravens and Steelers enjoy their Lombardis. You should be thankful the Browns haven’t been good so that Cincinnati doesn’t look bad in comparison.

  11. Team – we want to resign him before he gets to free agency

    Player – theres nowhere else i want to be

    PFT – omg look at how theyre obviously not on the same page!!!

  12. Hasn’t won a playoff game since getting Tebowed way back in 2011. The Steelers are well into another 40 year stretch of irrelevance, with no steroids to bail them out this time.

  13. If the Steeler defense can get back to giving up an average of only nine points a game while at the same time scoring a couple of defensive touchdowns there is a chance Roethlisberger can get them into the playoffs.

    In reality though that’s not going to happen.

  14. How miserable must someone be to constantly be wishing terrible things on total strangers.

  15. Is Ben Chip Kelly’s son?

    Both have that same strong chin.

    Or should I say chins?

  16. I don’t understand the obsession PFT has with Ben’s contract.

    He’s NOT in a contract year. He is NOT even that underpaid.

    For 2014 Ben receives a base salary of $12M with a $7 million “restructuring” bonus- a $19M cap hit, which is the 3rd highest in the NFL for all positions.

    His average per year contract ranks 23rd in the NFL, 14th among QBs- a little low for his talent (maybe) but not the federal case Florio is making it out to be.

    However, the truth is hardly any contracts see their bloated back end years- EXCEPT Roethlisberger’s. Ben HAS pocketed the big back end money on his contract that others only get paid on paper but never in reality.

    Hows this for a stat: No one in the history of the NFL has ever collected more money on a single contract than Ben Roethlisberger’s 8 yr, $100,105,882 contract he signed in 2008.

    Remember that the next time Florio is shouting from the rooftops how Ben is “underpaid”, and trust that this is a non-issue that will be settled next year in the offseason, when Ben still has a year left on his deal.

    To rave on and on about this situation now is pointless and ignorant.

  17. “Steelers QBs. Making the PFT staff look silly and taking them off their game for nearly a decade now. LOL!”



    You cant leave Terry out of this.

  18. 2013 AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals


    Then proceeded to lose at home to a 9-7 Wildcard team that was the last to make the playoffs on the final day of the season. Now THAT I did enjoy.

  19. Bengalguy – stop making all us Bengals fans look bad. Ben has beat our team plenty of times and won SuperBowls. Our team hasn’t come close.

  20. You know who is amazingly, overwhelmingly underpaid, but his team refuses to redo his contract because there is two years left?

    Nope, not Ben. Try Russell Wilson.

  21. What I really enjoy is the pats haven’t won a SB since spy Gate.

    The Ben saga is more jerk than knee for the trolls as evidence by the chief Ben bashes strange and BobZilla . Got help the trolls pass their summer camp foal exam.. Good luck dudes.

  22. Ben flat out wins games for his team over the years, even when the injury bug hits the Steelers, he keeps them in it. I like Russell Wilson, but c’mon! Until he shows greatness for more than one season surrounded by obscene talent, he is a Caretaker and nothing more. This coming from an NFL fan with nothing for or against the Seahawks or Steelers. Mediocre Flacco basically ruined everything for QB pay. Teams will have to learn to manager the Cap better. Trust me the Future of the NFL is going to be more about Accountants than Sack Leaders.

  23. As a Packer fan, I’m really surprised to see the hate for Ben posted here. Maybe they’re troll posts for all I know. If Ben left, the Steelers would be irrelevant in the AFC North. Pay the man ! He should be in the $20mil per year area.

  24. I hope Ben has an MVP-type year and leads the Steelers far into the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. The Steelers will regret having waited and it will cost them more then to retain an exceptional QB who probably has 4-5 very productive years left. He is possibly right now the biggest $ QB bargain in the league at his current salary. If he leaves at the end of the contract, there will be more than 10 teams pursuing him with huge bags of cash, bank on it.

    Ben deserves to retire as a Steeler, it is that simple.

  25. Some of you sound kind of dumb when you say Russell Wilson is a poor man’s Roth or ‘c’mon!

    Let’s review.

    Wilson in his first two years started every game with a QB rating of over 100 both seasons.

    Roth didn’t start every game in his first two years and never broke a QB rating of 100. In fact he’s only broke 100 twice in his career.

    In their second year, both won the Superbowl.
    Roth 10-22 166 0-2 QBR 22.6
    Wilson 18-25 206 2-0 QBR 123.1

    Roth threw for 34 TDs with 18 Ints his first two years.

    Wilson threw for 52 TDs with 19 Ints his first two years.

    Wilson is short but athletic.
    Roth is tall but fat.

    Wilson hands down.

  26. Roethlisberger declares : ” I want to be here”
    G.M. Kevin Colbert says: “there is no circumstance that he can see
    that Ben Roethlisberger won’t end up a Steeler for life.”

    PFT proclaims ” The not-so-subtle media tug-of-war continues between
    the Steelers and quarterback Ben …”

    NFL fans yawn and ask: “where’s the beef ? ”

    Further intrepid investigating PFT reporting reveals :

    Tomorrow’s ‘Unnamed Steelers source” : ” Ben really wants to cut ties and
    play for the Ravens. They really like to over-pay their QB’s there in Baltimore”

  27. Pretty sure Peyton Manning, Montana, and Warner said they wanted to stay in Indy, San Fran, and St. Louis. Pretty sure their legacies in the towns where they won championships were not adversely affected by their departures.

    The NFL is a business–one in which players are no longer guaranteed they’ll spend their entire careers in one spot. Fans understand that teams have to make decisions based on their long-term interests, and players can’t always decide their own fates. I’m sure Roethlisberger wants to stay in Pittsburgh. I’m sure Pittsburgh wants to keep him. But no one expects the team to break the bank or Ben to play for less than he’s worth.

    And there’s no point worrying about it until next year.

  28. Big Ben and Russell Wilson shouldn’t be in the same sentence this early in Wilsons career. Big Bens brought the steelers to 3 superbowls. Lets see if Russell Wilson can do that year after year before you start comparing. I don’t see it. I see Wilson as a good qb who probably wont win another superbowl again.

  29. 12 million this year. 20 million next year with a higher cap. He is worth 20 mil a year. So the team saves 8 mil. Not hard to figure out!!

  30. Elite qb’s don’t lead their teams to 8-8 2 years in a row. Fat overrated POS who should play the rest of his career for free. He stole enough money from the steeler organization.

  31. He wants to stay in Pittsburgh because he doesn’t have to stay in shape or watch any film. 31 other teams expect more out of their qb’s. He also doesn’t have to pay for his meals in the burgh, and we all know how balloon Ben loves to eat.

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