Ahmad Brooks restructures to clear cap room for 49ers


The 49ers have several guys they want to pay, one they won’t unless he shows up, and now they have a little more cap room.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, linebacker Ahmad Brooks restructured his deal just before camp to save $2 million in salary cap space.

This was a simple restructure, as he took $3.395 million of his $5.1 million base salary as a bonus, allowing the team to prorate it.

That moved the 49ers to around $10 million under the cap.

Whether they intend to use any of it on holdout Alex Boone if he shows up, or whether they’re thinking about putting it toward bigger deals such as for pending 2015 free agents Michael Crabtree or Mike Iupati remains to be seen.

16 responses to “Ahmad Brooks restructures to clear cap room for 49ers

  1. Pretty sad that some people feel the need to turn a Niners article into a jab at Pete Carroll.

  2. Of all the players to give more upfront money, they pick a player who recently got in trouble. Gee I wonder if that’s to send a message that as long as you show up, you can still get pay improvements even if you have trouble off the field. That’s how important it must to be to show up for this team. If you want to increase your odds of getting paid, you show up first and foremost!

    And of course I’m sure the team will tell Brooks that they could have been asking him to take a pay reduction after the legal trouble, so this is a way of saying you should be extra cool now and grateful and give us extra fair consideration next time we have to talk money.

  3. See, if they had Mickey Loomis as the Saints do, he wouldn’t have to restructure.


    WHO DAT!!

  4. ^^^^^when did he get in trouble? 2 yrs ago…btw didn’t the seahawks make marshawn lynch the highest paid running back following multiple dui’s and a hit and run involving an old lady back in 2010…lol..

    Anyways love the mentality harbaugh has instilled..The Team, The Team, The Team. No deals for me first players..now pay crabtree..

  5. snoqualmkanem says:
    Jul 30, 2014 3:34 PM
    Pretty sad that some people feel the need to turn a Niners article into a jab at Pete Carroll.

    I dont see Carroll’s name mentioned anywhere except your comment….and mine now. What’re you talking about?

  6. Just hands down top to bottom the best franchise in sports. #GoNiners #Nobodyhasitbetter #KapwillgetusSIX

    Except for the whole winning a Super Bowl this century thing huh?

    Super Bowl Champions

    Go Hawks

  7. Ahhh i see. snoqualmkanem left a pre-emptive comment about Coach Carroll cause Seahawks fans have an uncontrollable urge to interject themselves on all 49er articles. Little brother just wants to hang with big brother.

  8. snoqualmkanem ..that is because so many jabs have been taken at SF by Seattle. Do onto others….

  9. Alex Boone is not going to see any of this money. Niners want cap space so they can sign Iupati and/or Crabtree. Alex Boone can hold out until his contract expires in 2 years.

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