Winston saw a great opportunity in Seattle


Veteran right tackle Eric Winston, who has started 16 games every year since 2007, will try to extend that streak in Seattle.  His decision to sign there comes after an extended stretch of free agency.  His patience apparently paid off.

“I think the opportunity, not only at my position but the opportunity with the team,” Winston told reporters on Tuesday regarding the reasons for choosing the Seahawks.  “I wanted to go somewhere and win.  I think this had everything, so I looked at the situation – obviously I wanted to be a part of something special and I think these guys have a chance to do something special again this year.”

Winston can do something special in the zone-blocking scheme employed by offensive line coach Tom Cable.

“I think some of my best years have been in that zone scheme, obviously with Alex Gibbs, way back in Houston and that whole scheme after that and so I’ve had some of my best years and some of the best teams I’ve played on have used it,” Winston said.  “I think it’s a perfect fit for me and it definitely helps me with the learning process.  Obviously you got to learn how they call things, some of it is the same and some of it is different, but I think it will definitely help me learn quicker, just knowing the techniques and not having to learn everything completely new.”

For rookie second-round draft pick Justin Britt, it’s all new.  But Winston’s desire to play won’t keep him from helping the youngster, if he wants help.

“I think anytime you become a vet in this league, you’ve got an obligation to the young guys that come after you – to help them, teach them and obviously to compete against them,” Winston said.  “I had the same when I was coming up in Houston. I had older guys that I was competing against but at the same time, took me under their wing.  If Britt wants me to do that, then I’ll do that, and if he doesn’t want to hear it, then I won’t.  But I’ll be here for him and always be here to help him, that’s for sure.”

Whether he plays or not, Winston is the kind of guy the Seahawks need to avoid the complacency that comes from climbing the mountain and then having to go to the bottom and try to climb it again.  Winston, who has had only one taste of the postseason three years ago in Houston before spending a year with the Chiefs and then with the Cardinals, has every reason to push himself and his teammates back up the mountain.

27 responses to “Winston saw a great opportunity in Seattle

  1. Blocking for Christine Michael and Michael Turbin is a great opportunity? 2nd string scrubs! No Marshawn, no winning! PERIOD!

  2. Hey Jersey, Marshawn is important, I’ll give you that… but those other two guys are not scrubs. Turbin is solid and Michael is VERY dynamic, more so that Lynch even… it’s just that neither have caused a seismic event… yet.

  3. Turbin has yet to impress me . He’s a serviceable back(77-264-3.4ypc last year), hoping Micheal can live up to the hype.

  4. Hey, remember when Seattle lost Rickey Watters to injury? Dude had just come off his third straight 1200-yard plus season?

    If you’re a real ‘Hawks fan, you remember what happened next. Not saying it’s a good thing we’re without Marshawn, and I hope he comes back, but….you never know.

  5. Of course he saw a great opportunity in Seattle – the opportunity to get a championship ring.

  6. Yawn, at your ped joke’s. Quick, put one together # the saints about bounty gate for their next article genius

  7. With the injuries on the O line the last couple years i think Winston is more than a welcome addition I’d love to see him earn the starting job bit even if he doesn’t a veteran like that is always a welcome addition. We can never have too much depth at such a critical position. Welcome to Seattle.

  8. The Seahawks won the 2014 Super Bowl by 35 points over Denver on a night when Lynch rushed for 39 yards on 13 carries.

    The Seahawks played seven games last season when Lynch rushed for fewer than 70 yards. They were 7-0 in those games.

  9. No offense to Mr. Winston, but it’s the last week of July. If you’re signing now, you don’t get a press conference. You get a beat writer on his way to the bathroom.

  10. As much as it kills some of you folks who hate the Seahawks…..

    The bottom line is that its a destination and a culture players want to be a part of. And I really don’t care if you like it or not.

    Go Hawks!

  11. Finally! IDK what took the Hawks so long, this was a signing that should of happened last year.

  12. I would imagine Seattle isn’t satisfied with their Omline depth to be signing guys right before the first pre season game. You see in today’s NFL nobody is a juggernaut and it’s real hard to repeat as countless teams have found out.

  13. I was so bummed out when he tore his ACL his junior year at Miami. Wasn’t sure if he’d be able to make it to the next level. Well he did make it and outperformed a lot of tackles taken higher in the draft subsequent and preceding years. Great pickup by Seattle.

  14. Everyone in the league all of a sudden wants to replicate the seahawk way in player development and schematic approach. Football minds understand that the Seahawks are changing the game as a whole.

  15. I like Winston, and he was once a Pro Bowl caliber player, but he’s on a rapid down slope. Some guys fade slowly, and some guys don’t…I’m not sure of the reasons, but I think Winston’s in the latter category. I think this move has more to do with Carroll taking a flyer on a guy that played with the only team to beat his team at home in the past two years. The NFC West and NFC North seem to do this a lot.

  16. Winston didn’t play with a zone scheme in Arizona or KC…he did his best work in Houston under a zone scheme with Gibbs…his knowledge of ZBS, playoff experience and veteran’s presence may prove to be one of the more important roster moves this preseason for Seattle.

  17. It’s “100 percent sickening” that it took a club this long to sign this turnstile right tackle.

  18. Solid player his first five years but there is a reason he was let go and has now been on three teams in three years. Let the Oprah Winston show in Seattle begin.

  19. Winston is a great pickup. Let’s face it, the Seahawks o-line is not very good. Winston isn’t a Pro Bowler anymore, but getting solid or even average play from him will exceed what you’d get from Michael Bowie, who apparently is injured/out of shape right now. This can help shore up pass blocking, as Wilson was the 2nd most pressured QB in the league last season and was sacked on average, every 11 (9%) dropbacks. Winston’s signing is probably also an admission that Britt’s not ready to go yet. Maybe if Britt shows promise sooner rather than later, he can just be moved inside to RG for this season and take JR Sweezy’s job. Sweezy has yet to show that he will even be an average performer at guard. I think it was a great move for Seattle, and when you build the right kind of culture, you can attract veterans who will come play for cheap.

  20. I know Winston finished the year much stronger for Arizona than he started, but I just have the image stuck in my head of Kam blowing up Winston in week 7 last year on that running play. Winston got absolutely owned that whole game. Right now Alvin Bailey is our back-up LT and I don’t know why he isn’t getting more of a look at RT. I think he is out best option there, even over the sputtering Bowie.

  21. His remaining strength is he is a good zone blocker on rushing plays, but then again, Seattle is not going to be a big rushing team this year with the Lynch locker room cancer.

    Winston’s primary weaknesses are he has lost strength and foot speed over the years which shows up in poor pass blocking which means Wilson will get hit more often with higher chances of injuries.

    Now, you know why no one else tried to sign him.

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