Alex Smith will end contract talks if they’re a distraction


The Chiefs and quarterback Alex Smith apparently haven’t gotten anywhere on a new contract, and Smith said Wednesday there will come a point when they’ll stop trying.

“You’re getting to the point where either way, you want it to stop being a distraction,” Smith said, via Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star. “You guys know how I feel about this, and it’s the truth. . . .

“You’re finally gonna cross a line where it’s like, it’s just football from here on out and I’m done not only talking about it with you guys, but even behind the scenes as well. “We talk about eliminating distractions and that’s a part of it. The focus needs to be on ball.”

He didn’t specify when that time would be, saying: “No, no hard line. At some point mentally it will come for me where it’s like ‘OK, it’s over’ and let’s just focus on the season.”

Perhaps he should adopt the Bugs Bunny strategy of negotiating, but for now, his talking about it is just a gentle reminder that he’s ready to talk.

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  1. This guy is a joke. He stunk it up literally every season in San Fran, the dude had an awesome defense every season and repeatedly couldnt get the job done. Then they gave up on him for an unproven rookie and shipped him off to Kansas City for virtually nothing. Then last year he rode the loaded KC defense and Jamaal Charles right into the playoffs, where Andrew Luck basically handed him the game (a 28 point lead) and the dude STILL managed to blow it. Then take into account his noodle arm, lol the guy cant throw it 10 yards downfield. If I was running an NFL team this guy wouldnt even be a camp arm on my roster. This dude is pathetic.

  2. First three commentators obviously haven’t paid attention to football the past 3 years. Just skip to the comments section and troll on young trollers.

  3. explosionsauce says:
    Jul 30, 2014 3:58 PM
    First three commentators obviously haven’t paid attention to football the past 3 years. Just skip to the comments section and troll on young trollers.

    The three years he’s ridden a top 5 defense and 2 stud running backs to 1 playoff victory?

    Are those the 3 amazing years out of 10 you are referring to?

  4. Alex Smith has played great ball for the past 3 years. Any money that he gets, he’s earned. And the fact that he’s willing to put this on hold just speaks even more to his character. And I’m a Colts fan.

  5. Alex Smith is a Damn Good QB. Is he Elite, I would say No. But he is close. I believe this year, you will see the best year of his NFL career. He was Lights Out the last 6 games of 2013. I hope he gets paid and stays a Chief, but we can’t overpay him the way Chicago overpaid Cutler.

  6. The Chiefs are going to try to unload Chase Daniels when someone is injured in camp or a team panics with what they have at QB. , use the cap room to extend Smith and Houston and have Smith. Bray and Murray. For all the Alex Smith haters I can’t see why you think your QB is better unless they’re named Brady, Wilson or maybe a couple others

  7. Alex Smith is, without a doubt a top 10 NFL QB. $16 million/ yr with incrntives or bust. He’s better than Cutler or Flacco but even He doesn’t deserve that kind of money. The Chiefs won’t be competitive in the next several upcoming seasons if they overpay Smith. Smith will need help to win the big one. That money should be spent there. GO CHIEFS!!!

  8. No extention!

    Let it play out, and if he’s worth it, pull the trigger next year. There’s also the tag just in case.

    I can’t believe Chiefs fans didn’t learn anything from the Cassel debacle.

  9. Are the Chiefs just dragging their feet because they aren’t sold on him? If he doesn’t look good this year they’re only out his 8M cap hit and a second round draft pick. He’s off the books after this season.

  10. Smoke and mirrors. Smith is not as good as Chief fans think he is. A good organization will force him to play the season out and then see what his true value is. A good QB makes average receivers look good and play at a higher level..which did not happen last year. The guy is a Matt Cassel II in the making..

  11. Alex Smith has 30 wins in his last 40 games. The last game he lost he put up ELITE numbers. I’ll take that over Manning or Brady all day long. If you think he’s not a top 10 quarterback and well-deserving of a big contract, you’re obviously not watching the Kansas City Chiefs. The main reasons the playoff collapse happened is not only because of injuries, but because Alex Smith and the KC offense were out there dominating the Colts defense. That put the Colts in desperation mode and we all know what that does to a team with nothing to lose built to throw long passes. I accept the loss to the Colts because their gameplan worked out perfectly in that second half. I NEVER expected the Chiefs to win that game, even at the start of the second half. For it to end the way it did was only icing on the cake.

  12. What would it hurt????….. Take a look at Vince Young…..
    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and good Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    I believe this guy can help a team…even if it’s just upgrading your quarterback pool…

  13. Smith is a way better quarterback than Cassel has ever and will be. Yes he is a game manager and that’s what makes a good quarterback. That’s the kind of quarterback back that wins games and championships. He deserves a big contract. With a better receiver Corp he will have a better season just as long as the O – line protects him. Last season was the best career season he has had. So obviously San Francisco wasn’t utilizing his abilities to their advantage. And his replacement there was a fluke. They didn’t do so hot last season. And as for the Colts game, injuries and the defense lost that game. If our defense would’ve held them and no injuries we would’ve won that game. The lead that Smith and our offense had shows that Smith is a winner and a top ten quarterback.

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